Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just who the hell does Bush think He's Fooling at this point and what does it matter?

The crisis he wants to avert is not in Iraq but Iran.
On Jim Lehrer last night Bush reiterated the asinine statement that if we do not stay the course and put 20,000 more troops in Iraq there will be a crisis. First I have to ask, what the hell does he call what is happening? As we all know, there is a crisis in Iraq and Bush ensured it when he diverted from the war on terror to attack Iraq in order to implement his new middle east order.
The crisis he wants to avert is not in Iraq. The crisis he wrongly thinks he can avert is in Iran and the entire middle east.
It will not be stopped period! As we said earlier, hanging Saddam and then the decapitation of his crony would only serve to further his sectarian violence and it did. Yesterday with 142 killed it had to be one of the worse if not the worst day in Iraq since Bush started this crap and it will get much worse.

He is in the process of putting some 20,000 additional troops in the middle of this unstoppable sectarian violence not to quell it but to have them ready and available to support what has been his real goal from the beginning and that is an attack on Iran.
First I just have to reiterate, there is nothing that can be done to save Iraq from the hell on earth Bush has created for them. It will play itself out and no one can control it period. Bush guaranteed the loss of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the entire middle east when he diverted from the so called war on terror in order to attack Iraq and help Israel start implementing a new middle east order to their liking but it will in fact be a hell no one will like with the so called Islamist's on the other side fighting for theirs.
Waiting Bush's term out wont really help because he has set emotions and events in motion that will be playing out long after he is gone. all we can do is come home and fight for our lives because this is just starting and the Islamists will be after all our embassies, us, and our interests regardless of when we leave Iraq. Anyway did you ever hear of the Perle Wurmser Report! This should convince you as to Bush's middle east plan from the beginning !
Anyway as we have been talking about, Bush now has everything in motion in the Gulf area in order to support his attack on Iran as we discussed again yesterday.
Israel will start the attack on Iran's nuclear interests and Bush will be prepared to support them. Yesterday we heard many events which only served to raise tensions with Iran. Most compelling to me was learning that there are British war ships steaming towards Iran to counter their actions.
This is all very upsetting and worsened now by the fact that I have this link from the Arab Daily Times saying the attack may come before April.
Anyway you look at it, it is absolutely obvious what Bush has been up to and what his ulterior motive is. How is it that no one brings this too has attention, makes an issue of it, and ultimately hold him accountable for it?
Lastly I have to ask this, Will it be feasible to have another president elected in 2008 and expect them to be able to take over Bush's middle east chaos or will this be the excuse for a Constitutional Amendment for the chief idiot to stay for a third term?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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