Sunday, May 31, 2009

The world better be concerned: When it comes to the US Government all Politics are NOT local!

What is happening in Asia and around the world better make what is happening in the United States right now with the childish Republicans badmouthing a very qualified nominee for the Supreme so they can hopefully have their way once again. They ultimately want to get back into power to impress their will and agenda started by Reagan and continued by the Bush's that was so destructive to us and the entire world. The world should be very concerned as to what they are saying and doing and are getting worse daily the more desperate they get.

Regardless of how you feel about Sotomayor I have to ask how did something that seems so perfect be made so artificially ugly? Their is no concern for truth coming from Republicans only a concern in keeping Sotomayor off the Supreme court and they will and are saying anything they have too. I do not get this! They seem to be going after our first Black President through attacking his Supreme Court nominee.

This is not good! Does anyone else see what is going on? The entire world better be concerned because these are the dirty underhanded tactics employed under Bush and they want to impress again on the world. They couldn't do it while he was running for President but they can now and are. They are saying Obama is a racist and you must be a racist to be part of his administration.

I can't stand this childishness! A female Puerto Rican Supreme Court nominee is getting a thousand more times attention and lunacy than a black man running for President. I do not get this or once again how they are getting away with this obvious underhanded childishness. Obama is now involved and forced to defend his pick for the Supreme Court.

I should no longer be surprised by the senseless lunacy spewed by Limbaugh, Gingrich, and Tancredo but I was stunned to hear Limbaugh the mouth liken nominating Sotomayor to nominating David Duke who as you know was in the kkk and Sotomayor is said to be in the Puerto Rican KKK. I am really stupefied as to Republican childish lying defaming lunacy and how they continue to get away with this crap!

Rove is even in on the lying once again! Rove quoted Sam Alito saying Alito worked with Sotomayor and amongst other things she was not too intelligent. That really sickens me. They never worked together. They worked in different courts. Them bastards they say this crap knowing it is a lie and they have a shit eating grin on their face. They just do not care if they speak the truth or not just following their Republican Fascist agenda. The entire world better be concerned because they want to impress it on the world once again.

Sotomayor better speak up before these scum damage her reality beyond any correction by speaking the truth. We must hear from Sotomayor mending her words. as Republicans have have made her words taken out of context take on a life of their own. Her words are being called a window to her Judicial soul. That is BS because those are her words taken out of context by those who ultimately want to go after Obama.

She has a large body of work. Over 425 cases with only 4 decisions overturned. Quite remarkable I would say and that should be the window to her soul. An analysis was done of Sotmayor's discrimination cases and she rarely sided with the plaintiff. That should be a window to her soul. Last confirmation ten Republicans voted against her. She should make those Senators her first visits and explain the statements in question. This is a good woman a good Judge. Her race and gender have been made the issue and only to go after Obama who they can not go against because of his popularity.

President Obama said Sotomayor would have restated her words and well she should now the sooner and the more often the better. She is up to the task. I would like to see her confront Gingrich and Tancredo. These attacks are not only childish lies they have become racist and sexist. themselves. Why would they be trying to keep the highest court in the land down to one woman? Going after Obama is the only reason. If she was a Republican she would be in already.

Republicans went after senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson and they likened Nancy Pelosi to Pussy Galore in a stupid commercial to James Bond music the idiots were smart enough to pull but the damage is already done, hopefully to them! Now they are going after Sotomayor. With the childish antics they have only succeeded in alienating women and minorities. What ever happened to the Big tent party? They are more and more becoming the pup tent party and they must be doing it on purpose.

With Obama responding to Limbaugh's idiocy the Sotomayor issue has now hit the White House. and given the Republicans a stay of execution. Instead of joining the game Obama should have said point blank that Sotomayor is not a racist. He should be defending her not lending credence to her critics. Cornyn is right! What the Republican extremists are doing is pure idiocy, childish, wrong and better stop. It is only showing the country and the world how mean and lyingly destructive the Republican party continues to be. Nothing has changed.

You can not give Republicans any fuel for this destructive fire and the White House has. Cornyn was covering his backside with the large Hispanic population in Texas. That said he has done what Obama, Gibbs, and other Democrats for whatever reason has not done. Republicans are trying to get at Obama and to make Democrats waiver but they will not.

Republicans are only succeeding in alienating women and Hispanics. Newt, Tancredo, Limbaugh, they better dial it back. They are not only going to lose this war they are going to lose the Hispanic community for challenging Sotomayor with meaningless unsubstantiated childish remarks. They better shut up those incendiary idiots up for their own good!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It is Payback time in Pakistan, Batullah Masoud must be killed!

34 insurgents killed in eastern Afghanistan

Residents seethe as Pakistan army destroys homes

Swat Taliban chief Fazlullah killed?

UPI newstrack topnews plus extremists threaten wider war Besides the recent attacks in large cities I caught the warning by Batullah Masoud that civilians better abandon the large cities because they are going to be targets as the Taliban and other insurgents look for retribution. It is payback time!

Pakistan 'fears destabilizing' US policies

I have to laugh! I hope you at the very least just looked at the titles of those links. I say often that when I set out to write a story by the time I research it,I most often learn something new and what I am going to discuss ends up taking a new course. This is no exception. I started to discuss the fact that Pakistan has done a hell of a job fighting the Taliban but...

I am very concerned with the destruction of the Swat valley. The land of the Wali! The Switzerland of Pakistan! There was not an issue three years ago with controlling the Taliban, two policemen could have done it. That sad there is an issue now. Pakistan has done a hell of a job cleaning out a problem they created in that they gave the Taliban a haven a safe place to gather.

Yesterday when I was gathering information I realized the US and Afghan army was succeeding in their efforts to contain the so called Taliban and the insurgency along the border. Meanwhile Pakistan has done a hell of a job squeezing them from their side. Of course at one time the concern was that insurgents from around the world were gathering in Pakistan to gather train and arm to cross the border and fight the US and Nato in Afghanistan.

Not due to our success in Afghanistan but because of Pakistan's success in cleaning up the Swat valley the Taliban were now leaving Afghanistan to head into Pakistan to help their Brother insurgents. That is a good sign of something that has not been mentioned. This is a sign that we are making headway. It is not a bad thing that the Taliban are going into Pakistan primarily because they realize they are up against it and are getting desperate.

The pincer move with the cooperation of Pakistan is working. The Taliban is getting desperate now in Pakistan and are now bring the fight to the bigger cities telling civilians they better abandon them. Batullah Masoud is said to have hundreds of martyrs with suicide belts ready when needed. Recently some of the insurgents killed in a firefight were wearing suicide vests and blew themselves up so I tend to believe this. Batullah must be killed and that will greatly quell the problem in Pakistan.

However this is just beginning! The added US troops have not caused insurgents to head to Pakistan as Pakistan thinks. Their success has brought them there. I believe they are up to the task of dealing with them. Whether it is done in Pakistan or Afghanistan does not matter. It has to be done period. I do not like that the Taliban are doing the Iraq thing and targeting civilian areas. We have seen it before.

Civilians are going to have to join this too. They have the power to nullify Al Qaeda and the Taliban! This is a guerilla war. Armies can do their fighting and win battles but to put this to an end it is going to take an all out concerted effort involving the entire population. Success is in their hands and will not come without them. Like Iraqi citizens those in Pakistan and Afghanistan must be mad to realize the so called insurgents want to kill them. They want to end their life, life as they know it.

At one point I thought this was going to go on for generations and I still think it will like it or not. However I do believe civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan will have their life as they want it if they get involved and fight for it. Eternal Vigilance!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, May 29, 2009

Republicans are between a rock and a hard place contesting Sotomayor!

