Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Letter to Professor Chossudovsky at Global Research regarding A Manifesto To The World! It's all about our future!

First I have to say that Blogging has Humbled me! So many here do unheralded commendable work for their perspective Party, for the average American, for the many and growing less fortunate of us, for our active military and returning veterans with a wide spectrum of issues and problems, and for women and children in danger.
My hat is off to all of you and I commend you! I am but a humble man and am not suited to operate on the level that many of you are. My saving grace is that I do see the big picture that most seem not to.
With that said I have put together from A to Z some of the facts we have discussed here and articles I have written about what is being done to us and the world by Bush, why, and what the plan is for our future and the future of the world.
I have put it together in a well choreographed Document titled: A Manifesto to the World! At 9,000 words It is a bit long so I will not include it here. I have it on E file to send to Professor Chossudovsky at I can not include the E file I am sending him and However I would like everyone to read it so if you are interested and have an email just tell me and I will send you an E file.
Many times in the last 4 years I have sent copies of Bush's plans and intentions to every single Politician and conventional media outlet I could contact. However I became aware that none of them wanted to upset there gravy train and probably never even looked at it not wanting to learn the truth but to continue with their self serving, self inflating games.
I have since been made aware that no main stream medium would risk the wrath and repercussion that is inevitably dealt to anyone who tries to tell the truth about President Bush.As a result I have decided to contact Professor Chossudovsky in a last attempt to get this absolute beginning to end detail out as to what President Bush is doing in the name of the Bonesmen, the horror that is about to unfold, and the future for the us and the world! It must be acted on quickly!
When all is said and done it is for you and the future that I care about. Please continue with your invaluable work! I will not have it performed in vain. Take a bow, you are needed and appreciated. It is my goal to see that your work and purpose is not in vain and to that end we must stop Bush and that is my goal. Wish me luck!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

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