Saturday, December 31, 2005

Wer'e in trouble, Bush Promises to make 2006 as bad as 2005!!

Today is New Years Eve and we just heard the Presidents weekly radio address. It was his last hurrah for 2005 and he was talking about how he wants to continue his abuse of the past through 2006. This has to really scare you the average American. He vowed to continue what to you and I as average Americans witness and experience as the continued destruction of society and the country as we like to remember it. He still thinks we are the envy of the world. This is still partially true but only because a large part of the world is still behind us in their progression. Due to his insistence on continued tax cuts for the wealthy. His continued destruction of the lower classes, his continuing outsourcing of his Karl Rove’s taught 3D politics contributing to world disorder he is continuing to erode this envy as we move into 2006.
He continues to insist that 2005 was a good year for the country both home and abroad. As an average American you have to ask yourself for whom, the rich, the Fundamentalist Christians? He doesn’t have a clue about reality anywhere. He still insists that political progress in Iraq is looking good and continuing to move forward, unbelievable. He can somehow still insist we are showing improvements in the U.S. economy. Again we have to stress that he is referring to the elite and the Christian fundamentalists that he works for not you the average American. We all experience his so called prosperity and economic improvements in the lower classes. Having read this book you also now know why. As a country of average Americans we can not take much more of his so called prosperity. I can only say in closing this for the year that I hope to God someone, anyone, can influence this President and make him do the right think for the country and its legal lower classes. Good luck to us in 2006!
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Bush's supposed Iraqi success will Fail In The End?

Today is 12/31/05. Before we put the subject of Iraq and Islam to bed for the year I just want to point out a couple more facts for us to think about. We have been hearing of one Shiite murder after the next. We are starting to hear of an increase in the murders of Sunni’s. You have to believe these are retribution killings and will only continue to increase as the country deteriorates into total bedlam as we knew it would. As we have continually said, this will not end with Iraq. Iraq is only the beginning thanks to President Bush. The remainder of the Middle East and the world will be right behind it. Either President Bush is totally corruptively inept and clueless as many of us have believed him to be from the beginning he has to have known the consequences of his toying with the Middle East and world political systems.
With all of the President’s recently announced so called successes in Iraq you have to continue to think about this. With our hopefully improved defenses against IED’s. With our increased standing up of capable Iraqi defense units. With our continuing joint U.S. Iraqi operations designed to disrupt and hopefully quell various terrorist capabilities. Now we have the recent announcement that Iraq’s largest oil refinery is slated to close because of security concerns. This will only serve to further cripple Iraq and seal their fate of total anarchy set into motion by President Bush.
With these supposed successes and supposed successful steps towards democracy and in the face of decreasing allied troop support in Iraq we have announced a troop draw down of our own. Our troops have fought valiantly and have earned this. We all want that but the facts continue to point towards the failure of President Bush’s ill advised plans and insistence on staying the wrong course. With this being New Years Eve and the announcement of more U.S. deaths raising this years total to 841 just four short of last years how can we announce any success and announce perspective troop reductions? President Bush seems to want to ensure failure in Iraq as many of us have felt from the get go. His new planned world order seems to be planned world disorder and failure. As we continue into the future and with 2006 right around the corner we can only hope.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas! Despite Bush we survived to see another!

Merry christmas! it's Christmas 05 and it looks like we will survive the year as a Nation despite President Bush's corruptive ineptitude. At this point in light of what we have seen from this administration we have to be very concerned about 06 and the near future of this Mation as we know it and want to pass it on to future generations. the president is not finished lowering the the lower classes and increasing the status of the elite and he has plenty of time to finish his plan.
You have to be very concerned with the future as long as this president is in control of it. i have to laugh thinking about what I noticed was a big topic on dkos this morning. where to live in the country? first you better worry about having it to pass on to our children thanks to bush's misdirection. besides that the big concern was hurricanes, shoppiing, and restaurants. It seems to me that the safest place in the U.S. is the east coast below Maine and New Hampshire. we do have some cold weather to deal with there but not the extremes found in more northly States nor the extreme heats. You have the hurricane belt but what about tornadoes and earthquakes that cover much of the remainder of the country? You do have the snow birds but to my recollection Florida has become the sexually deviant capital of the country so despite hiding from the fires and hurricanes, etc, your youth are never safe. Any way you look at it we are not safe as long as President Bush is in charge.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm Making a List I'm checking it Twice and I need your help!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we'll find out which of our Politicians have been naughty or nice. Today I am compiling a list of the events this Administration has purposely implemented in order to harm the lower classes and sink them ever further. There have been many as we all sadly have experienced. I know I will miss many but between you I know you won't. So please add your sad recollections to the list. Following is my list: First I want to remind you that in Bush's own words, you the lower classes are only an unfunded liability. He proved that by lowering his so called unfunded liability by cutting your Medicade, cutting your Medicare, reducing your public education funds, and any other number of federal programs you rely on for your survival. He has proven to be public enemy number 1 to the lower classes not Bin Laden. he has allowed border insecurity and illegal immigration. your loss for this primarily is in your taxes paying medical expenses etc which are required by law while you are left to your own demise. He has allowed high tech jobs as well as working class jobs to be taken by millions of indian's and anyone else who can come in and fill the slots while he cuts your education funds. He is using your tax contributions to support corperations. By passing another new law he has doubled the percentage rates and the minimum payments you must make on your credit cards. again for your own good. He killed your last ditch effort to save yourself by changing to your detriment as you know, your ability to file for bankruptcy. State, local, and property taxes have soared. Tax deductions that traditionally benefit the middle Class have been either reduced or taken away altogether. Please feel free to help me complete the list and tomorrow we'll find out which politicians have been naughty or nice.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

In Anwar to drill or not to Drill that is the question?

I just want to take a minute o discuss the Senates action today 12/21 concerning drilling in Anwar. I for one am happy to say the president was thwarted in his effort to drill for oil in Alaska’s Anwar Wildlife refuge. The debate over the oil drilling has been going on for years. It has become fierce enough of late to have the senators delay their Christmas break. It was not expected to be a close call in the respect that it may pass or the Vice President would have been called there to do the wrong thing and ensure its passage. The Republicans displayed their usual underhanded politicking by tucking the drilling approval into an omnibus defense bill.
This bill also included billions of dollars for Katrina relief and billions more in home heating subsidies for the poor, elderly, and disabled. That the underhanded Republicans knew would have to pass with the careers of these Senators at stake if they were made to look unpatriotic or uncaring of the needy and the Katrina victims. Still, with filibuster being threatened by Democrats and some Republicans, Senate leaders were expected to withdraw the drilling legislation from the defense bill and it would be dealt with later separately. As far as I am concerned this is a victory for the Democrats and a rare defeat for the President. However as chief of the Yukon’s said, as long as there is a public majority in the house and Senate and especially with the President in office this drilling issue will never go away and you can bank on it.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Strike costs potentially a lot higher than just financial!

In the case of this illegal transit strike in already shocked New York City, Mayor bloomberg is doing the right thing and handling this responsibly and correctly. The strike by the Metropolitan Transportation authority brought the city’s bus and subway systems to a grinding halt. During an average week these systems carry approximately 7 million passengers. You can only imagine the amount of people it would carry during Christmas and the loss in revenue not only to the city but what about all the private businesses.
These thugs going out on an illegal against the law strike are kicking the very people that give them their living. This is going to cost an already strapped New York City around $400 million a day. Some people across the city will undoubtedly pay for this ignorance forced upon them with their jobs. Mayor Bloomberg is right in saying this action is unconscionable and you can’t break the law and use it as a negotiating tactic and for what? They are tired of being under appreciated and disrespected. They are no different than many of the rest of the country.
The people support them, pay for their living, and utilize and depend on their services. What more acknowledgement and show of appreciation can you ask for? You can bet they are not underpaid and have a superior benefit package. One of their chief grievances is that the Transportation Authority wants them to pay a larger share of their health care. Again I say, why should they think they’re any different than the rest of the country? Their action leaves a bad taste knowing what NY City has already been through and knowing that the Medicaid and Medicare are going to be cut for the poor, elderly, and disabled.
Judge Jones is fining the Union $1 million per day as the strike is in defiance of a court injunction. The law also allows a fine of 2 days pay for every day on strike. That one as far as the worker in the trenches goes sounds a bit stiff but. The city is also seeking damages of their own as well they should. One gentleman who was interviewed felt that the striking workers should all be fired. I tend to agree with that thought. Give them the opportunity to come back to work, if they do not then hire new workers. Air traffic controllers paid for their refusal to work with their jobs. As in that instance I feel it is right to do that here too.
These transportation workers are going on strike at a critical time for the city and its people. They are willingly and knowingly biting the hand that feeds them. These illegal strikers are messing over the very people that are the system. They are purposely trying to hurt the very people who give them their living. They are essentially stabbing the very people who support them.
Without the people of the city from every walk of life, there would be no transit system. This is not only hurting the city and everyone that relies on the public transportation system but it is worse than that. This improves the chances of would be terrorists to booby trap now unused and possibly unwatched transit facilities. We will have to watch, wait, and listen, to see if we will not pay a much higher price for this illegal irresponsible strike than just financial costs.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, December 19, 2005

