Thursday, September 30, 2010

Russia's Putin says he wants peaceful division of Arctic: His actions in 2007 hmm?

Scrambling for the Arctic

Russia's Putin says he wants peaceful division of Arctic : Yeah right!

Putin's Arctic invasion: Russia lays claim to the North Pole and all its gas oil and diamonds

Anyway, I wanted to discuss that in 2007 when Russia declared that it had successfully planted their flag at the bottom of the Artic claiming it as Russian territory Russia was disturbed that Canada the US and others dismissed it as a joke saying that is worthless in the 21st Century. Myself I wasn't as sure as it seems like a scary ratcheting up of the race for future resources and world domination. Well attitudes are changing when recent events are taken into account.

It has been noted that Russian nostalgia for past greatness has been seen stretching from the North Pole to the Mediterranean via the Caucasus. First the Russians planted a flag on the bottom of the Arctic. Then they promised to return to the Mediterranean. You know what went on with Georgia, That the three events came close together may be a coincidence. That they all testify to Russia's new assertiveness is not.

The row with Georgia is not the only source of anxiety for its neighbours. Russia's naval commander proposed "to restore its permanent presence" in the Mediterranean, using the Baltic and Black Sea fleets. For years a Russian naval base in Syria has been standing empty. The return of their ships to Syria is a dream of Russia's admirals and a nightmare for Israel, which fears renewed Russian co-operation with Syria.

Russia's Mediterranean plans pale in comparison with its audacious foray into the Arctic where they collected soil samples and planted the Russian flag two and a half miles below the sea. The official purpose of this first-ever manned mission was "to prove that the North Pole is an extension of the Russian coastal shelf." Geologists say the region could have big oil, gas and mineral reserves.

Knowing that the Arctic features prominently in Russian Imperial mythology and the rising desire for Russia to regain prominence as a world power you have to be very concerned about this and Canada now is. Canada's prime minister went on a three-day trip to the Arctic in an effort to assert sovereignty over the region a week after Russia symbolically staked a claim to the North Pole by sending submarines.

Five countries -- Canada, Russia, the United States, Norway and Denmark -- are competing to secure subsurface rights to the Arctic seabed. One study by the U.S. Geological Survey estimates the Arctic has as much as 25 percent of the world's undiscovered oil and gas. PM Harper, who has pledged to spend billions defending Canada's sovereignty over the Arctic, is expected to announce the location of a planned military deep water port later in the week.

"Economic development -- unleashing the resource-based potential of the North, environmental protection -- protecting the unique Northern environment, national sovereignty -- protecting our land, airspace and territorial waters.

" In response to the building interest in the shelf Canada's PM Harper announced that six to eight new patrol ships would be built to guard the Northwest Passage sea route in the Arctic, which the United States insists does not belong to Canada. Canadian PM vowed in 2007 to defend Arctic

U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins had criticized Harper's promise to defend the Arctic, calling the Northwest Passage "neutral waters." This is all very troubling as we watch the ratcheting up of tensions around the world as we try to move into the future. The increased militarism around the world is tenuous but throw all the recent developments in with what is shaping up to be a fight over the Arctic and its resources which will only serve to ecologically destroy another very important part of the Ocean's and world's ecosystem in what is increasingly appearing

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The continued devolution of Iraq in Bush's Middle East breakdown!

Video: Iraq blast kills soldiers

The latest: twin car bombs kill 31 wound 100, no claims of responsibility

US forces have helped repel an attack on an army base in Baghdad in which seven people died, security officials have told the BBC. Suicide attack on Baghdad base

Iraq suicide car bomb kills twelve On August 17, an al Qaida-linked suicide bomber blew himself up at the same east Baghdad military headquarters and killed 61 army recruits in the deadliest act of violence in Baghdad in months.

News Wrap: Gunman Kills 2 US Soldiers in Iraq

Two US soldiers killed, nine wounded by Iraqi soldier

Five killed in attacks as Baghdad bans motorcycles

Second Iraqi TV presenter killed

Shopkeepers in the neighborhood blamed lack of political progress and called promises of security 'empty. No kidding? Iraqi's have to be scared to death knowing we will leave them alone to their demise, their civil war and middle east breakdown that will spread throughout the middle east compliments of Bush. Suicide attack on Iraqi Army frustrates Iraqi hopes for security

Iraqi forces still frail as US troops head home: Mission accomplished, the middle east breakdown will continue as scheduled. President Barack Obama vowed to make good on his promise to end U.S. combat operations in Iraq by the end of August, despite a dangerous political deadlock in Baghdad and a recent surge in militant violence. Iraqi forces still frail as US troops head home

This is no victory! I have been saying this from day one of this guaranteed failure but for those who have not read it I will again reiterate what Bush knew would happen but ignored to do Gods work and "fix" the Middle East: War-torn Baghdad is the worst, a survey said for its annual survey, Mercer assessed the quality of living in 221 cities worldwide ranking Baghdad #221 the absolute worst. Baghdad ranked 221st, remaining at the bottom of the list with rankings also based on water availability and drinkability, waste removal, quality of sewage systems, air pollution and traffic congestion. The basic necessities of life! vienna is best city to live in, Baghdad worst: study

A 2007 U.S. Report gave Blame to Iraqi's for Bush's Guaranteed Failures!

While we continuously listened to the lies and propaganda that Bush has had many successes in Iraq and that his surge succeeded We already know but many of Bush's declared successes are in fact failures. Low and behold it all boils down to Security fears. What a surprise! What happened to his successful surge? Kill all the Al Qaeda you want they can not still provide the basic needs of life in a successful society.

Isn't that Bush's fault? If he had stayed in Afghanistan as he should have instead of diverting from the war on terror to attack Iraq so he could start implementing his new middle east order, Iraq may have had a Dictator but they would have security, electricity, water, fuel, and a lot more than they have now or will have in the future.

Al Maliki, Alawi, or whoever takes control they cannot and will not bring stability back to Iraq. Despite the political rhetoric it will get a lot worse and then spread throughout the entire middle east. We will never be able to bring services anywhere close to the level they were at when Saddam was in power. It is laughable to think that anyone thought they would be better post Saddam.

The Congressional investigation into reconstruction in Iraq found that six out of eight projects the Bush administration claimed to be a success were falling apart, throwing doubts over the long-term viability of much of the $30 billion program. I have to tell you, the entire program, the surge, Democracy, everything, was guaranteed lost from the get go. What ever is built will be destroyed.

The report which was published 3 years ago but could be today, looked at hospital projects that at last count there was only one capable of operating at all. It does not matter how much money or effort we put into Iraq. Iraqi's as a whole do not want new Iraqi order they want their own version. They want the basic needs of life satisfied and they do not care who supplies them in the end.

Each sect is only concerned with looking out for their own interest and future and as we are told to ignore everyday because it is not "the reality on the ground" reality is much worse! The inspectors found serious plumbing and electrical failures due to looting, equipment lying idle to me primarily because people are scared to death to venture out into the reality Bush has created for them. US report blaming Iraqi's for failures

From the Political system to the oil Industry, Hospitals, electricity, plumbing, security, everything, It will not be turned around and will only get a lot worse before it spreads throughout the entire middle east. Supposedly we are hoping to start withdrawing our troops this year and have them all out by next fall. Regardless of what happens we better stick to that schedule, leave whatever supplies the Iraqi's need, and see just how much they want to live together under a system that will supply their needs. It is in the end up to them!

