Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bush's Attack Against Iran is Imminent but as Usual the obvious is denied!

The more I learn the closer an Attack on Iran Is becoming more than obvious but of course denied!
Rice says Iraq central to the future of the middle east. seeing the result of every one of Bush's so called Iraqi successes you better fear for the middle east knowing the hell on earth Bush has created for Iraqi's will encompass the entire middle east, it will not be quelled, and he is preparing just for that.
Gate's keeps reiterating the obvious that failure in Iraq would be calamity and what these idiots should have known would be the obvious result of diverting from the war on terror to attack Iraq to destabilize the middle east so they could implement what they thought would be their new order. nothing they do can stop this and they know it.They have an ulterior motive!
What a coincidence that Gates now says he wants to increase the military by 92,000 supposedly over the next 5 years.

First I have to ask where the hell are they going to house them? Remember the Apolitical Political base closings 14 months ago that closed some 13 operable Bases?

Gate's says we should know in 2 months whether or not the Iraqi's will step up to the plate and whether or not the surge will work. They will not step up and the surge will not work and bush knows it.You really have to wonder why Gate's says we need another 92'000 military personnel if they are going to know in 2 months whether or not this will work? unless their was what is an obvious ulterior motive to further this middle east breakdown.
Gate's was asked if the surge fails what will be the next step? He said there would be no withdrawal but a revaluation. What the hell is that? the buildup to attacking Iran has become too obvious to deny but they will.
General Pace was then asked if he would go into Iran after perpetrators of Iraqi violence? Of course as Bush, Rice, Gate's, the Snow job, and the rest of them are evasive so too was Pace. He first wouldn't answer but when pressed he just said regardless of Nationality we would go after them.
That tells me that with all the rhetoric coming from Bushco that at the least, Syria, and Iran better be more than concerned about bush's build up and not just in Iran. Let me count the ways!
We have 2 carrier groups in the Gulf, 2 battle groups, a Fleet Admiral in charge that knows how to command them, An ongoing troop surge in Iraq where the troops will be on hand if needed, Iran's embassy attacked and 6 so called Politicians captured with threats to go as far as we have to, and to me the final undeniable evidence that this is preparing to widen!
There are now 2 Patriot Missile Batteries en route to a location in the middle east that is unknown to me. Does anyone know where? That would be a big help! I do know these Patriot Missiles will be stationed somewhere in the Gulf and you have to believe that despite Snow saying it is just wrong Knowing that every time he lies and says that is proves to be true. You have to believe that the attack on Iran that many of us saw coming in the fall is now imminent.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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