Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bush ramps up to attack Iran, Reid can't stop this scenario as China fires a timely warning across our Bow!

Bush ramps up to attack Iran, Reid can't stop this scenario as China fires a timely warning across our Bow!
Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, drew a battle line with President Bush on Iran today during a joint appearance with Representative Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats’ leader in the House. As part of the Democrats’ run up to Mr. Bush’s address to the nation on Tuesday night, Mr. Reid reminded the commander in chief that his power does have limits when it comes to military engagement.
Much has been made about President Bush’s recent saber rattling toward Iran,” Mr. Reid said. “This morning, I’d like to be clear: The president does not have the authority to launch military action in Iran without first seeking Congressional authorization—a the current use of force resolution for Iraq does not give him such authorization.”
You can correct me if I am wrong but I am afraid that Senator Reid and Congress will be powerless under the scenario I see coming and sooner rather than later.
We have 2 carrier groups in the Gulf,one in place and one on the way, 2 battle groups, a Fleet Admiral in charge that knows how to command them, An ongoing troop surge in Iraq where the troops will be on hand if needed, Iran's embassy attacked and 6 so called Politicians captured with threats to go as far as we have to, and to me the final undeniable evidence that this is preparing to widen!
There are now 2 Patriot Missile Batteries en route to a location in the middle east that is unknown to me. Does anyone know where? That would be a big help!
I do know these Patriot Missiles will be stationed somewhere in the Gulf and you have to believe that with Israel practicing a strategic low level, nuclear attack on Iran's nuclear capabilities with nuclear Bunker Busting Bombs that I do think will fail, as soon as Bush is in place to come to the rescue Israel will be given the go ahead and this will really get going. Just watch!
Under the scenario of having to come to Israel's aid I do not believe anyone has the power to prevent Bush from going after Iran.
And remember this! None of the so called experts have mentioned this in light of China's recent shooting down of one of their own satellites. While Russia is continuing to supply Iran with missiles and China has just joined the U.S.A. and Russia in the ability to take out satellites, particularly "ours".
China has just shot a timely shot across our Bow, a warning to Bush! that he will stupidly ignore ! Just remember, as I always said, Bush will use coming to Israel's rescue as his excuse to be forced to attack Iran!
When all is said and done Russia, China, the 135 non aligned Nations and everyone else Bush has alienated will come out against us.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Stan said...

You're very attuned to foreign affairs. I just think you are over reacting to Bush's potential war with Iran. It's poker right now, and we are playing it well. Iran has started to hit the skids economically, hopefully we won't need war.

China has always been doing things like that. It was more of a message to Taiwan than us. But still a message to the world.

an average patriot said...

I wish you were right. I am afraid I am not over reacting but am right on! At this point people have told me I have nailed everything and have sent me all the official backup.
I will send it to you is you want? It is very sobering.
Maybe Iran has hit the skids financially but thanks to Bush so haven't we. Also that satellite shootdown was a direct threat to us. The satellite they shot down was at the same height as all our surveillance and military satellites. Don't be fooled!