I have to reiterate something I have said too many times since Bush chose to ignore all warnings of total civil war spreading throughout the entire Middle East so he could attack Iraq and straighten out the Middle East as God spoke to him and instructed him to. You know I firmly believe and have said so a million times by now that since 9/11 everything was construed to allow Bush to gain the power he needed to prosecute his new order not just in the Middle East but on the entire world! He diverted from Afghanistan to get back into the Middle East with the goal of setting up a larger safety zone for Israel and going after Iran.

Bush has created a hell on earth for Iraq that he calls liberty and success with promises to spread it throughout the entire Middle East and now Obama has no choice but to let it happen. We are leaving 50,000 troops thereto supposedly train for another year and the way Afghanistan is failing as expected because Bush ignored it to get back into the middle East to create a new (dis)order Iraq. will fail unless we go back and we will not be able to. The Middle East is still a massive disaster that has yet to begin but it is coming.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NATO forces have crossed the Pakistani Border, not good!

NATO carries out manned air strikes in Pakistan and yes I know we have black ops in there covertly but when I was getting the picture for this it came with the story that we had crossed the border 4 times already!

NATO carries out manned air strikes in Pakistan

killing the Haqqani network in Pakistan and Afghanistan the US is increasingly taking matters into its own hands inside Pakistan. The Haqqani network and their increasingly foreign fighters have become the main focus after 9 years of fighting. The Haqqani Network's North Waziristan leadership -- usually called the Miram Shah Shura consists of a number of Haqqani family members and closely associated long-serving commanders.

At the top of the network is Sirajuddin Haqqani, who oversees the group's political and military activities and is the main liaison to the Mullah Muhammad Omar led Quetta Shura Taliban, the Taliban's leadership body (named for the capital of Pakistan's Baluchistan province). He is also one of the network's liaisons to Pakistani Taliban figures and al-Qaeda.

He travels regularly into Afghanistan to coordinate with field commanders and occasionally to Peshawar and South Waziristan to connect with militants there. Remember Bowe Bergdhal? There are many field commanders in Afghanistan, but turnover is high because many get killed or captured. The most prominent is Mullah Sangin, who is believed to be holding Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl a captured U.S. soldier and Zakim Shah the movement's shadow governor of Khost province. Inside the Haqqani network

Jalaluddin Haqqani legendary leader who fought the Soviets and his son, Sirajuddin who directs operations are increasingly the targets of drones and now manned NATO aircraft in Pakistan as the Pakistani's have been leery to go in the area for whatever reason. Many are being killed, I heard over 80 in a week with no civilian casualties.

I wish we would quickly kill the Haqqani's, both Jalaluddin and Sirajuddin and leave the rest to Pakistan as our invasion of their country even to kill Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters who were known killers of NATO forces may be the straw that broke the camels back.

I would hate to see this unite the Haqqani network with Pakistan against us as Pakistan is furious and rightly so though it may be a ploy to placate civilians. I wish we would just come home. I do not want to see the scenario I discussed many times and that is taking on Pakistan from the Gulf and don't forget Iran. Damn, Damn, Damn!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

The so called recession is not over it is just getting legs!

America's recession: It's over | The Economist

They say it ended June of last year making it 18 months long the longest since WW2. I hate to be the one to tell them but this is not over. It will dwarf the longest recession in U.S. history during the nineteenth century which was between 1873 and 1879. Tell that to the still growing number of poor. The overall poverty rate climbed to 14.3 percent, or 43.6 million people, the Census Bureau said Thursday in its annual report on the economic well-being of U.S. households, plus the jobless rolls just increased by 465,000.Over?

The share of Americans without health coverage rose from 15.4 percent to 16.7 percent or 50.7 million people mostly because of the loss of employer provided health insurance during the so called recession. If the tea party gets in control they will dwarf those numbers. Foreclosures were up again last month. The recession is over? Over and ended over a year ago? Tell that to the millions that know it is on going and see no improvement in sight. 1 in 7 Americans live in poverty

I started Blogging in 2005 as a means of talking with those that care about we the people, average Americans, those who live in the trenches of society and want to hear the truth and discuss that and how we really feel as we never ever hear it. Little did I know no one wants to hear it and no one cares. That goes for all societies all around the world.

The so called experts of the old world the pre 9/11 world became fond of saying this is a new world it will never be the same, we must adapt we must overcome this new world to survive as we are and proceed through the 21st century.

Those fools in the Government, the media, and corporations do not care about us or the truth only making money and playing their games. They do not have a clue and do not care period! Times have changed! I stopped writing books and started this Blog as a means of talking daily because ours and the worlds situation was devolving so rapidly I could not keep up with it. It keeps getting worse!

Watching the inept lying mindless Bush run and get elected "supposedly" along with his crew of lying enablers to control and change societal and world order to a new societal and world dis-order was frightening and absolutely no surprise in total including the timing of this so called recession and world financial collapse.

The entire lie we have lived since 9/11 so Bush could get the power he needed to get in the Middle East and do his world altering war mongering will never be admitted to or known, Along with the entire mess Bush created, the economic disaster was held off with bail outs and kick backs until Bush got out of office and Republicans could blame the whole mess they and Bush created on Obama and the Democrats, it worked.

I started warning in 2007 of the impending financial disaster when Bush Greenspan, Kramer, and other so called leaders the economy and the stock market were senselessly playing up how great things were. It was very exasperating!

Again, I was frightened at the portend of things to come and the truth was being ignored, maybe not seen, but it was frighteningly obvious we were rudderless and all our so called leaders only cared about themselves.

This recession is not over it has barely begun. Think of the frightening prospect of of putting this mess in the hands of the know nothing Republican party hijackers, the tea party voodoo fools.That is frightening! That possibility is what we are now facing.As we just discussed, only Bin Laden can end this so called war on terror he started and only keeping health care and staying on the track of the recovery of "our" America Obama is trying to get us on, will give us a future, success into the 21st century.

The Brown Shirts I mean tea party have successfully hijacked the Republican party as threatened if you have not noticed. If they get in control what happens will not be pretty nor will the "liberty" they want. You have seen it before and know the results. If the so called tea party gets in control of the US it will be much worse mark my words.

James Joiner
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Barack Obama condemns Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's UN speech, wants Palestine to join United Nations: That could change everything!

Barack Obama condemns Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's UN speech That lunacy was Ahmadinejad's the illegal war President not the feelings of unity with America that have been expressed since9/11

As you know, there has been decades of animosity "to put it mildly" between Iran and the US. At the turn of the 19th century we were taking their oil and Ahmadinejad is still trying to get the west to pay them back for what we did to them during WW2 not the least was taking their oil so it wouldn't go to Germany.

In the 50's we gave them nuclear help in a program called atoms for peace along with Pakistan. Then I would have to assume this was after we overthrew the democratically elected President of Iran Mohammad Mosaddeq to install our ruthless puppet the Shah of Iran. We built and supplied Iran's first reactor because we thought we were in control.

What the hell is wrong with us? That makes us personally responsible for the 1979 Revolution in Iran, the capture of our hostages, the disaster in the desert after a failed attempt to rescue them, the rise of the Revolutionary Guard, the protesters dilemma, the nuclear issue in Iran today, everything!

UN sanctions against Iran
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1737 - passed on 23 December 2006.
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1747 - passed on 24 March 2007.
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1803 - passed on 3 March 2008.
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1929 - passed on 9 June 2010.

Now we want peace with Iran in the mix? First there can be no peace that leaves the 1.5 million people of Gaza out and Hamas controls them with Iran's backing. Israel and the international community shun Hamas as a terrorist group and would have to make a tough decision to engage with the militants who refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist saying their resistance is continuous. Despite saying we will never talk to terrorists we have in the past but not this time.

