Friday, November 19, 2010

Netanyahu says military threat only way to stop Iran, problem is how do you stop Israel?

This is really sickening, Israel wants us to instigate war with Iran and fight their battles for them. They do not want peace they want war. WTF?
Netanyahu Says US Must Show a Military Strike Against Iran Is Possible

Israel to build more homes in East Jerusalem

Israeli PM: Iran the world's biggest threat

Netanyahu says military threat only way to stop Iran Israel has a lot of chutzpah

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Monday that American diplomatic and economic efforts to halt Iran's nuclear program need more time, rebuffing Israel's call for military force. Gates: Military force is not the only way to deter Iran

I am sick of Israel's provocation while they blame it on Palestinian's and the rest of the world. They are the problem not the cure! Iran is a big problem but Israel thinks they are the chosen ones and can do whatever they want. They are the biggest problem and we created her.

UN Envoy Condemns New West Bank Settlements No kidding but damn it they could care less! They will not stop until they instigate a middle east war and overwhelmed as we already are, forces us to have to come to their rescue as I said years ago.

The only thing to do is to force the instigating war mongers Israel to adhere to 181 or leave them to their own demise and Iran would see to it. You know, first reading how Israel and Palestine was allotted their territories in 1948 I do not condone that Israel has not been forced to adhere to that resolution. We, the US Britain and Europe especially are as guilty as Israel for not insisting Israel adhere to UN Resolution 181.

You know I say often that we are Israel's lap dog, her pit Bull that will do the fighting for her when she gets in trouble. Israel I came to realize is the worlds chief warmonger and the US the enforcer. It became obvious that coming to Israel's rescue would be how the US has the excuse to go after Iran. No bargaining make Israel adhere to UN resolution 181, no alternative! It is more than fair and equitable.

The Israel, Palestinian, Iran, Syria, Middle East issue will never be resolved peacefully Knowing that I have to agree with Ahmadinejad when he said if the US and Europe felt so bad for what happened to the Jews during WW2 then they should have given them part of their country.

The best we could hope for is an adherence to UN resolution 181. That will never happen either and all I can see is a total Middle East breakdown that Bush guaranteed when he attacked Iraq to help Israel set up their buffer zone. There will never be peace in the Middle East period unless there is a return to the original borders set in UN resolution 181!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I think you know the answer to your question here. Israel will never agree to UN resolution 181. What will be of concern is what will happen when the oil runs out.

an average patriot said...

They won't agree to shit! I am sick of screwing with them. I forget but I did a couple stories and showed the maps of the gas fields I think they ware, off the coast of Gaza said to be the real goal as Israel has them now. I am sick of this crap!

TomCat said...

Will a boycott have any effect? I think I bought one $1.97 package of soup that was imported from Israel in the last year.

an average patriot said...

Not unless the Government partakes and they never will and we should. We are the enablers thus the problem!

RealityZone said...

AIPAC should be declared as an agent for Zionist Israel.

As long as we do not have term limits and tax payer funded elections Israel will own our Congress.

Israel is a clear and present danger not only to the region, but the whole planet.
For the world to allow this rogue apartheid state to have the button is insane.

an average patriot said...

I agree! I came to the conclusion long ago that Israel are the worlds war monger and we are their enforcer.