Monday, November 22, 2010

simple: Stay home if you don't want your junk checked

TSA Rage Hitting All Age Demographics Now It's simple, stay home! Leave my junk alone. Fine then just leave your junk home!

Big controversy my eye! This is a necessary evil! Not for pilots who have axes in their cabin to take a plane down or the ability to crash the plane if they felt suicidal but for all passengers I agree that it is a necessary evil! I use to think airport security was a farce. Largely it still is! Despite the hundreds of millions and billions spent we are less secure today than we were on 9/11.

For some reason terrorists seem to have focused on planes but our borders and ports and coast line have always concerned me and remain largely untended. That said, the recent spate of attempts resulting in bombs being found in Dubai and Britain showed just how vulnerable we are. We did not find those bombs, as you may know now they were revealed by a repentant Al Qaeda before they could do their dirty work.

That said, it showed how vulnerable we are. The bombs were flown on passenger planes before they were transferred to freight planes to reach their final destination a couple synagogues in Chicago I think it was, one which serviced Jews and gays which would have given them a two for. So far far we have been lucky period not vigilant.Molloy: 'Groin check' is necessary evil at airports

We remember the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber. These people are crazy! Can you imagine setting your crotch on fire to explode a plane? We really do have to remain vigilant like we have yet to be. If that means the new all revealing security so be it. If you do not want your "junk" checked keep it home. The rest of us have valuable bodies and lives we would like to ensure reach their final destination in one piece.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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