Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bush Aides face Subpoenas, White House Morale Plummets as Bush threatens with Supreme Court, Remember?

Bush Aides Face Subpoenas, White House Morale Plummets as Bush threatens Supreme Court? Will His appointees make his day? House Judiciary subcommittee today authorized subpoenas for Karl Rove, President Bush’s political adviser, and other senior White House officials in the investigation into the firing of eight United States attorneys.
Democrats said the subpoenas, approved on a voice vote of the panel, would not be issued immediately but could provide leverage for Congress in trying to win the testimony of the aides being sought. I know Democrats say this vote was only for leverage in case the Justice Department and White House continue to hide the truth. I mean come on this is Bush.
They really don't think he is going to cooperate can they? Bush's pitiful take it or leave it offer is to allow private interviews with Mr. Rove, Harriet E. Miers, the former White House counsel; and two other officials. It also offered to provide access to e-mail messages and other communications about the dismissals, but not those between White House officials.

I just saw a bit of Snows meeting to discuss the issue and I'm telling you, it stinks to high heaven. Not only is Bush stupidly saying he has provided 3,000 pages to back up the White House but what about the rest? Also I just found out that there are 3 or so weeks of Emails that are missing. Snow simply said he doesn't know why.
That in itself is a little more than suspicious especially in light of the underhanded practices followed by this misadministration. I also heard something else I didn't think about. I know Bush is insisting that a discussion between Rove's, the white House officials, and the Judiciary Committee be held behind closed doors as we heard but without a standard stenographer.
This is an absolutely asinine "demand". That cannot be allowed to happen! you know for a fact that if that happened the Democrats may come out speaking the truth but the Republicans will come out with a story that backs them up. The truth will not told of heard by us and Bush and his misadministration will get away with their lies once again.
This confrontation was the sharpest yet between the Bush White House and the new Democratic majority in Congress on a matter of oversight, and it set the stage for a legal showdown over executive privilege. The White House vowed to fight any subpoenas in court. You know the confrontation is sharp because Bush does not want the truth out as too the depth of White House involvement of course.
I first want to say that in 1998 when Clinton was trying to use executive privilege Snow wrote that you should not be able to hid behind it but now that it's Bush it's okay? Anyway with all the lying that is going to continue here over just this one misuse of power supplied by the Patriot act I am very pleased that the Senate has voted overwhelmingly to revoke the authority they had granted the administration last year under the USA Patriot Act to install federal prosecutors indefinitely without Senate confirmation.
That is a good start but I have said from the beginning that in the right hands the Patriot Act would be a useful tool but under Bush it is only one more tool he will abuse and misuse and of course he has. The entire Patriot Act should be revoked because you can bet Bush abusing the entire thing. With all said and done you can bet this will end up in the Supreme Court.
My question to you is, is Bush threatening to do this because he is confidant with his appointees that their finding will be in his favor? To me, with an unbiased opinion it should be found in favor of Democrats if the truth is to be found! How do you think this will turn out in the Supreme Court? bottom line is Gonzales is lying and should be replaced. Will he be?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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