Thursday, January 18, 2007

In light of the Middle east let's Discuss the resetting of the Doomsday Clock: Is this right?

In light of the Middle east let's Discuss the resetting of the Doomsday Clock: Is this right? How secure do you feel?
As you may know, in 1953 the Doomsday clock had gotten as close as 2 minutes to Midnight because if the nuclear standoff between Russia and the United States. Last April we discussed how fragile peace was around the world and the fact that many Nations were threatening the willingness to prosecute a nuclear first strike and the clock stayed at 7 minutes to Midnight!.
* We had Iran wanting nuclear capabilities, Now they supposedly have them or are at least closer. Depending on who you believe.
* We had a nuclear first strike threat from France that of course still stands.
* Britain left all options on the table when posed the question and of course still does.
* We know Israel had announced the right to a preemptive strike using whatever it takes. We now hear they are practicing to take out Iran's nuclear interests with a strategic low level preemptive nuclear strike in which they supposedly will neutralize all Iranian nuclear capabilities. I wouldn't think so but we also know Bush will have the ability to come to their defense when they do, As he has a 2nd carrier Group heading to the group, a battle group, 2 Patriot missile batteries to defend Bush's interests, and a Fleet Admiral now in charge in the middle east. What a coincidence? Plus it gets a lot worse.
*North Korea threatened that the U.S. is not the only ones with the nuclear first strike option? We now know they have some sort of an ability but what?
*India and Pakistan, traditional enemies both possess nuclear weapons and are more of a concern to me because Bush has now decided to share knowledge with India but not Pakistan?!
* In April Russia and China announced they would use them if they have to! You know they will and with both Nations cooperating militarily and building up along with Russia still supplying Iran with missiles to defend against Bush you have to wonder how that will all end up?
*To me most disconcerting is still knowing Bush will use them preemptively and seems to be setting the stage for an imminent show down that will include what Nations in the end?

On top of all this and more we have finally an admission as to our many problems and scientists have decided the Doomsday clock should be moved back only 2 minutes, now to 5 minutes before Midnight. Do you think we are safer than we were during the cold war? To me the cold war only got colder on top of everything else.
Anyway The decision to move the clock forward reflects "growing concerns" about a "second nuclear age." as it damn well should.
Plus This change reflects global failures to combat nuclear threats and global warming and as you mat believe or not, we have all been feeling the worsening affects whether they are natural or not.
In addressing the threat posed by the use of a nuclear weapon. scientist now realize that it would be civilization-ending at this point in the planets Life Cycle!
Scientists at least, realize that as we stand at the brink of a second nuclear age and at the onset of unprecedented climate change, our way of thinking about the uses and control of technologies must change to prevent unspeakable destruction and future human suffering. i am just afraid that it is too late to think about it all now.
* Whether you believe in Nostradamus or not, he gave us two scenarios at this juncture in life. We had two roads we could follow into the future. We could take the peaceful road down a successful road into the future or we could take the road into conflict that would lead to destruction of man and the planet as we know them.
* Sadly man seems to have chosen the 2nd road and with nuclear conflagration staring us in the face: We see to be leading the way to our demise
Find the answers here: Life's Cycles and how bad it really is!

*Knowing the Doomsday clock was first set at 7 minutes before Midnight. Moving as close to 2 minutes before Midnight and being moved back on occasion. With all the threats to use nuclear weapons, with Iran saying they will use them if they have them, and now hearing how close they may be to possessing them even by their own admission and a showdown shaping up in the middle east along with the threats already there to our planet and thus our survival I have to ask.
* None of us feel safe, I know. What I want to know is do you think it is time to move the Doomsday clock one minute to Midnight? Where should it be set?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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