Saturday, February 10, 2007

Draft Gore Now! With every passing day it's more critical to the future of America and the world!

Draft Gore Now! With every passing day it becomes more critical to the future of America and the world. Todays events prove it is critical.
I believe many of you feel the same way and we have discussed it many times in the past as to how important it is to have Al Gore in the Presidency in 2008. as many of you know I feel he has spent a life time preparing for the position and we and the world need him now.
At this point I have to say that like you I was terribly disappointed the way things turned out the last time he ran. However Bush has created as far as I'm concerned a world crisis that only one man stands a chance of bringing us through, so I am happy he is available at this critical time for America and the world.
I am sure most of you are aware that there is a Draft Gore Campaign for 2008. Despite the fact that Gore has said repeatedly that he would not seek the office in 2008 many of us believed he would if it was known that he was wanted and greatly needed. Join me below the fold!
I am very happy and consoled with the fact that Veterans of Al Gore's past are quietly assembling a campaign to draft the former vice president into the 2008 presidential race -- despite his repeated statements that he's not running. His top policy adviser from his 2000 presidential campaign and other key supporters met Thursday in Boston to mull a potential Gore campaign.
I understand the meeting was informal and not a sign there would be a Gore campaign. However, knowing that this is an early stage conversation but is being explored very seriously I for one am praying for it to happen. We need him now more than ever!
Since the election was stolen from him in 2000 and we all became dismayed the former Tennessee senator has worked against global warming and served on corporate boards, including Google and Apple Inc. Due to a range of business ventures, aides have said Gore could spend as much as $50 million of his own money to launch a credible presidential run.
The Gamut now runs from the Academy awards to the white house and many groups have been lobbying in the background for his return to Presidential Politics.It is extremely promising to me that Dylan Malone, co-founder of Al and organizer of a political action committee trying to draft Gore is not being waved off by Al Gore as he was in 2004.
As Malone has said, the difference from the past is dramatic and we need him now. Gore's time is now!
With every passing day it is becoming more critical to have Al Gore's guidance as Bush's damage becomes more visible. Today Speaking at a conference of the world's top security officials, including the Iranian nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani, Putin said nations "are witnessing an almost uncontained hyper use of force in international relations." Sadly to me most of us can see where it is headed.
"One state, the United States, has overstepped its national borders in every way," he told the 250 officials, including more than 40 defense and foreign ministers.
"This is nourishing an arms race with the desire of countries to get nuclear weapons," Putin said, but did not elaborate on specifics and did not mention the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. He accused Bush of seriously changing the balance of power. Don't for a minute think Russia and china are going to lie there and let Bush attack Iran as he stupidly thinks.
To top it off today I was sent this story titled: Target Iran: US able to strike in the spring, Despite denials, Pentagon plans for possible attack on nuclear sites are well advanced.
Ewen MacAskill in Washington Saturday February 10, 2007 The Guardian
So far today is Finished off with :
US Defense Minister Robert Gates called for increasing US army in order to be ready for a large-scale operation. North Korea, Iran, Russia and China are listed among potential enemies.
"We don't know what's going to develop in places like Russia and China, in North Korea, in Iran and elsewhere," the Pentagon head said at US Senate Armed Services Committee hearings. He supported increasing military expenditures, as it will allow increasing the number of "free detachments."
The statements seemingly shocked Americans. I'm telling you I have said it here many times and have sometimes been ridiculed for it but It completely shocks me and I somehow missed this.
When all is said and done It is quite obvious that with the state of the environment and the world today that is more critical than ever that we have Al Gore at the helm in 2008 to deal with the many crises here and around the world and we must all do what he can to make that happen.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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