Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bush Ignorantly fires Double Barreled as Congress while Cheney takes an ignorant Single Shot!

President Bush assailed the Democratic-led Congress Saturday for challenging him over funding the Iraq war and the firing of federal prosecutors, and demanded that lawmakers back down. Who the hell does this guy think he is demanding anything? I mean come on, Do the wrong thing or else! Or else what?
As you know Bush has threatened to veto the bill passed by the House that ties a deadline for a troop withdrawal to the latest emergency bill to fund the war. I know I have asked this in the past but this asinine childish game of his, give me what I want or I am going to cut off my nose to spite my face. Please do! I hope you are shooting yourself in the foot at the same time.
Doesn't this make him the party guilty of not funding the troops unless he is allowed to play his ignorant games? I also heard that he is using the excuse of not signing the Bill because there is much too much Pork in it. I am sure there is. From what I understand after listening to Democratic opposition this pork is primarily Republican Pork left from the Republican controlled Congress. Does anyone have any input on that?
Bush said The clock is running. Isn't it running on him? "The secretary of defense has warned that if Congress does not approve the emergency funding for our troops by April 15, our men and women in uniform will face significant disruptions -- and so will their families." Thanks to Bush, aren't they already suffering? I am so sick of the childish demands made by Bush. He has had his way too long and his ignorance has to be countered.
On the U.S. attorneys matter, Bush defended as "reasonable" his offer of interviews with Rove and the other officials. Yeah that's reasonable to an idiot! No transcribers, no witnesses so his cronies can lie, behind closed doors, I mean come on stop playing us for idiots and look in the mirror or is that as broke as America.
If there is no compromise, the issue could end up in court and Bush may claim that executive privilege shields his aides from having to testify. To me in itself that is an admission of guilt! I know I am no Presidential scholar but it does not strike me as right that Bush can claim Presidential privilege for those that work for him. They are not the President. Isn't Bush protected from prosecution as long as he is in office. Isn't that protection? Even if his cronies implicate him nothing can be doe about now. Is that right?
Bush's twin blasts against the Democrats marked a striking departure from weeks of trying to foster a cooperative spirit with them to make progress on immigration law overhaul, energy initiatives and health care. I don't think that is a stunning departure from cooperation. You know he will only cooperate as long as he gets his way. He accuses the Democrats of playing politics but those are his political games of my way or the highway and we must defeat it somehow.
White House officials said Bush still wants progress on those issues, but felt compelled to lay down markers on principles close to his heart: the separation of powers between the White House and the legislative branch and his role as commander in chief in charge of the Iraq war. Everything this idiot wants is close to his little dead heart and Democrats must do as they are and continue to lay down America's markers of principle and not Bush's perverted versions.
Once again Bush proves himself to be a mindless childish idiot and at the same time Cheney proves he is of the same ilk.
Vice President Dick Cheney accused the Democrat-led House of Representatives of not supporting troops in Iraq and of sending a message to terrorists that America will retreat in the face danger. As I said, isn't it bush who now refuses to support the troops unless his idiocy is supported too?
I am sick of these childish games! He continues to accuse Democrats of not supporting the troops. They're undermining them. Cheney told a gathering of the Republican Jewish Coalition at the Oceanside Ritz-Carlton hotel in Manalapan, Florida, about 60 miles north of Miami. We support our troops. We do not support Bush or his lies. This mindless harmful to the country idiotic rhetoric must be defeated and must stop!
On Friday, the House voted to clamp a cutoff deadline on the Iraq war, agreeing by a thin margin to pull combat troops out by next year.,2933,261001,00.html
You can bet this will be overridden like everything else that makes good dense and goes against Bush. I am not the only one I am sure that has said many times in the past but Bush will stymie everything the Democrats do to hold him accountable and force him to do the right thing. He will try to make the Democratic Congress look as ineffective as the Republican Congress but I believe people at large will see who the real culprit is and once we get rid of Bush we can start getting America on track but it will not be easy!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


LittleBill said...

Go get 'em, AAP. Right on target!

an average patriot said...

littlebill you're a riot. These fools are just driving me crazy. you know the latest! I don't have enough invested in Bush's war's now my youngest (18) is determined to go in the marine's. I just can't believe it. He knows what that means as is looking forward to it. I can't believe it!

Michael said...

AAP - just started reading your blog, I will definitely be adding it to my feed reader.

As a member of the military, who tried college first, I advise you to really listen to your (son/daughter)'s ambition to join the Marines - don't let the current state of affairs sway the decision. As part of the military you are part of something bigger than any individual, any particular branch, and any President - you are the 1% that defends the other 99%, you are held to a higher morale code than the rest of the country, not to mention we teach really good manners and respect as well!

A lot of people have bad things to say about the military. A lot of people want to get out. But, as a 23 year old husband and father, I can say the military is the absolute best thing that ever happened to me. I love it with all of my heart and can't see myself in any other career.

Really sit down with your child and determine what it is they are seeking. Why the Marines? Are his friends going that route? Does he just want to be part of the best of the best? Those were my reasons in considering the Marines and I am glad my dad sat down and really talked to me about it. It's stupid to base the next 4 years of your life on those reasons (or 20-30, if you love it like me).

Find out what sort of job your child really wants in the military and do some research into the other branches' offerings in those fields. After looking at the radio communications info for the Marines I talked to the Air Force recruiter. He got me to MEPS and got me a guaranteed job in Airborne Communications - a job that provides more training, higher chances of civilian employment, and a better quality of life than anything the Marines could offer.

bah.. this is kind of long - sry :(

an average patriot said...

Thanks for your input! I come from a long line of military men myself included. We have served in every branch. Myself in three, Army reserves, Air Force and Marines! I love the military and believe every person should do at least one stint.
I did tell you I think that 2 of my sons are lifers. Jim is 25 and due home soon from Afghanistan where he is EOD. Joe flies in the Air Force. I raised my 3 oldest sons. My youngest Tom who is 18 lived with his Mother.
She only cares about herself and having a good time. Tom as a result was left to his own demise. He will not even talk to because I expect him to do the right thing.
The last time I saw him was when I told him that. According to his brothers he has a 3rd grade education, can't write, and can barely talk. He will never see me because he knows I will jump all over him and his Mother.
Anyway I guess he has his mind set on the Marines and nothing will divert him but we will see. He is the kind that if he survives Bush's wars present and future, can flourish in the marines.
I really wish Tom would go in the Air Force but I am afraid he isn't smart enough. Stay in touch!