Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tony Snow Job wants to be clear: Don't hold Bush Accountable, Don't put this mess on his Door!

Tony Snow job wants to be clear: Don't try to hold Bush accountable, don't put this mess on his doorstep where it belongs!
You know, 8 attorney's were fired by Gonzales for not doing the idiots bidding. The White House denied any involvement as usual but again as usual, further investigation finds that the order to fire them went through Rove's, the teacher of Bush's 3D Politics (deceitful, deceptive, divisive, politics). Meirs who had no experience as a judge, and was Bush's failed nomination to replace Sandra Day Oconnor is also implicated and you know she's guilty. Worse, as usual it seems to have again come from the top and of course is once again denied. I am so sick of this blatant underhandedness and lying.
Anyway as you know, at the same time is the hearings of Valerie Plame. She rightly says the outing of her as a secret agent not only ruined her career as a secret agent but it has endangered the lives of agents around the world. We already know Scooter Libby has been convicted for his involvement and you can bet in the end he will get a Presidential pardon
but also that Cheney has again been implicated and Rove's is being threatened with having to testify.
You can bet again that like everything else though, that this too comes right from the top and the chief idiot is once again being protected at the expense of other peoples careers so he can claim stupidity
After Bush purposely diverted from the war on terror so he could attack Iraq and begin to implement his new middle east order you can bet he will very soon go around Congress and find his excuse to attack Iran and really get this mess underway, how on earth can these idiots really expect us to trust and believe all their blatant obvious lies just so they can pursue their new order.
He purposely sacrificed the poor in the Gulf and it still looks like a nuke hit it. Meanwhile, He took care of his own State putting troops in harms way that he said couldn't be done for Katrina. His brothers State of Florida received prompt care in their recent disasters. I just don't get it! How do these idiots get away with this?
The final straw for me was listening to Tony Snow job stupidly lie for Bush again and proclaim I want you to be clear here: Don't go dropping it at the president's door," White House spokesman Tony Snow said Friday when asked about Bush's involvement. I mean come on! He is the Damn Decider. What happened to the Buck stops here? It all belongs on his door along with a myriad of problems he is causing around the world for future generations of every country.
I am sick of hearing trust me, believe me, I will do the right thing. Yeah but for him and his new order not us or the world at large. How can anyone with any semblance of respect or conscience lie and cover for him any longer? how can Bush or the White really expect they believability or trust coming. They have screwed up absolutely everything they touch and then lied about it to follow their new order. Bush and this misadministration have not come through on one thing for America or the average American. I challenge anyone to name just one thing! This is old news but if anyone needs a link please just ask!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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LittleBill said...

Like so many of us, you are mad, and I don't blame you. What makes me really seethe is that he is working so hard to leave it on the next president's platter and ride off into an untroubled sunset.