Monday, June 30, 2008

As you know I keep saying, this will dwarf the Great Depression and WW2 combined, you the powerless be prepared!

As you know, I keep saying this will dwarf the Great Depression and WW2 combined.
I give up! I tried for four hours to get a video of any sort to work today to no avail. I wanted to discuss Congressional Democrats hiring a Bush Impersonator

I wanted to discuss Lieberman saying A terrorist attack is likely in 2009

I wanted to discuss McAssHoles new paint job on his plane expressing "The Straight Talk Express" as he continues to lie and say Obama can't be believed. I mean what the hell? A new paint job is not going to make him any more honest! I wanted to talk about what General Clark said because I have said it a million ties. Getting shot down does not qualify McCain for President

I wanted to discuss Bush in Iran instigating war because it is nothing new and it will happen soon. It is the reason we went into Iraq and Afghanistan. Terrorism was merely the excuse.Preparation for Iran's battlefield.

Hearing that the so called experts are starting to think what we have unfolding in America and around the world will dwarf the Great depression. Having said that 100 friggen times now over the years and knowing what Bush is doing in Iran and the middle east to hell with the rest of the world I have to laugh! I have said it so many times in so many contexts I can only laugh now! Of course Iran threat to close oil strait

* I can only laugh! Everyone is right in their own narrow minded context but Bush is racing against time to make it all come true and culminate in WW3 with him at the helm. The awesome power the right has amassed is not going to be allowed in Democratic hands! Absolutely 100% everything Bush has done and allowed to happen has been done with ineptitude to us but has been done on purpose so he can stay in control of this forever war. What we keep hearing called a perfect storm is but it has been done on purpose people. Not only that but it will be much worse than any of the so called experts think. You that read me know I keep saying what is about to happen will be avoided by no one even Obama but I would rather have him at the Helm. This as you know I keep saying will dwarf the Great Depression and WW2 combined. $10 gas will be a joke and we will have gas. oil, and food rationing then it gets worse. Just imagine the world chaos once Bush does attack Iran and this gets going! just imagine what this is going to do and it is stunning that this chaos and destruction is purposely being perpetrated by an American President. When I was on Daily Koss telling them years ago that Bush was purposely destroying our America and World order I faced much consternation but now it is too late to stop! Just please be prepared and stick together and we will be okay!

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cheney's chief of Staff Addington Disdainful and obviously lying to Congress but we are powerless to do anything about it!

I really wanted to discuss McAsshole saying how successful Iraq is with 2.5 million permanent refugees and Afghanistan is failing with 6,000 more troops asked for quickly, growing insurgency, more Opium growth then the world can consume, and it will get much worse because of the "success" in Iraq!

I also wanted to discuss America's largest and growing Community the Latino's as Obama and McCain both addressed them yesterday. McCain the idiot ignored it but was interrupted four times by hecklers while when Obama addressed them he was received warmly. later Latino Reps were saying 71% are behind Obama and only 26% back McCain! It looks better every day but you have to wonder what underhand crap the right is going to pull to stay in control?

Sadly our uselessness has to be discussed! Democrats in Congress are still reeling over the lip they got yesterday from the Bush administration's key experts on torture. Vice President Dick Cheney chief of staff David Addington was so disdainful that some are wondering if he can be prosecuted for lying to Congress. "Of all the hearings I've attended since I started serving on the Judiciary Committee four years ago, I have never felt more strongly that a witness was lying," Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said in an interview. "At the end of the day I'm not sure how much we can do -- we can't prove what he says he doesn't recollect."

* All they always do is lie and say they don't recall. What the hell is new and what the hell can we do about it? The Judiciary Committee is looking into whether former Justice Department official John Yoo's claim of executive privilege will fly. In the meantime, key clips of Addington's snarky responses to members of Congress are making the highlight reels. Wasserman Schultz questioned Addington about his visits to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, asking whether he discussed interrogation techniques with officials there. Addington said he did not recall. "It is hard to fathom you would not have recollections on specific conversations on types of interrogations methods," Wasserman Schultz said. "Is there a questioned appended, ma'am?" Addington said. "I don't believe that you do not recall whether you discussed specific interrogation methods. So I will ask you again." "As I said to you," Addington said, "I don't recall."

Here's Chairman John Conyers trying to elicit Addington's legal justification for Bush's directives on harsh interrogation techniques

Conyers: Do you feel that the unitary theory of the executive allows the president to do things over and above the stated law of the land? * Empty BS:Addington: The Constitution binds all of us, congressman, the president, all the U.S. members of Congress, all of the federal judges. We all take an oath to support and defend it. I frankly don't know what you mean by the Unitary Theory of Government. I don't -- Conyers: Have you ever heard of that theory before? Addington: Oh I have, I've seen it in the newspapers all the time -- Conyers: Do you support it? Addington: I don't know what it is. Conyers: You don't know what it is. Addington: No, and it's always described as something Addington's the great, you know -- Conyers: I see. read the full report if you can stand it

We are Friggen Powerless to stop what is being openly and egregiously done to us! AAARRRGGGHHH!

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Democratic Unity Mccain vows he will defeat in last 48 hours! What underhanded ploy is he going to pull?

I was quite impressed at both Hillary's and Barrack's performance at Unity yesterday! Of course MSM had to put a damper on it and McDink is saying though he is the underdog in the last 48 Hours he will pull out a victory! what the hell is the right going to pull?

First yesterday at Unity The day began with a kiss. Sen. Barack Obama, on the tarmac at Reagan Washington National Airport, reached out to shake Sen. Hillary Clinton's hand and leaned down to kiss her cheek. It went on from there. Wearing a tie that matched her suit, he put his hand on her back, guiding the way up the plane steps. They sat side-by-side for the flight up to Manchester, New Hampshire, chatting amiably. One overheard conversation was about the plane. Clinton had used it during the primary season. They hopped on a souped-up bus for the 1½-hour ride to Unity, New Hampshire. honorary mayor of Unity introduced the pair, admitting that he was a Republican who voted for John McCain in the primary. He didn't seem so sure about the general election.

They walked onstage to the tune of "Beautiful Day." Arms around each other's waists, they smiled and waved at the crowd. Every camera angle had UNITY signs, big and little, in the backdrop. She said she wants to help elect him president. He gave an ode to Hillary: "She rocks." One woman stood at the back, periodically yelling, "Hillary for VP!" A few others, older women, stubbornly held up tattered Hillary For President placards. But the vast majority cheered her, "Thank you, Hillary!" and him, "Yes, we can!" They held new signs for the new times: "UNITY FOR CHANGE." As the dynamic duo glowed onstage, a Clinton staffer circulated through the press corps with word that Hillary and Bill Clinton had gone online to give the maximum contribution allowed by law to the Obama for President campaign. listen to and watch more at Unity

of course McCain had to try to screw it up as John McCain predicted the general election race would come down to the buzzer Friday, declaring himself the underdog but quipping that he’d ride to victory in the last “48 hours.” The comment came as new polls show Barack Obama leading nationally and in several key swing states. McCain may be hoping to reprise his nomination fight, in which he revived his flailing campaign just as primaries began. “I’m the underdog. I’m behind,” the presumptive GOP nominee told reporters in Ohio.

“I’ve got to catch up and get ahead. And I expect to do that about 48 hours before the general election,” he said with a laugh. On a day of heavy focus on the so-called “Unity” rally with Obama and Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, McCain also fired off accusations at his general election rival. He criticized Obama for opting out of public financing and refusing to join him for a series of town hall meetings. “I would meet him anywhere, anytime,” he said. “I have kept days open.” McCain later added that the meetings are “very, very unlikely.” Despite Unity McCain Predicts ‘Underdog’ Win in Final 48 Hours

That asshole! Obama better not meet under his terms as that would be a setup! McCain can say there will never be a one on one because he would never allow it unless it was a setup because Obama would embarrass the hell out of him! what the hell are Republicans going to pull now? Despite Democratic dominance and Unity McCain predicts victory in last 48 Hour! Knowing the many underhanded destructive to America possibilities we have discussed What the hell are they going to pull this time?

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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Message from Council for A Livable World

I promised Danny and Jerome Grossman The Relentless Liberal that I would post this and spread it as I could. This is important!

