Saturday, January 06, 2007

Democrats say no more troops, Bush prepares to add them with an admiral in charge. I'll show you why!

As you know by now, Democratic leaders have sent a letter to Bush saying increasing troop levels would be a no go. First I have to ask, is there anything they can do to stop him? I know they can stop funding but I can't see that happening and I don't want to see that happen. Is there any stopping this guy from adding an estimated 30,000 troops to his failed Iraq.
I am afraid of what he will do with more troops to waste in his failed venture that will soon envelope the entire middle east including Iran as was planned from the get go.ant further resurgence there by Bush will have to come from the sea as we are already short of troops.
I don't know if anyone else has noticed the significance of putting a Navy Admiral with fleet Command experience in line to replace General Abizaid who controls all forces in the middle east? Our so called experts say Fallon is an unlikely choice to command a land dominated region and don't understand why him?
I say Admiral Fallon is the absolute obvious choice and I will show you why.
He is the perfect choice if you remember we have talked many, many times that Bush must involve the entire middle east before he can fully develop his plan for a new middle east order that was doomed to failure as soon as the idiot attacked Iraq.
Bush will go against Democrats, he has conveniently gotten Generals Abizaid and Casey out of his way as they disagreed with adding more troops, and now he can put in charge the different kind of commander he needs to command a soon to change battle command.
If you remember, Bush has another carrier Group heading to the middle east. He will now have the current pacific fleet Commander in charge to command a growing American fleet and for a reason.
This is conveniently happening at a time when many of us feel bush will find his excuse to attack Iran some time before the end of his term. With our troops by anyone's estimation already overextended. Any increased combat effectiveness would have to come from the Navy. With their ability to pummel from the sea with thousands of rockets and missiles without seemingly an increase in troop strength you have to believe this is the route Bush plans on taking as he progresses his ill conceived plan for new middle east order against all good advice.
With this in mind you have to believe it is not just coincidence that a seasoned Naval Fleet Commander is replacing General Abizaid as bush's war progresses and changes direction. Please tell me what you think about all this!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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