Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bush does not deserve commemoration on Presidents Day. He deserves his own Day, Un Presidents Day!

As you know, tomorrow is Presidents Day. I do not believe Bush should consider himself amongst the ranks of our Presidents that we commemorate on this day. I do believe we should start a movement to give the chief idiot and Decider his own Day. I propose calling it "Un Presidents Day". I suggest it be celebrated on Halloween because Bush is masquerading as a President.
Bush is the anti America President! I did not elect him. He does not represent me. He does not represent our America. He is in this for himself. The people did not elect him. The courts did so he could follow his agenda not ours.He has taken over our America to follow his agenda to create "his" version of America.
Thus he should be treated and remembered accordingly.It shouldn't be too hard to understand for anyone but Bush but until he "happened" I was of the frame of mind that Once elected the man was automatically deserving to be called President. However, we did not elect him so a new precedent must be set.
As a man you earn the right to be called "a man" the title does not come with being a "male" As a woman you earn the right to be called "a woman" the title does not come with being female.
In turn Bush was not elected as President the courts gave him the title so he should have to earn the right to be called "President" and he most certainly has not. He as the Decider has proven that he is not our President but instead has proven to be the "Un president"
Luckily for us and the world Bush is in a class of his own. and there is no positive connotations to it. He is a terrible example of leadership and as he is in a category of his own he should be treated accordingly, put in a class of his own and be given his own day called Un Presidents Day! What do you say?
Just one note! Yesterdays vote on Bush's surge shows us we must get rid of the vast majority of these Republicans if we are ever to get anything positive done for the people or the country. There should just be enough around. Everything to do with this Bush Mis Presidency is a nightmare and Bush must be remembered accordingly. I am sick of hearing the likes of Lindsey Graham accusing us of playing Political games when in fact it is them.
We must stop this Bush nightmare and I again propose we name a day just to mourn the fact that Bush ever happened. What say you?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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