I think Republicans have reason to be concerned with Sotomayor but despite what they say or her own word so they have no idea how she is going to rule as a Justice compared to as a Judge. She has not been an activist Judge. After looking at some thirty cases she is pretty even handed and comes down on every side of an issue as Obama does. I do think that as a Supreme court Justice she will be a thorn in Republican sides.

Though fair and square I see her as the down troddened equalizer. Average confirmation time is 73 days and Obama wants Sotomayor confirmed before the Senate goes on recess in August so she can be seated and up to snuff when the court resumes in October. I am beginning to think things are being moved to fast and wonder why because she will be confirmed so why.

Of course we are hearing all sorts of idiocy coming from Republicans. Sotomayor is being called a reverse racist whatever that is. Because of her finding against the white firemen in Connecticut At first smell the right would have believe that. However she deferred to the precedent set by the 2nd court as she should have.

Latinos absolutely love this as they finally feel they have representation. Republicans are in a tough, tough spot. They want to hang Sotomayor out to dry but they can't do that without alienating the Latino vote they need back in their camp if they are ever to be viable in this new America. Limbaugh the mouth calls her a reverse racist. She said her decisions affect the real world and thinks of people, business, and the Government when she makes them.

I see her concern for the people and business but have to wonder about that of Government. In what regard is she concerned? Upholding the constitution regardless of party or to benefit the Democratic view point? A former clerk to Clarence Thomas slammed Obama's decision. and Romney said he is very concerned. It is going to be tough to question her. This was a shrewd move by Obama.

Choosing her will bear big dividends for Obama and Democrats. Sotomayor represents the change that has come to America! It was wonderful to see a Black President on stage flanked by Sotomayor and a white Vice President. The new face of America I love it. Republicans of course do not. They do not want the change to come but I believe it will anyway. They better step out of the way!

Despite Republicans stupidly calling her a racist and an activist Judge Freedom Watch supports the choice calling Sotomayor a centrist as I too believe she is. Liberals also are concerned about her because they are not sure if she will uphold Roe v Wade. I believe has a thinking unbiased grown from the ground Latina Woman she will!

Pat Buchanan says she is prejudicial. She has dismissed herself in the past from passing judgment in certain cases because she is a Latino Woman. She is not prejudicial. She is extremely qualified as a Judge but I do have to wonder if she will be as even handed as a Supreme Court Justice. They historically go the other way as they now see themselves in a different role. I will leave it for you to ponder that one yourself!

Once the hearings start this is going to be very contentious. I am again stunned by the lunacy that comes from Republicans. They just never stop and seem to have a penchant for saying stupid things and making themselves look stupid. She was called a bully as a Judge by a coward who would not identify themselves. I hate that because if it was true you would identify yourself. You can bet it was a lie to harm her. Anonymous sources should not even be mentioned and the MSM bears scrutiny for playing their games.

Just how far will Republicans go? They say she is not smart enough! She has a temper! Makes you wonder how a Activist, racist, radical, prejudiced woman made it as far as to be nominated to the highest court in the land? I have to wonder if this fight is only one of the reasons Coleman is still fighting Franken to keep Democrats from having a filibuster proof majority? I see nothing stopping Sotomayor's confirmation unless the right does some great research and fabricates something I mean finds something that two confirmations have not found.

I hear she is on the fringe. Scott Wheeler said she disqualified herself. What about all those Republicans who have qualified her in the past? Remember, she was confirmed twice already once for GHW Bush and once for President Clinton. Scott Wheeler from www. says any Republican who votes for her will be outed to their constituents. Just what happened all of a sudden? I do not like this! Supposedly some Republican Senators adamantly oppose her nomination but no names were volunteered.

Huckabee does not like the pick of "Maria" Sotomayor! Tom Tancredo wants her filibustered. It took Tancredo one day to bring up the race card. Many Republicans call her a Racist. Pat Buchannon called her an affirmative action choice meaning that if Republicans did not confirm her they would be saying to minorities that no matter how hard you work no matter how much you sacrifice it will not be enough for us! Rush, Newt, Limbaugh, Cheney Buchannon, Huckabee, who is next? What lunacy is next? How far will they go?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, May 28, 2009

North Korea now threatens a return to State of War! Now what? We don't need another war!

N Korea: Pyongyang threatens military strike on Seoul

Seems like North Korea is going to decide for us what we are going to do. Why is PyongYang doing this to its people! We don't need this, North Korea's citizens don't need this. The world doesn't need this. Kim Jong Il is determined to drag us into another war. For what? The situation with North Korea is getting more critical by the moment. Speaking of that I just found out the US just our military alert level in South Korea. Security was increased along the border and surveillance planes are flying around the clock checking the air for suspicious particulates.

North Korea just seems like an annoyance when they continue to fire off short range missiles but they are a threat. If North Korea was on its own which we can not be sure of though we think China and Russia are not backing them on this one. I know Kim Jong Il is thought a mad man but we already discussed that Obama has got to act decisively here so North Korea is really playing with fire here or should I say missiles and nuclear weapons or what?

North Korea now says they are no longer bound by the armistice calling it null and void. This action is being dismissed as normal rhetoric for North Korea. This is not normal to me! This is not 1953, this is not 1973 this is not 2003. Times they are a changing. We have too much on our plate already! North Korea has a huge military. A million man active army that would only succeed in getting many of their own citizens killed along with a couple hundred thousand innocent South Korean citizens before any engagement came to an end.

With over 7 million active and reserve troops North Korea is an armed military camp threatening to move south. We better take this seriously. South Korea has 670,000 active military and 2.5 million reservists. We have 28,000 troops there and another 70,000 in Japan with tens of thousands in Hawaii and on the west coast but we don't need this.

North Korea is becoming more critical to the world by the minute. After South Korea sided with the US condemning North Korea they said they viewed it as an act of war whish is normal North Korean rhetoric to me. That said, South Korea saying they will start stopping and boarding North Korean ships to look for illicit weapons is not normal. That will serve to get this going like it or not.

Even China was caught off guard with the underground nuclear test and the ensuing rapidly developing move towards war. China and Russia better step up. This is not just another problem tying down the US. Think of the enormous implications! What can we do? This would be disaster for the US. That little piss ant.

Stakes are now enormous! China has to be a key partner in whatever happens here. We can not do this unilaterally. China does not seem to have the leverage they use to or I thought they had. They do have an abstract leverage! They should want to be key players here. They are our banker and we owe them trillions. Being North Korea's immediate neighbor they would be the recipient of hundreds of thousands of refugees if not more.

Boarding North Korea's ships will provoke North Korea to action. They consider that an act of war and that is not saber rattling. I do not see any forces North or South being repositioned but if North Korea acts we will have to protect South Korea and Japan. On top of our two wars we are in trouble in the middle east with events between Israel and the Palestinians not to speak of Iran and who knows who else.

I am afraid I can see why North Korea finds this the perfect time to push us. North Korea is now threatening to be a danger she did not appear to be the other day. The little destitute third world country is now front and center on the world stage. They are the center and it peeves me! More than 90 have joined the PSI (proliferation security initiative). Now that South Korea has and say they will board North Korean ships this is getting hairy. North Korea declared a return to a state of war and said South Korea joining a US security deal is a declaration of war. What is next? N. Korea Threatens Attack on South If Vessels are Inspected

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sotomayor a good solid Political choice!

Obama makes nomination announcement for Supreme Court

You may remember that on 5/3 we discussed her nomination. We closed saying A brilliant fair minded President is going to make a brilliant fair minded liberal pick who will set the tone for years to come. I am psyched! Did I say that? There has been 115 Justices appointed in 220 some years. I fully expect Obama's appointment to be even among such an elitist field, exceptional.

