Saturday, November 13, 2010

Democrats Outrun by a 2-Year GOP Comeback Plan: Palin will be their patsy!

Democrats Outrun by a 2-Year GOP Comeback Plan

Scorecard on Palin's picks: wins, losses, errors She thinks she is ready to be the President of this mess that has become the United States and our uncooperative and inept Government!

Sarah Palin has given the clearest indication yet that she will make a bid for the US presidency in 2012, saying that "if there's nobody else to do it" then she will run.
Palin says she'll run in 2012 if there's nobody else: report

A palin run would guarantee reelection of President Obama because there are more people with a little common sense than Republican tea party fascist fools! At least we have to hope or we are in deep trouble!

We can not survive more of the war mongering, fascist, lying, corporate profiteering BS we had under Bush But you better be very concerned because whoever is really behind the Republican party, if they manage to get another mindless individual like George W Bush namely Sarah Palin so they can lead her around and follow their destructive agenda we are done.

I don't know who was in charge when Bush was President but it was not Bush! Bush was the puppet! The real behind the scene leaders "whoever they were" needed to follow their corporate agenda in what has become a corporatocracy not a Democracy. Remember when Cheney who was the real leader in the White House was picked by Bush to look for a Vice President and he chose himself so he could direct operations directly from the White House?

We knew from day one of Bush's campaign to be President that he was a mindless lying total life long loser and we were right. Bush was elected precisely because he was mindless clueless and could be led and controlled. Palin is the same type as you can see and we can not allow that to happen again or we and the world order we are trying to rebuild are done. Business Conference: Palin highlights packed business conference, introduced as next President

Remember this? A GOP nominee for the House of Representatives drew sharp criticism from Holocaust survivors for having participated in a Nazi reenactment group devoted to a Waffen SS division, and Democrats seized on the Ohio businessman's activities as the latest indication that the Republican Party is backing fringe candidates. Ya think? He said he just wanted to bond with his son. Whoa! GOP criticized over nominee who wore Nazi uniform

Remember what happened under the last mindless idiot George W Bush? We can not survive more of the same and worse. I do have to wonder who that mindless insult to women Sarah Palin would pick as Vice President? Cheney? That is Elizabeth Cheney! Nope, I think Mitch Mcconnell or John Boehner so they can implement their horrific plans. We are in trouble!

Open Fascism wants to control America and the agenda! They want health care privatized. No average American in their right mind want their health care privatized. If the wealthy do fine them make it voluntary but there will be no compromise only by the Democrats. Mcconnell forewarned Democrats could pay the price if they don't cooperate with the new Republican agenda. I heard Mcconnell say if there is going to be any compromise it is going to come from the Democrats. We are in deep trouble!

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

We are in deep shit now. With the Rethugs having control of the House all their stooges that deny climate change, hate welfare, love the Corporotocracy and want to drown our democracy in a bath tub will be running the show.

Hopefully the worst of them, like Issa, will find their lives miserable, lonely and painful...if there is any justice or karma in the world.

an average patriot said...

What a Bitch huh? You can put that in a lot of contexts huh? Nice to hear from you Dusty! Yeah we are in deep doo doo. When the tea party first came about people said don't concern yourself, they are too small. People being lackadaisical poss me off! R's want a hearing every week, that pisses me off, that should have been Bush or at least a hanging.

One Fly said...

They will not be denied guys. They have most of the power and tools.

Whoever their candidate is they will win no matter what our side does.

Look what was accomplished in two short years. We ain't seen nothing yet. But that's me.

an average patriot said...

I agree Tom! Trouble is they are ruthless and Dems are not. They are push overs. I started saying under Bush that unless they learn to play the Republican game we are doomed. Well?