Saturday, March 24, 2007

When all is said and done the Revolutionary Guard, Israel, and Bush, will have their War!

Supposedly the captured British marines admit to a purposeful incursion into Iranian waters.this is a classic setup.
Iran says the 15 British sailors and marines seized by Iran in the Persian Gulf have confessed to trespassing into Iranian territory, the semi-official FARS News Agency reported Saturday.But the British Ministry of Defense would not confirm the report. (Watch reports on UK troops 'confessing' to being in Iran waters )
The British government said its request to communicate with the detained troops has not been granted by Iran.
The British Ministry of Defense said Friday the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy surrounded and seized the marines while they were conducting a routine inspection on a merchant vessel. They were then "escorted by Iranian vessels into Iranian territorial waters." (Location of incident)
Iran's foreign ministry spokesman on Saturday condemned the British government for attempting to cover up its "blunder" and said it should stop "putting blame on others," according to IRNA, the state-run Iranian news agency.
When all is said and done the Revolutionary Guard, Israel, and Bush, will have their War! It looks after all like the Gulf will be the boiling point. I will be keeping an eye on the developments on this as they continue to unfold. Anyway, Bush, Britain, Israel, Iran, China, Russia, all of them are looking for this war and a chance to test their technology and military. They all feel they can militarily win their way and no body will like the results.
It does not seem strange to me at all that this confrontation in the Gulf took place. You have to remember a couple of things. Yesterday I referred to a naval confrontation between Iran and the U.S. in 1998 that was the largest naval battle since WW2 and with the U.S. Losing 1 ship and Iran 6, it was a lopsided victory Iran wants payback and they constantly say do not be fooled, we are much better then during Gulf 1. It also only makes sense that the Revolutionary guard would be in the forefront and not the regular military because as is the case with the U.S., it is the Religious zealots in Iran that are looking to assert their desires not the regular citizens. They will be dragged into this like the average American has been.
A professor from Columbia University said nothing ever comes of these confrontations.You do have to wonder why they pay them the big bucks. There are no experts today beyond those of us on the lower level of life "if you will" where this confrontation is coming from and will be instigated. You constantly hear idiots like Bush say this is a war like no other and we must think like never before as he and others prove incapable of doing. Anyway with that said, the Professor under normal conditions would be right! But these are not normal conditions.
Normally with naval confrontation as this, muscles would be flexed to say don't mess with us and a diplomatic solution would be worked out. It is way beyond that. No one wants a Diplomatic solution. Bush and Israel want their new middle east order and at the same time the so called Islamists want their version. no one wants a Diplomatic solution! It's funny but these so called experts have proven from the beginning of this so called war on terror that they are worthless today and do not have a clue! They have learned no lessons from Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq, or any of the many interventions and conflicts of the past.
At any rate, Iran, or the revolutionary guard does want conflict. That is why they took the 15 British Marine's and when all is said and done they and Bush will get their way and we will all pay.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Pedro Morgado said...

Fantastic cartoon about war on terror!

an average patriot said...

That was funny and I would have to say the entire world feels the same way but Bush could care less as long as he continues to prosecute his so called new oreder.

LittleBill said...

I'm with you, AAP. God, I hope we're both wrong!

an average patriot said...

little bill
i wish we were wrong but I will bet my life on it! Just watch! You know I am concerned because I will have 3 sons in this when Tom joins the marines and who knows what tomorrow will bring for them?