Cutting the working class vitals and keeping their Pork

I, like most of you find it very repugnant that the House just approved $39.7 Billion in spending cuts. These are the unfunded liabilities the President said we must decrease. I find it sickening that we are saving that money at the expense of the lower classes while the President insists on giving the rich back their taxes. These so called savings are going to be in health care (Medicaid and Medicare etc.), education, and other Federal programs critical to the lower classes. That is despicable in itself, especially after the tremendous damage he has steadily inflicted on the lower classes from the get go.
This information gets worse when you realize these senators never once gave a thought to cutting their Pork Barrel Projects. Since 1990 $150 Billion has been spent on pork barrel projects. In 2004 alone that irresponsible spending was $22.9 Billion. In this years irresponsible much touted transportation bill there were in that bill alone, 6,376 unnecessary pork projects totaling to $24 billion. Yet they somehow can be proud of saving money on the backs of the needy? That’s our Republican compassionate conservative led senate for you. This is unconscionable to those that have one.
In my first book titled Life in The Trenches of American Society I explained a winning solution to this immorality. I will repeat it because it is getting more important as time moves on, the so called war on terror continues unabated, and we continue to have irresponsible Republican control of the country. Now let us talk about a very much needed and good idea of how to let Politicians have the pork to take home to their States. This will enable them to get even more. At the same time they will be helping out the country in homeland security by helping to secure our Borders at no additional cost. There would be no limit to the financial benefit they could potentially bring to their population. The only limit would be of their own making in their desire or lack there of in doing the right thing for the country and helping in Homeland Security Programs of every order. Of course this program too would have to be watched by an independent council or something along that order as does everything in this Administration today.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Todays Fact: Once again we are watching a dance around the truth, now it's illegal eavesdropping!

This is interesting! Once again we are hearing calls of wrong doing by the President. This time it is coming loud and clear from both sides. We are talking about the recent foreclosure that the President gave the okay to have Americans and others spied on without court approval. This broke on 12/17 and of course was instantly denied by the President. Condi of course came right out in his defense. The following day 12/18 with the facts piling up and being undeniable, ha did the standard thing for him and his administration. When cornered and only then, come clean. What bothers me is that there are some who commended him for telling the truth. You do not getting commended for being honest when you only did so under duress. The President has never been honest and he will not be honest now.
During an interview with Tim Russert Condi Rice continually dodged the real questions and answers. As during the 9/11 commission hearings it was obvious that she was being dishonest and evasive. She continually said the President was acting under Constitutional authority. She would not however state that Constitutional Authority. Whenever there was a dicey question she dodged it by saying you know I’m not a lawyer. She dodged every conversation specific issue saying she would not discuss what went on between her and another party. Pretty convenient isn’t it? She only says I do know he had the authority. How would she know that but nothing relevant if she was not a lawyer?
She continually said the President was acting under Presidential Authority covered by FISA (The Foreign Intelligence security act). Then we find out in conversations with Senator Arlen Specter, (R-PA) and Senator Carl Levin (D MI) that there is a secret court that is the check and balance of those rights. Laws as you know are for everyone but the president. He believes he is above the law. The President continues to insist that he acted within the law but he will not cite that law. That’s because he is still looking for one to cover his corruptive ineptitude. As we have cited many times in the past, if he cannot find one to cover himself he will resurrect an old obscure law to fit his selfish desires. The president is obviously being less than honest once again to put it mildly. I don’t care if we are at war or not. We have rules and laws even in times of war that are designed to be implemented in secret. Even President Bush must be held accountable. He is out of control and has an over inflated sense of worth and must be held accountable for his now numerous misactions.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Todays Fact: Our Self Created self perpetuating deviant Society

Just take a minute and listen to this evaluation of our society’s problems. I think you will all agree. I woke up last night at 1: am thinking of a poll question for a Diary I was going to submit in the morning. The subject of Border insecurity and illegal immigration is very contentious. So I was trying to word it right. I never did get it. At about 3: am I started thinking of the following issue. Listen to this and tell me your feelings about this. I will include them in our future book. The Blog will be titled “Our self created Self perpetuated Deviant Society”. If you continue to raise the bar on existence in America as the President is purposely doing you create an environment that the overwhelming majority must struggle in. Those that can no longer struggle are left to their own demise and to do as they desire.
Many people as a result are falling through society’s moral cracks. Social deviancy has been around since the beginning of man. However we have created an environment domestically, financially, and socially, where people are left to flounder. They are on their own to do as they see fit. They feel nothing for no one just their own selfish often deviant satisfaction. We have socially and legally created an environment for sexual perverts and deviants of every order to germinate, bloom, and flourish.
The legal system caters to the deviants as they are their primary source of revenue. The President’s new idea of society only makes the problem worse and allows it to flourish despite what he thinks. We can turn this around. We must regain control of our financial system. We must regain control of our legal system. We must regain control of out society as a whole in order to turn this deviancy around. This deviancy has not always been so abundant. We have created a society where this is allowed to flourish. The problem is us. The tendency for malconformance and deviancy has always been there as we know. We though are increasing it purposely. Our purposely over stressed society has made these tendencies a requirement for many in their minds for their personal needs and survival. Today’s society is forcing many of these tendencies to come out much to the demise of moral society. please let me know what you think about this.
James Joiner
Gardner Ma

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Todays Thought:securing the Borders is not for you or the country!

Today is 12/17, as of late we have finally heard a desire to take care of our Border insecurity. I just want you to think about this. As we have said many times in the past, Congress and the president deserve no credit for this. They are finally doing what they were duty bound to do immediately following 9/11. You should not be rewarded or look for accolades for taking care of your responsibility and doing what you should have done in the first place. This is not being done for your security or because it is the right thing to do.
Congress gave the President what he wanted by leaving the borders open, clamping down on the lower classes, and supporting his many inept policies. Now that it’s election time, they are doing the right thing for them and their reelection hopes not you. It is now the President’s turn to come through for them not you. Doing the right thing for the country and securing the borders thus putting a damper on the presidents supply of necessary illegal immigrants is not what he really wants. He continues to prove by looking to protect illegal immigrants and implement worker programs for them along with hopeful eventual citizenship.
The Mexican government is upset with the crackdown. This crackdown will take away their number one source of income, illegal immigration to America. Mexico claims now that they want a bilateral management of border insecurity and illegal immigration. If this were to be the case I agree with it 100%. Up to now though as most of us know, it has been unilaterally controlled and managed by Mexico. We will now step forward and take care of our border responsibilities. If Mexico really wants responsible bilateral management of our mutual borders then they should step forward and handle their end. Securing their southern borders would be a welcome start. Then we can log the illegal immigrants that are already here. We can then go forth and handle this correctly to the benefit of all. We do need migrant workers. They should be controlled migrant workers not out of control as it is now and Mexico and others would like to see it stay. we can do what is right for Americans and America and help those that need it if we do this right but we will not you can be sure.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, December 16, 2005

Bush cannot handle the responsibility of The Patriot Act

On 12/10 we wrote this as we had been listening to the president lecturing on how important the Patriot Act has been in the war against terrorism. I believe under the right Administration and discipline that this is an important tool to have. I rarely agree with President Bush. I do agree with him in that the patriot Act at this juncture is an important tool in our information gathering arsenal. Like many of you though, I feel it is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a man like our current President. I find Nancy Pelosi a little to hard core anti Bush but like many of you again I have to agree with her assessment that there should be an extension but it should only be for 3 months in order to assess, evaluate, and hopefully come to an agreement as to whether it is being used properly or not. If it was anyone other than President Bush it would be easier to believe that the responsibility that comes with the Patriot Act would not be abused. We have found out the hard way that giving this president Carte Blanche with anything is a mistake.
Today is 12/16 and we now know The Patriot Act Renewal failed. I don’t know what I feel about that yet. President Bush has shown he cannot be trusted with the awesome responsibility of The Act. It has just come out that he okayed spying on Americans and other without warrants immediately following 9/11. Of course Condi came out in his defense and denied it. The president has said ahead of time that he would vote against a 3 month extension. The baby is going to hold his breath until he gets his way. Republican Senator Kyle said in failing to pass what the President wants, opponents are effectively allowing the Patriot act to expire and helping the terrorists. Isn’t that what Bush us doing by refusing to sign an extension that would enable close scrutiny and the prevention of abuse that has already begun coming out. God forbid if the terrorist hit us if this expires. I hear I told you so already. We already know and discussed that this administration cannot be trust with any power and he continues to prove it. If he vetoes a responsible 3 month extension when and if any resultant security problems crop up they are his direct responsibility.
James Joiner
Gardner, ma

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Subject: Premature Celebrations over Iraqi Voter Turnout

You’re going to like this next discussion. First I just want to say I just heard that the President has made it clear that the U.S. does not engage in torture. He also made it clear we didn’t engage in nation building that he is now bragging about. I have to bring a couple of points forth that have not been mentioned and you have to listen to so you can have the full picture and think for yourself. The President is now bragging about today’s voting outcome in Iraq. As well he and the Iraqi’s should if it were that cut and dry but think about these little facts.
You can’t expect terrorists to be roaming around under total lockdown. You can’t expect car bombings when vehicles aren’t allowed on the road. You can’t declare a victory when the vote is under the defense of a gun barrel. That isn’t all of it. Sunni’s came out this time in order to legally try to get their majority rule. If they don’t get it there are no guarantees here. The terrorists many of which are Sunni’s and Saddam loyalists as much as we might want to think they are they’re not stupid. They know with all the Sunni’s out to vote if they were out murdering voters they would be killing Sunni’s too. They know this would turn the people against them even further and it would only serve to hurt their cause. I will feel good about today’s events when security is back to its normal high, vehicles are back on the road, and the insurgency bombings and murders aren’t even higher than they were before the election.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Todays thought: What happened to we are not into Nation Building?

