Saturday, November 06, 2010

Russian military could be drawn back into Afghanistan, think about that!

This is old news to me as we discussed this in the past. Supposedly their involvement would be limited to support with no boots on the ground. However that is a start as the Mujahedeen will attack their helicopters and technicians forcing Russia to defend their interests. This is a start as Russia's military could be drawn back into the Afghanistan theatre for the first time since the Red Army was forcibly expelled by US-backed mujahedeen fighters in 1989 under plans being discussed by Nato officials. Russian military could be drawn back into Afghanistan

Nato hopes to rebuild ties with Moscow

Do you remember the promise of  Obama and Biden shortly after they were elected to press the reset button with Russia and seek cooperation on the MDS, Nuclear weapons reaction, and cooperation in fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan? Missile Defense shield cooperation, nuclear weapon reduction, NATO cooperation, all are a done deal. time to get them and also China and Iran involved in Afghanistan!

Remember early last February: Finally some sense from America! Joint operations with Russia against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan! At the time I was forced to prepare a counter argument for my story on Russia entrapping us in Afghanistan. As you know by now Russia has offered their country as a base for resupply operations into Afghanistan but only on a civilian humanity crisis level.

They proposed that the US and Russia work together to defeat Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. A novel idea! Actual cooperation in the so called war on terror. Then I was pleased to update that long overdue Idea with an offer from Vice President Biden. We had to be trapped into what we should have been doing all along. You know McCain, Bush or anyone other than an Obama Administration still would fight the only obvious answer!

Biden offers joint operations with Russia against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan

Russia wanting to cooperate in the fight in Afghanistan is another golden opportunity that should not be passed up! As you know, I have 3 of my sons in this mess and I am very concerned as to their future and how they will be abused and misused in the future. I am afraid that Obama as I have said a million times now, has been set up for failure so the right can get back in and finish off us and their war agenda. Obama has had his bed made for him and will have to prosecute many wars like it or not. Coupled with the crisis Bush left him here as to our financial collapse I am increasingly concerned that President Obama is over his head.

He is well intentioned but his success will only happen if he receives cooperation here and around the world. The right is doing their damnedest to see that Obama fails so they can get back into power. It sickens me that the childish Political games continue while the country is allowed to fail. What those asses fail to realize is if Obama fails we fail, America fails, the world fails. The well intentioned moral Obama is the only hope I see for a successful future and the right is doing their damnedest to slim those hopes. Not just Afghanistan and the middle east but here too has me very concerned because of the destruction Bush purposely caused and he calls success!

Anyway now Russian leaders have recently expressed a willingness to cooperate in the fight even as the U.S. military sent an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan to try to halt a resurgence of the Taliban. Wait a minute! Cooperate in the fight? How closely? I admit I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes but I do catch on! Russia regardless of your opinion of them has given us golden opportunities for cooperation and unity in the past. In particular offering to help with the missile defense shield. That would have brought joint cooperation under Bush and would have allowed both sides to watch each other if there was nothing to hide.

This can be another golden opportunity that should not be passed up! Think about it! Eat crow! Suck spit! Swallow your pride! Use a little sense! Talk won't hurt. Feel each other out! We should be cooperating in Afghanistan. What happened to "all nations are at war with terror? All Nation's should do their share? We are not supposed to be there to impress our values but to repress so called Islamist dominance in the name of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

We watched Russia fail in their war in Afghanistan and we even helped. We are bragging about gains in Iraq that I still refuse to believe are permanent while the war in Afghanistan has only gotten much worse because of Iraq and will continue to get a lot worse! If Russia honestly wants to cooperate in the fight in Afghanistan call them out. Take them up on it! Give them enough rope to hang themselves! This really is a golden opportunity I hope President Obama is smart enough to explore, foster, and cultivate! However it takes two to Tango!

Afghanistan as we know has never been defeated militarily. Russia could not do it and we will not succeed either. Well remember the adage "united we stand divided we fall" I do believe if the real goal is defeating Islamist extremist this can be the perfect opportunity! I do believe if Russia and the US were to join forces in Afghanistan we can put an end to the true statement that Afghanistan has never been successfully defeated militarily. United we can do this and even China can help at least financially. We should truly make this a concerted united effort. This is not a NATO problem, a UN problem, Iranian, Russian, Chinese, etc, this is a world problem and we must unite and act accordingly to persevere!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Our efforts to "win" the war against Islamic extremists will only be self-defeating. As long as we stupidly occupy Muslim lands, we lose. There is nothing to "win" in a war that breeds new enemies by killing innocent, or guilty, people in their own country.

The permanant war is its own goal. It is for war's sake, and the profit, we wage war. Every "Empire of Evil" has done it...And has fallen because of it.

an average patriot said...

We have to get the hell off their land which is all they wanted. Now go home or not it is too late and again I say all of this devolution has barely begun. I think this forever war is only to fuel our wasted economy.