A Message from Council for A Livable World

The older generation has an important political and moral responsibility to educate the younger generation about the dangers of nuclear weapons and how these dangers can be defused.

Freed from a constant nuclear standoff as a dominant fact of international life, the younger generations have never experienced a face off with another nuclear superpower that could have exploded in mere moments into a nuclear holocaust.

Nor did these newer generations hide under their desks in elementary school as a practice exercise for nuclear war or contemplate civil defense shelters in which to survive for weeks or months.

With the median age in America now about 36; fifty percent of the nation has little memory of events before the 1980’s. Hiroshima and Nagasaki don’t carry the same emotional and moral impact.

In 2007, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, born in 1972, confessed her mystification when a reporter mentioned the Cuban Missile crisis. “Wasn’t that like the Bay of Pigs thing?” she later asked her husband.

Now is a good time to remind all six billion humans and especially the younger generations that the global nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) had its 40th anniversary on July 1. The NPT, with its rules for nuclear weapons and nuclear power, makes it more difficult for states without nuclear weapons to obtain or build them.

The treaty has not worked perfectly, but has helped sustain a near-miracle that only four additional countries beyond the original five possessors have nuclear weapons. Equally important, Article VI of the treaty commits the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France to achieve nuclear disarmament.

The anniversary of the non-proliferation treaty should be celebrated - mainly by strengthening it and pursuing the vision of a world free of nuclear weapons. Popular education and political support for these efforts must be expanded; the older generation has the memories and the fears to lead the way

Jerome Grossman is Chairman Emeritus of Council for A Livable World

Little girl who silenced the UN Environmental Conference! Stunning!

I saw this at two crows and found it on you tube under UN Environmental Conference . I was quite impressed and watched it 3 times myself. I wish to God this little girl and the reality of our situation mattered but it does not. We must continue to try and make a difference though! I have to run out and take care of some things. Hopefully when I get back I will discuss once again Bush's Designed Economic Crash after yesterday. I told you Dow 10,000!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I wanted to Discuss the Supreme Court but this is too much! Obama's economic proposals would harm America, WTF?

I just heard the Supreme Court narrowly uphelp our right to bear arms! I don't know how I feel about that but we may need them in the future to fight off the enemy within! I was going to discuss the Court's mis rulings yesterday but will supply 2 videos instead and hope you find them useful. McCain and his followers idiocy just blows me away. He is as bad if not worse than Bush. I just don't friggen get it! How the hell do they get away with destroting us and threaten that Obama would be our demise. What the hell?

Supreme Court says rape America's kids and we'll take care of you for life!

Supreme court shows they are on Big Oils side!

* Anyway wrapping up his three-week economic tour, Obama today is holding the kind of wonkfest that would warm the heart of the former president, who became famous for holding a series of them during his 1992 campaign. The "summit on ensuring America’s competitiveness in the global economy" at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, according to Obama's campaign, "will bring together economic, educational, community-based, and industry leaders to discuss the challenges facing our workforce and craft solutions for the 21st century." In introductory remarks, the presumptive Democratic nominee says he's been listening on his cross-country tour to the stories of Americans struggling to make ends meet. "It’s time for us to recognize that these individual stories connect to a larger American story," he says in prepared remarks. "All of us have a stake in our common prosperity. When folks are struggling out on Main Street, that pain is going to trickle up to Wall Street. And just as we must provide relief to Americans who are struggling, we also have to recognize that we’re failing to put ourselves in a position to compete in the global economy." To fix that, Obama says, means alternative energy to free America from foreign oil, providing world-class education and affordable healthcare, and improving the nation's infrastructure, among other priorities.
** I don't friggen get it! In a pre-buttal to Obama's appearance, Republicans in a conference call on Wednesday argued that Obama's economic proposals would harm America. They mean the new America they are creating right? The local GOP chairman, Jim Roddey, even made reference to Obama's much-dissected remarks during the primaries about struggling to connect with small-town voters in Pennsylvania who, "bitter" about their economic fate, "cling" to guns or religion. “I don’t know maybe [Obama’s] punishing us for still being bitter or something, but for Pennsylvania, I think his proposals are an absolute disaster,” Roddey said. Obama's punishing us? What the frig are they doing? Republican John McCain, meanwhile, plans a town hall meeting in Cincinnati -- the latest in a series where he challenged Obama to appear. Forget it! His campaign has also issued a strongly worded memo in which senior adviser Steve Schmidt argues that "Too many in Washington are putting politics first and country second." "For John McCain, country first is how he has lived his life and how he has worked in Washington," the memo says.

** That is BS! As for Obama, while "certainly a fresh face, his campaign offers more of the same old typical politics that have broken Washington. In his time on the national stage, he has consistently put his party and his self-interest first." WTF, WTF, WTF, somebody please tell me! Schmidt cites as evidence Obama's reversal last week on public financing for the general election, his rejection of McCain's invitation to the joint town halls, and his loyalty to liberal activists on Iraq and energy policy. "Yeah it is wrong for Obama to so the right thing how dare he? "There has never been a time when Barack Obama has bucked the party line to lead on an issue of national importance," Schmidt writes. "He has never been a part of a bipartisan group that came together to solve a controversial issue. He has never put his career on the line for a cause greater than himself." UPDATE: The Democratic National Committee responded with a memo of its own, citing a series of polls that suggest that many voters believe McCain would mean a third term for President Bush and don't trust him on issues. No kidding? "Four months after becoming the presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain has still failed to connect with the American people," the memo says. "As recent polls show, Senator McCain has not made inroads with voters on key issues of character and values as voters continue to view Senator McCain as out of touch." Obama's economic proposals would harm America, WTF

I just can't take any more of this crap! Give us back our America!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to Speak Republican, 10 types of Republicans, and other Republican Dirty Tricks plus Mcain and his responsibility for oil speculation and more!

How to Speak Republican, 10 types of Republicans, and other Republican Dirty Tricks plus McCain and his responsibility for oil speculation, Lies, Lies, Lies!

Other Dirty Republican tricks by Tim Russert

How to Speak Republican - Comedic

The Ten types of Republicans - This is Hilarious!

John McCain's connection to Big oil and Enron Loophole, his responsibility for oil Speculation

mcCains never ending Lies

This one we know: Charles Barkley: Why Republicans/Confervatives=Fake Christians

Why I'm voting Republican - Not!

Why Republicans will lose the Presidency in 2008 with Tim Russert

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

McCain distanced himself from the comments, saying he "cannot imagine" why Black would make them. Knowing what we believe that was no slip!

First watch the routine Lies and cringe! Keep watching, It gets worse and worse!
Then as most now know, An adviser to Sen. John McCain apologized Monday for saying a terrorist attack on the United States would be "a big advantage" for the Republican presidential candidate. McCain said he "strenuously" disagreed with the remark. Charlie Black, a senior adviser to McCain, said he "deeply regrets" his comments to Fortune magazine. "They were inappropriate," Black told reporters at a fund-raising event in California. "I recognize that John McCain has devoted his entire life to protecting his country." And McCain distanced himself from the comments, saying he "cannot imagine" why Black would make them.

"It's not true," McCain said. "I've worked tirelessly since 9/11 to prevent another attack on the United States of America. My record is very clear." McCain cited his work on the Senate Armed Services Committee and his role in creating the 9/11 Commission in describing his efforts to stop terrorist attacks on American soil. "If he said that, and I do not know the context, I strenuously disagree," McCain said. Sen. Barack Obama's campaign called Black's remarks an example of "cynical and divisive" politics. "Barack Obama welcomes a debate about terrorism with John McCain, who has fully supported the Bush policies that have taken our eye off of al Qaeda, failed to bring Osama bin Laden to justice and made us less safe," said Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton.

"The fact that John McCain's top adviser says that a terrorist attack on American soil would be a 'big advantage' for their political campaign is a complete disgrace, and is exactly the kind of politics that needs to change," he added. In a Fortune interview, posted on the magazine's Web site Monday, Black said the Arizona senator demonstrated his fluency in foreign policy and security matters following the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in December. Bhutto's killing was an "unfortunate event," he said, but McCain's "knowledge and ability to talk about it reemphasized that this is the guy who's ready to be commander-in-chief. And it helped us." Asked if McCain would stand to benefit from a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, Black answered, "Certainly it would be a big advantage to him." A McCain campaign official said Black, the former chairman of the lobbying firm BKSH & Associates, does not explicitly remember saying the comment, but does not dispute it. According to the official, he was trying to emphasize that McCain is favored on national security issues. On the day of Bhutto's December assassination, McCain seemed to suggest the calamity could offer him some political benefit. "I'm the one with the experience, the knowledge and the judgment," he told CNN's Dana Bash. "So perhaps it may serve to enhance those credentials." Knowing what we believe that was no slip

yesterday we discussed the real underhanded ruthless deceitful McCain and it is not just McCain's politics that are disturbing. It is his personality, too. For McCain has a secret reputation as a man with a ferocious, unpredictable temper. He is a man who has a knack for pursuing vendettas against those he thinks have slighted him, even if they are lowly aides.The list of worrying incidents is long. In 1995 he ended up almost physically scuffling with aged Senator Strom Thurmond on the Senate floor. And, according to some accounts, in 2006 he had a fight with Arizona congressman Rick Renzi, throwing blows in a scrap whose details have only recently been detailed in Schecter's book. Schecter unearthed another unpleasant incident from 1992 in which McCain, tired after a long day's campaign, reacted badly to his wife Cindy teasing him about his baldness. 'At least I don't plaster on the make-up like a trollop, you cunt,' McCain snapped in front of eyewitnesses. Schecter says he has three sources for the story. McCain's campaign have denied it.

Such public outbursts, and many other private ones, have concerned people even in his own party. Former New Hampshire Republican Senator Robert Smith publicly voiced his concerns, once saying McCain's temper ' ... would place this country at risk in international affairs, and the world perhaps in danger'. That sentiment was echoed by Mississippi Republican Senator Thad Cochran, who told a Boston newspaper: 'The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine. He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me.'Yet McCain is still campaigning successfully as the lovable, maverick patriot. It is a strategy his staff believe will win the White House. So the tricks and stunts keep on coming.

A few weeks ago a letter was delivered to Barack Obama's Chicago campaign headquarters. It was from McCain and in gracious language it offered to hold weekly 'town hall' meetings across America where he and Obama would appear side by side. It would be a far cry from the rancorous circus of televised debates. The audience would be neutral independents. The questions would be random. It would summon back a golden age of gentlemanly politics. 'I also suggest we fly together to the first town hall meeting as a symbolically important act embracing the politics of civility,' McCain wrote.

Like the Denver speech, it was a vintage McCain ploy: superbly geared to his everyman image of decency. But the true McCain is far different. His dark side is real and Democrats will need to expose it if America is to avoid a third successive term of extreme conservative government. Now Democrat activists are pushing out their argument that McCain is a conservative wolf in a moderate sheep's clothing. They are highlighting the temper, the pro-war ideology and the links to lobbyists. 'We think he just means four more years of Bush,' says Karen Finney, a director at the Democratic National Committee. Finney's job is to convince Americans they have got McCain wrong, that they have been fooled. She and her fellow activists have less than four months to succeed. But for now, as America gears up to one of the most important elections in its history, McCain's dark side remains largely hidden behind closed doors.

Knowing McCain is a total liar in the image of Bush and worse and many of us expect something to happen this fall, an attack on Iran, a terorist attack on us, something that is goin g to be lied about and used in the favor of the Republican party with fear mongering so they can keep in Bush or get in McCain to further this war mongering. We have to continue to try and get the truth out as to what is happening and has been happening from day one! We have to get the entire country to realize how underhanded and despicable McCain is! We can not survive a McCain Presidency! I am afraid our future has been established for us already because of Bush but having said that we need to have Barrack Obama at the helm if we are to have any chance at all!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Right or Wrong : The Battle of the Flip Floppers but know and be scared as hell of the real ruthless John McCain! He'll dwarf Bush and finish us off!

I wanted to discuss the finally improved GI Bill or the fact that oil today hit a new high despite the fact that the scum's in the White House succeeded in wresting a promise of a 2.5 million Barrel increase by the Saudi's that I said would only embolden the oil Industry to screw us even more and they are. In light of the ruthlessness of McCain, his increased scumminess, and the flip flopping of both campaigns, I once again have to digress and discuss something I would rather not as it is critical!

To start with, I do not like the label of flip flopper as it is used as a dirty word for Political gain. In reality to me a Politician that truly represents the will of the people and holds the wrong view better be able to "Flip Flop" to push the interests of their constituents not their party or selfish interests! That said Days after both men reversed course on major issues, the presidential campaigns of Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain spent much of Sunday's talk-show circuit working to ensure accusations of "flip-flopping" don't stick. that is BS! Instead of playing these childish Political games they should explain why they changed their view!

Instead Both sides tried to go on offense, with the Obama camp accusing McCain of "yet another flip-flop" on the issue of oil drilling and the McCain camp saying Obama broke his word on the issue of campaign financing. McCain said this week that he now supports lifting a federal ban on off-shore drilling that he once supported. "The stakes are high for our citizens and for our economy," McCain, the presumed Republican nominee for president, said Tuesday at a press conference in Houston, Texas. Former Sen. Tom Daschle, Obama's campaign co-chairman, said "we're surprised at yet another flip-flop on the part of John McCain here."
But McCain's economic adviser Carly Fiorina, on CBS' "Face the Nation," argued that "a good leader is influenced by the facts on the ground." She added, "We've never before faced a situation where the price of a barrel of oil has doubled in the last 12 months. So what John McCain has said is that we now need to take control of our own energy future. When McCain announced his decision on Tuesday, he said off-shore oil drilling could be part of a plan "in the short term in resolving our energy crisis." But many analysts argue any significant oil production gain would be years away.

On the issue of campaign financing, Obama announced on Thursday that he would not take public financing for the general election. Obama told supporters in an e-mail message he would not accept about $85 million in public funds when he becomes the Democratic presidential nominee. In the e-mail, Obama said the public campaign financing system allowed "special interests [to] drown out the voices of the American people" and asked his supporters to "declare our independence from a broken system." Obama added that McCain would not stop "smears and attacks" from outside groups that can spend unlimited money. battle of accused political 'flip-flops

* On the issue of drilling! It is BS and nothing is going to lower the price of gas at the pump or of oil as you are witnessing just one day after the oil summit. So I want you to focus not on how mush you know or do not know about Obama but rather on the cold ruthlessness of the next false Republican God the Liar John McCain as this guy is scary and will stop and nothing, dwarf Bush's nightmare, And finish us off. Be very scared! Our friends Polishifter and Robert Rouse have both done very good articles uncovering the Lie that is John McCain but I think it is very important you know just how far he will go! The real John McCain by Paul Harris: To his fans he's a lovable patriot with a maverick streak. But to his critics he's an anti-abortion Creationist who surrounds himself with religious extremists. Paul Harris uncovers the dark side of John McCain. Welcome to the John McCain show 2008. It's powerful stuff, portraying McCain as the decent patriot of the middle ground and a steady hand for difficult times. For a lot of Americans - including many Democrats - it is a beguiling vision. They see a war hero whose courage was forged in a North Vietnamese POW camp. They see a maverick who spoke against the tortures of Abu Ghraib. They see a reformer who acts against lobbyists and political favors. They see a politician who has spent a lifetime serving his country and won a place in the hearts of the nation.
But there is another, very different side to John McCain. Away from the headlines and the stirring speeches, a less familiar figure lurks. It is a McCain who plans to fight on in Iraq for years to come and who might launch military action against Iran.

This is the McCain whose campaign and career has been riddled with lobbyists and special interests. It is a McCain who has sided with religious and political extremists who believe Islam is evil and gays are immoral. It is a McCain who wants to appoint extreme conservatives to the Supreme Court and see abortion banned. This McCain has a notoriously volatile temper that has scared some senior members of his own party. If McCain becomes the most powerful man in the world it would be wise to know what lies behind his public mask, to look at the dark side of John McCain. be very scared! John McCain is an American hero in an age of war and terrorism. As young Americans return in body bags from Iraq and Iranian mullahs cook up uranium, an old soldier like McCain seems a natural choice in a dangerous world. He is the son and grandson of warriors. Both his father and grandfather were four-star admirals. He was even born on a military base, on 29 August 1936, in Panama. And his life story reads like a movie script. The young, rascally McCain, nicknamed 'McNasty' by his classmates, attended the elite West Point military academy. He became a navy pilot, long before Tom Cruise made 'Top Guns' famous, and began his first combat duty in Vietnam in 1966, carrying out countless missions. Then came disaster. He was shot down and held prisoner for five years by brutal North Vietnamese captors. In his stiff gait and damaged arms, he still bears the scars of their tortures. His CV for the White House is written in his suffering as much as in his career as a senator.