I had a conversation today that mede me feel I should remind us all of something. President Bush gave his fourth speech on his plan for Iraq and his assessment as to how things were going. Overall I really don’t have much to say about it except that it was the same old rhetoric with 2 distinct exceptions. Surprisingly I haven’t heard either of these points mentioned. Particularly surprising is that the Democrats haven’t capitalized off of these two admissions. President Bush was being commended for being honest and admitted to being accountable for believing bad intelligence as the rest of the world and both parties did. While saying the intelligence was wrong but taking out Saddam was right. I disagree with that statement as many of you do and that doesn’t sound like taking responsibility to me. It sounds like just some more rhetoric from the artful dodger. He still has not been honest and if he was he shouldn’t be getting credit for something he should have done years ago. The big turn around to me was the fact that right from the beginning he has insisted that we are not in the business of Nation building. Am I the only one in the country that listened today when he said that unseating Saddam was not our only original goal? He now says that building a successful Democracy in Iraq was one of our original goals. Isn’t that a standard Bush about face? Isn’t that also called Nation building?
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Reality will hit and Bush's Polls will go back down where they belong!

Now that the Presidents polls that he supposedly does not listen to are going back up after 4 misconceived speeches on events concerning Iraq. He somehow thinks he has the moral standing to say that he believes Tom Delay is innocent. You can be sure he is guilty and who is this President with no moral standing whatsoever thinking he should be believed? To top that off we now have Robert Novak Republican partisan and columnist who broke the Plame story to begin with apparently cooperating with the investigation. We know Mr. Cheney has already been implicated in the treasonous act of outing an undercover CIA agent.
Now Mr. Novak admits that he is convinced that the President himself almost definitely knew who was responsible for the leak. I will guarantee you that the President did know if he didn’t in fact okay the leak himself. Remember who his teacher of deceitful, deceptive, divisive, 3D politics was and his moral standing. We will never learn the truth but it is a bit funny when you think of this. At one point before the investigation started to point in his direction the President vowed to fire whoever was involved in leaking the name of the undercover agent. Just imagine this; if he was honest he would probably go down in history as the first president to have himself impeached. Just hold on, reality will hit the people again and those polls will be down again where they should be.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Today's Thought:Bush deserves to be drowned out??

Today is 12/13 and once again I am compelled to set Bill Oreilley straight. His show last night was extremely biased of course. It was titled the Anti-Bush Campaign. I just have to say, I am not far left that I am aware of but I believe it is in the interest of the future of our country to have an Anti-bush Campaign. He feels that it is wrong to disrupt the speech of a President. Normally I would agree with that. This is anti America president Bush though. He does not deserve a forum or to be heard. You command respect you don’t demand it.
He cited a far left ad saying that the Bush regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come. He dismisses this as stupid rhetoric. I hate to tell him, it is true and only a small part of the doctrine Bush is following. He says the Ad accusing Bush of being like Hitler were amusing because it is the far left that is acting like Hitler’s brown shirt’s. He says it is people like Jane Fonda and Ward Churchill of the so called far left that are the ones behaving like Hitler. Both parties to me are guilty.
Oreilley goes on to say how he listens to all views in the so called no spin
Zone yeah right, before he ignorantly discounts it. He would do well to remember that extremism exists in both party’s, Republicans are just masters of deception and P.R. There are far left that play into Bush’s hand by making the entire Democratic Party look extreme and totally divided. There is also far Right that is finally beginning to be heard by the general public and is beginning to hurt his cause and that’s a good thing. People like Oreilley who are obviously based in their evaluation also only serve to help us and hurt the president which again is a good thing.
James Joiner
Gardner, ma

Monday, December 12, 2005

Thought for today: Should Tooky Williams die?

I just want to take a minute to discuss the Tooky William’s case in California. Again, this opinion is coming from someone with no bias or political standings. Having listened to those that want to see him die for his crimes and those that want to see him live listen to both sides and listen to the implications involved here. We know he is responsible for the shotgun deaths of 4 people and that he co-founded the Crip’s a very violent gang. On the other hand we also know he has become an advocate against violent gangs, has written books promoting youth responsibility and accountability. He has also become a role model in prison and has had a movie produced about his life.
I have heard this opinion already but I will repeat that we are sending the dead wrong message if he is put to death. Yes, he did kill 4 people but he is responsible for helping thousands of American youth. Yes he should be held accountable and he is. I believe life in prison is called being held accountable. Under normal conditions I can agree that he should pay with his life but not in this case. If we were to go ahead and put him to death we would be sending the wrong message to all that commit violent crimes. Don’t try to improve yourself because we are going to kill you no matter how much you turn your life around and help society. There we go, Arnold refused clemency we were just told now we’ll see what happens as a result?
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bush uses Divide and Conquer on the Democrats once more!

I was awake last night thinking about all that is happening in the current Administration, a little problem I was having on my web site, Joe Lieberman’s being used by the President, and last but not least Karl Rove’s and his 3d( divisive, deceptive, deceitful)) Politics. Everything came full circle. I realized how I must end this book and the exact tactics once again being used by the president and why. All along I have been labeling the Presidents Karl Rove’s taught Political ploy as 3D. It in fact is. He not only uses these divide and conquer tactics in America in general to turn the people on each other. He uses it successfully on the Democratic Party continually. He proves this once again this time by using Mr. Lieberman’s stance on the Iraq war as a means of dividing the Democratic Party.
He uses it on his own Party in order to sway them into giving him what he wrongly wants for his own selfish plan for society. As you know, he has successfully outsourced this technique of poisonous divide and conquer Political tactics around the world. Sadly the negative results are playing out all over the world right now. We see it in the purposeful division in the Far East. We are watching it in the tensions and political division in the Stan’s (ex soviet Bloc satellites).
Worst of all we watch daily the negative results of these tactics of division. The problems he has caused with these tactics of division will not be overcome in Iraq. They will also continue to spread throughout the Middle East. Not just in Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, it will encompass them all and turn them on each other. We can already see this happening but things are still only getting started. It looks to me like Karl Rove’s a man that enjoys God like status in the Republican party is the purveyor of the worst problem to ever hit the world and the President is his too willing tool. God help us!
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Todays Thought: A high price for one but a message to Terrorists!

Taking into account that we just talked about the changes in airline security two days ago this incident with a passenger getting shot and killed really strikes home. You listen to the course of events and all the facts and you have to admit that the air marshal acted appropriately and did the right thing. When you have a passenger running hysterically through the plane yelling that he had a bomb if his backpack what do you expect. His wife was yelling that the man was Bipolar so you have to feel for them both. You know though that they had to shoot him. If all the terrorists had to do to keep you from preventing terrorism was to say that a suspect has a medical problem then we would be in serious trouble.
In this case the Air Marshals ordered the man to the ground and he refused. End of discussion in today’s environment. After the shooting all the luggage was put on the tarmac. The dogs were brought in, found a couple of suspicious bags and as a result they were blown up as they should have been. I’m sure any of us would have been a bit nervous but as they should have to ensure the plane was secure the police boarded the plane and had everyone put their hands on their heads. I’m sure it was all scary but everything seems to have worked as it should have. Like you, I feel bad for the victim but it does send a strong message to any potential terrorist threatening your safety. In turn I would think it in the end makes passengers feel a little more secure knowing they are being looked after.
James Joiner
gardner, Ma

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Todays Thought on Torture Camp Realities, You Decide!

Let’s give Condi Rice a little evaluation time by we the people, average Americans in the trenches of society. First, we know for a fact that she will not and cannot be honest. She will make the President look good at all costs. As we all know that is what she has done right from the start including the 9/11 commission hearings. This as we all know is why she has been promoted to Secretary Of state. We also know she is no dummy but the loyalty to a fault is the most important requirement. The President as we all can agree at this point cannot be trusted or believed. With that in mind you know Condi Rice and others will go to any measure to make him appear honest and law abiding.
In defense and in sync with the Presidents insistence that the U.S. does not torture or will not fly suspected terrorists to countries that do she of course denies that this is being done. Condi during her visit to Europe denied the existence of any so called torture
camps. Whether there was or not you can decide for yourself. Listening to others of the same mind, some of us are convinced that in fact there was. You can be guaranteed that Condi is doing her now famous dance around the straight answer and the actual facts. You can bet that in fact the U.S. is not flying suspected terrorists to European countries thus enabling Condi to appear to be able to answer that question honestly. You can also bet that we have been turning our heads if we have to, but have facilitated others to do it for us.
You can also bet that when she said there were no torture camps or suspected terrorists in Europe as she said, that by that time there were none. Again she was able to appear as being truthful. As rumors are now saying, they were flown out of Europe ahead of Condi’s visit. They are rumored to have been flown to African countries. Who knows, you like me will decide for yourself. I know many of you do not agree with me on this. With that said it is my own opinion that suspected terrorists that are most often caught armed to the teeth, fighting to the death, and already having killed Americans allies or innocents, should be treated accordingly.
They should be taken by interested countries to those countries for proper interrogation. I do not agree with torture but unconventional methods are often necessary. I feel whatever it takes to get to the truth as long as we remain moral then so be it. Your life may depend on it. These are not innocents, boy scouts, or conventional combatants we are talking about here. Some I know do not like it or agree but we must act accordingly.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Thought for the day: Airlines security changes,what do you think?