I do believe Obama wants a female minority as I said but when all is said and done he will make sure he picks someone with the principles he so eloquently stated. Privacy, Justice, and equal opportunity for all! How about Sotomayor? She is more than qualified and Hispanics are due. A champion of Justice will be priority one, the Constitution and how it affects everyone period.

In closing Republicans will create an issue where there is none with the goal of rallying their base to divide and conquer the Democrats. Once again they will fail. It is a Conservative court and Obama will pick a Liberal with the goal of centering the court again. Gays and guns will continue to be an issue and once again Obama will make the right decision for the majority. However, Republicans are already busy trying to dig up dirt on every possible choice they think Obama may make. They are gearing up for a big fight. However it is waste of time as whoever Obama picks will be our latest Chief Justice.

She is now his nominee! She definitely has the common touch President Obama was looking for. She has had diabetes since a child, her Father died when she was only 9, she grew up in a Bronx project. She is a great historic choice. Got her Bachelors Degree at Princeton and graduated from Yale Law School, the first Puerto Rican Woman on the bench and the appeals Court.

A self made woman who has already been bipartisanly confirmed twice by the Senate. She was nominated to her Federal positions by both party's. She was nominated to the Bench by G.H.W. Bush and elevated to the Appeals Court by President Clinton. She will be confirmed but not on President Obama's schedule.

Republicans want time point out all the negatives and highlight them first. They will drag their feet to excite their base, raise money, and unite their party. Republicans will say her past is inspiring and fascinating but should not influence her decisions on the bench. They wonder if she is arguing a key case does she have what it takes to make the right decision. She does but they will not like it.

They wonder , How Liberal is She? I think very liberal! She is not a moderate but not a liberal firebrand. I think she is a great fit but for average Americans not Republicans. She will bring a different background, a different story, and transform the court in a meaningful way to average Americans and our version of America and not the Republican version.

Obama gave a hell of a speech as usual while nominating her. Stellar! She has already passed the confirmation test Bipartisanly twice. She reads like a book and sides were her idea of the down trodden. That is obvious and the Republicans do not have to point that out. However they will hopefully for their Political gain. Their aim is to raise funds and unite the party. Partisan confirmation hearings expected for Sotomayor

I say go Sotomayor go! Like Obama as far as keeping the constitution goes she will not disappoint. I was listening to her acceptance speech. She was humble to a fault but genuine. She is going to be great! I am impressed, her speech was phenomenal! She was as good as Obama. You can not find fault with what she said but the proof as they say is in the pudding!

I do not know if you noticed but we saw a picture of the new America on the stage. Our first Black President flanked by a whit Vice President and the first Hispanic female Supreme Court nominee. What a picture, the new face of America. They say she saved baseball. while siding with the players during the baseball strike. I do not know but it should tell you where her heart is. I would say that her siding with the city over cancelling the fireman's test because only white's would have gotten promotions not minorities speaks volumes.

I expect she will be a major asset to Democrats as she does have empathy. Empathy Republicans do not want affecting decisions. Forget it! She sides with the down trodden in my mind right or wrong. I like her as a pick but I am a right or wrong kind of guy and yes you should have empathy but in the end you must do the right thing. Uphold the law like it or not, do not interpret it for personal feelings or gain! I heard her described by a childhood friend and fellow Princeton Grad as very dedicated and scholarly, a lover of the law and Constitution but we will see!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We can not even make a destitute third world country listen to us what makes us think anyone else will?

SNAP ANALYSIS: N.Korea pushes US, risks economic hit for test

Obama: North Korean nuclear test 'a grave threat'

As you know by now Bush lifter terrorist state status from North Korea and they destroyed their nuclear cooling tower. Since, they have threatened to rebuild it and are. In April they attempted a failed missile test despite the worlds condemnation. Yesterday without forewarning Kim Jong Il fired 3 short range missiles and had an under ground nuclear test. We have obviously had a great impact on North Korea.

Once again Japan like the rest of the world vows they will not tolerate this. I am so sick of hearing this crap. Growing up if you said something you better be prepared to back it up and instantly because you were fighting. I am sick of this phony blustering. We won't tolerate this! Shut up! All of us and deal with something anything, forcefully and succinctly! What the hell can we do to stop anyone in the world from doing what they want? It seems nothing and the world knows it.

I am sick of the strong condemnations. They are worthless. North Korea does their own blustering but okay they have a nuclear weapon but they can not deliver it. Their biggest threat is that they will harm themselves. Screw em! All we can do his starve their starving citizens and I am sick of harming the innocents. Let these damn Governments grow some and go after each other and leave us the hell alone.

North Korea has made their only means of existence butting heads with the west who when you rattle their cage feeds them. This has to stop. Guaranteeing Japan that we have their back and coming through with it when called on is all we can do. I still refuse to believe that someone who should be under constant watch like North Korea can prepare a nuclear explosion even under ground and we do not know about it until it explodes. That is not good!

North Korea is the most sanctioned country in the world. Sanction away, it is worthless except to further harm the innocent civilians. Supposedly the world is angry because North Korea is threatening global security but I believe it is solely because North Korea refuses to be kow towed. From what I can see they are their own worse enemy and only a threat to themselves.

North Korea is supposedly threatening global security because they tested a nuclear explosion that was 20 times as powerful as the one they set off in 2006. I really refuse to believe it but I am also sick of hearing supposedly strong condemnations. We are again hearing strong condemnations in the most complete terms from Britain, Japan, and the US. Big friggen deal. It is worthless beside showing those strongly condemned that you are powerless to do anything else.

Stop the blustering. Do something concrete about it beyond making the citizens who we know do not matter suffer further. Like us, Iran, and the rest of the world they are under the mistaken impression that their Government cares about them. Trust me they do not. By the way, where is North Korea's money coming from?

Who is funding North Korea to be another thorn in the west's side? North Korea is only the size of Mississippi with no real exports beyond weapons you would have to be more of a fool than Kim Jong Il to trust let alone buy with ever valuable money. I hear that North Korea specializes in counterfeiting Hundred dollar bills. Kim Jong Il then imports western electronic toys along with exporting $800 thousand dollars a year worth of cognac every year while starving his loving people.

Once again as we are in Holiday mode thus a position of perceived weakness North Korea is threatening us and the international community. North Korea is getting the attention she wants but I hope it backfires this time. This is another big test for Obama. Obama said North Korea is violating international agreements and we must act. Okay do it but what? We can't as an international community attack North Korea or we won't That would work but short of that nothing would so Obama better put up or shut up.

In closing I am sickened that the world threatens and condemns the errant child North Korea for provocation while we know no consequential action has ever been taken but Obama is at bat and better step up and hit a homer. I do not know what we can do about this or any problem around the world but this is a big test. North Korea, Iran, and the rest of the world know our plate is full. We ca not even make a small impoverished 3rd world country do what we want. How do we realistically expect any nation in the world to listen to us when they see how powerless we are to back up anything we say? We must do something but what?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, May 25, 2009

Why not reinstate the Wali of Swat and support him?

Pakistani Troops Fight Taliban in Main Swat Town

Merger of Swat State with Pakistan - Page 1, VALLEY SWAT

The Wali of Swat mourns his lost land

Pakistani troops retake 'bloody intersection'

I must admit that after learning about the Wali of Swat and reading much of the history of the region I have to agree with him. I know it was an Autocracy but they controlled the Taliban. As he said, in those days the Taliban was not an issue and three years ago could be controlled by two policemen. The Wali controlled the Swat and that seems to have been the problem for Pakistan.

