Sunday, January 07, 2007

Al Maliki tells Middle East and the world Saddams Hanging is none of their business! What?

Al Maliki tells Middle East and the world Saddams Hanging is none of their business, promises to review ties with Criticizers! what?
middle east Nations and the world are rightly upset over the hanging of Saddam and the way it was conducted. However Nuri Al Maliki says his hanging is nobody's business and its purely an internal affair. First I have to say, him saying that dumbfounds me as much as the words that come out of Bush's mouth.
Maliki goes on to say Saddam had a fair trial. Personally I don't know. It seems to me like the trial and the verdict was railroaded through for political purpose for Bush as will as Iraqi Shiite leaders and it will backfire.
Anyway, he is upset that middle eastern and world counties are worried about the repercussions of the circus that was Saddam's hanging and are speaking out! He said the Iraqi government could be obliged to review its relations with any state that fails to respect the wish of the Iraqi people. where the hell does he think he has the room to review any country?
This idiot needs all the help he can get and it still wouldn't help.

The hanging of Saddam was an internal matter but with drastic world implications! boy is he ever wrong, but why? With increasing terrorism around the world and Shiite on Sunni violence still just getting started. Regardless of how many troops Bush will stupidly add to his lost cause nothing will quell this breakdown. As you are witnessing this violence is and will spread throughout the entire middle east.
I can't believe he could make such an asinine statement. What does he think his name is Bush? What is he living in a box? Oh wait, he is its called the green Zone. that's safety and security? That's being a country? A sovereign Nation? what can be Maliki's ulterior motive unless bottom line he only wants the Sunni Shiite division in Iraq handled internally under the mistaken impression that the Shiite will prevail.
Nothing could be further from the truth and this sectarian violence will rule the middle east for years to come and the anti western fervor now has the additional boost it needed to ensure this so called terrorism will continue to spread and no one will be safe. It is already too late for Iraq to handle this mess internally. Saddam's hanging particularly with the advent of the video and audio depicting Shiite tormentors ridiculing Saddam has given the breakdown in Iraq, the middle east, and around the world, the boost it needed.
No, this is the entire middle east's business the entire worlds business. however little Bushie's insistence on adding more Americans to die in his wasted lost cause "from the get go" will only serve to worsen the situation there and around the world for the so called civilized world.It is too late! Nothing can stop the breakdown Bush has set in motion, nothing!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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