We might not like it, but disseminate all the information unbiasedly and you too might think the Government is doing the right thing in the changes involving airline security. At first light you listen to the changes proposed by the TSA (transportation Security administration) and you first thought has to be, what on earth are they thinking? Listen to all this and think it through rationally and independently and you might thing otherwise.
When I first heard that 6 inch screw drivers and 4 inch knives would be allowed, like you I thought this was ludicrous. Having in mind that I have been saying from the get go that we must all hold ourselves personally accountable and get involved, think about this. 6 inch screwdrivers and 4 inch blades will be allowed on board. As one passenger said, do you realize how much damage that will do to a person? This is true but think about this, there will also be increased random searches and more efficient pat downs. The time saved by no longer looking for items that can do personal harm but not bring down a plane can now be better spent. There will be more time spent in searching for explosives and other means of bringing down an aircraft.
If terrorists were able to make it onto a plane they would know under cover security agents were amongst the passengers ready to take appropriate action and neutralize the situation. Passengers themselves are increasingly wary. Passengers will now jump in knowing their lives and the lives of others are in fact at stake. Cockpit doors are now reinforced. Pilots have the option of arming themselves and taking self defense courses. Chances therefore of a terrorist being able to bring down a passenger jet will be minimized. It makes sense that pilots like the proposed changes but stewards, stewardesses, passengers, and others in the cabin, don’t like them. These are normal emotions because these changes are not likely to affect the pilot’s or the aircraft. They do however put the passengers and the crew in the cabin in further danger. They are in the cabin so it is their lives that would be put in further danger not the pilots or the TSA’s unless we learn another hard lesson. Thinking through all the rhetoric I for one came to the conclusion that this seems like the best course of events. As far as I’m concerned these changes sound positive. Once these changes are accomplished they should start focusing their attention on outward means of bringing down a passenger jet or any aircraft for that matter. What do you think about all this?
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The current Government is inadequate & we Must help ourselves!

As we all know, the government on all levels for whatever reason failed miserably with Katrina. The levees to say the least were inadequately maintaned on a State & Federal level. Now we hear rumors of the people threatening to rebuild the levees themselves to make sure they are done right. I'm sorry to say that it has come to that but it has come to that. That attitude is needed everywhere. As I will continue to say, the current Government at least cannot handle it. We must get personally involved. We can't count on the Government right now to do the right thing. It isn't just the politically charged border insecurity and illegal immigration issue. It isn't just the fiasco of Katrina and Rita. It isn't just the mishandling of Iraq or the war against terrorism. It isn't just the overspending by these so called financially conservative Republicans. It isn't just the so called compassionate conservatives massive abuse of the lower classes. neither is it their inefficiency, insistence on homeland insecurity, or their obvious say one thing and do another policies. It is everything everywhere, we can not trust or rely on the administration. This ineptitude starts at the top and goes right to the bottom, it is all pervasive. We must wake up and get personally involved.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Flash! America in I.C.U and only we can get her out

We know President Bush is Inept.
We know V. P. Cheney is Corruptive.
Sctry of State Rumsfeld is Unorthodox.
Sadly our fate is in their hands. We are in I.C.U. and sadly they are in charge of it.
Listening to the presidents plan and the political response to it, you realize none of them have a clue as to reality olny their own selfish interests.
After listening to the presidents ridiculous rosy financial picture, living reality and hearing the bleak picture painted by retiring Greenspan who can now be honest and his warnings are not good for America. You have to conclude that we are in serious trouble and no one in power seems to care or do anything about it. This is Bush's I.C.U. and as you know, no matter how good the care is only you can get yourself out. It is up to us, we the people to get us out of Bush's ICU.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, November 28, 2005

Bush lecture on Illegal immigration, what?

This is really laughable with President Bush going to arizona to give a speech on his illegal immigration Isn't that a little too much like the thief going to the store the store he stole from and lecturing them on security. Like the thief President Bush has gotten what he wanted. He has his neededlarge influx of illegal immigrant labor now he can operate on just the cheap labor and the amount of legal immigrants he will get from his proposed worker program.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wer'e not Stupid we get it !!!

Expecting common sense and the right thing done from the President and saying so has become known as Bush bashing. Seeing that every time I turn to Oreilley's show he has the wrong take on every single issue. Now I'm starting to feel like an Oreilley basher too. That is a good thing but in both cases it is worthless because they have their own agenda and that is all that matters. I have decided that I am sick of people that just don't get it making a living accusing others of just not getting it. I just don't get it! What happened to the idea of engaging brain first? Oreilley agrees with former CIA michael Scheuer that the public is uneducated as to the real dangers we are facing and does not have the will to fight the enemy, the terrorists in their eyes. We get it, they are after the wrong public enemy #1. The worst enemy to our precious America is within. Wer'e not stupid! First we must fight the real enemy to our caring, compassionate, Democratic America, President Bush. Then we can concentrate on the President created #1 enemy the Islamists.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Do we need any more reminders? The planet has had enough negative influence?

The planet has had enough of man's Negative Influence. with Gamma being a record breaking 24th named hurricane, double the norm with more to come for sure. Do we need any more warnings that we are in trouble
with the planet? I was thinking of all the natural disasters that seem to be occurring more frequently and are frequently more horrific. There have throughout the history of the world always been tremeandous natural disasters as we all know. However, they are increasing at a more frequent rate. they are also increasingly more damaging to man as he populates and influences the planet negatively. We as American's have had more than our share of late. We are still reeling from Katrina and are preparing as we speak for hurricane Rita. I explained in a manuscript on Man's and the planet's Life Cycles that we are through our maturing stage where World Wars were survivable by man and the Planet. We are now in the Nurturing stage of both man's and the planet's life Cycles. Our weapons have become too horrific for man or the planet to survive. We still fail to act acccordingly. The planet like man have hit the point of overload. The planet as we are witnessing is now reacting to our negative influence on her natural ability to heal herself. Global warming, Glacial melting, the greenhouse effect, and rising oceans aside. The planet and man no longer need war to ensure destruction. The Planet is now capable more than ever of doing that herself. As we all know and are winessing, man has not learned to set aside his warring ways. We will continue to speed up the natural cycle of man and the planet until we have achieved our demise. As i've always said, if something's survival is dependant on mans management then it will die. Man has proven time and time again to not be capable of managing himself let alone anything else.
James M Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Dead Wrong Again!! He still refuses to Engage Brain!!

Bush Says No Withdrawal from Iraq
By Scott Stearns Beijing20 November 2005
President George W. Bush (file photo)President Bush says opposition Democrats calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq are wrong because that would make America less secure.
Half a world away from Washington's acrimonious debate about Iraq, President Bush sought to tone down some of the rhetoric sparked by Democratic Congressman John Murtha's call for U.S. troops to come home.
"Congressman Murtha is a fine man, a good man who served our country with honor and distinction as a Marine in Vietnam and as a United States congressman," he said. "He is a strong supporter of the United States military and I know the decision to call for an immediate withdrawal of our troops by Congressman Murtha was done in a careful and thoughtful way. I disagree with his position."
President Bush says a premature withdrawal would not only strengthen America's enemies in Iraq, but in the broader fight against terrorism as well.
"They want to break our will in Iraq so that we leave and they can turn Iraq into what Afghanistan was under the Taleban - a safe haven for terror, a place where they can plot and plan attacks against America and freedom loving countries around the world," he said.
John MurthaCongressman Murtha this past week surprised the White House with an emotional call for U.S. troops to leave Iraq, saying the military has accomplished its mission and its duty is done.
The Pennsylvania lawmaker said U.S. troops have become a catalyst for violence as the primary targets of Iraqi insurgents who he says are united against American forces.
That brought stinging denunciations from Republican legislators and White House spokesman Scott McClellan who said Congressman Murtha's plan would be surrendering to terrorists on the eve of historic elections in Iraq.
Speaking to reporters in Beijing, President Bush said questions about the war are part of an important debate worthy of America - a debate that he says does not have to be a partisan political issue.
"People should feel comfortable about expressing their opinions about Iraq," he said. "I heard someone say well maybe so-and-so is not patriotic because they disagree with my position. I totally reject that thought. This is not an issue of who is patriotic and who is not patriotic. It is an issue of an honest open debate about the way forward in Iraq."
The president says he is confident of the way forward, that the political process in Iraq will slowly but surely marginalize those who are trying to stop the development of a democracy that he says will set a clear example of what is possible for reformers in Iran, Lebanon, and the Palestinian territories.
President Bush refuses to see that the exact opposite of what he advocates is again the right thing to do. We are increasing insugebcy and opposition along with a,erican Homeland security by refusing to leave Iraq or shouwing a willingness to do this when the time is right. Senator murtha is right and the Politics of destruction must stop. Our troops should be brought home to fortify America not Iraq. Even a war requires some tack, aplomb, and sense, none of which Bush ever displays.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bush's wrongheaded sense Benefits China !!

