Thursday, February 08, 2007

China says its drive in Africa will not hurt Africa, With a new AFCOM, I agree, it's to confront us!

The Rising Star: China says its drive in Africa will not hurt Africa, With a new AFCOM, I agree, it is to confront us there too!
China confronting U.S. in Africa as well as Venezuela and the middle east! What's next? We always hear that China will be the next superpower. I happen to believe it is right now, the "other" superpower.
Nigeria signed a deal giving China four oil drilling licence's in exchange for a commitment to invest $4 billion in infrastructure. Niger, called the biggest gas station on earth is important to China and the U.S.
China has captured the U.S. consumer market. China has invaded Latin America. By November 2004 Hu Jintao had signed 39 commercial agreements with 5 Latin American Nations, $20 billion in Argentina alone. China also gives credit to Cuba and is increasingly encroaching on the Venezuela oil market.
At last estimate they were buying daily $2 billion of Bush's debt in what Bush calls a successful economy. They hold regular joint military exercises with Bush's "friend" Putin and I fully expect them to join Russia and Iran if Bush proceeds with his expected attack on Iran in April.
When all is said and done Russia, the rising star China, the 135 non aligned Nations and everyone else Bush has alienated will come out against us.
Now as we have opened up a third front on the war on terror in Somalia President George W Bush has approved a Pentagon plan for a command center for Africa to oversee US military activities on the continent.
US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the new Africa Command would allow the US to better co-ordinate action and counter potential threats. Mr Gates said the Pentagon would consult the US Congress and others about the plans.
Africa Command would be the fifth regional operations base for the US. The US gets more than 10% of its oil from Africa and is worried about increased economic and diplomatic competition from China.
Again holding no quarters in steps China once again encroaching on Bush's plans. President Hu Jintao, apparently seeking to ease concerns over China's investment drive in Africa, said on Wednesday that Beijing's business interests would not hurt the continent. Speaking to a packed audience at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, Hu frequently used the word "trust" to outline his vision of China's economic ties with Africa.
The Chinese president on Tuesday signed economic and agricultural deals in South Africa as part of his tour of Africa, where the Asian giant's growing influence has been met with some unease.
Trust my Butt! The Chinese are a peace-loving nation," Hu said in his address on Wednesday. "We live in cooperation and harmony among nations and we hold that the strong and the rich should not bully the weak and the poor," he added.
Peace loving, I mean cut the crap! Peaceful like Bush. They have learned well the politics of deceit and deception. Like Bush they say one thing and mean another altogether. Once again they appear to be squeezing us. what is next?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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