There were no problems! There was no Sharia or Pakistani law. Only fair law dispensed fairly, quickly, and evenly, by the Wali. The more I learned about it the better it seemed and I could not understand why it was a threat to anyone. They believed in educating women, built schools and hospitals, and health care was free.

The country of Pakistan took over in 1969 and therein lies the problem for what was once an idyllic paradise known as the Switzerland of Pakistan! The Taliban only gained a foothold there because they promised money to the poor. They gained control over the region only because of Pakistan who it seems let them thrive to get US money and power behind Pakistan.

The Taliban will now be driven out and Pakistan will have control over the region and its people that has eluded them and compliments of the west. I really do not understand why such a beautiful idyllic region as the Swat valley came to this. It was run from what I can see quite well prior to Pakistan wanting to take it over.

I do not understand why the Wali could not have kept control of his area in conjunction with a Democratic Pakistan? It seems to me that the only problem was with Islamabad. A lot of lives could have been saved and 2 million displaced people could have been saved the anguish. Pakistan's military has been valiant here but along with our brave military I am really starting to question their misuse for a Governments personal agenda and it is not what the people are led to believe it is.

When all is said and done I now think Pakistan will be okay but it is us I wonder about as Afghanistan does not seem to want success by our measure. Are we wasting our time money and American lives? For what? oil rights, passages,other energies again? Were we used by Pakistan? Or are we using Pakistan?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mancow gets water boarded and admits it's torture so Olbermann donates $10,000 to veterans of valor in Mancow's name!

Mancow's water boarding!

Olbermann donates $10,000 to veterans of valor on Mancow's behalf!

This should not take too long. I want you to watch the videos showing "real" water boarding! This is still majorly mild but check these out. I have been sick listening to the Torture King say water boarding is not torture. It is just a "enhanced technique? This has been troubling to me on more than a few fronts. I am a firm believer in calling a spade a spade. If I am going to do something not only will I admit to it but I will tell you. I always thought that was just normal. Now I am finding lying is normal!

I do not care what you call water boarding but before I even watched these it was torture to me. You know I have a few sons in the military but water boarding if the least I worry about happening to them were they to be captured. With that said,we know one of the terrorists was water board 183 times and as the videos illustrate, the average time of endurance is 14 seconds. That is 42 minutes that guy endured that.

Not that I feel for him but knowing we kept hearing that information was being given readily until water boarding started and knowing we now know water boarding was used to get an admitted link between Saddam and 9/11 I have to put 2 plus 2 together. We still have Cheney lying and saying there was a link to 9/11 and Saddam Hussein even though we found out the hard way there was none.

We have also now seen how horrific water boarding is and heard the admission that they would tell you anything you wanted to hear to make it stop. Journalist Christopher Hutchins volunteered to have it done to prove it was nothing. Not only did he instantly capitulate he now has nightmares of drowning and smothering. He too volunteered that he would say anything you wanted to hear to make it stop.

Republican shock jock Mancow Muller who I could never stand as he represented just another big mouthed Republican willing to say anything top see his party persevere now has my compassion. Mancow went in to this to show boat but that did not last long or end up being the result. I started feeling sorry for him before it even started as it was obvious he was not up to it.

He never should have opened his mouth especially knowing what I found out. However open mouth and insert foot seems to be a gift to both party's. Mancow was failing just having his feet tied and being told what was going to happen. He should have backed out when he had the chance. They were still nice to him and pinched his nose as he instructed though as you know, that would never happen in the world of real torture.

The expert who was going to do it said the average person can handle 14 seconds. Mancow vowed 15 and cried uncle in 6 seconds. He took a while to compose himself. After watching his extremely negative response I have to hope the experience does not affect him permanently. He said that had he known it was that bad that horrific he never would have agreed to it.

He fell for the idiocy Cheney is still espousing and people are still believing. I suggest that they as well as Cheney and Hannity get water boarded just for fun. Mancow explained he instantly experienced flash backs to drowning when a child which made me ask how could you be so stupid?

Colonel Jacobs retired is the only man with experience in this regard that I have been hearing besides an actual interrogator who said it doe not work backed that sentiment up. He said in this regard it was immoral because no life's were in danger. He said it was unnecessary and gained nothing useful except for the lies they wanted to hear. Food and medical care would work much better if honest information was the goal.

* In closing after watching water boarding and the results by once advocates who now say it is torture and they would tell you whatever you wanted to hear to make it stop as we know was the desire and result there is only one obvious conclusion. The issue is not that water boarding is torture or not. We know it only gets the lies you want to hear to cover your rear. That is the only issue!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Rant: A Personal analysis of the Obama Cheney National Security face off!

As you may know by now Obama categorically rejected torture and Cheney defended it though it was only used 3 times with information stopping once torture started. All information gained was received prior to the water boarding Cheney wants you to believe was success. Once again it makes you realize what success is to Cheney.Also torture stopped in 2005, does that mean we were kept less safe?

Don't listen to Cheney. His twisted logic will only lead to harm in many regards. You have to wonder why they did not water board the 74 guys they released before they released them back to the battlefield? They were water boarding so they should not have stopped at 3. I am just sick of it. Cheney is a bald faced liar.

Cheney knows all the information that can be released is. He knows certain information can never be released. I am sick of him covering his lies saying he wants more information released and says he would be vindicated and Obama knows it that is why he would not release it. Another lie! What Cheney said while defending torture was in essence we had to destroy the Constitution in order to defend it. Remember when the vice scum said the Constitution was just a piece of paper? I am sick of his lying and fear mongering!

Speaking of cheap shots Michael Steele accused Obama of releasing terrorists into the US. The worthless scum forgot to mention they would be in a super max prison which since the beginning no one has ever escaped from. Also Cheney said once there tax payers would be expected to foot the bill. The as who the hell does he think has been supporting them in Gitmo. I am sick of saying it but his speech proved once again that he thinks we are as stupid as he looks!

Cheney stupidly sad that if you want verification that torture works you should go to George Tenet and he will verify it. Tenet? Tenet who among numerous enabling lies called Iraq having WMD "a slam Dunk" He was the biggest disgrace in the history of CIA directors. What does that tell you about honest Dick Cheney?

Obama is dead right when he said those who say torture is the right thing to do is on the wrong side of history period. Cheney the ass made fun of Obama who was speaking the truth for making him wait to speak and then he went on and took even longer with his lies. I am sick of his wise guy childish hypocrisy. Cheney is busy defending his legacy while President Obama is busy trying to defend the country without compromising our integrity.

Cheney was chastising Obama who when he was running for President said that Bush had to much power at his disposal and now he is keeping it. As I said years ago it is not the power it is the person wielding it. Give Bush a right and he made it a wrong. Bush abused every power he stole. Obama will not. I happen to trust this President to do the right thing for us not himself as Bush did!

I am sick of hearing that any one of those so called terrorists is not secure in one of our super max prisoners. They house the worst this country has to offer and not one has ever escaped. Saying Obama is endangering the country while putting the prisoners on "the main land" is asinine. It is just more fear mongering. Sadly many will fall for this crap too!

I am sick of Cheney mocking Obama. Cheney as soon as he got camera time immediately derided and took cheap shots at Obama. It took him 5 seconds to start his smart alec BS! I am sick of Cheney saying torture saved thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands of lives. Why does he get away with saying that? How is he going to prove it? Why doesn't someone hold him accountable? The smug liar is delusional. He is taking a serious subject and once again manufacturing lies and confusion people are falling for. The more he lies the more his polls go up. I don't get it!