As I have said since Bush's illegal invasion, Israel and Iran do not want peace only on their terms and that can't happen! You know from numerous discussions here that Iran is involved in every Middle Eastern country not just Yemen, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia where they have corrupted elections for Shiite interests in Iraq, backing rebels in Yemen, and instigating attacks on Saudi oil fields.

Bush freed Iran to instigate far and wide and are even training Taliban on their border. Any new actions will only serve to worsen their instigation and cause them to cause chaos everywhere they can and further Bush's total Middle East breakdown Period. Iran will never settle for peace with Israel only for peace in the middle east with a non existent Israel. WTF?

Well! Having Palestine join the UN and by 2012 as President Obama would like would be the game changer. Alienating Iran could win a restless peace in the Middle East I never thought was possible. Make an end run around Iran, a classic war move. Obama is good!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Letter written by Noman Benotman, a former commander in the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group who fought beside Osama against Russia!

The terrorist who said no to Bin Laden:You have lost your way! You are messing around with the DNA of Islam itself. I was impressed when I saw this interview on TV. It is obvious this man was a key high level player before 9/11 and was in on the meeting running up to it. This discussion was about an open letter written by Noman Benotman, a former commander in the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and a former associate of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

In al Qaeda strategy meetings in Kandahar in 2000, Benotman warned the al-Qaeda leadership of ‘total failure' to realize their aims and called on bin Laden and al-Zawahiri to abandon violence. As you know they did not and he is out for good reason. He was at the high level meeting running up to 9/11, the Davos or terrorism and said no to Osama you will be defeated, this is not about Islam this is not Jihad.

He comes out now and says no this must stop. We are not winning and I was right. We have betrayed Islam. We are killing the very people and cause we were supposed to be fighting for. Knowing our response to past attacks they thought our response would be 200 missiles or so, so they took the chance. Needless to say they did more damage and killed more people than they thought they would and this is just beginning unless the Islamists quit because we must fight for our lives.

Noman Benotman loves and respects Bin Laden but like Al Zawahiri Al Qaeda number two he does not think Bin Laden is very smart. However, he does not have to be. He got this so called Jihad going and has incited the Islamist rancor he intended. whether he's Dead or alive the battle on. For Islamists this has taken on a life of its own. If indeed Bin Laden is alive as we are led to believe, only he can stop this. In reality he is the greatest enemy of his people.

Bin Laden is solely responsible for all this war death and destruction. He's no frigging hero to Muslims. They should hunt him down themselves and end this! Noman considered himself a freedom fighter and he was. He fought alongside Bin Laden against the Russians but said these wars have nothing to do with Islam. It is purely political and it is time to lay down arms, 100% and end all this senseless violence.

We know this but Noman says Al Qaeda and now Islamists of all stripes offers meaning to those who have none and gives them a cause but has nothing to do with Islam or Jihad. This all boils down to communications and I agree but Islamists are not interested in communicating. They are interested in our destruction. violence is their communication.

Osama stop bring shame on Islam. Stop killing your own people. Stop bring death and destruction on them. You forsook Mullah Omar who invited you into Afghanistan to give you protection. Bin Laden used Afghanistan for his own personal war against the west, the US, and Israel. This is not Islam , this is not Jihad. Restore Muslim integrity, end this now!
An Open Letter to Osama bin Laden -- by Noman Benotman | The AfPak ...

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Middle East peace in a year hell you mean war!

middle east peace talks are under way but are grossly misinterpreted, Middle East peace in a year hell you mean war!Clinton was asked why those who saw little chance of reaching a settlement within Obama's one-year deadline were wrong. "I think they're wrong because I think that both sides and both leaders recognize that there may not ever be another chance.
 She misinterprets the meaning. It means Netanyahu refusing to say there will be no new Israeli settlements in the West bank and the Palestinians have warned that a renewal of Israeli construction would spell the end of the talks, which resumed recently after a 20-month hiatus means there will never be peace but a guarantee of war period. Like it or not!  middle east peace talks are under way but are grossly misinterpreted
They still stupidly say there will be Middle East peace 'in a year Who the hell are they trying to fool anyway?'

The parameters to peace are easy but it will never happen as the Jews will never stop the settlements and Iran will never allow Palestine and Lebanon to agree to peace with Israel Period. A middle east without Israel is the only path to true peace and that is not going to happen!

Netanyahu spoke of how the security challenges facing Israel have “changed” over the last decade. He referred specifically to “the rise of Iran and its proxies,” a clear reference to Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, and to “the rise of missile warfare.” What about Syria? Abbas can't speak for them. Assad, in Paris: Israel doesn't want peace with Syria

What about who is now on the list of intractable issues that have stymied decades of Mideast negotiations, Iran backed, and will not be left out of negations as their slaughter of innocent civilians just before the meeting in Washington illustrated. Peace? I don't know about that! 'Mideast peace process poses a strategic threat to Iran'

Hamas will never agree to be ignored and isolated, and Hamas is firmly in control of the Gaza Strip, one of the two territories that are supposed to be part of a future Palestinian state. What about that little detail? Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might be partners in peace but Iran and Hamas are partners in Israel's destruction and Iran's version of new middle east order not ours, Israel's and Abbas's. Ahmadinejad says middle east peace talks will fail and Israel on the verge of collapse 'the farce of middle east peace talks"

There can be no peace that leaves the 1.5 million people of Gaza out and Hamas controls them with Iran's backing. Israel and the international community shun Hamas as a terrorist group and would have to make a tough decision to engage with the militants who refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist saying their resistance is continuous. Despite saying we will never talk to terrorists we have in the past but not this time.

You know from numerous discussions here that Iran is involved in every Middle Eastern country not just Yemen, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia where they have corrupted elections for Shiite interests in Iraq, backing rebels in Yemen, and instigating attacks on Saudi oil fields. Bush freed Iran to instigate far and wide and are even training Taliban on their border. Any new actions will only serve to worsen their instigation and cause them to cause chaos everywhere they can and further Bush's total Middle East breakdown Period. Iran will never settle for peace with Israel only for peace in the middle east with a non existent Israel.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mexico: drug capos now surrendering without fight

I knew Mexico could handle this where we can not or will not. I hope things are turning around in Mexico as far as the range wars with the drug cartels. I remember in the past leaders were hounded from one hideout to the next and bloody shootouts were the norm. Some 28,000 have been killed in this bloody drug war since 2006 and it is now being called an insurgency with 1000 killed in the last month alone. The drug war on the border has turned into an insurgency

I understand Mexico had help as Authorities in Central America, Colombia and the US joined forces to peacefully capture drug kingpin Sergio Villarreal who they call "El Grande" because he stands 6 and a half feet tall. It is about time we are working together to capture these capo's that we were once led to believe were invincible and untouchable. I have to wonder why Mexico is having success and we just seem to be dragging this 100 year drug war on to help aspects of our police infrastructure.

Remember Mexico just sacked 10% of police force as the federal police force in Mexico dismissed 3,200 officers for incompetence, corruption or links to organized crime.

That was immediately followed with the arrest of 100 drug cartel operatives culminating with Mexican police arresting 'drugs kingpin' La Barbie, Edgar Valdez Villareal "an American" Again peacefully!

Now we findUS joined central American bid to nab Mexico druglord Why is it we can always help others but can never help ourselves?