President Bush enriches China with a 200 Billion dollar trade deficit yearly. He puts us further in debt in the futile hope that they will turn Democratic. How could anyone in their right mind think that. He is financing the building of an enormous Chinese war machine. China is clandestinely building its military at our expense and it will be used to kill the American youth Bush is supposed to be concerned about. China is cracking down on freedom of expression. that doesn't sound Democratic leaning. They're constraining foreign media. I don't think that's because they don't want the world to see their boundless Democratic principles. They pursue Communist ideals openly and without constraint. President Reagan starved Russia's military into defeat and Bush thinks feeding a richer Nation such as China would accomplish the same thing? We can't spend China into submission as we did Russia. Bush thinks China is an embryonic Democracy. They might be under the tutelage of a better example of Democracy than the one they are learning under. Bush has turned what might have been an embryonic Democracy into an aborted Democracy. Bush rediculously thinks that China's economic development feeds their desire for Democracy. In reality it supports their beloved Communism. A needed limited Democracy only supports their Communist principles and is good for nothing else as far as they are concerned. It is a necessary evil. Further economic growth will only enbolden China further and bring even more increased crackdowns on all human rights. We are doing the exact opposite with China than we did with Russia. How can anyone but Bush think they would get the same results?
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, November 14, 2005

What about the 42 virgins ??

I have been looking off and on all day to be able to pose this series of questions. I did not see a post on the subject so I just have to ask this. We have in the past seen female suicide bombers. After the latest announcement that in the triple suicide bombing in Jordan there was at least one husband and wife team these questions came to mind. Would this guy still get his 42 virgins? Does she get hers? Does he swear off the virgins to be with his wife? Is she okay with him getting 42 other wonen? and vice a versa of course? Does this whole rediculous theory of motivation get thrown out the window? has this rediculous thought dawned on anyone else? No one gets virgins only the satisfaction that they fucked you at leart once before they put themselves out of their misery.
I have been looking off and on all day to be able to pose this series of questions. I did not see a post on the subject so I just have to ask this. We have in the past seen female suicide bombers. After the latest announcement that in the triple suicide bombing in Jordan there was at least one husband and wife team these questions came to mind. Would this guy still get his 42 virgins? Does she get hers? Does he swear off the virgins to be with his wife? Is she okay with him getting 42 other wonen? and vice a versa of course? Does this whole rediculous theory of motivation get thrown out the window? has this rediculous thought dawned on anyone else? No one gets virgins only the satisfaction that they fucked you at leart once before they put themselves out of their misery.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, November 12, 2005

President Bush fires back at the truth he is sick of it !!

Stay the course. Keep doing everything wrong. Keep misinforming and misleading. Isn't his lack of leadership the ultimate in enboldening the terrorists as he likes to accuse those that want a little honesty of doing? What's new? Nothing at all! What's improved? Nothing at all! What has changed? Nothing at all! Him and his Administration have learned nothing at all , continue to prove it to the country and the terrorist's and then accuses his critics of enboldening the terrorists? Things are S.N.A.F.U. Doesn't he get it that not only do we realize that but the terrorists do too?
He accuses us of undermining troop morale. If he thinks a little truth hurts what does he think the lies are doing?
He says that the stakes on the war on terror are too high for Politicians to be throwing out falsehoods. isn't he the Chief Politician and why again is it okay for him to?
He says that baseless attacks are fueling the fire sending the wrong message to our troops and the terrorists. Isn't he the one that provided the kindling, started the fire, and continues to provide the fuel?
Bush's rhetoric shows he knows the power of the media and good P R in his attempt to continue to mislead and stay the course and nothing more. The public is finally losing confidence in him that they never should have had in the first place. They see his mis information campaign. They are seeing that he is hiding behind his religion and our Patriotism for his own abuse.
He is accusing his critics of trying to rewrite the history on the beginning of the war in Iraq. We are! We want the truth for once. We need the truth for once so we can pass down the facts to future generations not just another version of someone's personal selfish agenda as is the norm.

* We merely want the truth for once. He continues to blame the entire world for his ineptitude and continues to refuse any accountability at all for the many problems he continues to cause around the world. We in fact continue to have the best of intentions as a people. We just happen to be misled by the worlds worst leader.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Department of Hate

Department of Hate Hi
I forgot to give you my email if you are really interested in knowing the unbiased truth about the lies we live with and i know you hate then send me your email and i will send you a PDF on my 2nd book Life Today/The Real Story. It will knock your socks off if you wear them . maybe you can help me get the facts out. An avalanche starts as a mere rumor you know. Check it out there are a couple free downloads I know you will agree with and have never heard or seen. Before I leave I must say you are a trip, interesting Blog. Jim

Friday, November 11, 2005

Fundamentalist strike another blow to Christianity

Thinking about this renewed daily debate with daily reminders in the news I remembered that this was an issue a while back and I wrote about it from an unbiased viewpoint. Here it is in respones to Bush's intervention an now Pat Robertson who has once again proven himself to be a major quak. Thankfully to me he has proven once again the danger of Christian fundamentalism in our society. I had to talk about this because I thought the President had no right to inject his beliefs into this debate.Now we hear from another crackpot that God won't help the town of Dover because they don't want divine intervention taught in their Schools. what happened to the god that loves everyone? what happened to the god that forgives all? these Fundamentalist seem to worship the same God as the Islamists do and that
is extremely dangerous as we have said many times. We have discussed in the past the theory of intelligent design. I do not believe in this for Religious reasons but rather for common sense. like most, i happen to believe in evolution. I also believe in what we call intelligent design. Both if thought about unbiasedly are fact. However due to personal bias most take one side of the issue or the other. Both views however are part of the whole which is man today as we know him. Religion should not be taught in our public schools. However, in teaching one or the other you are just giving half the equation and thus injecting your own personal agenda. Bush was speaking up for his base the fundamentalist Christian Right to lifer's and he has no right to advocate any principle as he has no leg to stand on. He has no right to advocate that religion in any context be taught in our public schools. Evolution is an undeniable fact, so too is some kind of intelligent design. We must remember that in the end our selfish bias should not be the measure. Right or wrong, the truth, the whole story, should be the only measure. We must get back to Thomas Jefferson's ideal that once you became a member of society you would automatically obtain common sense and do the right thing for that society. Forget about it today.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wanted: Political Ambidexterity from anyone!!


Subject: Oreilley's talking points memo election day was as usual biased and off base. Reminding people to vote was the only correct thing he said. He blames all our problems on the so called Left and the Left Wing media.

They are only attempting to counter #1 News Channel fox News and the crooked Right Wing anti American agenda. He blames left Wing radicals for destroying family values. When I experienced the court dominance over the family it was pre 24 hour news and their influence.

 I never though that it was because of Left wing control. Until 24 hour media control many of us were oblivious to who was controlling us. We are controlled that we know, right or left is not important only that it is wrong.

 He says the Left Wing media is trying to convince Americans that the government knows best for our children and our families. Isn't that the way it has been for years and in fact is right now? Isn't this a Republican led country? Isn't this excessive control increasing under Republican misdirection?

 Hasn't our rights been squashed, Government enlarged, and spending allowed to run amok under the so called Conservatives. He says these are complicated issues. Like everything else they are only complicated because we purposely make them that way. Parents right have been dead for years.

Media controls the Political agenda with the advent of 24 hour news channels not the Left. The Media controls Public perception not the left. Media controls the issues discussed not the Left. Media turns everything into Left versus right for their personal pleasure and financial gain

. It isn't the left that is our problem it is the media and their control of every single agenda. With the Republicans masterful control of P. R. and thus the media, the media have facilitated all of our problems and divisiveness.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

President Carter will get our word out but will they listen?

In light of President Carter's new book and the fact thet we are finally hearing truth voiced from someone who at least be heard. I am going to be posting exerpts I and others have said in the past that are the exact things President Carter observed only he is listened to and we aren't. Here is the first exerpt.We have to talk about this because in light of the performance of our Senators and Congress not too speak of this entire administration this makes complete sense. We have been continually talking and writing about this do nothing Republican Congress and Senate. They continually cry foul as to the Democrats interfering in their desires. Then when they have the chance to do something they do nothing but waste valuable time. We know that this has been happening well before
this current administration. We also know this administration has brought new never before seen lows as far as misrepresentation, dishonesty, religious intervention in Government policies, general incompetence and total lack of responsibility and accountability. Since the beginning of this current administration the Congress and Senate have become increasingly ineffective and very unconcerned with what we the people think. Increasingly as we have been saying, they do not work for the general public but for the President and special interests. Like the President they prove this day in and day out. It is time for us to adhere to the following principle and do the right thing for us and the country.We must relearn the principle of putting the country first and doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing as a Government, our future depends on it.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Evolution verse intelligent design but why?

