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Guilty or not Iran accuses U.S. of being behind kidnapping of Diplomat, "feel good" Gates lies as..

Guilty or not Iran accuses U.S. of being behind kidnapping of their Diplomat, "feel good" Gates lies as Bush is closer to war with Iran!
The world believes Bush is prepared to attack Iran in April and the kidnapping of Iran's Diplomat will only further that happening! Why would Gates say he thinks those surge troops may be home by summer? He is just a front to make you feel good while Bush pursues his plan.
I understand that by the end of March 3000 military personnel are due to arrive at at U.S. base in Bulgaria. I was surprised to find out that we even had one there. I didn't know we had a military agreement with Bulgaria that gave us access to two bases and a shooting range. Romania is being transformed into an American military bastion and It is also vital to the Iran scenario.Last week, the Bucharest daily also revealed the USAF is to site several flights of F-l5, F-l6 and Al0 aircraft at a former Romanian Air Base where Romania's chief of staff,
confirmed "up to 2000 American military personnel will be temporarily stationed in Romania". Oh man!
In Central Europe, the Czech Republic and Poland have also found themselves in the Pentagon's strategic focus. Last week the Czech national security council agreed to the siting of a US anti-missile radar defense system at Czech location. Poland has also agreed to having a US anti-missile missile base and interceptor aircraft stationed in the country. This is not good! I just have to ask, at this level of preparedness could this just be a show of force? It is being called a ring of Defense.
Russia, however, does not see the chain of new US bases on its doorstep as a "defensive ring they see it rightly so as "an open threat to Russia". I would also assume it is. I know myself I have had many tell me to keep an aye out for a strategic relocation of fighters, fueling tankers, anti missile batteries etc as the key to an imminent attack on Iran.
Russia's defense minister,spoke more circumspectly while emphasizing Moscow's concern. He said: "Russia is not worried and I have to say that is pure Bull and we better know what the hell we are about to do and I know the chief idiot does not have a clue or care.
Russia on the face says Its strategic nuclear forces can assure its safety in any circumstance.They incorrectly say that Since neither Iran or Korea possess intercontinental missiles capable of threatening the USA, then why this new missile shield that supposedly is to protect the West?
How are we supposed to interpret this? How is Russia really supposed to interpret this. How is the world supposed to interpret this? It looks to me like Bush is preparing to find the excuse to attack Iran and wants to do so before Senator Rockefeller can act this summer.
Just a reminder! It has been 3 weeks now since Putin ordered all Russian ships from our coast in preparation for an expected Bush attack on Iran in April.
I have not heard any of this and more refuted by anyone! Don't you see why this is? I don't like this unfolding scenario at all. Tensions are pointedly ratcheting up daily and I feel quite confident believing this is all part of the buildup to attack Iran and further Bush's desired new middle east and world order, everyone be damned. Russia, China, Iran, and the world will rebel and Bush is preparing to unleash a world altering tempest. What do you think about this?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

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