Sergio Villarreal Barragan: Capture of “El Grande” helps Mexico's president

Mexico: drug capos now surrendering without fight I think this is fantastic but we have not seen the end primarily because of the money to be made in cocaine and marijuana which is responsible for 53% of the illicit profits. I understand To weaken the cartels, some argue the U.S. should legalize marijuana, let cocaine pass through the Caribbean and take the profit motive out of the drug trade. I don't know what rerouting cocaine would do but I do agree with legalizing marijuana for many reasons.

Our 100 year drug war is tearing Mexico apart but unlike us I think they can win it! After 40 years the front line is now the entire US covering every State and all of Mexico. It has now engulfed and is endangering the very being of Mexico as a country and safe for its citizens. However this is not Nixon's 40 year drug war but the US 100 year drug war and we are losing!

With our 100 year drug war and guns being purchased here and sent to Mexico then drugs being sent here feeding this drug war. This has not spilled over from Mexico it has spilled over from the US.

I reiterate: eastern California, southern Arizona and New Mexico are clamping down and National Guard troops are now involved! With 560 kidnapped last year Phoenix has become the kidnap capitol of the US! The cartels now operate in every State in America.With a reported 100,000 foot soldiers many of them trained military soldiers who have deserted to fight on the more lucrative side this is a formidable force! What about the Mexico mafia?

We keep hearing that Mexico's war on drugs is spilling over into the US. Now Congress is meeting about it. We are hearing of National Guard troops being called to help because Mexico's drug war has endangered Border States. Weapons are being purchased from gun dealers around the United States and being smuggled into Mexico to be used by the Drug cartels to fight Mexico's military in fighting Mexico's drug war. I have a few questions for our brain dead Politicians as they are once again in denial!

First I want to say when you work with the US you are taking on a lot of trouble. Anyway if I remember correctly our authorities have bragged for years that they are fighting a war against drugs! America can not afford a war on Drugs end it!

We know they do not but you want to say don't they ever think? They are purposely feeding the violence on the border they are supposedly very concerned about? If you buy marijuana in the US you are fueling the cartel drug wars in Mexico. Are they doing this on purpose? Last year there was 7,000 killed there. So far this year they are on schedule to beatthe 2800 added last year to those Butchered, beheaded, murdered, for what? Juarez, New Mexico on the Border with El Paso, Texas is a battle zone. It is the hot spot in the cartel's fight for smuggling routes. The drug cartels and those officers and military not bought off by the cartels are in a full blown war

Of course there are big fears of our drug war that spilled South to Mexico now spilling back to our side of the Border as violence and it is happening The violence is only there and fed by our insatiable hunger for marijuana and other drugs. We can end this! We can control the border as we still are not and put our military on the border. That is where they should be not on 733 US bases around the world and in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Forget poor Mexico, forget Nixon's 40 year war on drugs, end America's Own 100 Year Failed War on Drugs!

We have been fighting a self professed war on Drugs for one hundred years! I wish someone would be able to figure out at what cost. It seems to me that the drug war has spilled over the Border with Mexico. However it went north to south. It is our drug war that has spilled into Mexico. It is us that have made Mexico the narco State it is. I do believe we should at least put American military on the border and do not really understand why it is not. That would go a long way in stopping the problem so I do not understand why they are not on the Border unless it is because a certain political interest still does not want the border secured to enable illegal immigration? Why else? A desire to keep this war going? For gain? of what?

Legalize marijuana at least then if it works follow with the rest! That would kill much of the incentive for Cartels to be waging a war on drugs. Yes there is cocaine heroine and other drugs but marijuana is America's number one cash crop! That blew me away. According to official Government figures The value of the annual harvest exceeds that of corn, soybeans, or hay, the country's top three legal cash crops with an annual crop value of $35 Billion. There have been an estimated 100 million pot plants destroyed between 1981 and 2006 yet production has still increased 10 fold to 22 million pounds!

Legalize it, secure the border! Just imagine what it would be if it was legalized. Regulate it like alcohol, sell it in package stores! Tax it! Look at the potential revenue. Legalizing marijuana would end a hell of a lot of problems and create exactly zero! Think about it! The number one abused drug in the world is legal, Alcohol! It destroys numerous lives! What sane argument is there against legalization? None, none whatsoever! All we are doing with this insane war on drugs is driving people and not just kids to experiment and find a legal way to get high with common household products. We are only making the problem exponentially worse. END IT! LEGALIZE!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, September 20, 2010

Japan and the US better take the fishing boat standoff with China seriously

This is no joke or normal diplomatic gamesmanship. Normally when we think of problems in Asia we think of North Korea and Taiwan. We forget about Japan's relationship but always China is in there somewhere.

China, Japan fishing boat standoff deepens amid delayed talks

With no end to the fishing boat dispute in sight, relations between Asia's two biggest economies are in danger of backsliding. Row sees China cancel Japan visit

Remember the "incident this past spring with the 10 Chinese warships including destroyers and submarines off Okinawa? This put a new light on things to me. Look at the big picture once again. Japan has got to be rethinking their constant effort to get the US Military to leave Okinawa. It will behoove Japan to have us there. This puts a whole new light on China's turn around on Iran, their monetary finagling, and their last minute turn around on whether or not to attend the nuclear summit. This latest row really has to have Japan rethinking.

Remember Just prior to this sudden mood and cooperation change with the US we were being threatened for arming Taiwan, for meeting with the Dalai lama in Washington, and threatened with slowing our economic recovery. I fell for the line of thought that the so called experts were floating that China realized that if we go down so do they.

Cooperation between China Russia and the US is critical! Obama was right to say our ties will shape the future of the 21st century. The US and China are eying each other and moving very cautiously as they try to strike a balance. A few years back I began to view our relationship with China as the most important in the world. Not because we drove each others economy but because if at the time with Bush's instigation to war with Russia China due to the fact of how our 2 economies are so intertwined that if something happened China would side with us not Russia. I never imagined that today problems between China and Japan would be the issue.

As we discussed there have been at least three cases of groups of Chinese military ships crossing through the area of Okinawa since November 2008, first 4 ships then 6 then 8 and now 10 including destroyers and submarines. The latest case appeared to be the first involving surfaced submarines. The group of 10 ships, including the submarines, was observed about 90 miles (140 kilometers) southwest of Okinawa in international waters.

Two missile destroyers and three frigate ships from the same group were spotted participating in a flight exercise of carrier-based helicopters April 7-9, the Defense Ministry's Joint Staff Office said in a statement The war ships were in international waters but close to Okinawa and Japan was not notified. That area as you may know has natural resources under the ocean and islands claimed by both Nations. It is important that we stay in Okinawa as China plays a more important role in Asia and around the world as she gains strength militarily and economically as we just discussed. Remember our discussion on the importance of China and the US staying together to move successfully through the 21st century

We must maintain as much of the old world balance and order as we can to maintain a balance as we try to move progressively and successfully through the 21st century! I know of China and Japan's past, I know of the still ongoing Island disputes, the disagreement over natural gas in another area of the East China Sea, I also remember that with China's economic clout rising she took the number 3 seat on the world bank and we talk constantly that China is taking the leading role in Asia and Asia relations.

Being in a superior position puts one in a unique position of power and that power must be handled gracefully, with humility, responsibly, and not abused. That is something I taught all my sons and America under Bush did a lousy job of handling. I am a little worried that China too is getting a little too heavy handed and abusive with her new position of power and beginning to take what she wants instead of being content with what she has which is what I constantly lecture has to be the case if we are to have a future. The time when man and the planet could handle war and colonialism is over, period or else!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Despite the continued lies I am now finding the Gulf is much worse than we thought

I just heard a massive fish kill of hundreds of thousands if not millions of fish of every kind was found off Louisiana presumably killed from lack of oxygen but they can not attribute it to the BP disaster yet but damn it I can!