I am sick of Cheney saying him and Bush kept us safe for seven and a half years. 9/11 happened on their watch. They allowed 9/11 to happen. They knew about the threat of planes being used as flying bombs. We were forewarned and they did nothing. Cheney sat on his thumbs for seven months and did nothing. No preparation no searches! Yet they blame Clinton for doing nothingwhose hands were tied by Congress and laws.

Obama clearly won the debate with Cheney but inexplicably his polls go up. The national security issue is said to be Cheney's but not as far as I am concerned. Obama is on the right side of history here. Cheney ridiculing Obama plus his lying and torture stance shows Cheney is on the wrong side of history. Obama hit that out of the park. Okay I guess that turned into an anti Cheney rant!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cheney Obama dueling National Security speeches!

After listening to the two speak it is an obvious choice. With the backdrop of learning one in seven that is 74 of 534 released from Gitmo 14% released by Bush after all his and Cheney's great work returned to the battlefield. The Bronx terror plot under investigation for a year and just brought to light as to 4 Muslim's plotting to blow up synagogues and shoot down planes with stinger missiles. You have to come to the obvious conclusion that the Political childish game playing over what the CIA told Pelosi and having her and them investigated by the FBI per Republicans is asinine as the FBI has enough to do keeping us safe. There is no keeping Democrats and Republicans honest I am afraid.

Against that back drop I listened to the two speeches, one eloquent and measured the other fear mongering as expected. You know which one was Cheney's and which was Obama's. There is no need to discuss them but if you are interested here are the links! Obama Defends Plans to Close Guantanamo Prison

Cheney defends waterboarding, says Guantanamo prison essential

Now it is obvious listening to Obama speak that being a Constitutional law Professor he loves the Constitution and is going to do right by it but he will not endanger us. Keeping the people safe is his first responsibility. Highlights provided by Obama and ignorant lowlights by Cheney:

* Obama was right saying we have replaced tyranny with the rule of law! as he said, we had decisions made on fear. He should have added if there was no reason for fear it was created so Bush could follow his agenda.

* I happen to agree with Obama who said he categorically rejected the notion that past methods kept us safe and were in our best interest.

* I have to ask since torture was discontinued in 2005 does that mean Bush and Cheney kept us less safe?
* Obama ended many of the illegal practices of Bush once and for all and all methods will remain in the past.

* Gitmo only produced 3 convictions since it opened so I ask is that success?

* Not only Cheney but continued growing fear mongering harms and weakens the US!

* We will not release harmful prisoners and terrorist into the United States and our prisons are adequate to handle GITMO prisoners if called upon!

* Obama allied some of my concerns as to what I thought was going back to Bush policies. In this instance it was in regard to tribunals or Military commissions. Obama pointed out that in some instances they will be used but he pointed out they are not Bush era tribunals they have been brought under the rule of law!

* Obama correctly that these torture debates will foster more fear mongering! It started about 2 seconds after he spoke and Cheney started his fear mongering lying name calling games.

* Obama pointed out that he released the torture memos because the practice was already nullified and discontinued.

* To my satisfaction Obama adequately explained why he decided not to release the additional torture photos.

* Obama pointed out he ran on transparency and accountability and meant what he said! He will insist on oversight. There will be checks and balances. There will be watchers on the watchers. Built in redundancy I love it!

That was the highlights now the low lights provided by Cheney! There was nothing new here. Cheney couldn't stop snarling. It was worse than ever and it dominated his so called speech. Cheney looked meaner than usual with dagger eyes and a constant gnashing and flashing of teeth. He was all ignorant mouth. He pointed out all the past terrorist attacks we will never forget and do not need that Fear monger to remind us of and it does not justify his and Bush's Nazism. Ignoring Cheney's lies about torture, Gitmo, and Abu Graib, I conclude Obama is right.

* In closing I agree with Obama we can look at the facts and continue protecting America but keep the integrity of our founding documents. Obama rightly said we must keep faith with the documents in this hall, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. I was touched by Obama's speech and thought it rivaled his heroes Gettysburg address!

* I was stunned knowing it is a lie that once again the lying scum Cheney linked Saddam once again with 9/11. I did agree with one thing he said. He called it a tiring left wing mantra that we brought this on ourselves. We did! Now we will deal with it.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama sets the standard for the future and US Supremacy!

Greener Emission Standards

Obama just set the standard for the future of the world. A new direction where hopefully we will now lead where Bush has set us up to follow. Under Bush we were turned into a third world economy dependent on others to do the manufacturing for us and our survival. Drastically improving our fuel standards and emission standard putting them both under the control of the Federal Government and not individual States sets a new standard and will put us on top of the world as we move into the future.

Right now we are dependent on other Nations for our fuel and thanks to Bush, for our manufactured goods as Bush shipped the plants overseas along with their taxes. Obama is forcing them home, closing the tax shelter loopholes, and now rebuilding the Auto Industry while preparing us for a greener more prosperous future. Iran, China, and Russia, are now nervous. This is our future to command. Obama has taken the first step and the rest of the so called civilized world is now worried.

California, DC and 13 other States, the Big 3 and at least 7 big foreign auto companies have all been meeting in secret for this to happen. Once again Obama is moving the country and the world forward. The options were join the effort and dominate the future or stand aside and be left behind. They knew the world was changing and wanted to be part of it. Thus a coup was scored while Americans and the world were listening to the two party's feast on each other.

We were intently listening to Republicans childishly call Pelosi names instead of their talking about Bush and Cheney torturing to get a false reason to attack Iraq and get back into the middle east so Bush could follow his Christian Crusade. While Democrats were focused on torture for political gain and Republican's accusing Pelosi of using Botox, being too big for her britches and lying about the CIA the World changed. Anew standard is being set and we will be on the cusp!

Secretly the big Auto Gyro's of the world met and made a deal for their and our successful move into the future. We are going Green! Republicans and the big fought tighter fuel standards and emission standards saying any improvements would destroy them. That made this the perfect time to act. They had no choice as they are now destroyed by their own hand. Thus what they once said would destroy us is now forced on them and will rebuild us. Cars will now by law get 35 MPG by 2016 and emission standards cut drastically. Moves Bush representing the Industry said would destroy us as he set about doing it instead.

Gas prices have jumped on the news as summer starts and new transportation standards have been set. This is supposed to save an estimated 2 billion barrels over 10 years. Actually 1.8 billion barrels of oil over the lifetime of the vehicles sold in the next five years. That's more oil than the United States imported last year from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Libya and Nigeria combined. Obama has accepted California standards Bush said would destroy us. They will hopefully now thanks to Obama be our salvation and future. Obama Announces First Nationwide Regulation of Greenhouse Gases

The entire auto Industry does not have a choice but to cooperate with Obama. As we said from the beginning, for any environmental to succeed the Government will have to get on board, provide incentive, and and lead the way. Bush refuse but once again Obama has stepped up to the plate and will lead the way. The country and the world will follow!

This is one standard for the whole country with pick ups and RV's being consumer choice. When all is said and done the additional cost will be $600 per vehicle that supposedly will be offset by fuel savings. It still remains to see what incentive the Government will utilize in order to get people to buy new but you know there will be one.

The writing is on the wall! Auto makers and the American oil and fuel industry fought this tooth and nail with Bush's help. They wanted one set of standards one rule and thanks to Bush they were able to play us because Bush would not let this happen. However this is Obama and it is happening. The entire Industry is backing Obama. They are boarding the ship before it leaves port without them. Ending dependence on foreign oil is a top priority, one of our biggest challenges and this is a good start!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rummy used Bellicose military passages from the Bible to please bush on his Crusade I mean attack!

