Friday, March 30, 2007

Iran: Britain Attacked their Embassy in Basra, Just latest attempt to get Britain to Alienate the U.S. in Iraq!

Iran saying Britain attacked their Embassy in Basra just latest attempt to get Britain to Alienate the U.S. in Iraq, It all makes sense now!
Knowing that over a year ago Iran was demanding that Britain get out of Basra.
An awful lot in regards to recent events just made instant sense to me and it is not good for Britain the U.S. or for Iran knowing the west will not bow to this but will eventually react!
Anyway, we have been hearing numerous conflicting stories as to who is trying to snow who in regard to the 15 captured British marines. I happen to believe that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are the instigators but I couldn't figure out why! After hearing these conflicting reports in regard to Iran's Embassy in Basra it all started making sense and why go after the British!
I was first sent this report from someone who believes Britain and the U.S. are monsters. and didn't believe it but didn't understand what was going on. British forces were surrounding the Iranian consulate in Basra, Al Arabiya reported on Thursday, according to an Israel Radio citation. The forces were trying to exert pressure on Iran to release the 15 British soldiers being held captive.
Maybe I am biased and I do believe Blaire has made a mistake blindly following Bush but I refused to believe they were this stupid. The following report made the truth clear to me.
At a critical period in the crisis over Iran's seizure of 15 British sailors and marines, the Iranian consul in Basra charged that British soldiers on Thursday had surrounded his office in the southern city and fired shots into the air. Britain denied the allegation.
The Ministry of Defense in London said the shooting was an exchange of gunfire after British troops on a foot patrol near the Iranian consulate were ambushed. But Iranian Consul-General Mohammed Ridha Nasir Baghban said British forces had engaged in a "provocative act" that "could worsen the situation of the British sailors."
"British forces should rely on wisdom and not react because of the British forces' detention. This reflects negatively on bilateral relations," Baghban told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. Baghban claimed British forces surrounded the consulate about 10:00 a.m. and fired randomly into the air.
It dawned on me after watching the exchange between Britain and Iran over the last week that the ultimate goal here is to keep those British troops in the hopes of getting Britain to alienate the U.S. and leave Iraq thereby leaving the U.S. to fight the mess in Iraq on its own but you know it will fail.
I understand there are many that say Iran does not want to fight the West but I firmly believe the Revolutionary Guard does and they are the ones behind the recent events in the Gulf.
There will be no deal here and neither side will relent. Nor do I think Britain should because it would only embolden Iran. This will only serve to get this war with Iran going!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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LittleBill said...

Both the US and Britain base their presence in Iraq on the UN mandate. True though this may be, it was foisted upon the UN by the speech by former Sec. of State Colin Powell's uninformed speech, in which he unwittingly said Iraq had or was working on nuclear weapons.