Thinking about this renewed daily debate with daily reminders in the news I remembered that this was an issue a while back and I wrote about it from an unbiased viewpoint. Here it is in response to Bush's intervention. I had to talk about this because I thought the President had no right to inject his beliefs into this debate but I did find myself agreeing with a small part of what he said and that never happens. Of course it isn't for the obvious reasons or for any selfish personal agenda but rather it is the facts. We have discussed in the past the theory of intelligent design. I do not believe in this for Religious reasons but rather for common sense. like most, i happen to believe in evolution. I also believe in what we call intelligent design. Both if thought about unbiasedly are fact. However due to personal bias most take one side of the issue or the other. Both views however are part of the whole which is man today as we know him. Religion should not be taught in our public schools. However, in teaching one or the other you are just giving half the equation and thus injecting your own personal agenda. Bush was speaking up for his base the fundamentalist Christian Right to lifer's and he has no right to advocate any principle as he has no leg to stand on. He has no right to advocate that religion in any context be taught in our public schools. Evolution is an undeniable fact, so too is some kind of intelligent design. We must remember that in the end our selfish bias should not be the measure. Right or wrong, the truth, the whole story, should be the only measure. We must get back to Thomas Jefferson's ideal that once you became a member of society you would automatically obtain common sense and do the right thing for that society. Forget about it today.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, November 04, 2005

I.E.D.priority only a consideration???

With 6 more troops killed Thursday by improvised explosive devices. With 60% of our 2037 troops killed and the biggest killer of troops being I E D's I can't believe we havn't devoted our all to the effort of detecting these things. We can figure out anything if we want to or in this case i'm sure, if there was enough financial incentive. What on earth are we waiting for? With 96 dead, October is the 4th deadliest month of the war. I refuse to believe that only now "11/04" is the Pentagon considering making the effort to develop new tactics and technologies against I E D's its top priority.Considering? this is unconscionable and unbelievable. What is wrong with us? What are we waiting for? According to the Pentagon combatting the ever improving I E d's has only been discussed. This should be priority one. We should have a top priority, innovative thinking, task force in front of their improvisations not them in front of us. These are fellow Americans we are talking about, regardless of what you think about the iraq war we have to take care of our own. If we wanted to we could figure out a way technologically to beat these I E D's. Put Bush over there. We wouldn't like it but We'd have an answer real quick.
James Joiner
Gardner, ma

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Christian is Is not a Chritian does !

I just caught sight of Bill Oreilley's transcript on Religion under Seige. Once again, he is right on the subject but biased and wrong in his stance. Religion is under seige as he says. However not only is it under seige by the ACLU who is trying to take Religion from the lives and vocabulary of the entire country. The so called Religious Right are often times worse than the so called Atheist's they love to bash. Bill's defense of Christianity is off base and purposely misleading as is every defense he makes on any situation. I like many of you am Christian. just because you are Christian or any other Religion does not by any means make you good or bad by decree.
Bill's defense: 85% of Americans call themselves christian
Fact: Only a small number actually practice and are true to Christianity

Bill's question: Why's that?
Fact: It's popular and they think it will save them from their personal ills

Bill, How did it happen?
Fact: good P. R. nothing more, action's speak louder than words in Religion

Bill, What exactly is christianity?
Fact: most Christians don't know or have what it takes to fill the meaning

* We all see the Christians we are led by in the Republican party, how two faced, under handed, and in fact anti Christian they in fact really are. I for one have met so many actual anti christian proffessed Christians that think what they want is what Christianity is all about i'm turned off myself. They talk about Islamists hijacking their religion. They are no better.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, October 31, 2005

Not a Prayer in Hell/not even by a Fundamentalist Christian!

I just want to say this. If Alito is as good as we are hearing him professed to be. Why didn't Bush pick him in the first place? You know Bush better than to think he isn't going to get his way so let me suggest this. Miers was too good to be true for liberals in the first place, she appeared from the start to be a setup. Bush knew that liberals and Conservatives would be dead set against Miers nomination. She would ultimately not get the nod and Bush would be forced to nominate someone the conservatives and he himself wanted in the first place. Bush knew the Extreme Right Wing of his party would not go for Miers in the first place. Do not think of anyone or anything except for a setup. Gee, poor guy, instead of Miers he had to go with Scalito, what a bummer huh? He had to go with a true Conserative in his and his bases own frame of mind. Don't feel for bush. Don't give his conservative base any accolades. In the end they will get just what they wanted, nothing more and nothing less and God help the rest of us.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, October 28, 2005

Worst Administration in History What about the President?

We are finally hearing what most of us have known from the get go. that is that this will go down in our History as the worst run most corrupt administration in American History. As we all know, events are finally catching up to Bush Co. and should run them all over. Iraq fatalities are now over the top with no end in sight. This was also our first started war and under false pretences. Miers withdrawal from Judicial nomination was only the 2nd in 160 years without senate action, another big Bush goof in a list of many. With numerous questionable Presidential nominations and confirmation tactics and many republican leaders coming up dirty we have this in addition. Indictments faced by Karl Rove's, as we all know he is Bush's special council, top adviser, and chief strategist. Scooter Libby Cheney's Chief of Staff was just indicted on 5 counts including false statements, obstruction of Justice, and perjury and is subject to 30 years in jail. You know the guilt goes right to cheney and most likely beyond. Just a reminder that during an election campaign Bush pledged that he and his Administration would clean up washington and would do what is legally and morally right for the people. We now know he and his Administration will not do what is right for the people and will only do what is legally right if he is forced. He continues to mislead and indulge in Rove's 3D ( decietful, deceptive, divisive) Politics along with the rest of his Administration.
James Joiner
Dover, NH

Update! A Little more time for the Apolitical Political Bush Base Closings

With the proposed base closings due to be a reality in mid November I thought it was time to just remind us all how crooked these closings were and still are. In light of what is happening right now with the Rove's investigation and implication of Cheney you know the President was involved and as in this situation nothing period gets done without his knowledge or okay and he knows the truth none of us ever will. Right from the get go we discussed the proposed Military base closings. In one of our discussions we talked about the fact that telling the public they had nothing at all to do with Politics was totally false and erroneous. Bush as we all know , does nothing at all unless it is part of his political game. So once again this master of deception was saying what we wanted to hear and playing his Political game. The facts right off the bat told us again the opposite of what he was saying. We all know this is standard fare for him. The States that came out in favor of him in the 2nd election did well with the proposed Base closings. The bases that came out against him took the biggest hits during the proposed closings. It didn't matter if the bases were exemplary or vital to our military mission. California took a big hit because rep0ublican Governor Arnold could not deliver the State for the President. Massachusetts took a hit for the same reason. Otis in Massachusetts is where the fighters that responded on 9/11 came from. It is one of the best reserve bases in the Nation. He wanted to put all our B1's in one place in his brother's State. That makes good sense. The Bible Belt States did well under the proposed closings. He said as far as he is concerned he thinks the proposals should be final. Political, naw! One and one still equals two as far as I know. There are many inequities in these proposals. Many we will never know unless some disgruntled individual comes forth with the truth. Regardless of what Mr say one thing and do another says. He keeps tight reign over what happens in his administration. That is precisely why it is so screwed up. Even though he would have us believe he has ne control over most of what happens in Washington and the Pentagon in particular, you know nothing can be further from the truth. As we all know he is a master political game player. It is his behind the back club to be used against anyone he percieves as having done him wrong. He does a lousy job of disguising this fact. In addition to all his inequities in his administration and in these proposals we can now add this one. Now we are hearing that the money supposedly saved from these closings was false. It was purposely contrived in order to inflate the supposed savings. Why should we be surprised to find the 9 member panel doing the investigation has found the savings inflated by 30 billion? How much did it cost us this time to find out we were lied to again? I know, just another little oversight. This is standard fare for this administration as we all know. As in all the other instances he will get away with this one too. Someone else's fault not mine, just another victem of circumstances. The poor picked on guy. He suffers from the Rodney Dangerfield Syndrome. He gets no respect. You have to wonder how deep the rot will go in this case too when the truth is eventually to some degree known and what if any the real savings after all was said and done really were.
James Joiner
Dover, NH

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Iran wants the Bomb, world muslim domination, anihilation of the West and Israel, and we aren't supposed to be concerned?

The first problem is that we now have Muslim hard liner and purveyor of Israel's and the West's total annihilation in control of very dangerous Iran, that of course is Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. Despite denials you can be guaranteed that he was involved in the 1979 armed takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran. As we all know, this resulted in the long term holding of American hostages. There was also an aborted failed rescue attempt and the Iran Contra scandal that marred President Reagan's Presidency. They covertly have nuclear weapons ambitions, are developing them, and are overtly denying everything. They are also advocating spreading nuclear technology to all Muslim Nations supposedly only for peaceful purposes. You can guarantee yourself that this so called peaceful use is for their so called peace and your destruction. Their desire is for a totally Muslim dominated world both strictly ruled and run. Iran's newspaper in a direct quote attributd to Irans President mahmoud Ahmedinejad says that we will soon experience a world without the U.S. and zionism. He is publicly calling for the total elimination of Israel another U.N. Nation and this is the first time in History. To top it all off we are told not to worry. I guess we are supposed to walk blissfuly and ignorantly to our inevitable deaths as the Jews did during WW2 before they realized what was in reality happening. We know what is happening so let us acknowledge it and act accordingly.
James Joiner
Dover, NH

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Falling oil prices Is this just another Bush created coincidence?