Remember when Bush was first looking for an excuse to attack Iraq to get into the middle east and establish a new middle east order? I will spare you but I did a story called Bush's 10 point plan for attacking Iraq. That was because Bush changed his excuse and reason for attacking 10 times before he found one people fell for. One theme however remained constant.

He was doing Gods work and he was on a Crusade. As usual he slipped and spoke the truth. Bushed on national television called his quest a crusade. It really was no accident but the country took offense as they should have and the verbiage was changed as we were smart enough to know the sh@% would hit the fan with Islam and the world if that were the case. Many of us knew it was though denied but advertising that stupidity would have been to our demise.

Years ago I did do another story on Bush's Christian Crusader Army.

As usual the truth will again be denied but it is coming out. The truth about the perverted Christians and their new crusades is coming out. This would have gone over well with our allies and the Muslim world wouldn't it have? What the hell was wrong with that idiot? No wait a minute I know. The Islamists, the Muslim world, and us were right all along once again. To Rummy and Bush this was a Religious war.

Rummy was quoting Biblical passages to Bush to update his endeavors and Crusades in Iraq and the middle east. We knew the idiot thought he talked to God. We knew he thought God told him to go back to the middle east and straighten out its problems. We knew the fool was talking to someone but it was not God. Well we were right! It was Rummy the Dummy who was filling his full of crap. Rummy was appealing to his perverted Christian Crusader mind or lack there of.

Rumsfeld's use of Biblical military quotes in his daily reports to psyche Bush up makes sense. All along there were those who said Bush was being misled and played by those he trusted. Me I was not sure. Now I do! It now looks like Bush was played, a pawn of more than Cheney's. The chief idiot was being played by everyone. Rumsfeld used quotes from the bible to fire up and manipulate Little Georgie.

Daily DOD reports and classified briefings were covered with militaristic Crusader quotes from the Bible about fighting and winning battles. Proverbs and Isaiah were favorites. Bush loved the imagery and symbolism. Bush suspected early on the Rumsfeld was over his head so he played Bush into complacency by appealing to his inflated Evangelical Crusader ego.

I guess Rummy was overwhelmed as we knew he was. Rumsfeld did not want to help during Katrina either. All he had to do was send the 82nd who was not in Iraq or combat ready but they would have made the difference in New Orleans. Bush did not even know what was going on there until he saw the awful truth on a video. To his credit he chastised Rummy for his inactivity saying it looked like a third world country. Sadly some of it still does. Rumsfeld mixed Bible with intelligence for Bush: report

Anyway I wished then and still do that Bush would have been honest and up front about his Christian Crusader reasons for attacking Iraq as it never would have happened and he knew it. I am so sick of living a lie but in this instance, of Bush being called deeply Religious. He was deeply Religiously perverted. If the public and the world knew Bush was Using Religious scripture to justify this war it would have been devastating.

* In closing We now know for a fact that Bush was using the Christian Religion to justify inflicting horror against Islam. As we said from Day one, Bush was doing the same thing we have been accusing Al Qaeda and all the so called Islamists of doing. That reminds me of one of the quotes Rummy used. It is God's will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men. Peter 2:12 Does that apply to Bush co too? Intelligence was cherry picked and justified military action by feeding Bush Biblical military quotes. Republicans are down playing this as nothing new. Which means it is of consequence. Bush was after all talking attacking a Muslim Nation justified by Christian Biblical quotes. You bet this is of consequence!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Was Notre Dame the best forum to discuss Abortion? Consider the source! For Obama it was!

US anti-abortionists heckle Barack Obama during speech

In the environment of today where pro choice pro life is still a very contentious issue President Obama took the subject on head on as the principle speaker at Catholic Bastion Notre Dame. Obama spoke amidst much ballyhoo as to why the school allowed him to speak but I heard nothing about commending the man for attending knowing he was walking into a potential hornets nest. Outsiders tried to cause a problem but with the exception of a couple outside protestors the faculty and students were overwhelmingly supportive and shouted down the hecklers.

As usual Obama handled a very contentious subject exceptionally well. Yes as usual he was tap dancing but Obama was not talking out of both sides of his mouth as detractors are saying he was again looking for common ground. The right to life dominated dominated Obama's speech. Obama's speech echoed with what has become his watch word, Empathy. Looking for empathy became a call from Republicans that Obama was trying to be partisan in picking a new Supreme Court Judge. At Notre Dame, Obama tackles abortion debate

He was looking for empathy Sunday and his talk made me think about his upcoming pick that will make a difference one way or the other in the Abortion issue. Republicans are saying they do not want someone who is going to ignore the Constitution. What they don't want a repeat of Bush? They do not want someone who votes for their party not the Constitution. Hmm! Steele said he does not want to go to court and face a Judge who has empathy for a mans color or that a woman before him or her is pregnant.Obama agenda: Notre Dame speech

Why not? Empathy should not be a Partisan thing, a Democratic thing. It is bed side manner if nothing else. You can have empathy and still adhere to the Constitution. I do not understand the problem. This is sick! I think you can expect a community organizer and Constitutional Lawyer to do the right thing for average Americans and our Constitution. Not the Cheney Bush version of what they called "just a piece of paper" The Constitution and their version of America and therein lies the real problem.

At any rate Obama handled handled the subject of abortion very adeptly. I was pleased to see the audience embrace his standard stance that we can talk, we can find common ground. As he said and we know there will always be a gap between pro life and pro choice but we must realize abortion is not a decision made lightly by anyone. You must have empathy for a woman whose life may depend on abortion. We should be making adoption of Americans more palatable. It is easier to go overseas.

It really drives me crazy but if the Republicans are the protectors of life why does it end at birth? They protect the rights of an unborn child but once born they do not want you to empathize with it. I must say I am Catholic and Obama represents my outlook of humanity, life and death far more than perverted Republican Religious zealots.

The Republicans have to let go of their my way or the highway Bush Cheney extremist stance and embrace the Colin Powell's of the party, the moderates, the pro choice, if they are to survive. We can agree to disagree. It is not the Catholic way, the Christian way to say do it my way or else. That is the Republican way. You lead by example. You command respect you do not demand it. Make a good product and people will buy it. I do not like the way Obama is packaging his product with incorrect Bush policies but Notre Dame again showed why people are buying it.

Back to when Obama was speaking. I was very offended with those hecklers yelling incessantly "you have blood on your hands, you have blood on your hands" That was not the time but I was happy to see them shouted down by staff and students. That was disrespectful! The students graduation and allowing the President to speak to the masses that elected his should have been all that mattered. Common ground open hearts open minds be all inclusive. Isn't that our Constitution? Our true Democracy?

* Does it take empathy I don't know but I am glad Obama want to Notre Dame. In the end as to Honorary degrees Obama is batting 500, 1 in 2. Keep an eye on him he will get more. Is Notre Dame a catholic bastion the right place to gauge Obama's message of mutual respect and understanding? I think it was! Obama's message was highlighted illustrated by a small number of planted partisan extremists. Despite calls to not clap for Obama it illustrated how much people long for healing and his message of inclusion and unity. So it continues! Reduce the number of abortions, find common ground, break through the Religious and media clutter. Embrace the church. Get rid of the zealots. They endeavor to keep us divided. We must fight that and our America as one again. Regardless of your Politics Obama is the only chance at that I see. What say you?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, May 18, 2009

As Pakistan gets closer to the edge JSOC is prepared to secure their Nukes as we get closer to total chaos!

US changes commander in Afghanistan

Can Gates Turn It Around?

As New Strikes Against Taliban Are Expected

I am really torn here. Knowing the average Pakistani citizen wants peace and will defend their country to the death as we would I am very concerned with the latest developments in Pakistan. They had to be purposely divulged I will have to say to at least feign cooperation by Obama but once again have to wonder about the wisdom of divulging certain capabilities or intentions.

