Monday, March 19, 2007

Video shows Bomb Blowing up an American Bradley fighting vehicle: It's an easily remedied problem!

Video shows Bomb Blowing up an American Bradley fighting vehicle: Valid or not it portrays an easily remedied problem! This is important, Please give me your input!
I am asking for your help! After watching a vary disturbing video yesterday morning on Google or on one of the news outlets depicting an insurgent casually walking up behind a cornered American Bradley fighting vehicle my first thought was how could they get themselves trapped like this but this is our flesh and blood in there and this guy casually walked up behind this Bradley fighting vehicle, crawled underneath, planted a massive explosion, and blew the hell out of it. Here is the video but I now believe it is propoganda.
I haven't heard anything further on this and I do not know if the video has been authenticated or not but it did unveil a very disturbing weakness I refuse to believe has not been addressed. I also didn't think the story was long enough to justify a Diary so I was hoping to comment on someone else's. I didn't get the opportunity and dwelling on it, I was stunned at the inexpensive, low tech simplicity of solving this problem and giving the troops who ride in them some semblance of peace of mind.
However, I need your help because by the end of the day when I decided this vulnerability and remedy had to be discussed because whether or not the video was valid, this vulnerability must be addressed because to me it appears absolutely unnecessary. I am sure someone here can tell me whether or not it is.
One of my sons is in one of those damn things and even if he wasn't that is our American flesh and blood and it is our duty to help them if we can. Anyway what I was getting at is that the video was nowhere to be found and I do believe I found it on Google but it was a Fox News Video.
If someone can find or has this supposedly Al Qaeda video can you please forward it to me and I will include it in this diary to illustrate the unnecessary vulnerability of these vehicles. I did find hundreds of stills showing a Bradley fighting vehicle sitting at a dead end trapped, with that insurgent underneath it planting explosives.
To me whether or not this video is for real or not is not the issue. As we all know. the IED problem has not been solved and as long as Bush insists on keeping our troops in the middle of an Iraqi cavil war it most likely never will be. With that said there is no way this vulnerability should exist or not be addressed. it appears to be an obvious quick cheap fix and if so, I refuse to believe we haven't done it yet.
Why do we not have Security cameras mounted on the rear corners of these vehicles so the sides and the back can be watched? Can anyone tell me? Is it really that simple? If so the troops could clean them before deployment and I'm sure the troops sitting in the back would be more than happy to monitor these cameras and they would also have peace of mind if that is possible in that situation.
Please give me your input and let me know what you think about this! I will be contacting CENTCOM later with this if we have something helpful here. Thank you!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


LittleBill said...

Don't know if the video is still out there or where to find it, but I have to admit that I'm afraid to look. But I did want you to know that I understand how you feel about it, and I read you post.

an average patriot said...

Hi little bill
Someone at kos found the video and I put it in the story. It is on this post now too. I have come to the conclusion that it was propoganda and staged.
It never should have made it on TV. Knowing that it was a broken down vehicle I would have abandoned it too and guarding it would have been suicide.
It really bothers me that the video was shown on Right wing Fox and never refuted. I just can't stand it. You know, it made no sense to me or any commentors that you could unseen just walk up behind a Bradley. That is why I thought it should be discussed. Thanks Little Bill!