Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More time my Rear, We don't have no more Stinking Time!

Last night I tried to listen to a bit of Bush's speech but I was so enraged and infuriated I had to shut it off for my health.
The idiot always brings out the peoples issues to enable him to get what he wants. Then once he gets it he puts them away again. I am very disturbed that he insists on staying the course in Iraq until he can find the excuse to attack Iran and finish prosecuting his plan (so he thinks) for a new middle east order. China and Russia amongst others, will stand in his way.
I am blown away that not only is he leaving his Trillions in corruptive irresponsible debt to be paid off after he is gone. He is going to leave his horrible mess in the middle east to be dealt with by his successor.With that being standard behavior with him, it should be no surprise that he says he wants to cut gas consumption in the future by 20%.
He says he wants also to cut global warming in the future. Isn't that odd that throughout his entire Presidency he has fought it now he lies and says he wants it.On top of that he wants to reduce our debt he created irresponsibly and balance the budget by 2012. Again at somebody else's expense.
You see how well he came through for Katrina victims after screwing up and rallying them and all the people of the country to stand by him and he will come through for them. He wants time! More time in Iraq. More time in the middle east. More time to fix our woes that he has been increasing for 6 years. More time! Like Iraq we can't give him any more time. He will use it against us! I was very disturbed to wake up this morning and hear on the radio that after the speech a poll was taken and 53% of those polled believe Bush shares their concerns.
I wish they would wake up! He does not share our concerns. He merely has to buy time to initiate his as he has 2 more years left to complete his new societal, middle east, and world, (dis)order. We can not allow ourselves to be taken in by his lies once more.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

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