Knowing a thousand plus so called militants have been killed since this clean up began and the military will continue its attacks on mountainous towns not yet touched along with promised increased drone attacks by the US I have to wonder. Last year there was a total of 36 US drone attacks and at 18 already Obama is well on his way to proving he will stay Bush's course in too many ways as you all know. Bombs tear through parts of Pakistan as Offensive kills 1000+ alleged militants

First I have to say sharing Drone information is not a first. We have tried it before. We found out the hard way that the Taliban knew what we were going to do as there were sympathizers inside the Government who warned the militants ahead of time. That was 3 years ago! I think we just proposed to do the same thing under a different guise.

Supposedly Obama is not going to tell them where the drones are going or going to be but isn't giving Pakistan real time video feed one and the same? Militants will know where the drones are and be able to prepare what they perceive as the target area, installing civilians as they do and in fleeing the area themselves. I am sorry! I think giving Pakistan their own drones as they want will somehow work against us as has already proven to be the case if things are not kept close to the vest. I think this is a mistake but we will soon find out as In a First, US Provides Pakistan With Drone Data

I do not seem to agree with much of what Obama is doing today as when all is said and done Obama is doing the same thing Bush did and except for his perceived desire to help average Americans he is proving to me to be a third Bush term. Maybe this merely shows how naive Obama was as a candidate and we were to think he could do it and now he is in the unenviable position to have to dis his base in the face of a growing reality.

The plan is a detailed plan to secure Pakistan's Soviet style mobile nuclear force if it appears they are in danger of falling into the hands of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or any other "perceived" militants. Key word perceived! American intelligence sources say the operation would be conducted by Joint Special Operations Command, the super-secret commando unit headquartered at Fort Bragg, N.C

At least for me until now JSOC and what they are doing in Pakistan and Afghanistan has not been divulged. I do not know if it is wise or not but Obama has let this out of the bag too. JSOC is the military's chief terrorists hunting squad and has units now operating in Afghanistan on Pakistan's western border.

A secondary mission is to secure foreign nuclear arsenals. As you know the mission has taken on added importance in recent months, as Islamic extremists have taken territory close to the capital of Islamabad and could destabilize Pakistan's shaky democracy. Pakistan appears to be holding off the Taliban threat thus the threat of the US too feel the need to act on defending their Nukes. Just in case the US Has Plan to Secure Pakistan Nukes if Country Falls to Taliban

Knowing that we have now put out to the world that we have a plan to secure Pakistan's nukes that was set up in 2004 I have to think that first this is the reason Pakistan was finally compelled to take on the Taliban more forcefully. It also makes me wonder what the hell are we thinking? We know what Sovereignty is. We know how important the nukes are to Pakistan! We have to know when all is said and done that all sides in Pakistan, civilian, Taliban, Al Qaeda, whatever, will come together and take on the outsiders us! What will the future bring to Pakistan and the US?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I see headway for Pakistan but is the US and Pakistan really warning and attacking each other?

Taliban retain control in parts of Swat valley - 15 May 09

Pakistan army pounds Taliban hideouts in Mingora

Who do you believe? In Pakistan headway or not this is still barely beginning! Are we really attacking and warning each other?
Pakistan Claims Advances in Swat Offensive

Pakistan Eases Curfew in Swat

Pakistan readies assault on Taliban in Swat town

Bombing, US strike
kill dozens in Pakistan

Pakistani forces raid Taliban bases

France backs India-style nuclear deal for Pakistan

Pakistan missile hits Afghan mosque

I wanted you to see the latest conflicting news between Pakistan and the Taliban as I see headway for Pakistan. However it depends on who you believe. At the same time as Pakistan is declaring victory over the Taliban the Taliban still holds mountain towns and say they will not be defeated. Also while Pakistan is firing missiles at the Taliban some "accidently" found their way into Afghanistan and though they missed and killed civilians they appear to have been aimed at an American base.

Once again we are getting conflicting information. Once again we are getting conflicting information to hide what one side or the other is really up to. What the heck is really going on? Is Pakistan targeting US bases in Afghanistan? OOPs sorry? Everything today is purposely confused and convoluted to hide the real truth so a hidden agenda can be followed.

After reading all the links all it did was confuse me. The Taliban vows to kill Americans in Afghanistan. We keep killing civilians and Taliban via drones. Pakistan is at the same time attacking us in Afghanistan. Knowing there are over a million refugees and we may or may not be the reason looking at one of the links it brought this mess home.

It was mentioned that with 1.3 million refugees it is the biggest exodus since 1947 (we did that too) England decided it was time to pull out of the area and established an ad hoc boundary separating India and Pakistan and Pakistan and Afghanistan. As was done in Africa peoples were separated that should have been together and mortal enemies were put on the same side.

Knowing this mess is barely beginning you have to come to the conclusion that agree with it or not we are the enemy. We seem to do no right! I have written on it numerous times but you have to wonder out loud the truth about what is transpiring in Afghanistan knowing we do not have clean hands anywhere not just in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

* In closing I am sorry to say that I now think of Obama of being our first Black President but nothing more than a third Bush term. He has reneged on everything he ran on and as Bush would have done is only getting us deeper and deeper. You can only wonder what is really going on in Pakistan and Afghanistan? Who are the real enemies and allies? The million dollar question, How will this end for the US? I see nothing good here nothing at all!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I have to agree with Boehner Pelosi is the problem but so isn't he. Investigation, investigation!

I am so sick of the blustering crap coming from both party's. I hate to agree with Boehner who is is as big a lying Repug extremist as you can get. That said I have to agree that Pelosi is the problem but so isn't he. The truth does not matter. That is a casualty of Politics today.
Pelosi lays out a third version of what she knew about torture

I keep hearing Pelosi say that the CIA misled her and she did not say anything in 2003 because she was trying to get Democratic Senators reelected. Cut the crap! What happened to killing two birds with one stone? Walking and chewing gum at the same time? She said the CIA did not tell her they were water boarding Abu Zayda they told her they might use it. Okay what the hell is the difference? House speaker says CIA misled her on 'torture'

She has the B's to call out the CIA, they damn well better take her on. I am sick of this crap! I just heard Cheney's request to have all the torture memo tapes disclosed was denied as he knew it would be and the scum will now get even worse than before. Anyway I am sick of the side show our Political system has become since the advent of Bush and Cheney. Pelosi is another enabler and obvious liar. She should have been gone a long time ago. She calls everyone a liar so she can continue her own lying career.

I am sick of this crap! Now she is calling the CIA liars. I am sure like her and everyone else the CIA parsed their words to give Bush the Decider the cover he needed to break laws. However is is not a good thing to call the CIA liars as they have the ability to destroy careers and often do. Hers should be over anyway. Her lying was too obvious yesterday as was Boehner's. This entire torture circus should be investigated but I do not see any truth coming out as per usual. Pelosi And Boehner Urge Investigation

Pelosi is a friggen Liar! I am sick of her changing her story. Some of us have been saying it for years now like everything to no avail that all these idiots, Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer, all the dirty Democrats as well as the Republicans must go. I mean I have had enough if this crap. We would be much better off if we pressed the reset button and started from scratch. Enough is enough!