Nothing like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has ever happened before - at least not in human history - and it will take years for scientists to understand the damage it causes, University of Georgia marine scientist Samantha Joye said Tuesday."It's an imbalance in the system, and that's the danger. On cnn I watched her describe a 100% totally dead sea bottom. This is particularly disturbing to her as she fell in love with it 15 years ago and has studied it ever since.

So far 70 miles out from the spill on the sea bottom she found a total blanket of oil 2 inches deep and totally devoid of any kind of life, no shellfish no nothing. Remember they die and then the fish then it goes to human life and life of the planet. She found up to 79% of the oil still on the sea bottom where BP and the Government hid it.

Don't forget the methane gas, the corexit, and the enzymes eating the oil, all of it killing the oxygen and settling on the sea floor. Extremely troubling to me is the fact that we are told damage is minimal and to go ion with life and she points out that it takes 175 years for the water on the bottom to reach the top. Damn! I found numerous links but just look at this one if you will and watch her video For others I will reiterate the terrible damage done in other areas if they are interested!

This keeps getting worse and worse! There is more than good reason for people that live in the Gulf area to be suffering of depression, worried about their future and ever fishing again, and contemplating starting over elsewhere. Unless they plan on drilling for oil they better start packing while they are still healthy and despite the lies that the shellfish, fish, and shrimp are fine do not touch it period!

I watched a program on cnn and the shrimpers were being forced to go out because of their financial positions and they have families. They found much smaller catches and were concerned their catches were edible of even keepable. They were seeing 3 inch oil balls everywhere and were being warned not to tell anyone. I hope you watched the above video. Trust it, it was independent of BP and Government lies. It was done by University of South Florida.

Gulf oil plume extends 21 miles from source 21 miles long 650 feet deep and a mile and a half wide. That is independent of what Dr Joye found on the dead sea bottom. As BP reduces the size of the "vessels of opportunity" program, fishermen who work in more remote areas are expressing concern about oil they have recently spotted in places where boats have not been deployed and they are being told to keep quiet! The oil is not breaking down as they say.

All the way from the deep water horizon to 40 miles south of Panama City they they discovered what they described as a constellation of microscopic droplets of oil and dispersant killing phytoplankton the basic building block of the entire life of the sea. It was headed to Desoto canyon an area critical to all sea life for commercial and sport fishing.

The Government is still lying saying the sea and the fish will break it down and BP is still denying it. I am very troubled for everyone there in particular my sons and grandchildren. I better reiterate the residents very real concerns for those that missed it as we are getting closer to the whole picture and the awful truth:

Gulf PTSD: Pray for Those Suffering from Gulf of Mexico Syndrome , Will BP Pay for the Spill's Toll on Mental Health? No way!

Gulf oil syndrome

More than eight out of 10 respondents reported worrying about their family, friends and community's survival to the complications caused by the environmental disaster. 46 percent said it prevented them from getting a good night’s sleep • 43 percent said it prevented from being able to focus on their usual job or work • 40 percent felt sick to their stomach "some of the time" or ‘almost constantly’ • 38 percent experienced headaches or migraines ‘some of the time’ or "almost constantly" • 34 percent experienced aches and pains ‘some of the time’ or "almost constantly" Gulf residents report anxiety, sleeplessness – Paging Dr. Gupta ...

The toxic formula growing in the Gulf of Mexico is no different than spraying Agent Orange in Viet Nam. All it takes is a strong wind or a hurricane and those of us living along the Gulf Coast are finished. If the toxins don't suffocate us, we will suffer from contaminated potable water. Reality dictates a long term toxicity of air, water and land. Everyone had might as well start preparing by reading all you can find on the internet about Gulf War Syndrome. We're all about to experience it. Gulf of Mexico Illness = Gulf War Illness

Children are coming down with respiratory problems from toxic gases, another aspect of the Gulf of Mexico Syndrome is the very real stress and anxiety from knowing you are living in poison and have no way of surviving. While the devastating ecological impacts of BP’s oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico are obvious, the less visible but also long-lasting psychological, community and personal impacts could be worse, according to social scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

“People are becoming more and more hopeless and feeling helpless,” Dr. Arwen Podesta, a psychiatrist at Tulane University in New Orleans told Truthout. “They are feeling frantic and overwhelmed. This is worse than [Hurricane] Katrina. There is already more post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and more problems with domestic violence, threats of suicide and alcohol and drugs.” They say they do not know how many years they will be dealing with this but I hate to say it but I want to say "till death do us part" The Indypendent » Gulf Residents Likely Face Decades of Psychological Impact From BP’s Oil Disaster

Over one-third of parents reported that their children had experienced either physical symptoms or mental health distress as a consequence of the oil spill. One in five households has seen their income decrease as a result of the oil spill, and eight percent have lost jobs. Only five percent of coastal residents reported having received any cash or gift cards from BP, although over fifteen percent believe they may be eligible for compensation from BP for health consequences of the spill.Over one-quarter of coastal residents think they may have to move from the area because of the oil spill. Kenneth Feinberg, who is administering the BP claims process, has said mental health claims will not be covered.Will BP Pay for the Spill's Toll on Mental Health? Nope!

Those poor people are screwed and they know it. This is horrible! As we have been saying for months the gulf is dead for fishing they might as well destroy the rest of the earth looking for their frigging oil. At this point it is human life there itself I am concerned about, You know that shit is evaporating and will come down with the rain on crops and in drinking supplies. I wish they would stop their lying! The guy in the tape is right those people's lives do not matter they are just eaters, the little people!

This will be the worst in the world because of where it is, set aside the dispersant added in. This already is the nightmare scenario they are not talking about. You really have to question what it is they are trying to correct with this so called corexit they poured in the gulf to kill everything? Us the eaters who do not matter? The little people, oh the small people!

We are so screwed as we know. We do not matter and instead of doing the right thing for the people and the gulf they are going to lie until once again the awful truth becomes undeniable and they will just act surprised. WTF?

The people in the Gulf might as well keep drilling for oil because their fishing is going to be dead for generations if we are around that long. This is of epic and Biblical proportions. This is life changing, this is planetary changing. Oil swallow, Jean Michal Cousteau, all the special clean up methods aside will be worthless as Billions of gallons of oil and 2 million gallons of deadly dispersant make the trip around the Gulf stream and not only destroy the gulf but diluted or not alter the entire food chain around much of the world.

Their lives are altered forever and they know it! I feel sorry for the likes of my son whose health is sacrificed in wars but him and all our military in the gulf where we have a heavy multi branch presence will be kept there and their long term health mental and physical will be sacrificed. The people who live there along with military families should look at moving elsewhere.

BP supposedly has already paid out 8 Billion of the 20 Billion they have promised. You know that is a pittance. They have already spent a quarter of it and this has barely begun and will be necessary for decades on end. We also know half the claims remain unpaid and millions of Gulf Coast residents are looking to BP to pay for mental health, stress, and depression costs. I am very concerned that BP is going to skip on us as costs mount! You can bet they are working on it. They will form new corporations and shift assets around to screw the people of the Gulf, all taxpayers, and America, file bankruptcy then they will do this again the inept asses they are. WTF?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Retired Cops, Judges and Lawyers Push to Legalize marijuana in California

Pot growing Grandmother Kristi, 68, has been growing and dispensing marijuana from her home in northern California since the 1970s.

