Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kerry's energies will be needed to help the President unlucky enough to follow Bush!

Kerry made a wise decision, his energies will be needed to help the President unlucky enough to follow Bush! Go to the Peace rally Kerry!
As someone who made the mistake of voting for the resolution that gave the president the authority to go to war, Kerry says he felt the weight of personal responsibility to act to devote time and energy to the national dialogue and an effort to limit this war and bring our participation to a conclusion," he said in a speech on the Senate floor. It will not make a difference as Bush co doesn't care whaqt anyone else thinks but I do agree with him. He intends to devote all his efforts and energies over the coming two years not to another race for the presidency for himself, but to doing whatever he can to ensure that the next president can take the oath with a reasonable prospect of success for him or her or the United States,"
Now that I have had some time to disseminate Kerry's announcement I have to say of course he realizes he killed his chances as his ability to open mouth and insert foot that both he and Bush shares. He is right to devote his energies to ensuring the next President is not overwhelmed by Bush's myriad of messes. However that is going to happen regardless. I think as some have been pointing out that Kerry has come full circle but not in the regards expressed. He came onto the scene after serving in Vietnam as an anti war advocate and in that respect I think he has gone full circle politically and should once more concentrate his energies once again to championing getting us out of Bush's failed Iraq. I hope to find that he will be at the anti war rally in Washington today.
I don't know if he has any clout to put behind a valid contender but I hope he does and he spends his energies speaking against the war.. I think he has been a good Senator and heard he is going to concentrate on his Senatorial reelection. I think that is a good idea!
Somebody has to concentrate on governing and helping the country and the next President and it won't be those who are busy running for President. I listened to Kerry explain the history behind the Shiite Sunni violence and the absolute futility of putting ourselves into the middle of that. He is going to concentrate on that idea and I think it's great.
However I am afraid at this point it is worthless and nothing will prevent the future horror in Iraq, the middle east, here, and around the world Bush guaranteed when he attacked Iraq. What Bush says will happen if we fail in Iraq, he guaranteed and will happen regardless, period.
I also do not believe Senator Kerry's decision not to run will affect the 2008 Presidential outcome in any respect. It just saved him humiliation, time, and money.Any way you look at it the country is aware of Republican fear mongering and as it failed in 2006 it will fail in 2008. I wouldn't know of course who will win the election in 2008 but it will be a Democrat and they will be overwhelmed trying to clean up after the Bush fiasco. Whoever it is will need all the help they can get!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

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