Friday, January 12, 2007

Katrina victims on march, Stem cell research vetoed again but give Bush what he wants in Iraq!

Katrina victims on march, Stem cell research vetoed again but give Bush what he wants in Iraq to further World Breakdown!
He hasn't vetoed the new stem cell proposal yet but he will. This idiot is ruthless all around and to most of us very anti "our America and for what should be an obvious reason.
However, regardless of what he says, does, or wants, in Iraq, the horror he has set in motion in Iraq was due to fail as soon as he diverted from the war on terror to attack Iraq and start what he thought would be a new middle east order. Regardless of what is done his eventual total middle east breakdown will happen and it will encompass the entire world regardless of what he says.
While hanging Saddam, along with the audio and video of Shiite hangmen taunting Sunni Saddam guaranteeing sectarian violence that will spread throughout the middle east, and is. Convincing Al Maliki to condemn and go after "Sadirists" will now serve to guarantee the demise of Malki and any hope of a unified Government if their ever was one!
The Iraq Study Group recommended we incorporate Iranian's in order to help quell the Sectarian violence that will not be quelled under any condition. Anyway as usual he did just the opposite of what was recommend and now things will get progressively worse around the world for all our interests and not just by Islamists. Bush upped the Anti and gave it the go ahead!
Anyway yesterday we attacked Iran's Embassy in Irbil right or wrong, guaranteeing a worsening around the world of attacks against our Embassies and every other western interest and Bush is the one that stepped it up in order to further his quest for new middle east order, giving the okay to attack Embassies.
As a result today we wake up to hear our Embassy in Athens historically a volatile area because of Marxist Leninists, was recently inactive but now has become active again. Just another coincidence right?

As many of you know, I have said it many times that we are winning nothing anywhere as this is still just getting under way. We must acknowledge this and act accordingly dropping the childish harmful political games.
I think most of you know that despite Bush's political rhetoric the demise of Iraq that he set in motion will have no effect whatsoever on this all encompassing the entire world. It will happen anyway and our so called leaders better realize this before it is too late "Stop The Games" wake up and act accordingly.
As you know, Bush also guaranteed a worsening of world emotions towards the West not only because he attacked Iraq and purposely destabilized the entire middle east but because of his purposeful Bullying around the world. As a result this will now step up and continue unabated.

James Joiner
Gardner' Ma

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