California marijuana vote draws unlikely foes, allies into ring

Proposition 19, also known as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 Wikepedia

Oakland, California (CNN) Dan Rush stood in front of Oaksterdam University, a cannabis college two blocks from City Hall, enthusiastically describing his mission to unionize marijuana workers. Retired Cops, Judges and Lawyers Push to Legalize,some ex-cops, state assemblymen and billionaire businessmen favor legalization, while there are pot growers and dealers who want to keep it outlawed. This really has promise! I didn't even know there was a pot College!

Now I hear In addition to Oaksterdam, where more than 7,000 graduates have taken classes on law, horticulture and "cannabusiness," there are plans to turn Los Angeles' aging Hotel Normandie into pads for pot tourists. Just north of Laytonville, in the ganja-flush Emerald Triangle, lies Area 101, a rural 165-acre roadside retreat where visitors "can get down and get high with the spirit of the land."

There are entire towns packed with hemp stores, head shops and feed-and-seeds, cater to growers in the Emerald Triangle. At a bar in Redway, growers sat on the porch of a local bar smoking "Blue Dream" marijuana. I have a 68 year old friend from Boston who lives there and smokes and I never heard of this. Taxing Cannabis, by the numbers

I really am impressed with the way this is going in California and believe this should be country wide though the Fed is still a road block but I think it is a big hurdle that canbe hurdled if only because of our financial crisis.We have been discussing California's progress from pot factories and legal marijuana farming to their first advertisement on it. If you missed it here it is for you to elaborate on if desired. Here

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, September 17, 2010

Boehner would back US middle-class tax cuts alone, that is an Obama victory

This is not going to be the rebellion like Boehner has never seen before this fall like Boehner keeps saying hoping he and the tea partiers can make it a reality. Primarily because many people know the alternative to Democrats continuing to get our country back is a return to Bush's policies of tax cuts for the rich and breaks for the corporations in a Corporatocracy. Boehner finally relenting in his holding the middle class hostage until he can get the tax cuts for the super wealthy is proof that he realizes he has to start thinking about average Americans for once. Boehner would back US middle-class tax cuts alone

We are going to lose some seats it is only normal despite what Boehner, Cantor and other Republicans want you to think. Some crossovers and independents will go back to the Republicans because many fall for their lies and fear mongering. Many Democrats see the lies and fear mongering not only of the tea partiers but the Republican party they have vowed to hijack and they have. Boehner calls GOP House majority an uphill fight

Could the Tea Party Do More Damage Than Good to the Republican Party? Most definitely!

I was just looking at a story some main stream Republicans are teaming up to defeat tea party candidates as they realize they are fruit loops and they in general are not going to be able to compete with a common sensed Democrat if there is such a thing. They let it go unchecked and too far and now Beck chided even Karl Rove ans they are all being kow-towed to back the know nothing fools.. Remember Dick Armey's Tea-Party Coup‎ The movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party. It is aiming for a hostile takeover.

Armey: Tea Party Seeks 'Hostile Takeover' of GOP Armey stated: "Let us be clear about one thing: The tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party, but a hostile takeover of it." That is a good thing he said and I have to agree it is a good thing but for the Democratic party!

It is good for us but they have taken over! Remember Palin and Beck are the new leaders in the new crusade for the dumbing down of America. I was sickened by the lies in Washington and then again in Alaska but they will continue to gather a crowd but not large enough to bring about change let alone change you can believe in.

All they have to do is keep the big Government, fascist, socialist, anti-American, anti Obama fervor at a high pitch and with the help of Faux news Beck, Palin, and the secret money of the ultra rich, they will. Who's really backing this take back America and help the rich movement? The super rich! The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party

Common sensed people better wake up and realize we are in trouble if they are able to end Obama's agenda altogether.They want a return to the fiasco Bush Cheney and Rove created saying we lost our way. We have not lost our way they did and we can not let them drag us into total chaos but they are going to especially if independents and Democrats keep coming out to keep them out of office.

They are bound and determined to start a 2nd Revolution saying they fear the Government is going to come after them and be beating them down. They are banking on it and have been instigating for it and to end up in the FEMA concentration camps from day on. I do not like what I see coming. I feel bad for my grandchildren who are going to grow up in this Bush created mess and for my patriotic sons who the Republicans keep invoking as brave patriots we must support.

We must support them but stop using them and 9/11 as shills as Palin and Beck are, trying to gain support for their 2nd revolution. Our troops have been lied to, ill used, and abused from day one under Bush I do not like what is coming! I am sick of the damn lies! We must come out to vote and keep these fools from public office. They would mean a monumental degradation of our America and any form of knowledge or common sense much worse than the destruction Bush wreaked on us and the world.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Warlords and alleged killers seek re-election to Afghan parliament trying to make Afghanistan most corrupt Nation in the world before civil war hits!

Warlords and alleged killers seek re-election to Afghan parliament Maybe they are going to protect the corrupt drug lord Karzai!

Pakistani printers make fake Afghan voting cards I think not! The cards, some shown to The Associated Press, add to evidence that fraud could undermine the elections and further destabilize the Western-backed government of President Hamid Karzai. The cards are produced for 23 cents apiece. I wonder how much they cost Karzai when he was fraudulently elected?

U.S. Debates Karzai’s Place in Fighting corruption. The Obama administration is debating whether to make Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, a more central player in efforts to root out graft.

Oh yeah that'll work! That's like Bush volunteering to investigate himself! Most of that graft and corruption is Karzai' They want to give the head corruptor veto power over who is detained. The two anticorruption units have won high praise from American law enforcement officials for their success in building cases. In the past year, their investigations have resulted in the detention of more than 50 people on corruption and drug trafficking charges, 10 of them high-ranking officials. What about Karzai?

Afghanistan is a frigging mess, we have to get the heck out of there and now. It is insane to keep our troops in the middle of this chaos!

Afghanistan's level of corruption earned it a ranking of 179 out of 180 Nations listed last year. It was worsened only by Somalia who is ranked as the most corrupt nation on earth. . That is not much to be proud of! Britain is 17th and the US is 19th, Cuba is 64th and Mexico 89th. Afghanistan has Iraq Burma Haiti and the likes of Burundi for company on the bottom of the list. Afghanistan sinks in new corruption ranking I wonder where they will be on the list after this election with with more criminals killers and corruption that will only guarantee civil war. We better get out now but our mis- leaders are too stupid and will stay until we join the graveyard of Nations.

What bothers me about the list is that recent efforts at forcing Democracy on Nations by Bush we know as failure but it is illustrated here. I know corruption has been around since the beginning of society and man. However, with the advent of George W and his corrupt underhanded Government in what he called an example of Democracy to be exported around the world the corruption and stolen power became the new standard.

Bush used what I coined as 3D politics taught by Karl Rove to achieve their goals. (3D politics = Deceitful, deceptive, divisive politics) It seems in every election in every country now we hear cries of fraud and corruption not just here in the US and more visibly in Iran during the June Presidential election. Iraq still can't agree on what top do and we are leaving them. Why should we expect Afghanistan or anyone else to be any different? Check where your country ranks in the corruption index

Look at the example we have set for others to follow. I remember the feeling of shame when GW had the audacity to tell China they should aspire to a US style Democracy seeing our own broadcast daily corruption in what many of us believed was no longer a Democracy. Under Bush we became a Democracy in name only and were exporting that not just in the Middle East but around the world.

