Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The U.S. is not a Democracy today, Iran war is a given, and Giuliani will be elected despite what ..

The U.S. is not a Democracy today, Iran war is a given, and Giuliani will be elected despite what we want!
Since the 2000 elections it has been painfully obvious that the United States is not a "real" Democracy. It no longer matters what "we the people" think as we see proven every day. The old guard here are not going to allow change and "we the people" are once again going to have to drive that change. It has become quite obvious to most that they do not matter and the old guard will not stop lying to them so they keep their power and control.
I firmly believe that most realize Gore if the only person supremely outfitted to clean up after Bush and help bring America and the world successfully into the future. Many hate Giuliani and unless Republicans steal the election again which many of us do fear especially with the un checkable electronic voting machines, there should be a Democratic President in 2008.
However, as much as we like to think we matter and are told we do, The American people do NOT elect their President. They just think they do. So as much as we need a Democratic
President in 2008 and to me preferably Al Gore, I am afraid my man Gore will never be allowed in.
Al Gore will never be president as we need in order to proceed into the future we perceive. I am afraid our next president will most likely be Rudy Giuliani. He's a 911 insider so they "owe" him the position and his reputation for handling emergency situations will be very attractive to the American people considering the US will be at war during the next elections and it will not just be Iraq and Afghanistan..
I noticed yesterday that there was a diary in the recommended list by Wes Clark titled Is War with Iran Inevitable? I must say I did not respond to it because he said absolutely "nothing" we haven't discussed numerous times. I hate to be the one to tell him but what he thinks does not matter. As what Congress thinks, he and no one else will sop Bush's plan to attack Iran. That should be obvious to a blind man by now!
Bush attacking Iran was a given from the beginning. It was Bush's original goal when he diverted from the war on terror to attack Iran. That was merely the first step in prosecuting his new middle east order. He will not be denied now.
At this point a lot more is set in motion than Wes Clark mentioned. The whole world knows it though Bush will continue to deny it. I have mentioned it many times in the past. this is just one of many preparations Wes Clark did not mention and we have discussed many times. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/1/31/95724/9049
When all is said and done I am convinced that whatever anyone says or does Iran will be attacked and Bush is still drumming up a reason to do it. I noticed last night on NBC nightly news that once again Bush was discounting our top 16 spy experts who are saying that there was nothing concrete against Iran.
Iran will be attacked by Bush or it will be ensured that the next President does it in order to complete the plan for new order. With this in mind I am afraid that despite the growing Draft Gore campaign many of us are behind in order to reverse harmful environmental and middle east policies, that Giuliani will be elected by hook or by crook.
He has come out against Al Gore's correct environmental and middle east stances and promised to stay Bush's miscourses in both the environment and the middle east. http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2007/2/13/80719.shtml
With all that said I am afraid that those behind who gets elected as President, whoever that may be, will get Giuliani elected so they can keep their power and stay their course of new middle east and world order to the demise of peace lovers around the world. Bush and Cheney are too cocky and arrogant, taunting us and Congress and you have to wonder what they know that we do not?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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