That military legacy has made John McCain a legend. But it has not turned him into a peacemaker, at a time when most Americans desperately want the war to end. Anyone hoping for a new president who will quickly bring America's troops home from Iraq had better look elsewhere. McCain has always supported the invasion of Iraq and he wants to support it until at least 2013, or perhaps for many years beyond. He believes withdrawal would be a surrender to terrorists. McCain believes in projecting American military power abroad. So it is no wonder that the neoconservatives who pushed for war in Iraq have now regrouped around him. McCain's main foreign policy adviser is Randy Scheunemann, who was executive director of the shadowy Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. Other leading neocons on board include John Bolton, America's belligerent former UN ambassador, Bill Kristol, editor of the Neocon bible the Weekly Standard, and Max Boot, who has pushed for a US version of the old British Colonial Office. Another close McCain adviser is former CIA director James Woolsey, who has openly advocated bombing Syria. Such a group of warlike counselors has raised fears that McCain may strike Iran to stop its suspected quest for a nuclear weapon, triggering a fresh war in the Middle East. The Republican candidate has openly joked about bombing Tehran. It was just over a year ago, in the tiny borough of Murrells Inlet in South Carolina, and McCain faced a small crowd in one of his characteristic town hall meetings. As McCain stood on the stage, one man asked him about the 'real problem' in the Middle East. 'When are we going to send an airmail message to Tehran?' the man pleaded. McCain laughed and - to the tune of the Beach Boys' classic 'Barbara Ann' - began to sing: 'Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.' But some think McCain's joke may well become policy. 'I think a McCain presidency would be very likely to strike Iran,' says Cliff Schecter, author of a new book, The Real McCain. You can count on it!

There is also a little-reported back-up plan for reporters who do not toe the line: sheer aggression. A recent Washington Post piece on a land deal by one of McCain's allies prompted a brutal response from the McCain campaign. Without disproving facts, they labeled the story 'shameful' and a 'smear job'. When Newsweek ran a story on the Obama camp's perception of McCain's weak spots, McCain's team struck again. This time the story was 'offensive' and 'scurrilous'. The campaign is willing to strike out abroad, recently persuading one European newspaper editor to scrap a review of Schecter's book. For the fact is, McCain's benevolent public image is no accident. It has been carefully crafted and is forcefully policed. 'This has gone on for years. This is an image he has worked very hard to maintain,' says Professor Seth Masket of the University of Denver. Much of the dark side of John McCain lies behind the closed doors of K Street, a Washington DC boulevard lined with glitzy buildings and home to the capital's booming lobbyist industry. A close examination of McCain's campaign workers, political allies and backers reveals a dense world of dubious loyalties, uber-lobbyists and powerful corporate interests. McCain is very much at home with K Street's sharp-suited denizens, their wealthy clients and their art of influence-peddling.

The make-up of McCain's team has set alarm bells ringing among Washington's campaign watchdogs. 'We need to know who is advising the candidates and why,' says Josh Israel, a lobbyist investigator at the Centre for Public Integrity (CPI). 'Rather than advising them based on what is good for the candidate or the country, are they instead looking for their other interests?' McCain's campaign has even had to bring in special rules to cut down on the number of lobbyists on his team. Nor is it just campaign workers who have extensive links to the lobbying industry. McCain's financial backers do, too. A recent survey of 106 elite fundraisers for McCain revealed that one in six were lobbyists. Watchdog groups such as the CPI believe McCain has a long history of helping people who also happen to be his wealthy backers, including several large landowners in Arizona, Nevada and California who have profited from McCain-linked property deals. 'McCain has a long way to go to line up his reformist image with the actual reality,' Israel says. Skeptics might conclude that McCain's post-Keating career represents a cosmetic makeover, not a true conversion.

John McCain is level with Barack Obama in the polls in a year when Democrats should be a certainty. He is even winning in key swing states like Florida. His appeal to America's middle ground remains strong. These are people like self-confessed moderate Keith Gregory, 24, who filed out of the Denver auditorium as a convert. The young student, dressed in a freshly pressed suit and tie, had been deeply impressed by McCain's speech. 'I like him more than before,' Gregory said. 'He talked very sensibly and openly about the issues.' This is McCain's great strength and also one of his greatest myths. Few see McCain as an ideological warrior in America's culture wars. Unlike Bush, he is not a born-again Christian. In McCain's inner circle - unlike Bush's - there are no group prayer meetings. Yet the reality is that McCain is a social conservative who has actively sought out the far right of his party and forged alliances with Christian extremists.

Just look at McCain's 'pastor problems'. He has enthusiastically sought the political blessing of some of the most conservative religious figures in the country. McCain gave the 2006 commencement address at Falwell's Liberty University, a college that has taught creationism alongside science. McCain also courted and won the endorsement of Texan preacher John Hagee, despite Hagee blaming Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans's liberal attitude towards gays. Hagee believes the disaster was God's judgment on the sinful city. Another McCain-backer, Ohio preacher Rod Parsley, has spouted hate about Muslims. Parsley, whom McCain called a 'spiritual guide', believes America was founded partly in order to destroy Islam. He has called Mohammed a 'mouthpiece of a conspiracy of spiritual evil' and has supported prosecuting people who commit adultery. Though McCain later repudiated the endorsements of Parsley and Hagee, he did so only after bad headlines threatened his moderate image. Most of Hagee's and Parsley's views were widely known from public speeches or books. It was not their bigotry that caught the campaign out, it was the reporting of it. 'McCain has had links with these religious figures who are just way, way out of the mainstream,' says Cliff Schecter.

There are other nasties, too. McCain is friends with G Gordon Liddy, one of the Watergate burglars. Liddy, who once plotted to kill a left-wing journalist, has hosted a fundraiser with McCain in his own home. McCain also endorsed and campaigned for Alabama politician George Wallace Jr in 2005, despite Wallace's links to racist groups. Wallace has praised and spoken at meetings of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white-power group that opposes inter-racial marriage and promotes white racial purity. If a moderate voter were seeking to judge a politician by the company he keeps, then McCain keeps some very odd company indeed.

But it is not really that strange. McCain himself holds deeply conservative views, including proposing teaching the creationist idea of Intelligent Design in schools alongside evolution. McCain has also always been anti-abortion. He believes the landmark Roe vs. Wade ruling that legalized abortion was a bad decision. McCain has vowed to continue the Bush policy of appointing extreme conservatives to the Supreme Court and many fear a McCain presidency will see Roe vs. Wade overturned. 'McCain is neither moderate nor a maverick when it comes to a woman's right to choose. He's just plain wrong,' said Nancy Keenan, president of abortion rights group Naral.
On the environment, too, McCain is not the green warrior some might think. He has voted against tightening fuel efficiency standards for American cars. The League of Conservation Voters gives McCain an environmental rating of 24 per cent; Obama gets 86 per cent. 'His rhetoric does not match his voting record on this issue,' says David Sandretti, a director of the League. 'McCain is better than Bush, but that's not much of a yardstick, because the current president is abysmal.'

But it is not just McCain's politics that are disturbing. It is his personality, too. For McCain has a secret reputation as a man with a ferocious, unpredictable temper. He is a man who has a knack for pursuing vendettas against those he thinks have slighted him, even if they are lowly aides.
The list of worrying incidents is long. In 1995 he ended up almost physically scuffling with aged Senator Strom Thurmond on the Senate floor. And, according to some accounts, in 2006 he had a fight with Arizona congressman Rick Renzi, throwing blows in a scrap whose details have only recently been detailed in Schecter's book. Schecter unearthed another unpleasant incident from 1992 in which McCain, tired after a long day's campaign, reacted badly to his wife Cindy teasing him about his baldness. 'At least I don't plaster on the make-up like a trollop, you cunt,' McCain snapped in front of eyewitnesses. Schecter says he has three sources for the story. McCain's campaign have denied it.

