Sunday, January 21, 2007

China's Satellite shoot down could be for peaceful purposes but Bush won't allow it, he will turn it into a space war!

China's Satellite shoot down could be for peaceful purposes but Bush won't allow it, he will turn it into a space war!
We mentioned yesterday that China's recent missile strike against its own orbiting satellite was a shot against our Bow letting us know that our military satellites were vulnerable as Bush pushes to progress his war with Iran. Then I woke this morning to hear that today Iran will be holding missile exercises.
China says it was intended to force the U.S. into talks aimed at abolishing weapons in space. The Government of China says that their principle stand is to promote the peaceful use of space. They say they oppose the militarization of space at any point in time and that we can be confident of that.
I don't really know their real intention or whether or not they are wholly committed to that because Bush will not allow it and their Asian neighbors and other western powers were nervous and felt that that China was muscle flexing as part of an ongoing campaign to raise its global military posture while raising the specter of a space arms race.
I would expect there to be some of that there and I do think they are firing a shot across Bush's Bow letting him know as he prepares to attack Iran that our interests are vulnerable to them an ally of Iran. i think Bush would save us all a lot of grief if he listened but he won't.
Alexander Downer, the Australian Foreign Minister, said that China's new-found capacity to shoot down satellites was "not consistent with ... the traditional Chinese position of opposition to the militarization of outer space and having that in mind I have to "think" that China's intentions just might be to promote peace but you know they will join a space race if provoked and they will be.
Downer said Washington's response would be crucial in determining what happens next: an arms race in space or an agreement to limit the use of Star Wars technology. American analysts said that the test had exposed the "soft underbelly" of America's national security apparatus, because most of the Pentagon's spy satellites orbit at a similar height to the weather satellite destroyed by the Chinese test. There goes that shot across the Bow and of course Bush will make things worse!
I believe as many of you do that once again this is a direct result of President Bush's aggressive unilateralism, this time in his space policy. Last year the U.S. expressly ignored Chinese and Russian calls for a global ban on the development of space weapons.,2933,245119,00.html

Instead, a new policy preserved America's right to develop military space technology, while "dissuading" others. As in every friggen instance it is okay for bush to do what he wants because he wants to dominate but not for anyone else. Bush will push this to a crisis too, watch! China is threatening Bush's space dominance and Bush will not allow it! Bush is going to make this part of and as bad as the middle east debacle as he pursues dominance and "his" new world order.
Bush wants China to explain its intentions saying it is inconsistent with "his" constructive dominance of space! The ability to use space is vital to U.S. national security, economic and foreign policy interests and Bush will fight to keep China from creating an even playing field
.I really have to laugh, Chinese test did not violate any international treaties, but did violate what is called the "the intent and the spirit" of the international Space Treaty, which guarantees free access to space for all peaceful purposes. so that is what star Wars is about and what we are doing up there?
U.S. Air Force Space Command said U.S. policy calls for the protection of the country's access to space. Brigadier General Robert Worley said the need for free access to space requires his command to consider how to preserve that access. i am not so sure that this justifies a call to arms which I am hearing?
A space security expert, the Director of the director of the center for defense information says the Chinese test should push the United States to negotiate an agreement on the appropriate civilian and military uses of space but I am afraid once again it will do just the opposite because of that damn Bush. The specter of an all-out war in space, where satellites are being blown up willy-nilly as she points out is incredibly scary but I am convinced Bush will push this to be the case.
The director rightly said a new treaty should include punishment for nations that take inappropriate actions in space, like destroying satellites and littering space with debris. But the State Department official who spoke Friday said the United States is not interested in any additional space treaties that might limit its freedom of action in space. I just don't get it I thought we just had "peaceful" intentions?
I am so sick of this detrimental, two faced, do as I say not as I do, obvious bullshit! As I was saying, I think that what China did shooting down the satellite could force a normal thinking person into peaceful intentions especially knowing the way China presented their intentions.
However Bush as we sadly know is not normal! He will escalate this and make matters worse as he always does. He will turn this into a space war. i am again just shaking my head. I just don't know any more.

James joiner
Gardner, Ma


LittleBill said...

Good post, AAP! This man is really, REALLY becoming unhinged. I hope the new Congress is letting him go just far enough that they will see that impeachment is both urgent and possible.

an average patriot said...

Little Bill
Thank you! It is so good to hear from you. He is unhinged. Many people are now writing me to keep writing as I do because they do not hear the truth otherwise.
It is quickly worsening daily and I see no way out of it, not even with our well intentioned Congress because of the chief idiot!