Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bush Pledges to investigate his actions whith the FBI, come on stop the idiocy, get real!

Bush pledges to Investigate his actions with the FBI, come on, stop the idiocy, get real, we knew Bush would abuse everything and is!
Bush pledged Saturday to quickly address findings that the FBI had illegally or improperly obtained private records during terrorism and espionage investigations. I mean, get real! He is not capable of an independent analysis, This should not be allowed. No one will be found guilty of anything and we know it.
Bush, visiting Uruguay on a Latin America tour, also insisted he had confidence in the FBI director, Robert Mueller, and Mueller's boss, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, despite a Justice Department report of FBI misconduct that has sparked a congressional outcry. Gonzales is a spineless mouthpiece of Bush's and would only speak up if he was forced to or Bush can feign innocence as is the case.
The report by Inspector General Glenn Fine's office sharply criticized the FBI for demanding, without a court order, customer records from telephone companies, Internet service providers, banks and credit card firms. Bush says he will address the problems as quick as possible.

That means on someone elses Presidency like everything elses watch right? He made a big show of being righteous and solving this quickly at a news conference with President Tabare Vázquez of Uruguay. but you know in reality there will only be a whitewash and no sarious heads will roll.
National security letters allow the FBI to compel the release of private information without getting authority from a judge or grand jury. The FBI can get the records but not the content of communications. they can open our mail, tap our communications, check anything they deem suspicious which means everyything that disagrees with Bush. Every right he has, has been dirtied and abused. Are we supposed to be stupid enough to think he will investigate "himself" and be honest about? How could he start now after a life time of lying to himself? The idiot will continue to have his way with us and the world. We are powerless to stop this idiot!

The practice of abuse and misuse has grown dramatically, mainly due to powers granted under the USA Patriot Act after the Sept. 11 attacks. Critics say the act allows law enforcement to trample on individual rights and they have. The 9/11 attacks were allowed to happen and were used to push through the Patriot Act starting a clampdown on citizens rights and the rights of the world so Bush could prosecute the new world order he is pushing for his handlers.

Democrats in Congress have vowed to investigate the findings, which came as they stepped up criticism of Bush's administration for weakening protections on civil liberties as part of its war on terrorism. I hate to tell them but the damage is done. Bush has too much power and he should have been trusted with none of it. You can't possibly think he will give it up or divulge its inproprieties.

Bush made the fucked up statement that the IG report which justly made issue of FBI shortfallings, also made it clear that these letters were important to the security of the United States. Just how the hell does it show that this is necessary to our security? It is only necessary for Bush to keep his abusive control over everyone.

The report found 26 possible violations, including requests for information without adequate authorization, improper requests under the law and unauthorized collection of telephone or e-mail records. You can bet Bush knew about this and sanctioned it but of course Bush did nothing wrong. Once again he is just a victim of the idiots he calls equals and surrounds himself with.

I am also disgusted that the piece of crap Gonzales said he was upset to learn the FBI did not have sufficient controls and failed to follow its own policies.

Isn't he supposed to ensure this crap is done right and wouldn't it be if Bush and Gonzales wanted it that way?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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