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Misdealing's with N. Korea and Iran like those with Iraq,designed for Bush to have the excuse...

Misdealing's with North Korea and Iran like those with Iraq are designed so Bush can have the excuse to further prosecute his new order!
I have to admit that I have read the story in relation to North Korea helping Iran in their efforts for an underground nuclear test. My God, that would be tantamount to suicide. It certainly sounds suspect saying there has been increased traffic between the two nations. However, that would make sense! Not in N Korea helping Iran.
N Korea is stupid enough but to hear this just after another reaffirmation by Iran that they are only interested in nuclear power for peaceful purposes. I have to think there is something else behind a British newspaper saying North Korea was interested in helping Iran acquire nuclear weapons after N Korea's test.
I certainly would expect N Korea and Iran to lie if they were sharing secrets but I tend to think that as I have said many times that Bush's idea of Diplomacy is just a facade to say he tried Diplomacy before he was forced to prosecute his new middle east and world order.
Knowing that Bush practices the Politics of deceitful underhanded abrasive confrontation I just don't trust anything I hear. "believe but verify" I just don't know!
You know that Bush by his own admission was from the beginning, out to establish a new middle east and world order. A continuation of assertions that a nuclear N Korea was helping our other nemesis would serve to kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak.
It has been my assertion all along that Bush's abrasive so called Diplomacy with N Korea was intended to fail so he could prosecute his new world order. In the same token you know it serves Bush to continue the drumbeat of nuclear patty cake with Iran so Bush can have the excuse to attack Iran in order to take his desire for a new middle east order to the next level. It will all fail and there never was any real intended Diplomacy only a desire for Bush's new order. As Bush did whatever he could to justify attacking Iraq, he is doing the same think with N Korea and Iran. That is not to say they don't deserve it. I just don't know who to trust or believe? Certainly not Bush either because I know his end goal and it is good for no one.
Bush needs more time as he insists on staying the course in the middle of sectarian violence he started and will not be quelled period and it will spread throughout the entire middle east until he finds his excuse to attack Iran. Then this will really get started! He will have the excuse to attack Iran and North Korea to create what he mistakenly thinks will be his new order.
As you know and we have discussed We have 2 carrier groups in the Gulf,one in place and one on the way, 2 battle groups, a Fleet Admiral in charge that knows how to command them, An ongoing troop surge in Iraq where the troops will be on hand if needed, Iran's embassy attacked and 6 so called Politicians captured with threats to go as far as we have to, and to me the final undeniable evidence that this is preparing to widen!
There are now 2 Patriot Missile Batteries en route to a location in the middle east that is unknown to me. Does anyone know where? That would be a big help!
I do know these Patriot Missiles will be stationed somewhere in the Gulf and you have to believe that with Israel practicing a strategic low level, nuclear attack on Iran's nuclear capabilities with nuclear Bunker Busting Bombs that I do think will fail, as soon as Bush is in place to come to the rescue Israel will be given the go ahead and this will really get going. Just watch!
Under the scenario of having to come to Israel's aid I do not believe anyone has the power to prevent Bush from going after Iran.
And remember this! None of the so called experts have mentioned this in light of China's recent shooting down of one of their own satellites. While Russia is continuing to supply Iran with missiles and China has just joined the U.S.A. and Russia in the ability to take out satellites, particularly "ours".
China has just shot a timely shot across our Bow, a warning to Bush! that he will stupidly ignore ! Just remember, as I always said, Bush will use coming to Israel's rescue as his excuse to be forced to attack Iran!
When all is said and done Russia, China, the 135 non aligned Nations, North Korea, and everyone else Bush has alienated will come out against us.
With that as an obvious scenario it blows me away to hear that Bush co thinks sanctions against Iran are working, that they will intimidate Iran, and that we may be bringing the surge troops home by the summer.
Nothing could be further from the truth. those soldiers will be permanent as this takes a turn Bush refuses to see. Like I continue to say, the thing that kills me is that Bush stupidly thinks his sanctions are working and he ignores the meaning of China's satellite shoot down as they and Russia will in the end protect their interest and come out against us.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

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