Gas prices are falling precipitously. Prices per barrel continue to go down. This is great but too convenient for masking Bush's created woes. Besides the fact that Iraq seems to be increasingly blown assunderby increasing insurgency while the administration claims things there are okay. You have to ask yourself this? Are the timely and convenient falling gas prices to cover falling Iraqi events and corruption in this administration which never quits. Now we have the knowledge that was at first denied and that is that CIA operative Plame's name came right from Cheney himself. I happen to believe the lies go right to the protected top, however, and we will once again never know the truth. Now we have to wonder about the timing of the conveniently falling fuel oil prices? Republicans say they get blamed for whatever good or bad happens in the country. That is true but deservedly so. You just can't trust anything they say or do. With that said you have to wonder about the timing of fuel oil prices falling just as the heat is turning up on the Administration higher than ever and guilt is pointing right to the top. Just another coincidence or another Bush created coincidence? This apppears only created to take the heat off Bush, the Administration, and the whole increasing plame blame name game and numerous other Administration inequities. October 19th and fuel oil is at a record 25 year low, just a timely coincidence? Today is October 24th and prices continue to fall sharply. Do you still think it's just a coincidence or another bush created coincidence?
James Joiner
Dover, NH

Question of the day:What do you think about Bush and Cheney's guilt now?

We Blogged about this in the past but now we are finding that at least Cheney knew about Plame from the start as we thought.The obvious question comes to mind. As he reminds us daily of his failures, why do we not remind Bush daily of his two faced empty promises? He continues to get a very undeserved buy on all his inequities. More than 5 years of these obvious say one thing and do another lies and too much has been done to defile these words of reciprocity he mispoke. There were those of us who knew at the time that he was merely lying in order to get elected. Sadly enough the whole country is now finding out. He was and is not a man of his word but will say and do anything he has to in order to have his way. He would only serve to poison beyond repair the atmosphere in Washington also the entire country that he pledged to clean up. Unbelievably there were enough honest people that believed him and now wer'e all paying. Why is he not reminded of this lack of civility and reciprocity daily as he rubs in daily how ruthless, callous, and uncaring he really is. We are reminded that during an election campaign event he pledged that he and his Administration would not only do what was right legally but what was right by and for the people. We know that was a not too subtle dig at Clinton and Gore and all their verbal parsing of words. They were entry level compared to Bush and his Administration. We now know that he will not do what is right by the people and that he would only do what is right legally if his hand was forced. With all this in mind as you know, Bush is once again changing his standards in mid stream. This time to protect his teacher of 3D(decietful, decceptive, divisive, Politics Karl Rove's as he himself has been caught acting treasonous. Doesn't it make anyone wonder how much Bush and Cheney knew from the start? Maybe everyone is just afraid to find out the truth? Doesn't it bother you to find out just how underhanded Bush and cheney have been from the get go? If the brain (Roves) was bad, doesn't it tell you something about the body(BUSH and Cheney) ?
James Joiner
Dover, NH

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

We know they need it but who is Rumsfeld to be Lecturing China?

With the recent news of Rumsfeld's visiting China and his lecture at China's Central Party School Training Center. Knowing his and this administrations history you have to ask yourself. Where does he or any other Bush official think they have the room to lecture on openness, democracy, and freedom while they are purposely killing ours? He told the audience that these values were the key to China's future. Does he forget the lessons him and this administration have been giving us? Look at what their so called values have done to the future of america and her middle Class backbone. I don't think China's future lies in those values. China has not been on a democratic path as he said. They have been on a path of learning how to use demcratic values to achieve their end of total Communist control. Nothing has changed in over 60 yearsof Communist control in China. They have merely learned how to play the democratic game as played by bush and his cronies. Only they are learning to play it even better. China merely knows what we have taught them and that is that honesty is not the best policy. The United States can not be relied upon as the worlds only super power. Last but not least hide, lie, cover up, and never tell the truth as to your true intentions and motivations. China does have major military plans in Globalizing their military and becoming world dominant with at least Russia by their side. We know this for fact unless we purposely choose to dummy up. It is a stupid game we play feigning curiosity to this fact or saying other countries are curious about it. We in the trenches of society aren't curious as to China'sU.S. funded plans, we know what they are. It is time for the games to stop and act accordingly.
James Joiner
Dover, NH

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Needed: Daily Reminders of Bush pledge 2000 Failings!

I read an article by Terry Neal regarding Bush's 2000 campaign pledge to clean up Washington's poisonous Political atmosphere. The obvious question comes to mind. As he reminds us daily of his failures, why do we not remind him daily of his two faced empty promises. He continues to get a very undeserved buy on all his inequities. more than 5 years of these obvious say one thing and do another lies and too much has been done to defile these words of reciprocity he mispoke. There were those of us who knew at the time that he was merely lying in order to get elected. Sadly enough the whole country is now finding out. He was and is not a man of his word but will say and do anything he has to in order to have his way. He would only serve to poison beyond repair the atmosphere in washington and also the entire country that he pledged to clean up and he has. Unbelievably there were enough honest people that believed him and now wer'e all paying. Why is he not reminded of this lack of civility and reciprocity daily as he rubs in daily how ruthless, callous, and uncaring he really is. We are reminded that during an election campaign event he pledged that he and his Administration would not only do what was right legally but what was right by and for the people. We know that was a not too subtle dig at Clinton and Gore and all their verbal parsing of words. They were entry level compared to Bush and his Administration. We now know that he will not do what is right by the people and that he would only do what is right legally if his hand was forced. With all this in mind as you know, Bush is once again changing his standards in mid stream. This time to protect his teacher of 3D(decietful, decceptive, divisive, Politics Karl Rove's as he himself has been caught acting treasonous. Doesn't it make anyone wonder how much Bush and Cheney knew from the start? Maybe everyone is just afraid to find out the truth? Doesn't it bother you to find out just how underhanded Bush and cheney have been from the get go? If the brain (Roves) was bad, doesn't it tell you something about the body(BUSH and Cheney) ?
James Joiner
Dover, NH

Monday, October 17, 2005

The Criminalization of Politics has been Justified by Republicans since Monica Lewinsky

The Criminilization Of Politics was a well recieved Diary done this morning by Hunter. this is a well documented daily fact of Republican politics since Whitewater and President Clinton. With the advent of Lewinsky they began to be dirtier than ever. This period marked the beginning of Christian Fundamentalism being mainstreamed into our Political system and the feeling that you could say or do no wrong as long as you got your way. This thought has been finely honed by Bush and we all see it every day. Karl Rove's brand of 3D(decietful, divsive, deceptive) Politics has become the Republican flag to rally round. Politics will ignorantly continue to be the game of the day. Playing it though at a time of war and what is obvious to us out of Politics a time of great need for us should be treasonous. Regardless of what Bill Kristol or any other Republican advocate will asininely and childishly use as an excuse to justify it, there is no justification of it. We know the things that go on in politics today of which we know what Karl Rove's did is not the worst, would never have been excused during WW2. we have written about it many times in the past and Republicans particularly seem to continue this ignorance and thrive on it. We have got to start holding these people accountable for their treasonous ways. Without accountability it is only continuing and will not stop snowballing. These Republican children that insist on calling themselves politicians are destroying everything that has been right with America and only for their own selfish pleasure. They continue to cry foul whenever their is an investigation, a deposition, or a prosecution yet they continue with the criminal behavior and falsley accuse the Democrats of criminilization of our Political system while we all know it is them. They will never grow up and make believe they are adults unless we succeed in forcing them kicking and screaming foul like spoiled little pampered kids all the way.
James Joiner
Dover, NH

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Middle Class feeling pinch - Where have you been?

10/14/05 lou Dobbs program today highlights the fact that the Middle Class is being squeezed out. What he doesn't know is that this has got to happen. This is a necessary part of Bush's new plan for society. You will find this plan outlined in A Doctrine of Fact/Bush Uncovered. Right now inflation is at the highest rate its been in 25 years. A generation ago you could earn a Middle class lifestyle with one income. Today largely with Bush's help it now takes two. Gasoline, fuel oils, fruits, vegetables, medical costs, education, and all other essentials are sky rocketing. When adjusted for inflation American wages have fallen in September. So what is Bush bragging about beside the war on terrorism and the Iraq War you ask? He has given Airlines and rich Corperations regular breaks at you expense while making you feel thankful to him. He is tightening bankruptcy laws for you while keeping those for the rich intact. Thus taking away your last ditch effort to save yourself and making it even harder for you to start over. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates 11 times making the money you have to borrow more expensive. Credit card companies supposedly with the Governments urging have raised minimum percentage rates and payments you have to make on your charge cards. All of this and much more is all for your own good according to Bush. It wouldn't be for the good of the Corperations, naw? Even as the cost of living sky rockets millions of Middle Class home owners may lose a key tax break. A white House panel is set to propose a major reduction in the amount of mortgage interest you may deduct from your taxes knocking you down even further. With a 4.1% cost of living increase for social security put into context with a 30% increase in home heating costs alone there is little talk in Washington on how to help the working class let alone the sick and retired. You have to ask yourself why are we reelecting these miscreants and what are they doing to earn it? I reiterate, these politicians do not work for you as we all know. They work for the special interest groups that get them elected.
James Joiner
Dover, NH

Friday, October 14, 2005

Poll results: Bush again trends down Terrorist dedication trends up. This should not be news!

