Friday, March 09, 2007

Israel warns its citizens to Immediately leave Egypt and Jordan, Is this a prelude to an Iran Attack?

Israel warns its citizens to immediately leave Egypt & Jordan, is this a prelude to an attack on Iran as Bush races to beat Congress?
I would assume this is a prelude to the attack on Iran. It's funny I did my post yesterday on the fact that Dems are going to tie the additional 100 billion Bush wants for his wars, to the withdrawal of our troops. But the idiot automatically vowed a veto. What an idiot! That would make him the guilty party of not funding the troops or so I thought. It is a stall and the idiot doesn't care as long as he stays the course and finds his excuse to attack Iran and further his so called new world order. He knows it does not matter what the Democrats do. They are powerless to stop him.
I had to laugh! I said the Dems are powerless to stop Bush and they will not. Anyway I said setting a deadline on withdrawal would only serve to give you an attack date for Iran. Bush will move up the date to attack Iran and beat them at their game. you know, we talked about this before too but I wrote many times that Israel would attack Iran and Bush would be forced to have to come to their rescue as he wants. This just verifies that Bush is going to attack Iran and no one will stop please tell me what you think of thie move?
Israel has warned its citizens to immediately leave Egypt and Jordan, the only Arab states with which it has full ties, out of concern they could come under attack, a government official said on Wednesday.
The advisory was issued on the recommendation of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Counter-terrorism Unit, which this week placed Egypt and Jordan in its highest threat category, alongside enemy states such as Iran, Syria and Lebanon.
Israeli officials gave no further details. Israeli-Egyptian relations were strained this month over allegations that Israel's armed forces massacred Egyptian prisoners during the 1967 Middle East War. Israel denies it. `
Israel has long urged its citizens to avoid resorts in the Egyptian Sinai, where militants have carried out several suicide bombings. The new advisory made clear that Israelis should consider all parts of Egypt unsafe until further notice. Jordan has a large Palestinian population, which has been aggrieved by Israeli crackdowns on a 6 1/2-year-old Palestinian uprising in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
In light of the fact that I have been saying right from the beginning that attacking Iran was one of Bush's original goals in the plan for new middle east and world order and that he would use the excuse of having to come to Israel's rescue to, to attack Iraq. I have to ask your help with a couple of questions.
First, we have been talking for quite a while now that the world expects Bush's attack on Iran to be an April! You know he is not going to let Congress get in his way and he will find his excuse to attack Iran before Congress can get in his way.
Can Bush use the excuse of coming to Israel's aid and thereby go around Congress to attack Iran.? You know he is not going to relent. Also, do you think that Isael telling its citizens to immediately leave Jordan and Egypt, the only twoArab States with which it has full ties, is a prelude to the upcoming attack on Iran? Unbelievable!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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