Such public outbursts, and many other private ones, have concerned people even in his own party. Former New Hampshire Republican Senator Robert Smith publicly voiced his concerns, once saying McCain's temper ' ... would place this country at risk in international affairs, and the world perhaps in danger'. That sentiment was echoed by Mississippi Republican Senator Thad Cochran, who told a Boston newspaper: 'The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine. He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me.'
Yet McCain is still campaigning successfully as the lovable, maverick patriot. It is a strategy his staff believe will win the White House. So the tricks and stunts keep on coming.

A few weeks ago a letter was delivered to Barack Obama's Chicago campaign headquarters. It was from McCain and in gracious language it offered to hold weekly 'town hall' meetings across America where he and Obama would appear side by side. It would be a far cry from the rancorous circus of televised debates. The audience would be neutral independents. The questions would be random. It would summon back a golden age of gentlemanly politics. 'I also suggest we fly together to the first town hall meeting as a symbolically important act embracing the politics of civility,' McCain wrote.

Like the Denver speech, it was a vintage McCain ploy: superbly geared to his everyman image of decency. But the true McCain is far different. His dark side is real and Democrats will need to expose it if America is to avoid a third successive term of extreme conservative government. Now Democrat activists are pushing out their argument that McCain is a conservative wolf in a moderate sheep's clothing. They are highlighting the temper, the pro-war ideology and the links to lobbyists. 'We think he just means four more years of Bush,' says Karen Finney, a director at the Democratic National Committee. Finney's job is to convince Americans they have got McCain wrong, that they have been fooled. She and her fellow activists have less than four months to succeed. But for now, as America gears up to one of the most important elections in its history, McCain's dark side remains largely hidden behind closed doors. The real "Ruthless" John McCain

I showed a good part of that article because I wanted to portray it with the underhanded slimy crap you see coming from McCain all day every day as often as he can to discredit Obama along with this issue of flip flopping. I encourage you to read the entire article and continue to spread the word about the despicable nature and danger of allowing a "President McCain" to happen!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saudi Arabia seems to be picking up the slack for what Bush's war mongering has done to the price of oil! Why did no one mention Bush is the Problem?

I at least just learned today in following the oil summit that Nigeria is pumping oil at its lowest level in 25 years, following militant rebel attacks on facilities in recent days operated by Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB) and Chevron Corp. (CVX), a senior Nigerian oil official said Sunday. Nigeria, which has in recent months been overtaken by Angola as Africa's biggest oil producer, is now estimated to be producing oil at between 1.2 million and 1.5 million barrels a day, the oil official told Dow Jones Newswires, the lowest level since around 1983. "Things are very bad now in Nigeria," he said on the sidelines of a major oil summit here between producers and consumers.

The country's volume of marketable oil held back from such attacks is now between 900,000 and 1 million barrels a day, the official added. U.S. oil company Chevron Saturday became the second oil major in as many days to confirm that it has been forced to shut in production at a Nigerian oil production facility, after militants attacked a pipeline late Thursday. Nigeria's Oil Minister Odein Ajumogobia conceded Friday that the country's oil sector had received a beating from a spate of militant attacks, adding that a peace summit in July would help quell unrest.

Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua called the summit and is expected to include representatives of several militant groups. "We've had some unfortunate incidents but we're hopeful that things will improve with dialogue and the Peace Summit," Ajumogobia told Dow Jones Newswires Friday. Among those incidents: Shell declared force majeure Friday on exports from its 225,000 barrels-a-day Bonga offshore crude oil field in Nigeria, after an attack by Nigeria's leading rebel group, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta. OIL SUMMIT

Okay! Saudi Arabia will increase its daily oil production to 9.7 million barrels from 9 million to counter the sharp rise in international oil prices, Saudi King Abdullah said Sunday. The country's petroleum minister, Ali I. Al-Naimi, said that the increase will take place in July. It would be Saudi Arabia's highest production rate since 1981. Al-Naimi also said the government will invest in oil projects that would allow the nation to produce 12.5 million barrels per day by the end of the year. King Abdullah's remarks came at the end of the Jeddah energy summit, where he also called for OPEC to set aside $1 billion for a strategy to ease the oil price crisis. He said $500 million should be given to developing nations to help them get the energy they need.

King Abdullah said there are "many factors that made oil prices high." Along with increased demand, he also cited oil speculators and an increase in taxes in consumer nations. The pain of escalating oil prices - crude sold for more than $134 a barrel on Friday, double year-ago levels - have cascaded throughout the U.S. economy. U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman, attending the Saudi summit, attributed the record-high oil prices to lagging production. "BS" Since 2003, he said, global demand for oil has increased because of industry in China, India and the Middle East. But from 2005 to 2007, there was very little increase in supply.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping both said during speeches at the summit Sunday that their countries need to find ways to bolster production of alternative forms of energy. "The high price in increases of oil has affected the international economy and has brought tension in the international community," Xi said. Earlier in the week, President Bush asked Congress to permit drilling for oil in deep water off America's coasts to combat rising oil and gas prices. "There is no excuse for delay," the president said Wednesday. Bush also renewed his request that Congress allow drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or ANWR, clear the way for more refineries and encourage efforts to recover oil from shale in areas such as the Green River Basin of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. more from the oil summit

* Bush is a friggen idiot more drilling in the US will do nothing more than give oil company's more oil to sit on while doing nothing for us! but what the hell is wrong with OPEC? Why has no one spoken the real truth? The plain and simple facts? The real problem Bush? Why has Iraq's oil not been mentioned? 2003 come on! Why was it not entioned the effect Bush's war mongering has had on the pricve of oil and averything else in the world? Why is not not mentioned the effect Iran and Israel's cries for war has had on the price of oil? why has the world not been reminded that pre Bush oil was only $28 per Barrel? Saudi Arabia is doing more than their share and should be commended. They alone will nullify the effect if any that Nigeria has had on the market. However it will do nothing. There is no supply problem but there will be once Iran is attacked and this entire mes gets going and if you have been following my stories you know what comes next so I will try to lighten up today. Take care!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

Friday, June 20, 2008

Much has been made of Obama opting out of public Financing and McCain is making the most of dirtying Obama but I don't know if it is good or Bad?

I just don't know what to think but supposedly Sen. Barack Obama's decision to forgo public financing for his presidential campaign clears the way for him to outspend Sen. John McCain by 3-to-1 or substantially more in the general election, a financial edge that dramatically rewrites the playbooks for both candidates. With Possibility the key word: Sen. Barack Obama's decision to forgo public financing for his presidential campaign clears the way for him to outspend Sen. John McCain by 3-to-1 or substantially more in the general election, a financial edge that dramatically rewrites the playbooks for both candidates.

With the possibility of spending perhaps $500 million just in the final two months of the campaign, Obama will be the first major-party candidate to enjoy a spending edge in the general election in more than 30 years. The comparison with the consistently cash-strapped McCain campaign could hardly be more stark. "It'll be like George Steinbrenner's Yankees in the '90s — an All-Star at every position — against the '90s Kansas City Royals, barely able to meet their payroll," said Chris Lehane, a Democratic consultant who worked for Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004

Though Obama risks a short-term political backlash by seeming to go back on his word, Democratic and Republican strategists say most campaigns would take such a hit in exchange for the unprecedented cash advantage he'll derive. McCain said Thursday he will accept public financing, meaning he'll be limited to spending only $84.1 million in the critical window between the Republican National Convention and Election Day. He'll be forced to lean more heavily on the Republican National Committee and outside groups that he cannot legally coordinate spending decisions with.

In that same time period, Obama will continue to be free to raise and spend unlimited amounts — with advertising specialists and party insiders projecting that he will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars, utilizing and expanding on the most efficient fundraising operation in American political history. "He's going to be able to raise almost unimaginable amount of money," said Tad Devine, a Democratic strategist who was a top adviser in the Gore and Kerry campaigns. "This is an incredible advantage for him and his campaign. He'll be able to dictate the terms of this election." Obama opts out of public financing

I don't know about that and I think a can of worms has been opened! Of course Republicans slammed the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s decision to abandon an earlier pledge to use the more than $84 million in public money if his Republican rival did the same. McCain’s campaign and supporters said the Illinois senator showed his true colors as a dyed-in-the-wool Washington player. And McCain said Thursday in Minnesota that “we will take public financing.” “Rather than sending a message that he’s about change or a new type of politics in America, it really looks and sounds like he’s about the same old … type of politics in America,” Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn told FOX News. “The thing that is most important in terms of an office holder or a politician’s relationship with his constituents or the people is trust. And frankly when a politician says one thing and does another it erodes that trust,” Cornyn said. “It’s just another chink in the armor but a lot these things will add up over time.”

