Saturday, February 24, 2007

Britain Deflates Russia's threat to attack U.S. MDS in Poland and Czechoslovakia! What's next?

In light of the fact that I have been posting regularly on the threats by Russia to the U.S., Czechoslovakia, and Poland over the missile defense systems that were set to be installed there I originally thought these threats by Russia to attack the host countries was not to counter what they perceived as a threat to them but as an excuse to come to Iran's aid not that they need any more mind you. However now I don't know!
Any way I am very pleased to see this threat at least diffused I hope but what is next? Recently we have learned that Britain is preparing to decrease its troops in Iraq and yesterday I for one was pleased to hear that Britain was increasing its troops in Afghanistan. finding this out last night took some more additional weight off my mind anyway.
Britain and the United States said yesterday that they were discussing the stationing of the American anti-ballistic-missile defense system on British soil.
Knowing these discussions were under years makes me think there is some validity behind Russia's concerns. Why hasn't this been mentioned before?
As we discussed The United States had previously offered to locate the missile system in the Czechoslovakia and Poland provoking strong objection from Russia, though Washington argues that the system is not built to defend against Russia but against Iran, principally, and other potential threats. As I said, now that I am finding out that talks between Britain and the United States have in going on for quite a while I am no longer sure of Bush's intentions what about you?
According to Blair's spokeswoman, Britain has been secretly lobbying for inclusion in the system for some time. Again I have to ask why has this not been mentioned to Russia? Is there any benefit to having the systems in Czechoslovakia and Poland unless threatening Russia was the ulterior motive?
Britain seems to genuinely want to be chosen to house the systems. I say be careful what you ask for you may get it. It seems to me like this will only bring major trouble for whoever bases these systems. What do you think? "The prime minister thinks it is a good idea that they are part of the consideration by the United States.
Blair believe it is an important step towards providing missile defense coverage for Europe, of which they are part." but myself I don't know. Now I hear that the radar systems were already in final testing in Britain. What gives?
Just reading the above story on The recent discussions over the missile defense systems, Britain's troop deployments in Iraq, the Balkans, Northern Ireland, and the announcement to add more troops in Afghanistan I am finding Bush has torn apart and stressed out Britain and its military and people as much as he has ours and the rest of the world it seems. What will be the end results of this idiots messes around the world?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


LittleBill said...

I'll bet the British, like us, can't wait for their new elections and a new leader to replace Tony Blair. I watched him in the Parliament the other day, and he sounds as though he is running out of steam.

an average patriot said...

Hi little bill
you know I agree. Sadly I think as far as the future goes Bush has made all our beds and now we all will have to sleep in it. I caught after I did this that he plans on having those missile defense systems throughoput Europe and around the world.

What a mess and it will soon get a lot worse.