Monday, January 08, 2007

Bush prepares to go long! Congress doesn't know what to do or how to stop him!

Very frustrating! Yesterday watching meet the press with Tim Russert, Senator Biden "who announced his intention to run for President, Senator Graham, and Judy woodruff it was humiliating and debilitating listening to these lost Senators debating the lost cause. Iraq was lost day one and their arrogance and lack of planning and their subservience to the chief idiots lying rhetoric put us all in this position.
It was painful and dumbfounding watching two of our supposed best and brightest, one wanting to lead the country ,without any obvious sign of any thought process have a vigorous debate on what to do in Iraq only to hear once again that they are absolutely clueless and admittedly powerless as to how to stop the chief idiot. I still refuse to believe that this is the case at this late date. Can somebody help me here?
In a backward analogy by Woodruff which only reinforced that none of these so called experts have a lick of sense, that was designed to show it is impossible to know what to do in Iraq, she said if you put your fist in a tub of water then take it out it is impossible to know what effect you will have. What?

I guess that was a poor attempt at an analogy to show it is impossible to know what effect pulling troops out would have. I'll tell you in a moment! first, in regards to that ridiculous analogy common sense would tell you, you would have less water. If that were an apt analogy to troop levels then we would have less troops and nothing else would change. If you can stand it and are curious here is the link to the show.
There is nothing that will stop the breakdown of Iraq that Bush stupidly started when he diverted from the war on terror to attack Iraq, destabilize the middle east, and implement what he mindlessly thought would be his new middle east order.
There is absolutely nothing, not more troops not less troops, nothing that will stop this. These idiots should have seen the result of attacking Iraq from the get go. I remember the possible negative consequences being bandied about before Bush ignored it all to do what he wanted.
Yet they continue to babble about the horrible consequences if we lose in Iraq. these idiots should have thought about the obvious consequences before they okayed an unnecessary illegal war. It is too late to think about the consequences of a crash after you crash!
I did hear somewhere today that other than staying until we win, the only other option is to pull out and go home to fight from here. I have been saying for years now that, that is the only option.
Even if Bush was smart enough to realize that and he isn't. What he started in Iraq will not and can not be stopped by any one or any thing. It will spread Sunni against Shiite, throughout the entire middle east as any idiot should have known. This really pisses me off because this friggen mess is still just getting started, who knows what is next, and I have sons in this.
Worse, congress seems too stupid to see it but these idiots better think and be very worried about how far Bush will go to save his unsalvageable lost cause in Iraq. What will he do next?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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