In Iowa, McCain criticized his rival for backtracking, reminding reporters that Obama “said he would stick to his word. He didn’t.” The Republican candidate added, “This election is about a lot of things. It’s also about trust. It’s about keeping your word.” A statement issued by the McCain campaign said Obama “has revealed himself to be just another typical politician who will do and say whatever is most expedient for Barack Obama … Barack Obama is now the first presidential candidate since Watergate to run a campaign entirely on private funds.” Even Democratic Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold, who worked with Obama on an ethics and lobbying reform bill last year, called Obama’s financing decision “a mistake” in a statement Thursday. “This is not a good decision. While the current public financing system for the presidential primaries is broken, the system for the general election is not,” he said. Having numerically clinched the GOP nomination, McCain says he will accept public funds for the general election — but Obama has gradually eased off his earlier pledge.

Obama and his supporters argue his reason for doing so speaks to his ambitions as a reformer. Obama has already “rewritten the book when it comes to financing campaigns” by rejecting Washington lobbyist and political action committee contributions, Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, an Obama supporter, told FOX News.Durbin said that with his broad-based network of small donors, “He’s really behind reform and showing he can do it.”Obama, in his video announcement to supporters on Thursday, cast his approach as progressive, saying his supporters helped him build a “new kind of politics” where candidates don’t rely on a small pool of mega-contributors from inside the Beltway. Obama argued that the public financing system is “broken, and we face opponents who’ve become masters at gaming this broken system.” Look at the arguments

* Like you I happen to agree with Obama and I fear it will happen once again! Yes Obama is raising funds to combat the Republicans to the tune of 3 to one but the RNC is vastly better funded than the DNC. Correct me if I am wrong but can't the RNC infuse all the money they want in an effort to defame and dirty Obama and steal their false Republican God into the Presidency once again to continue their underhanded agenda?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oil and energy issues coming to a head as Bush and McCain align again and Congress fights back wanting to nationalize Refineries and take control But?

President Bush asked Congress on Wednesday to permit drilling for oil in deep water off America's coasts to combat rising oil and gas prices. There is no excuse for delay," the president said in a Rose Garden statement. The proposal met opposition from governors from California, New Jersey North Carolina, and New Mexico. "We are in this situation because of our dependence on traditional petroleum-based oil," California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, said in a statement, according to The Associated Press. "Our $35 billion economy is driven by tourism and the use of the shore," AP quoted New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, a Democrat, as saying.

"It's a very bad idea. First of all, it will take 30 years before it affects gas prices -- lowering them -- and it will take 10 years to start the drilling," New Mexico Governor and former U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, a Democrat, told CNN. "The answer is a long-term policy that deals with -- substantial policies that promote -- conservation, fuel efficiency in vehicles, an emphasis on renewable energy." "It's doesn't work for states to decide. If the state above or below you has a problem it affects your shores as well," North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley, a Democrat said, according to AP. "It's too much squeeze for the juice when you look at real estate on the coast, recreational fishing and tourism that could be adversely affected by some problem." Virginia and South Carolina have largely supported lifting the moratorium, AP reported.

Oil production cost,Here's what the price of a barrel of oil needs to be for different sources of petroleum to be profitably extracted: - Accessible land: $19 - Shallow water: $20-60 - Deep water: $60 - Shale mining: $30-50 - Oil sands: $50-60 Current price per barrel: $134 Sources: U.S. Govt. CERA, Rand, EnCana Bush also renewed his demand that Congress allow drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, clear the way for more refineries and encourage efforts to recover oil from shale in areas such as the Green River Basin of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Bush said that the basin potentially contains more than three times as much recoverable oil as Saudi Arabia's proven reserves and that the high price of oil makes it profitable to extract it. Bush tells Congress again do it my way

We have discussed our shale oil numerous times since Bush first clandestinely announced a program to make it's capture economical! It is interesting that Bush is finally saying it out loud! It seems to me like it should be equitable to produce our energy needs from already existing and unused existing sources rather than instituting programs that will only give the oil industry more work and employment while doing nothing for our cost and energy needs! This is only one of the numerous issues that is coming to a head conveniently just before elections!
What really bothers me is tha I believe nothing will prevent prices to continue skyward and once again the lying idiot McCain proves while he says he is different he is a clone of Bush as McCain wants to lift ban on offshore drilling

Also right in line with Bush McSame has bought into Bush's "Green Energy" nuclear proliferation as Sen. John McCain proposed Wednesday to dramatically increase America's commitment to nuclear power, calling for a crash program to build 45 reactors by 2030 and a long-term goal of building 100 such plants across the country. McSame also mirrors Bush on nuclear energy
You can see for yourself exactly where Obama and McCain stand on the issue

* The frightening thing to me is House Democrats responded to President's Bush's call for Congress to lift the moratorium on offshore drilling. This was at an on-camera press conference fed back live.Among other things, the Democrats called for the government to own refineries so it could better control the flow of the oil supply. They also reasserted that the reason the Appropriations Committee markup (where the vote on the amendment to lift the ban) was cancelled so they could focus on preparing the supplemental Iraq spending bill for tomorrow. At an off-camera briefing, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said the same. And a senior Republican House Appropriations Committee aide adds that "there were multiple reasons for the postponement" including discussion on the supplemental. But the aide said there was the thought that Democrats may wish to avoid a debate today on energy amendments.

Here are the highlights from briefing: Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), member of the House Appropriations Committee and one of the most-ardent opponents of off-shore drilling 1115 We (the government) should own the refineries. Then we can control how much gets out into the market. Hinchey on why they postponed the Appropriations markup 1119 I think there aren't enough votes for the Peterson amendment. It wasn't taken up (the Interior spending bill) because of the omnibus Appropriations bill. That's the main focus of the Appropriations Committee. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) 1116 They (Republicans) have a one-trick pony approach. please check this out

This is very scary! Part of me wants to say Yeah but all of me knows the Government and Congress can't do anything right. They are all complicit and corrupt! What the hell is the answer? the problem is just beginning like all of the rest of them as we try to progress successfully into the twenty first century. We know it is a world wide problem and our friend in Wales explained nicely the over taxation and fuel problem in Britain as the people are starting to rebel. from Landsker

* I wish I could sound rosy but I can only say stay together and hold on!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

celtics Win 17th NBA Championship! Congratulations!

Celtics pride is back
Celtics pride is back

Watch numerous videos covering the series

First take a look at the levees failing on the Mississippi, this is getting Horrific!

Now: Celtics return to glory with championship effort by Mark Kriegel

The Boston Celtics' 17th championship was accorded the familiar rituals: the spray of confetti followed by a televised trophy presentation. Still, however loud it remained inside the TD Banknorth Garden, by then the festivities had already begun to take on an anti-climactic air.

As celebrations go, this one was particularly exhausting, having begun midway through the fourth quarter. Finally, with 4:01 remaining and the Celtics up by a mere 35, Doc Rivers removed his triumvirate of stars known as the Big Three.

"They came in as a group," Rivers said. "I thought we should take them out as a group."

They each thanked their coach, the most effusively grateful being Paul Pierce, now concluding his 10th season with the Celtics in a manner he could not have envisioned a year ago.

"He just kept saying, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you for sticking with me again,'" recalled Rivers.

This time last year, Pierce was a malcontent on a 24-win team — "the classic case of a great player on a bad team," as he famously described himself — waiting to be traded. "Rock bottom a year ago today," Pierce said.

Now he was the best player on the best team in basketball, a clear choice for the Finals MVP, an award widely forecast to be won by Kobe Bryant.

As it happened, in yet another example of just how strong this Boston team is, Pierce was outscored by three teammates: Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and, of all people, Rajon Rondo. Rondo had 21 points to Pierce's 17. Pierce, who's bigger and tougher than anyone really knew, also had 10 assists, one fewer than all the Lakers starters combined.

"Paul was only viewed upon as a scorer," Rivers said. "Now I think people see him as a complete basketball player."

By now there has been plenty of talk about the Big Three doing together — late in their careers — what they could not do alone. "The guys dropping their egos for the good of the team," said Pierce, who grew up an ardent Lakers fan near the old Forum in Inglewood.

But the Celtics were more than their three stars. They were also an amalgam of bit players, castoffs thought to be too young, too old, too limited or perennially dissatisfied. "As important as it was that they trusted each other, I thought it was far more important that they trusted the other guys," Rivers said.

The other guys, in no particular order, included Eddie House, Sam Cassell, Kendrick Perkins, Leon Powe, Glen Davis, James Posey and 38-year-old P.J. Brown, who was talked out of retirement. In trusting the other guys, the Big Three set an agenda and a level of expectation for the non-stars. The Celtics, as reconstituted in the off-season by Danny Ainge, would not suffer from foolishness or selfishness or lack of defense. They would rebound. They would fight for loose balls.

Theirs was a virtuous way to play basketball, and it showed in the way they beat the Lakers Tuesday night. The Celtics survived an assortment of maladies in this series, including Perkins' shoulder, Rondo's ankle and Pierce's knee. Still, the absurd final score, 131-92, turned out to be more lopsided than any elimination game in the history of the NBA championship.

But there are yet other ways to quantify the Celtics' glory, and by extension, the Lakers' ignominy:

  • Kobe Bryant scored his fourth field goal at 5:30 of the first quarter. He didn't score another until 7:09 of the third. In other words, Michael Jordan's rep is safe, even in Los Angeles, for another year.
  • The Lakers didn't record an offensive rebound until Sasha Vujacic grabbed the first at 11:11 of the fourth quarter. By then the score was 91-62.
  • The Celtics had 18 steals to the Lakers' four.
  • The Lakers didn't block a shot.

    Looking back on this game, you should recall a single possession in the second quarter that saw Boston grab three offensive rebounds before Posey sank a 3. That put the Celtics up by six, 35-29. But it also made you wonder about Los Angeles.

    The Lakers were about to break, and the arena was about to get loud. It was the kind of loud you just don't hear in L.A.

    ** I expected a blow it for a lot of reasons but you never know. I assumed the series was purposely brought to that point for the financial benefit and so the Celts could win it at home.
    The two steals by Kobe to seal game 5 that would never happen sealed the set up to me. At any rate bring on the parade tomorrow at 11:AM!
  • Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    Gore Backs Obama rips Bush Obama vows preelection visit to Israel, to visit Iraq, Billions to repair our failing infrastructure, This is a winner! ???

    I wanted to discuss the fact that the Midwest is still flooding levees are failing and at last count there are 26 in danger of failing. I also wanted to discuss the US dropping leaflets warning residents to move out of the Taliban held towns in Afghanistan before NATO forces try to recapture them. I wanted to discuss also the chief idiot going to visit the flooded areas so he can lie to them too saying he will help them like he helped everyone else in disaster areas, Not! I also wanted to discuss that not only has Bush created an opium haven in Afghanistan to financially support our enemies and to supply single handedly more than the entire world can consume but with his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan he has also created half of the worlds 11.2 million displaced peoples. However as seems to happen every day now I have to digress. Today for an unusual change it is for good news!

    By now everyone knows Former Vice President Al Gore endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday, urging Americans to reject what he called the Bush administration's legacy of "incompetence, negligence and failure." He said "Americans simply cannot afford to continue the policies of the last eight years for another four," Gore, the party's 2000 presidential nominee, told Obama supporters at a rally in Detroit, Michigan. Perceived as a senior statesman in the Democratic party, Gore brings a certain force to Obama's campaign, political analysts have said. Monday marked Gore's debut in the 2008 election; he had not weighed in while Obama was still battling Sen. Hillary Clinton. Amid thousands of cheering supporters, Gore began by addressing head-on the criticism that Obama doesn't have enough experience to lead the nation.

    * I really liked this part as The former vice president turned Nobel Prize winner playfully said he recalled one Republican nominee wondering out loud whether his Democratic rival for president was "naive and inexperienced." "And yet another said the United States cannot afford to risk the future of the free world with inexperience and immaturity in the White House," said Gore. "Who were they talking about? Every single one of those quotes came from the campaign of 1960, when the the Republicans attacked John Fitzgerald Kennedy for allegedly lacking the age and experience necessary to be president." Richard Nixon was the Republican nominee in 1960. Joining Obama in the midst of the candidate's two week swing through the nation to talk about his plans to revitalize the economy, Gore praised Obama as someone who could mobilize people, young and old, who had never before taken part in politics. Gore went on to praise the nominee's vision on the environment, domestic and international issues. Saying he will do whatever he can to support Obama's bid for the White House, Gore said Obama has "inspired" him. "I feel that same spirit in this auditorium tonight, building all over this country this year," he said. "Take it from me, elections matter," Gore said.

    "If you think the next appointments to our Supreme Court are important, you know that elections matter. If you live in the city of New Orleans, you know that elections matter. If you or a member of your family are serving in the active military, the National Guard or Reserves, you know that elections matter. "If you are a wounded veteran, you know that elections matter. If you've lost your job; if you're struggling with a mortgage, you know that elections matter. Gore cited concerns about the environment, lead-painted toys and food safety -- even pet foods -- as other reasons to vote for the Democrat. "After the last eight years, even our dogs and cats have learned that elections matter," Gore said, adding, "After eight years of lost jobs and lower wages, we need change. After eight years of incompetence, negligence and failure, we need change." Gore said the Bush administration has "dishonored and disrespected" the Constitution and led the nation through "eight years of the most serious foreign policy mistakes in the entire history of our nation." as we all know is true and is just scratching the surface! He also He called for Americans to move beyond partisanship and select in Obama a leader who can "solve the climate crisis and create a bright future." Al Gore backs Obama for president you can also watch it

    It gets even better as Obama reportedly plans to visit Israel before the U.S. presidential election in November. The Democrat's likely candidate announced this week that he will tour Iraq and Afghanistan ahead of his showdown with the Republican's likely nominee, John McCain. Citing sources in the Obama campaign, Yediot Achronot reported Tuesday that the candidate also will come to Israel for talks with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and other top officials. Obama is seen as anxious to burnish his national security credentials. Good idea

    He was also wise to deflate McCain on the Iraq issue as A day after his Republican counterpart sat down with visiting Iraqi foreign minister Hoshyar Zebari, Barack Obama spoke with him by phone from Chicago Monday morning and told him that he looked forward to seeing him in Baghdad before November. Obama calls Iraq promises pre McCain debate visit you can watch this too

    To top off the days good news on Obama he also proposed spending billions to revitalize the nation's economy, a plan the campaign of his likely Republican opponent said would slow economic growth with higher taxes. During an economic speech in Flint, Michigan, Obama promised to spend billions to improve America's education, infrastructure, energy and health care systems. To improve America's competitiveness, the senator from Illinois said he wants to spend $10 billion on childhood education, $150 billion over 10 years on developing alternative energy and $60 billion over 10 years to build "21st century infrastructure." Obama said he would pay for these programs by ending the war in Iraq, reducing government waste, charging polluters for greenhouse gas emissions and ending the Bush tax cuts for wealthy individuals. This is right but of course dead wrong by war mongering Republicans

    *Obama is really making his stride and rapidly saying and doing the right things in order to become our saviour I mean President as long as we can keep him alive and we even have fair elections or any elections at all if Israel attacks Iran and Bush steps in to help them before elections thereby staying at the helm of this mess!

    James Joiner
    Gardner Ma

    Monday, June 16, 2008

    Video why you should vote Republican this Fall! Yeah right! In reality Obama continues to improve in polls, Now...

    I am happy to say that in reality John McCain and Barack Obama are about even when it comes to voters' opinions about which candidate they want to win in November. But Gallup says this morning that when voters are asked about which candidate will win, Democrat Obama comes out well ahead of Republican McCain. According to Gallup, 52% of the 822 adults surveyed last week said they think Obama will win the race for the White House. McCain was the choice of 41%. The margin of error on each number: +/- 4 percentage points. Obama gaining on who will win Poll

    Obama is improving and he has to win if we are to have a future. We just have to keep hoping we get the message out and that we even have elections, they are not stolen again, and we can keep Obama alive!