The Republicans love this! Pelosi calling the CIA liars and her being a liar has become the torture issue not the fact that Republicans are the ones that lied so they could torture. Now Leon Panetta CIA Director has come out and said she is wrong and we have to make a call. I have had enough of this. We will never get to the truth in this issue like all the rest. The issue of torture has now become Pelosi the liar not torture. She to my knowledge has changed her story 3 times. She is obviously lying. I learned as a little kid a lesson none of these Politicians learned. If you tell the truth the first time you don't worry about what you are going to say the next time.
Pelosi should be gone and of course she has Democratic defenders and Republican detractors who remember 2 different things. . I am so sick of these partisan idiots. She is lying like a rug, She has changed more than a kaleidoscope. Torture was used to get false information by Bush to justify attacking Iraq. That should be the only issue. This is an indictable offense. I am sick of the lying and cover ups. Again the real issue is purposely buried in confusion to enable a hidden agenda!

Who the hell is Boehner to cry foul? He is as big an obvious partisan liar as the rest of them. Boehner said all the torture lying happened before he had the need to know. Heeelllooo! CYOA, shouldn't someone have passed the word on? Just maybe? How do they all just continue to get away with the obvious cover ups and flat out lies? Then they get rewarded for it with reelection. What the hell is wrong with us? We have to put an end to this crap!

I wish we could have called Cheney's bluff but I hope to hell we are able to call both Boehner and Pelosi's. They are both right there should be a commission. However truth commissions are a LIE! Not just the 9/11 commission farce they are all a farce and a bad joke. Just another part of the lie we have been living since Bush. Again no truth will be uncovered or at least divulged to us.

Once again everyone is guilty but will be found to be innocent. The finding will declare a "misunderstanding" There was no misunderstanding just one more cover up. Once again as I have to say too often since the advent of Bush and the new standard of lie as long as you get your way became the new "truth" Just another part of the lie we are living today! Create a gray area to enable you to do what you want. That is all that matters today doing what you want. When the truth comes out it is dismissed as a misquote, a misunderstanding, a miscomprehension.

I am sick of this crap! Did I say that yet? These political childish idiots do not care about our or the worlds dire situation as like little kids they continue to play their lying childish games . This isn't kindergarten here. These are supposed to be our leaders not our misleader. The two party system once again proves to be our biggest enemy!

* In closing, Once again Republicans are playing CYOA to spread the blame and cover the real issue. Cheney in the end should be taken to task. Like everyone else under Bush the A@* hole Decider I believe the CIA was doing Bush's bidding. At this point we do not have a choice. Bring the whole friggen mess out. If that happened Cheney and Bush would be found guilty. That will never happen though. Even if Holder calls for an independent commission as he should one again the truth will never be known at least by us.The lie we started living under Bush will continue under Obama. Cynical? You bet!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, May 15, 2009

Republicans have a driving desire to lose! Is it Senility?

I have heard it before but I heard Lindsey Graham who I can't stand quoted again as saying he does not want Republicans to be known as a party of angry old white men foaming at the mouth. The party no one wants to see let alone listen too. Too late! As they see themselves decline and with no chance of recovery they desperately look for ways to be young again. It is just like watching someone get old in a nursing home desperately trying to get out. Think about it!

You know the Cheney tag team rove and others are pounding on Obama on the torture issue. Obama is now being accused of back sliding by both party's for not doing as he said he would when he was running and that was in this instance to be transparent. Both sides are using the fact that he said he would be transparent against him. In this instance it is in regard to his saying he would release additional torture photos and it is coming from the left.

This is not back sliding. It is not a reversal, he is merely engaging brain which those with selfish interests are incapable or unwilling to do. I told you, Obama is on his own! This is merely a temporary wise stay as now is not the time to release additional photos of Americans torturing. Knowing a Presidents seeming penchant in damaging the US image the photos will come out and they will work against us. Whack! Thank You Sir may I have another! I just do not know any more.

Obama has largely done a great job but has not pleased me or any of us all the time. I disagree with a lot of his decisions but I am apprehensive to call a lot of this "back sliding" He is merely regrouping fortifying waking up to the reality that he can not act as quickly as he would like. At least I hope!

Pelosi and Reid like many complicit Democrats are as guilty as Cheney and Bush. Obama is being criticized because Gitmo has not been closed yet and now for not releasing the additional torture photos that would only serve at this time to give the MSM something else to talk about and to further divide and anger the country let alone what it would do in the Islamic world or anywhere else.

The timing of releasing the tapes right now is just wrong with Memorial Day right around the corner. President Obama is finding his limitations are many and his options few.No matter what he decides to do it will be declared wrong and endangering America by Cheney, Rove, and the rest of the Reich wing fear mongering Republican extremist agenda.

Again this is another given. By now I have said it numerous times but it must be obvious by now that Obama from day one has been set up for failure. If and when it does happen failure they worked for will be used by Republicans to regain control and finish us and their new disorder off. We must be smart enough to resist this from happening.

Obama is being accused of not releasing the photos as if he made the decision on his own. He was advised and rightly so I say not to release them at this time. General Odierno said no and Gates advised not now as it would endanger troops and Americans in general. Obama did campaign on transparency and it may be an excuse but now says he will not release them now as it will start anti American fervor all over again. For now I will reserve judgment and give Obama the benefit if doubt assuming he is simply doing the right thing and engaging brain before acting!

I am really impressed! We are not the only ones against water boarding. Jessie Ventura is seething. He was livid that Cheney continues to go on Fox and justify torture. I have to ask, when will Republicans be smart enough to pull the plug on the destroyer of their future? Ventura who as you know is no shrinking violet, speaks his mind, and is more than capable of backing it up. Ventura says he wishes he was President because torture is illegal and he would water board everyone that said otherwise. He would water board Cheney until he admitted to the Sharon Tate murders. I am sure he would. That would make Manson happy any way.

I have to ask! Why are those photos by the way in our bet interest? I know what was done and that it came from the top. I don't deem it in my best interest to fan the flames oh American hate here and around the world. Only to Partisans and MSM seeking to capitalize off the mayhem. Our Commanders in Iraq say attacks will increase up to 200% if the photos are released. I don't know about that, the so called terrorists already know they exist and that Obama declared them milder than those already shown. Obama said they are not sensational but do not agree with standard army behavior.

Word is that what Obama is really doing is slowing down the prosecution of torture. As if they needed any help! I believe they will raise more ire and consternation in the US than they will around the Islamic world. The pictures will show it was not a few Rogue soldiers as was the original lie by Cheney Rummy and Bush but that it came from the top as we knew. The pictures should at least go too a commission and for once an honest commission. America being America though, those pictures will leak out like everything and as expected appall America and the entire world. Another anti American can of worms has been opened.

Obama can not stop their showing now. Only the courts can. It is my own belief that they will with hold them in the name of our national security interest and then Obama will have his excuse for not being transparent. The courts won't allow me. What a novel move huh? Cheney stupidly as usual says the country must stand up to Obama. Maybe so but not in being against torture. Cheney says because Obama says it does not make it right. Liz backs him up saying Obama id cozying up to and siding with the terrorists. What is going on? What happened to secretive quiet Cheney? I'll tell you, he lost his puppet Bush! Whether we are attacked again or not and we will be, I will be indifferent. It will not be a reaffirmation that Cheney was right it will be because Cheney instigated it.

* In closing! We should not torture. Another attack will eventually happen anyway. I do believe that if the clock was ticking and I had the person with the information in my custody on a horrendous attack I would do whatever it takes to stop it wouldn't you? However Bush and Cheney put us in the fray. They lowered the standard. After the hearings two days ago we now have the proof from a CIA interrogator that torture does not work.

Information was being given until the water boarding started. Abu Zayda did not divulge actionable information. After being water boarded 83 times ha knew he was not going to be drowned. He simply started playing his interrogators game. He gave them information they wanted to hear. Even McCain said he did it too. I told you a study should be done on how much actionable information was attained if any versus conventional torture methods. Sounds sick doesn't it? I can't believe we are talking about this!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma