Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yesterdays stock market crash, the horrible portent of the future not yet mentioned!

Of course here too I have an opinion about the stock market crash that occured yesterday and as usual it is never voiced and I will guaraness you it is "dead" true! I mentioned it to a freind yesterday as we watched the market go crazy and it brought chills of recognition to her in light of what I write about.
First I have to think there might be something to what I was told about about the Chinese stock market and that this was done as a warning. Beyond knowing that this crash did start in China for whatever reason and knowing we will again never know the truth by design, and that every market in the world was effected or so we are told.
Anyway, You may remember I did a post about a week ago about something else we discussed and that was the 2nd Greatest Stock Market Crash was right around the Corner. also numerous stories I have written in the past that this upcoming war will be the worst man and the planet have ever seen. Wars do not get easier or better with time they get worse and more destructive.
Regardless of what side you are on someone has to be able to survive this impending confligration and have a planet that can sustain "I hope" life as we know it. Not on the level we know it but with the environment we need for someone to survive into the future.
I think when all is said and done what my freind said may be right. The Chinese do know enough to hit us where it hurts, our wallets.\
The crash that started in China could have been done on purpose and been a warning to America that if you attack our interests in Iran and we will bring down your economy.With that said remember the "great" crash of 1929 and chillingly remember what ultimately helped us recover from it. WW2 as you know.
Now remember where the world is headed and that wars do not get better and that this mess will soon get a lot worse along with the economy and the world better be scared, very sared. These rumors of WW3 are not just idle rumors to be dismissed.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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