Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bush's Perverted Religious misadministration modeled after Nixon's! Cheney's influence?

We all know of Bush's abuse and misuse of Religion in his misadministration. President Carter was right about Bush's purposeful merging of church and state, but doesn't know why it is being allowed. The president's infusion of Christian fundamentalism is destroying America as we know it. Unbridled religiosity is the most dangerous weapon in the world, whether it's Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. It does not matter. The president likes to talk about the Islamists hijacking their religion and Islam. He has done the same thing to Christianity and America! They are playing the same game!
Like we are told of President Ford My only concern is for truth, honesty, justice, and the American way - and we do not get any of it from this administration. It has struck me why as I read a story about Richard Nixon's abuse of Religion for his political gain as Bush is fond of doing.

With Bush we have unbridled, perverted, abused, misused, Religiosity being pushed by Bush and his warped sense of Christian fundamentalism and corrupt democracy just for his own political gain. The worse part is that Bush has hijacked Christianity and America and is in control of the (for now), most powerful country on the planet.
I thought this was very unique to George W. and very distasteful indeed! In light of the fact that Ford set a powerful example with his own Presidency insisting on keeping his Religion to himself and believing in separation of Church and State I did not understand Bush's perversion of Christianity only for political gain.
We can never know the real story about a President's faith. We only know what he does—or refuses to do—in God's name.

Voters were unwilling to forgive Gerald Ford for his great act of forgiveness the unconditional pardon of Richard Nixon and I was one of them, thinking it was purely political. But there was another side to the pardon, the presidency and the 1976 campaign that received much less attention, in part because Ford wanted it that way. The contest between Ford and Jimmy Carter was a battle between two born-again Christians—but only one was willing to run as one. I never really realized that about Ford and that is as it should be. A trully strong man keeps his Religious beliefs to himself.
Ford's faith was ignited in Grand Rapids, Mich., a center of Dutch Calvinist congregations so strict that even in the late 1950's there were arguments over whether it was appropriate to read the newspaper on the Sabbath. Ford's upbringing was more relaxed. Some Sunday afternoons, he recalled, "I'd just go out and play baseball. Of course, some of my Dutch friends weren't allowed to do that." As a young Michigan Congressman, he met a gospel-film executive named Billy Zeoli who came by Ford's office and gave him a Bible. Over the next few years the two men became close—so close that Ford came to call Zeoli "an alter ego, a second self."
One of his first acts as President was some spiritual housecleaning. Among the more ingeniously cynical inventions of the Nixon Administration was the much publicized White House Church Service, which in addition to providing genuine fellowship for those so inclined, was a prime tool for image building, fund raising, arm twisting and deal making for the President's men.

It appalls me that Bush had such a fine example of how to conduct himself and separation of church and State in President Ford and he opted instead to follow the example of Nixon's failed misadministration did only for their political gain. Knowing that Cheney was in that mess too and that many of us believe Cheney is behind this misadministration I find it telling that once again Religion has been perverted and misused for political gain. Is Cheney the common nut behind the wheel?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Anonymous said...

an insightful post.
as so many did back then, I voted against Ford when he ran for reelection for the sole reason that he had pardoned Nixon.

I'm not in a position, today, to know if it was the right decision or the wrong one. I do know that it took an enormous amount of courage to sacrifice his political career in order to do what he saw to be the right thing.

how many would do the same today?
with your permission, I plan to link your blog on mine. please let me know if you would rather I not do that and I will de-link them.

an average patriot said...

Link away buddy, I will link to yours too. Pardoning Ford turned me against Ford too as you know.
I still don't know if it was courageous of him or not. or what his real reason for doing it was? To heal his party and not the Nation I believe because it bothered me.
I am afraid many would do what Ford did in light of the partisan environment of today. I am very concerned as to who Bush is going to pardon on his way out.

an average patriot said...

I just tried to comment on your site but this little mind found it confusing.
I did notice you are all Woman so forgive me. I also noticed Vigilante and others visit your site so i will be investigating joining you soon so thanks.