Stealing elections and corruptions is the standard in the world now. The destruction Bush rained on the US and world balance along with the example he set for the world to follow will affect the entire world for generations if not forever. That is why I can not forget what Bush did and people often tell me to get over it. He made sure he will go down in history!

I continue to beat a dead horse but again reiterate though it is a waste of time that like Afghanistan Pakistan is largely tribal but they want a central Government and freedom from the Taliban to continue to have their tribal customs and freedoms and are fighting for it! NATO go home! Scale back! Get out! We keep hearing how tough Afghani's are. Prove it! Pakistan has shown what they want and so has Afghanistan. Can't we take a frigging hint?

We keep hearing how we must get to Taliban moderates and Afghan moderates well get with it do it now and let them fight for their country. Moderate tribesmen in parts of militant-ravaged north-west Pakistan are challenging Taliban extremists threatening to overrun their area, in what will develop into a mass resistance movement.That is what Afghanistan must do!

America and NATO must get out! We have been there over 9 years, twice as long as WW2! Afghanistan as you know is now our longest war with the idiots in charge promising to be there forever. If Afghanistan wanted freedom from the Taliban they would already be trained and fighting for it instead of just letting themselves be killed as pawns.

Why are the Afghan's not forming Lashkar's and killing the Taliban if they want their freedom from them? Feed and supply Afghan's to fight if they want their freedom as Pakistan is and get out! That is the only answer not less or more troops for training or anything else.

Our soldiers did their job leave now with heads held high not our tails between our legs like in Saigon! Give food and supplies to the Afghans and if they want their freedom they will fight for it like the Pakistani tribes are. We should be helping Pakistan who has proved they want their freedom from Taliban and Sharia law. Don't add more troops this is Afghanistan graveyard of Nations. Cheat history get out now!

Amidst the wasted American and NATO deaths the flagrantly corrupt Karzai Government continues to only get worse. Get Out Now!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Iran once wanted to help us against their enemy the Taliban: look what we have done!

Iran  instead is paying their enemy the Taliban to Kill U.S. Troops, they train the Taliban to ambush allied forces and on improvised explosive devices. What the hell is wrong with us?

Report: Iran Paying Taliban to Kill U.S. Troops

At least five Iranian companies in Afghanistan's capital are using their offices covertly to finance Taliban militants in provinces near Kabul, according to an investigation by London's Sunday Times.

Iran trains Taliban to ambush allied forces in camps along the border between Afghanistan and Iran, Taliban recruits are being taught how to ambush allied forces using guns and improvised explosive devices.

I don't have to tell you: The Taliban do not want a Democracy period. They want strict Sharia law! They are arguably defeating us in Afghanistan despite claims that we have them on a downward spiral. I find that hard to believe. Afghanistan is their country not ours. They are not going to cut and run. You know how they have all felt since day one, they want us off Muslim land and these are some of the hard core.

Most realize by now that Obama plans on reaching out to Iran To help in Afghanistan! At first glance that sounds ridiculous but I believe cooperation will happen, it has to happen. It is in both our interests!I had no idea back in 1998 Iran was prepared to attack Afghanistan or that since they have been supplying weapons to Northern Afghanistan to fight the Taliban! check out the numerous common interests including survival as Iran is on the Taliban menu too.

I guess I forgot but Iran's hostility toward the Taliban predates Sept. 11: the Taliban's interpretation of Islam holds that the Shiite Muslims who dominate Iran are heretics, and an Iranian diplomat is among those being held by militants. Iranians are also concerned about the boom in opium poppy cultivation that has swept Afghanistan in the aftermath of the U.S. invasion."

* We are in serious trouble as in my naivety I have hit the nail on the head more than a few times and have been right all along though ridiculed while this war against so called terrorism which I have said since 9/11 is like it or not a fight against all of Islam and nothing less than our survival is at stake. You at least looked at all the titles now I will sum up just one story that ties them all together and that is "The Taliban get their first wish" I continue to say we played into their hands, we are right where they want us, and the entire world better frigging wake up because like it or not 9/11 was albeit a bad joke but just a joke as to what the future holds for us! This is no joke to so called Islamists and the Taliban!

I had no idea when I first mentioned that Pakistan and Afghanistan was the front line in this war against "Islamists" how right I was! finding this out just blew me away! I found out that many Muslim's believe that what is modern day Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran, is the promised land from where they will secure victory in the end of days battle which ultimately will be fought in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria.

Knowing this now makes sense of all the events we have been discussing with Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and to my surprise Iran. I had no idea Iran and the Taliban are enemies. This is a relationship we better exploit and instead of using Iran a natural enemy against the enemy once again we have united a common enemy against us first then they will turn on each other.

Pakistan has even brokered compensation packages for those who have been killed fighting the Government and Americans. This better wake you up! I told you this is just beginning and we walked right into this. Remember The Taliban get their first wish

As I keep saying the battle lines are still just forming and this will go on for generations unless we capitulate! NATO Pakistan, India, Karzai, even Iran and indeed the entire world are needed! * If we are to have a victory Russia, India, Iran, indeed the entire so called civilized world is going to have to unite. This region throughout history has never been defeated militarily and will not be now unless we all realize the future we want will not be unless as a whole we realize how critical the situation is and that united we stand divided we fall, one at a time!

We better unite as a world and quick! We could add a million troops and it would only be matched by the Taliban and other insurgents. They can and will more than match us fighter to fighter and this is their home turf. I used to say if we could secure the Afghan Pakistan Border we could then concentrate on the Taliban and rebuilding Afghanistan. However, knowing the territory and seeing the map there is no way in hell that is going to happen. I thought the Mexican border was violent and it is but the Pakistan Afghanistan Border is the most violent in the world today.

I have been long convinced Bush guaranteed a loss in Afghanistan and everywhere else when he insisted on attacking Iraq so he could help Israel create a new middle east order. I am afraid this is just taking shape and both sides, the Taliban and our so called allies are still just forming the front lines and gathering forces, Both sides are still just beginning to build and This is still just beginning! Afghanistan has never been defeated but that is not even my biggest concern. We have for generations been angering Muslims and certainly in the last 9 years done everything possible to ensure an endless supply of martyrs wanting to give their life to kill infidels for Allah!

We are not smart enough to get the hell out of there so If we are to have a victory Russia, India, Iran, indeed the entire so called civilized world is going to have to unite. This region throughout history has never been defeated militarily and will not now unless we all realize the future we want will not be unless as a whole we realize how critical the situation is and that united we stand divided we fall, one at a time! Obama is being majorly tested!

* In closing, Rove and Cheney are concerned about continuing the lie we lived under them and Bush and rewriting their dire History and preserving Bush's legacy of destruction as a great thing. Bush the servant of God, purveyor of war torture and destruction, doing it all for God in the name of peace. Sick! I do not see the necessary rosy scenario happening that would lead to a successful outcome for us.

Rove, Cheney, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, and other right wing extremists have succeeded in undermining Obama's good intentions of restoring unity and world order. We somehow have to unite with Iran to take on what is now a common enemy. I hate to say it but I think Iran is the one that should be in the forefront. At one time they offered their help well it is time to take it and unite the world as they are all on the Taliban's menu.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clinton Calls Diplomatic Strategy 'Best Hope in a Dangerous World' Correction, it's the only hope! The worlds future depends on it!

