Wednesday, January 10, 2007

9/11 commission Recommendations now too little too late! Bush's hurried End Run around Democrats!

The 9/11 commission Recommendations are about time but too little too late! We better concentrate on Bush's hurried End Run around our efforts to stop Surge! if it has a chance it must get done today!
We all know the 9/11 Commission was Dysfunctional and as usual anything but Bipartisan. it was very hard to watch Rice and others lie in order to cover Bush and to hear the crock that no one was responsible for anything.
That said I can't believe that some four years later and their inadequate recommendations are finally being passed thanks to a Democratic Congress. I refuse to believe that after all this time to review the recommendations and doing nothing instead, they are crying foul saying Democrats moved too quickly. What?

The law would call for all air cargo entering the nation would be screened within three years and all shipped cargo in about four years. I just don't understand why Republicans would be against this unless like me they realize with our thousands of miles of coastline and thousands of tiny ports and landing spots this really is nothing but window dressing.
All states will also receive a minimum amount of funding from Homeland security, but the rest of the money will be targeted based on risks. this only makes sense so other than trying to steal funds and give them to cronies can any one tell me why they would be against this?
Lawmakers from New York and other states with potential terror targets have long complained that too much of the federal funding earmarked for homeland security is being sent to states and communities where the risk of an attack is low. again this made no practical sense!
The House resolution will also require federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to better share information, and it sets up a grant program to fund communications improvements so that all first responders can talk to each other over "interoperable" systems. Can somebody help me? I thought this was everyone's desire after watching the fiasco of 9/11.
A recommended new panel would include members from both the Intelligence Committee, which authorizes and oversees intelligence programs, and the Appropriations Committee, which holds the purse strings. I can understand why Bushco and its desire to have no oversight of there corruption would be against that.
However with that said, Democrats must be aware that Bush is scurrying to make an end run around their efforts to stop his surge and act accordingly.This is more important than passing the commission recommendations.

I keep hearing about what worked during Vietnam to stop funding. What people have to remember is now we have the Decider in charge who does not care what anyone else thinks. I had many conversations yesterday on this and have heard many views.
I agree with what Kennedy says about making any additional funding up to the discretion of Congress. With that said Bush is right now attempting to make an end run around Congress. He is speeding up getting at least the first half of the additional 20,000 troops in place before Congress can do anything to stop him.
The only thing he has learned from Vietnam is you have to play the political game even quicker and more underhanded than Nixon and Johnson did. Kennedy right now is in a race against time trying to implement Legislation before Bush can make his speech tonight.if there is any chance at all it must get done today!
You can't just cut the purse strings because many of the additional troops are already on the ground in Kuwait and many are already fighting in Iraq and will have their tours extended, etc. My own son in Afghanistan has already been extended once. After losing 3 of his EOD friends in Iraq Sunday he has decided to get out after this hitch is up in 2008. However he is no longer sure what Bush will do next and neither can we be.He now wants out but I don't know if Bush will let him and I have to believe this emotion is getting more widespread.
I sent Jim a copy of yesterday’s post so he could see how volatile things are with Bush in charge. Bush will find an excuse to have to attack Iran and further his new middle east order which was due to fail from conception. Plus we now have a third front in Somalia with more coming. Myself and my brother in the marines at the time, were in during Vietnam and it was really hard watching the way Saigon went down. Bush will make this much worse.
He must ignore reality and all detractors until he is in the position to further what he thinks will be a new middle east order but in fact will be total long term disaster. It was too late to turn this around from the day Bush ignored all good advice and diverted from the so called war on terror to attack Iraq. Nothing period will stop it now and Bush will insist on keeping our troops in the middle of this sectarian violence that will encompass the entire middle east.
We must have leaders who are willing to put the Nation ahead of their careers in order to stop the chief idiot. So far I still don't see that. Bush will continue to kill as many as he has too in order to do what he thinks is God’s work in the middle east. I also have another son due to go back to Qatar in April where his wing of C17’s will take command in order to support Iraq. I also have 2 sons of Drafting age who will do their share if they have to.
It is very disconcerting not knowing what the chief idiot will do next and that only political games and staying his miscource matters to him. If our kids manage to survive the current and future wars Bush has set in motion and will be playing out long after he is gone, they will have to pay off his trillions in future debt he has nicely put off until he is out of office. I’m telling you, what a mess! I better stop I’m getting pissed.
We must find a way to do the right thing and stop this guy!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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