You know for a fact that as far as Bush and his supporters are concerned these and all negative poll results are worthless to the them. These results are beaten to death and are worthless to the cause of right and justice. He does not care what we the people think. He does not work for us. We did not elect him. He cares only about those that elected him. His core, those are the people to him not the average American. The fundamentalist, pro life, Christian right, and the Republican special interest groups are his only concern. They are his core, they got him elected, they are the future as far as he is concerned, and they are all that matter and his only concern. Not enough concerned average Americans have as of yet come out in numbers required to vote Republicans out of office. Until they do there will be no concern for them, their issues, concerns or their welfare. According to every new poll Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, are all doing poorly in the minds of many Americans. Many people now think that muslim extremists are as committed to winning the war on terrorism as we are. We are waking up but Bush, Cheney, and Rummy, are not thought of as negatively as they should have been from the start. As I have been saying from the onset of this so called war on terrorism that we still do not have a clue as to what we are facing. They are far superior in numbers and in absolute dedication and committment to their cause than our so called leaders are willing to realize or smart enough to acknowledge. In Iraq, afghanistan, home, and abroad around the world, we are winning nothing as this is just getting started. We must realize this and that we are in this for the long haul and act accordingly taking as of yet not taken appropriate actions to take control of the situation.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pro immigration, No Bias, just make the good of our Country your priority!

I cannot comprehend anyone feeling justified in using the racist card simply because someone expects the right thing done for everyone, starting with our own stability first as a foundation for our Nation. Without a foundation you have nothing to build on. Many of us have no bias, no Political persuasion. We merely expect the right thing done and it is not. It is not even a consideration today. What happened to doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing for the country, for society as was envisioned would be the case? Not for ones selfish interest as was feared would be the case at the time of the countries founding? We are not communist or segregationist because we expect rules to be followed. Rules and laws were made to protect the innocent not the guilty as they frequently are today. With one American Indian thrown in for good measure my own ancestors came off the boat and I am proud of my homogonized American heritage as many of you are. I am blogging on this location not because I am of European, South American, Asian, ar any other ancestry. Rather because I believe in the Democratic principles for everyone and am against the Republican, corrupt, Christian Fundamentalist, lack of principles being portrayed in the current Administration today. Making matters worse is the fact that I am a life long Christian myself who merely thinks everything should be kept in its proper place and perspective including Religion. If this is not the place to voice pro Democracy, Pro unity, pro society views, for the better of all our society I think it is time to form a site or someone please tell me of one where we can without bias put the country first. No selfish bias just the good of the Nation regardless of its ethnic or religious breakdown. Has Dailykos been hijacked for the pushing of a selfish personal agenda as our Religions increasingly seem to be? My original intention of setting up my web site, blogging, and taking daily polls, was to take the pulse of every day Americans in the trenches of society, make sure they are heard , and write about how they feel about what is happpening in this administration, the country, and the world today, and why. I want this to be the forum for those with no Political persuasion, no bias other than honesty and seeing the right thing done for our society, the country, and the world as a whole. If you could think this wrong then I humbly suggest you have selfish ulterior motives of your own and should put them in perspective.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bush has succeeded-He has done a great job for Mexico!

Bush's required border insecurity and required illegal immigration comes with all the expected problems, and one unspoken accomplishment on the Presidents hidden agenda. His great achievment for Mexico was hidden under a growing list of Republican corruption and public ineptitude. Besides the one liner we have seen on this I myself have not heard any of the outrage we all should have heard and should be expressing. Aside from the traditional Boorder States with their overwhelming illegal immigration problems with Arizona and New Mexico finding it necessary to declare states of emergency. We have Virginia, Idaho, New Hampshire, Utah, and many more States speaking up as to the problems ensuing illegal immigration and the Governments ignorance of it. Common complaints being the ignorance of our laws, refusing to learn our language, the overwhelming of police forces, illegal business transactions, overburdeoning of schools, hospitals, and overuse of local public systems designed to help our needy that very often can not afford to because of the illegal immigration burden. We have not as of yet given the Presidents corrupt accomplishment any attention primarily since it is lost amid all the continuing Republican ineptitude and corruption. As of late we have had the John Roberts hearings followed by the Harriet Miers hearings, with a lot of Karl Rove's, Bill Frist, Tom Delay, and countless others thrown in for good measure. All thrown in only to push aside one to me mind blowing little fact. Mexico has President Bush to thank for their number one export and financial source being illegal immigration. Bush's illegal immigration has surpassed oil as Mexico's number one export replacing oil, that is unbelievable and unconscionable. President Bush needs the illegal immigrants for his version of a new society. However, he has through our back door accomplished what he declared as a goal some time ago and that was the raising of the Mexican economy and Mexico's lower class. Viva Bush must ring loud in Mexican ears. with NAFTA, CAFTA, and proposed plans for legalizing Illegal immigrants, Proposed visas, passports, licences and quotas etc. Bush appears to work for them not the U.S.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bush once again Pulls out the Big Gun this time for Miers

His one positive Laura Bush is once again recruited in order to gain the peoples support for another one of his contentious proposals. Mrs. Bush erroniously suggest that the reason for not wanting Meirs may be sexism. Bush throws his publicly respected wife into the fray only to make the people cast doubt on their real reasons for being against her. Suggesting sexism is asinine when the majority would rather see a woman replace Sandra Day O'connor. It wouldn't have anything to do with her being a Fundamentalist hard right Christian would it? What about being a staunch conservative? How about being a Bush lap dog? Miers has never been a judge as we know and has an almost zero track record on which to judge her on. This in itself is appearing to be a desired trait Bush looks for. She was head of the Texas Bar Association. She was a Lawyer for his Gubenatorial Campaign. As is usual for Bush as a reward she was then promoted. She was chosen to head the Texas lottery Commission once he took office. First we as average citizens have to be very concerned every time he does as he once again is, saying trust me. Your first thought has to be oh no here we go again. He hasn't come through on anything yet that he has asked us to trust him on. Only for the fundamentalist and the rest of his supporters does he come thru. With her lack of a paper trail and experience one has to be very concerned that Bush himself has described her as a pit Bull. She's also been described as being able to slice and dice with the very best of them. She is too loyal to Bush which has proven to be a negative trait to the rest of us and much too inexperienced to be totally unbiased as we are told she will be. With the above stated traits being expressed from both sides of the aisle, her lack of experience, and her extreme required for promotion loyalty to Bush, both proponents and opponents Democrat and Republican are very concerned and rightly so. To finish off you dire need to be concerned is that the President went before the GOP and expressed to them that she is one of them. You can gain no solace from the conservatives expression of concern with Miers because Republican tactics dictate that this could just be a set up. With the GOP's proven track record you should be scared be very scared. Her only plus to most of us seems to be that she is a woman if that is a plus to you. Ed gillespie has been drilling her for preperation with the nomination questioning. The line of questioning is scary in itself. She must know John Robert's answers not her own and they must sound like his. She must also use her words but they must sound like Bush's. After hearing all the negatives that are supposed to be positives and now Mrs. Bush having to come out to attempt to sway the people you have to be more than a little concerned.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Evaluation of Oreilley's/Bush's Iraq War evaluation

First I have to say like many of you that I don't believe Bush realizes how to win the war on terrorism. More pointedly he does not have the wherewithal to lead the war on terror. It is too late to start to lead now or to gain support for his cause called Iraq that he has created and with his ineptitude insists on sustaining. Bush said that no act of ours invited the rage of the killers. we's right,It was years of percieved abuse of Muslims and their lands not just any one act. It was a myriad of percieved wrongs inflicted on their culture and lands. The only thing that would appease them is for us to get off what they think of as all Muslim land. Well intentioned in our minds or not we seem unable or unwilling to do that and only succeed in continuously worsening the situation. Oreilley was right in saying that most Americans were behind the war against terrorism after 9/11. I like many of you must say that this has not changed. It is Iraq and the inept way in which Bush chooses to prosecute it that we have a problem with. We must note that Afghanistan was going well as was noted, that was until Bush wrongly made Iraq a necessary part of the war on terrorism. Not only are we bogged down in Iraq but it is obvious that we are becoming increasingly bogged down in Afghanistan thanks to our increased need to put our attention on Iraq instead of Afghanistan where it should be. As Bush was trying to stress, it is right to reinforce the importance of the war on terrorism as it relates to the U.S. though not to our winning in Iraq. We must not and can not relent when it comes to securing our own country as the Islamists will never stop. Bill is right saying we are engaged in WW3 but wrong in saying we would have won by now if we had the cooperation of all Nations. His opinions merely highlight the fact that we still fail to realize the enormity of th Muslim anti western emotions and it is not held by a minority but a majority.