Clinton Calls Diplomatic Strategy 'Best Hope in a Dangerous World'
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a speech before the Council on Foreign Relations Wednesday, will take credit for improved relations abroad, saying the administration's diplomatic strategy "offers our best hope in a dangerous world.
Clinton: It's time to seize an `American Moment'

United States is 'best hope' in a troubled world: Clinton

I wrote a little piece 6 years ago and then updated it because of the promise of Obama! He is coming through and we stand a chance. Please read Life's cycles and the future duties of our military, this becomes only more critical and obvious with every passing day but sadly I do not think the big 3 get it. If the world is to have a future it is their role to see that the many conflicts soon to crop up remain regional. Man and the planet will not survive a world war three and have a future as we need it.

We should be using our military for the sole purpose of helping and ensuring honesty among the Nations of the world. There can be no action taken without the knowledge and complicity of all Nations that have the future of man and the planet as their goal. This is what we should have done with Iraq. This is what we should be doing with Iran, North Korea, and many other potential hot spots around the world today. We as the United States, must stop meddling and interfering with the Politics of other Nations around the world. We should be using our military not to wage war but to wage peace. Our military efforts after the tsunami, Katrina, Haiti, they and others were a shining example of the way our military should be used in the future. The world as a whole must be made to realize the fragility of our situation.

We can make this work despite the tenuous situation we have put ourselves in. With that said we must proceed and work as a world unit. It will not work as separate competitive entities as we have done in the past. We must Proceed into the future as one. We must proceed into the future with the future life of man and the planet as our only goal. Nothing less than the survival of man and the planet are at stake. Shortly the planets life sustaining ecosystems will no longer have the ability to sustain the current population of man.

We can not afford to destroy them altogether. That complete destruction and no less is what we have facing us right now. It would do man, the world well to wake up to that fact and act accordingly. This is exactly what will happen if there is another unnecessary world war. Countries must be made to realize that what they have today is all they are going to get. We can trade throughout the world for the items necessary for ones civilization and survival. However, the domination of the past must be history or we will be. We must take care of what we have. It is all we are going to get. The world must be made to realize that we march into the future with what boundaries and countries we have or suffer the dire consequences.

Our prime concern, our only concern at this point in mans and the planets life cycle has to be one of self preservation. The world must wake up to the fact that preservation of man and the planet has to be our only goal and ultimate victory. Shortly we will illustrate the life cycles in any life form and you will understand where man and the planet are in them today. We went into this in great detail in our first two books. It is very obvious and very plain, it bears repeating as we seem to be learning nothing. As we said in the past, life moves only in one direction, forward. We must not go back or attempt to go back to a cycle of life that man and the planet have already grown through and survived. We will not the next time. We have lived through the development stage of man and this planet. It is long overdue for us to get it together as a species and realize this and then face this important fact. We are now in the preservation stage of any life form. We have reached and passed the maturity stage of any life form as a species and as a planet. World wars, world dominance, world destruction, the times for that are passed. It is up to us as a world body to realize this and act accordingly.

Life’s stages
The aforementioned observances are the realization that this is not a utopian idea. It is absolutely necessary for mans survival. We must get the message to all countries of the world. Whosoever chooses to ignore the future of man and the planet must be held accountable for their action. We must get Nobel Laureate’s to publish papers on this subject. It is necessary to have someone reputable and believable write on the subject. They must sound the sense cal alarm. It must be published throughout the Nations of the world and filtered down through all levels of society. Below are the various stages of mans life cycles and where we are in them.

* The Infantile Stage – This is mans longest stage to date. With some luck we can surpass this in our maturity stage, our nurturing stage. Man was very much in his developmental stage. From mans beginning caveman day’s right up through The Dark Ages. Man was very much a live and learn being. You can not accuse man of that today. Man has lost this ability since what we will refer to as The Learning Stage. The 20th century seems to have killed this ability with its perceived lack of need. He now thinks he knows better and he knows everything. We know the thought as most of us have children. He wrongly thinks he has all the answers. We would do well to remember this phase of life.

* The Learning Stage – This period marks the end of The Dark Ages. The end of the Dark Ages coincidentally enough is marked by another perfectly cyclical event known as the Christian Crusades. This was in a point of time appropriate for the horror. The horrific thing is that Islam is going through this cycle right now. Their version of the Christian Crusaders is the Islamist Jihadists. This is occurring at a point in time when mans and the planets life cycles are beyond accepting or tolerating this behavior. At the point of time of the horrors that the Christian Crusaders committed they were accepted and tolerated.

This period covers the end of the Dark Ages up to the 20th century. This period covers the birth of mans great Religions. It covers the development of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. With the exception of the maturing of the Muslim Religion it marks the maturing of these Religions. It marks their role in the world order. This is again with the exception of the Muslim Religion. It is that time of Religious maturity which there is no place for in the world today. We, the world, humanity, have already gone through that. As a result we do not find what is happening with the Islamist Jihad particularly palatable. This period also opened the way for colonization. It marked the point in mans life cycle when the forceful taking of another country was the accepted norm. This was the time in mans and the planets life for needless pointless death and destruction. It was survivable by both man and the planet. This time is over and can no longer be accepted or tolerated.

*The Maturing Stage – This period includes WW1, WW2, and the recognition of man made hazards to mans and the planets life. This was the period in mans and the planets life cycles when world war was survivable by man and the planet. Our weapons are now too horrific for man or the planet to survive. Life only moves in one direction and for a reason. We can not allow any Nation to try and slide backwards and return to those ways. The time for that in the life cycle of the planet is over. We are becoming aware as to the frailty of the planets life sustaining ecosystems.

* The Nurturing Stage – This is mans mature stage. This is mans preservation period. The time is now. This period marks mans awakening as to the realization of mans negative impact on the life sustaining life cycle of the planet as a whole. This period marks the awakening of man as to the as to the necessity of revitalizing Natures life sustaining ecosystems. This period marks the necessity for an end to all out war. We must come to the realization that as a world we must destroy all advanced weaponry and their systems throughout the world. This is an absolute necessity for the survival of man and the planet. We must form a world board to ensure compliance by the entire world. It is for the benefit and survival of mankind and the planet. We now know the fragility of our planet and our negative role in it. As a world we must act responsibly, be held accountable, and act accordingly.

** Man has taken his ability to live and learn, an ability that has sustained and nurtured him for thousand of years and forgotten he ever had it. It had served us well throughout are creativity. Through the beginning of the 20th century man has been going through the maturity stages of his existence. Like a maturing teenager man now thinks he has all the answers. However he has none of the right ones. Would you send your Grandmother off to war? That is something you can relate to. Likewise man and the planet can not survive a world war this late in the life cycle of man and the planet. Whoever ushers in a new world war must be held personally accountable for knowingly and unwittingly bring about the end of the civilized world and our planet as we know and need it.

Whether you believe in Nostradamus or not, he gave us two scenarios at this juncture in life. We had two roads we could follow into the future. We could take the peaceful road down a successful road into the future or we could take the road into conflict that would lead to destruction of man and the planet as we know them.

* With the advent of President Obama We now have a chance at a future despite Bush's damage! America America God shed his grace on thee! Now crown they good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea! That includes the world’s people, All the seas all the oceans, the entire world. Our future is dependent on us coming together!

We are all interdependent. We are one like it or not. We are all, all life, part of the planet we call earth! We are all part of that one organism called earth! Under Bush we had the worst, the divider, and the destroyer. Under Obama MLK's words now ring true "The Greatest among you shall be your servant" He is the guiding light we have been waiting for to lead us out of the dark tunnel Bush has us, the entire world in! This is not only Obama's time this is our time and Obama can lead the way if given the chance.

It is up to all of us collectively! I believe we are on the right track! All bets are off if the war mongering fear mongering Republicans get back control to finish off us and their agenda!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma