Monday, March 12, 2007

Israeli's change mind on Dormant Saudi Peace initiative, now I know why, 30 Day countdown to War!

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday said he was ready to treat seriously’ a dormant Saudi initiative calling for a comprehensive peace agreement between Israel and the Arab world in exchange for a full Israeli withdrawal from lands captured in the 1967 Mideast War. Both sides acknowledged they expected no major breakthroughs ahead of the formation of a new Palestinian government in the coming weeks.The talks, following an inconclusive meeting on Feb. 19 attended by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, are part of U.S.-backed efforts to prod the sides to a return to peace talks.
The Saudi peace initiative, which aimed to solve the Palestinian issue by offering Israel a comprehensive peace, was first proposed in 2002 but never got off the ground. It is expected to be high on the agenda at an Arab League summit later this month in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
The Saudis, who have never backed away from the initiative, have been pushing hard for other regional countries, many of whom also have endorsed it, to gather behind the initiative in strength to push the peace process forward.
I was very curious about the sudden turnaround by the Israeli's until I received this story this morning.
We are almost certainly in the last days of a countdown to nuclear war. Israel has made plans to attack Iran in a war of aggression, which will probably begin with some staged attack such as the attack on the Liberty in 1967.
Bush and the Gang of Fools in Washington will be part of it; we don't have two carrier groups in the Middle East to support tourism. When it happens kiss the dollar and the United States of America goodbye. If you don't own gold now buy some fairly soon. My experience as a combat intelligence officer tells me the attack will be in the next month.
On the 8th of March Israel issued the following warning. Updated Travel Warnings: Israel's National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Division presents the following updated travel warnings for Israeli's traveling abroad.
It is advised that travelers should avoid visiting and leave the area as soon as possible in the following high to very high-threat countries: Algeria, Afghanistan, Chechnya, (southern Russia) Djibouti, Egypt, (especially the Sinai peninsula), Jordan, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kashmir (northern India), Lebanon Malaysia, Mindanao, (southern Philippines) Northern Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia Southern Thailand, Syria & Yemen. Travelers should postpone non-essential travel to: Bangladesh, Bangkok, Libya, Oman, Nigeria & southeastern Turkey (borders with Iraq and Iran).
Travelers in general, should avoid visiting the following countries: Bahrain, Chad, Kenya, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Tunisia. Israeli citizens are called upon to be especially cautious when visiting: Philippines, Turkey, Thailand, & Uzbekistan. (Sources: National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Division, GPO)."
Israel is the most hated country in the world today for their war crimes and they are about to magnify the problem 1000 fold. I cannot predict the negative things which will happen as a result of another illegal and immoral war but dropping nuclear weapons on a non-nuclear state which poses no threat to either the US or Israel is going to open Pandora's box as no war crime in history ever tried.
In light of the fact that I have said in numerous stories that attacking Iran was just one of the predetermined goals in attacking Iraq to get in the middle east and that Israel's attacking Iran and Bush coming to their rescue would be his way of circumventing the Democratic Congress before they can act on troop removal and that the attack would come in April.
I wouldn't want to bank on the exact date but I an afraid bob Moriarty is exactly right. I told you no one would stop Bush! Kind of puts Bush's visit to Latin America in a new perspective doesn't it?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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