Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bush Again Vows He cares, Promises speedy recovery after Katrina! How does he get away with this?

Bush once again vows he cares, promises speedy recovery after Katrina! Ayear and a half later? How does he get away with this Again?
Enough is enough! when are people going to get sick of his inaction? He does absolutely nothing then does a feel good visit to say he wants to know there frustrations. Frustrations! Much of the Gulf still looks like it was nuked more than a year and a half later. He says he fully understands the frustrations, he wants ti know what they are, and to the extent he can help, he will. I say it often but how does he get away with acting like he cares while doing nothing to remedy the situation and continuously gets away with it. I don't get it!
In his first visit to the region in six months, Bush sought to fight the perception that he has forgotten about those hard-hit by the August 2005 storm. Much of the city outside the tourist areas remains in ruins. what a coincidence. the areas for the affluent and the areas that can be showcased are doing fine.
"He says he committed to the people of this part of the world and the Gulf Coast that the federal government would fund recovery - and stay committed to the recovery," Bush said during his 14th trip to the region. It was his first visit since he toured the area on the one-year anniversary of the storm. so what does he do visit every 6 months to say he cares just to keep the country on a string. If he cared he would set up shop in the Gulf area. That would show he cared. That would get things done. These games have to stop.
The Bush administration's initial response to the most destructive natural disaster in U.S. history was widely seen as a failure. It was and still is. The White House has since sought to reassure residents - and the nation - that it is committed to recovery. Still, the president is dogged by criticism. wTF has he done?
The White House says Bush has helped make $110 billion in aid available for rebuilding, education and rental assistance. Bush's aides say Cabinet officials have visited the region dozens of times, and that state and local leaders must share responsibility for delays.Where the hell did it go? the only benefit I can see is to profiteers which seems to be ststus quo due to Bush's insistance on no oversight.
He says he wants to get New Orleans rebuilt but from what I can see Oprah winfrey and others have accomplished much more with their direct aid. I just don't get it? local officials are not any more exasperated than the rest of us for not even a mere mention by the chief idiot during his State of the Union Address. It was only the worst natural catatstrophe in America in my memory if not ever. however, I guess that depoends on your priorities and whether or not you are trying to create a new society as Bush is, lying all the while until he achieves his goal as usual.
We hear all the time and I believe it that if we do not get New Orleans straight, the United States will never be the same. i have sai from the beginning that it will not be rebuilt as we knew it. The housing areas that could not be removed legelly were taken care of by Katrina and will not be rebuilt. Most of the poor that were forced to move elsewhere will not be able to come back nor will they want to at this point. Just enough will find space to facilitate the entrepenuers, industry and tourism.
New Orleans will never be the same and thanks to the Decider and his new societty, the U.S. will never be the same. of course to make it look like things were going well and everything would be hunky dory Bush had a photo op as He gave an American flag to Ernie and Cheryl Woodward, who rebuilt their home with the help of a federal grant. One of the few as he said for the camera's "People's lives are improving, and there is hope. The sentiment is not shared by many who live along the storm's brutal path - particularly in New Orleans. Crime has soared and health care is limited. Large numbers of residents are so frustrated they are thinking of getting out for good and many have.
I thought it was pretty telling that as he was touring around he made the mistake of asking a question, "Staying busy?" he asked a construction crew. One of the workers told him the crew was still working on the same block of the neighborhood a year and a half after the storm. A year and a half later and still working on the same bock? How many blocks are there anyway? I know, this is another project he wants done after he is long gone. Something else that if it is to be cleaned up it will have to be on someone elses watch but it will never be the same. Things wil soon get busier around the world for us and New Orleans or America will never be the same.
Of $110 billion in relief aid that Congress has approved, $86 billion has been committed to projects, and $53 billion has been spent. What the heck did they do with it? How can they say they care? again I say How can they get away with this? You know, what is being allowed to happen in the Gulf area reminds me of something I heard as a child, I feel for you but I can't reach you!
Why can't we do anything here either to hold Bush accountable? I just don't get it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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