Monday, March 05, 2007

You better wake up because you have a gun to your Heads too!

You better wake up because you all have a gun to your head too" We are under attack on at least four fronts!
Bush has assailed this country and the world on so many fronts no one knows if they are coming or going. I did a story over a year and a half ago saying there are to many Bush crises to focus on anything. He creates another before you can deal with the past ones or the current ones.
When they have said in the past that the U.S. President in effect runs the world I guess they might have been right and as such the state of world relations is largely a reflection on Bush's inadequacy. Anyway it is a real sad state we find ourselves in and much of it due to Bush. I woke up this morning hearing how expensive and prohibitive Romney's health plan will be for Massachusett's residents and it scares the hell out of me knowing I could not afford $400 per month and a $2,000 spend down and what average person could. Thankfully I have the VA at least for now. It is not just health care as you know, it is every aspect of life critical to average Americans that is under fire. This is only one part of the mess Romney created in Massachusetts and promises to spread to the country as he vows to continue with Bush's mess.
Like Bush's policies that he promises to emulate, Romney's plan only benefits Business,the wealthy, and the Religious right. Like Bush he has been so 2 faced but I'll let that go for now. Health care as you know is just one issue facing American's.
Anyway, the people in this country better wake up quick and I am sick of warning them. That stock market crash that was overdue and will get a lot worse was not a Blip as many think. It is only the beginning of many corrective crises we will be facing very quickly. There wil be a slight bounce back but it will ultimately continue downard.
The environmental wars the Pentagon warned about for our future, was not a worst case scenario and will be a reality, These are only tow of the many issues facing the world. Not just for he average American but for every average citizen of the world, they better be very concerned about their future healthcare and food and water supply, because every Nation of the world will soon be concerned with their survival and the people of the world will be left to their own demise as I have warned numerous times to no avail.
Cap all that off with the simple fact that Russia, China who again has exponentially increased their defense spending, the U.S., and the fact that this upcoming world war 3 will happen and to the demise of our planet's health and resources that all Government's will be warring over. You better, even as a citizen of the world, be very concerned that in order to keep his abusive power and so called new world order in motion, Bush will stoop to cancelling the upcoming 2008 elections and declare martial law. What a friggen mess indeed and it is still just beginning.
You may remember that we discussed this too in the past but I 100% expect Bush to cancel elections and declare martial law in order to continue with his mess of a new world order. The only reason he would not will be if he knows for a fact Republican's can steal the next election too and Giulliani gets elected.
The American people and even the citizens of the world have to rise up before anyuthing will change. Even then I believe it is too late to stop the course of events in many instances. I don't know if anyone can steer us through the upcoming turmoil but it is imperative that we have the strength and direction of Al Gore in 2008 too lead us.
I have heard the U.S. will go ahead with the missile sales to Taiwan. I did a story a year and a half ago that the U.S. must let go the old archaic commitments to many Nations as the world is changing and we cannot protect everyone just so the old order of Nations can stay status quo. Regardless, It will not.
With thousands of Chinese missiles pointed towards Taiwan, China still selling missiles to Iran, and this insistance on selling missiles to Taiwan despite Chinese warnings, This may be the natural messed up response but it will only ensure future confrontation on a cataclismic scale.
You know, it isn't funny but the fact that the U.S. does not have a single friend in the world does not remotely concern the chief idiot. Here too I did a story a while back that It will be Bush, Israel, and Britain, against the entire world. It would be even worse than that except Britian will have no choice but to stay with the U.S due to past misperformance and future environmental concerns which are very dire for Britain. Israel will always be with the U.S. in the future unless they are destroyed first.
I just want to say before I close that, behind closed doors HW was against George attacking Iraq right from the beginning but overtly refuses to admonish the idiot and to the demise of America and the world. I posted on this too that HW, Barbara, and Laura, all owe the world a severe apology as they too are partially responsible for the messes Bush has created. They said nothing and allowed this all to happen but then again you may remember Bush once said he would not listen to anyone but Barney and the idiot has stayed true to that idiocy too. Oh man!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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