Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Putin's threats are Warranted, bring a wasted trip to calm Arms so Bush can continue...

Putin's threats are warranted and bring a wasted U.S./ trip to calm arms so Bush can continue with his plan for the middle east and the world! It will not work this time!
First I just want to say that I did a post yesterday titled "Putin orders Iran Interest's protected against any hostile forces to protect against Bush's attack!
Then I caught after the fact , that Putin was accusing the U.S. of a return to the cold war. I would agree but we have never left as Reagan and Bush liked to brag and reality has merely set in. We heard for quite a while now rumors of a missile shield being constructed in central and Eastern Europe.
Poland and Czech Republic are in favor of hosting a proposed U.S. missile defense system, the Czech premier said Monday after meeting with his Polish counterpart.
The United States said last month that it wanted to build a missile defense system in Eastern Europe to guard the eastern United States and Europe from missiles launched from "rogue nations" in the Middle East. It would be the first such site in Europe.
However The U.S. plans have drawn the ire of Russia, which says such a missile defense could disturb the balance of power in the region and fuel a new arms race. That I am afraid is a true statement.
This agreement has of course drawn the ire of Putin who in light of what it views as U.S. aggression has threatened to attack the host countries.
Poland and the Czech Republic risk being targeted by Russian missiles if they agree to host elements of the proposed U.S. missile defense system, a top Russian general warned Monday in the latest in a series of increasingly bellicose statements from Moscow.
President Vladimir Putin has said he does not trust U.S. claims that it wants to deploy missile defense components in Europe to counter threats from Iran, and warned that Russia could take retaliatory action."If the governments of Poland and the Czech Republic take such a step ... the Strategic Missile Forces of Russia will be capable of targeting these facilities if a relevant decision is made," he said..
Then I heard that today that Bush's national security adviser is embarking on a mission to Moscow and other European capitals a week after the incendiary remarks about Bush and the United States by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Stephen Hadley was leaving Washington on Tuesday for a four-day trip to Brussels, Moscow and Berlin, said Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for Hadley and Bush's National Security Council.
As we said, Putin surprised the White House on Feb. 10 by angrily accusing the United States of inciting other countries to seek nuclear weapons to defend themselves from an "almost uncontained use of military force." At a security conference in Germany, the Russian leader said that "one state, the United States, has overstepped its national borders in every way."
It was Putin's harshest criticism yet of the United States. Bush, at a news conference several days later, said there was a "complicated relationship" between the United States and Russia, but Putin was "the same strong-willed person" he has known since 2001.
I must say that it is obvious that Bush has pushed Putin to the limits but he is too stupid to realize this is going to bite us as he thinks smooth talking sugar coating will block his real intention.
Bush's build up in central and eastern Europe is by my belief a buildup for Bush's attack on Iran and can be construed as self defense by Russia. But more than likely Putin will use this self defense as an excuse to attack those installations thus coming to the force of Iran which is what they want.
I refuse to believe that American Diplomats are really expressing surprise as to Russia's concern. They can't really be that stupid can they? or should I say, do they think the rest of the world is that stupid? Or is it just as I always say and they do not care how stupid and obvious they look and sound as long as they get their way. It will not work this time! Russia and China both will jump at the chance to put Bush in his place once he attacks Iran. man what is next?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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