    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    Saudi Arabia under pressure by Congress increases production, Bush okay's annoyance of Polar Bears, It will not matter!

    In We Were Warned: Tomorrow's Oil Crisis, CNN's Frank Sesno explores the potential ripple effects of this frightening scenario. The events depicted are hypothetical, but oil experts believe the scenario is entirely plausible. His interviews with energy experts reveal that we are nearing the point at which the world, led by the U.S. and China, will begin to consume more oil than can be pumped from the ground and the oceans. Tracking the global race to find new pools of oil, Sesno also considers the viability of alternative fuels, such as ethanol, which is used as fuel for 40% of cars in Brazil. Throughout his investigation, Sesno tries to find out whether any of these ventures can solve our looming energy crisis or whether we are already too late. We Were Warned: Tomorrow's Oil Crisis

    Giving in to pressure largely from Congress withholding arms etc. and MOUNTING pressure on Saudi Arabia to lift crude oil production to record levels looks set to be rewarded, as political leaders again warned of the wider implications of persistent high prices. The oil-rich Arab nation was due to respond overnight to a New York Times report it would increase production by 500,000 barrels a day to just under 10 million barrels. If Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi confirms the 5% production increase it may reduce market concern about crude oil supply, which triggered a record one-day barrel price gain of $US10.75 last week. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah at the weekend to discuss oil prices, as well as climate change and the increasing cost of food. Both leaders agreed those three issues "should be dealt with comprehensively", according to UN official Farhan Haq.

    "What you want to avoid is a cascade of these sort of challenges that affect a wide range of social and economic sectors and then start also creating political problems," he said. Finance ministers from the G8 forum discussed those issues at the weekend in Japan, declaring high oil and food prices posed a "serious challenge to stable growth worldwide". "Elevated commodity prices, especially of oil and food, pose a serious challenge to stable growth worldwide, have serious implications for the most vulnerable and may increase global inflationary pressure," they said. King Abdullah last week took the unprecedented step of arranging on short notice a major gathering of oil producers and consumers to address the causes of the price rally. Some analysts have predicted that the oil price could reach $US200 a barrel this year as consumption continues to rise rapidly while supplies lag. Saudi Arabia buckles as world demands rise in oil output
    * Plus much to my chagrin Less than a month after declaring polar bears a threatened species because of global warming, the Bush administration is giving oil companies permission to annoy and potentially harm them in the pursuit of oil and natural gas. The Fish and Wildlife Service issued regulations this week providing legal protection to seven oil companies planning to search for oil and gas in the Chukchi Sea off the northwestern coast of Alaska if "small numbers" of polar bears or Pacific walruses are incidentally harmed by their activities over the next five years. Environmentalists said the new regulations give oil companies a blank check to harass the polar bear.

    About 2,000 of the 25,000 polar bears in the Arctic live in and around the Chukchi Sea, where the government in February auctioned off oil leases to ConocoPhillips Co., Shell Oil Co. and five other companies for $2.6 billion. Over objections from environmentalists and members of Congress, the sale occurred before the bear was classified as threatened in May. Polar bears are naturally curious creatures and sensitive to changes in their environment. Vibrations, noises, unusual scents and the presence of industrial equipment can disrupt their quest for prey and their efforts to raise their young in snow dens. bush grants permission for oil companies to harass endangered Polar Bears
    None of this is going to matter period,. Gasoline prices hit yet another record Sunday, with more than half the nation's states paying more than $4 per gallon on average, according to a daily survey from motorist group AAA. The national average price for regular unleaded gasoline climbed slightly to $4.077 a gallon, according to AAA's Web site. The average topped $4 for the first time last week after crude oil prices surged to a trading record above $139 per barrel. The price has swung back and forth in a $10 range since then. Gas is most expensive in California, according to the survey, averaging $4.597, followed by Alaska at $4.436. prices will continue to break records

    I have said it too many times but none of this will matter as eventually $10 gas will seem cheap! Just watch what happens when Iran is attacked and everything really gets pressured! You will see food and gas rationing at the very least. WW2 and the great Depression combined will be dwarfed by what is coming. That is not to fear but for you all to be prepared for the inevitable and stay in touch. Be prepared, hope for the best but prepare for the worst!

    James Joiner
    Gardner Ma

    Saturday, June 14, 2008

    As the oil companies continue to make record shattering profits Exxon Mobil sells their gas stations because gas is not profitable oil is!

    I haven't heard a thing about this so with so many world altering events happening again today and being confused about what to cover I decided to cover the selling of Exxon/Mobil's 2,200 gas stations because they are making so much money on the oil that it is making gas unaffordable and their gas stations unprofitable. what the hell does that tell you? First we discussed yesterday that because of the price of oil and gas that The cost of living rose in May as consumers were belted by energy costs, the government said Friday. The Consumer Price Index, a key inflation reading, rose 4.2% through the 12 months ended in May, according to the Labor Department.

    This compared to an increase of 3.9% during the 12 months ended in April. For the month of May, overall CPI rose 0.6%, compared to an increase of 0.2% in April. That's the biggest increase since last November, when the overall CPI surged 0.9%. A consensus of analysts interviewed by had projected an increase of 0.5% for May. The dramatic increase in energy costs were largely responsible for the overall inflation. Energy costs rose 4.4% in May, and surged 17.4% over the 12 months ending in May, the Labor Department said.
    The index for fuel oil rose 10.4% in May and soared 64% over the 12 months. The gasoline index rose 5.7% in May and surged 20.8% on a year-over-year basis. The index for natural gas rose 5.6% in May, and was up 16.5% over the last year. * Electricity costs also increased, but less dramatically, edging up 0.9% in May, and rising 5.8% over the last 12 months. As a result, transportation costs increased 2% in May, and jumped 8.1% over the 12 months ending in May. The index for household energy costs climbed 2.8% in May, its fourth consecutive jump, the Labor Department said. The price of food also pushed up overall costs. Food costs increased 0.3% in May, and jumped 5.1% during the 12 months ending in May. The price of milk was a big influence on the overall price, increasing 10.2% over the 12 months, despite slipping 0.7% in May.The cost of clothing was the one area where consumers got some relief. Apparel costs deflated 0.2% in May, and decreased 0.4% over the 12 months.The core CPI, which excludes the cost of food and energy, rose 0.2% in May, compared to an increase of 0.1% in April. A consensus of analysts interviewed by had projected an increase of 0.2% for May.

    We also discussed that Soaring oil and food prices are emerging as serious threats to global economic growth, finance ministers from the world's top industrialized nations said Saturday, while vowing to work together to address the problem. The world economy faces uncertainty and inflationary pressures because of the recent rise in prices, the Group of Eight nations said in a joint statement as they wrapped up two days of talks in western Japan. The finance ministers from the Group of Eight nations — Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the U.S. — were also mapping out an agenda for a summit of their leaders next month in northern Japan. They urged oil-producing nations to increase production to help stabilize the spike in oil prices, and called for aid to address a looming food crisis in developing nations. "Elevated commodity prices, especially of oil and food, pose a serious challenge to stable growth worldwide," the statement said. U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said the spike in oil prices to new heights was a problem of supply and demand, and not caused by speculators. "This is not something that lends itself to short-term solutions," he told reporters after the meeting ended. G8 concerned over rising oil and food prices around the world

    To prove there is no concern for a short term or any solution Saved by Senate Republicans, big oil companies dodged an attempt Tuesday to slap them with a windfall-profits tax and take away billions of dollars in tax breaks in response to the record gasoline prices that have the nation fuming. GOP senators shoved aside the Democratic proposal and argued that punishing Big Oil won't do a thing to lower the $4-a-gallon price of gasoline that is sending economic waves across the country. High prices at the pump are threatening everything from summer vacations to Meals on Wheels deliveries to the elderly. The Democratic energy package would have imposed a 25 percent tax on any "unreasonable" profits of the five largest U.S. oil companies, which together made $36 billion during the first three months of the year. It also would have given the government more power to address oil-market speculation, opened the way for antitrust actions against countries belonging to the OPEC oil cartel, and made energy price gouging a federal crime.

    "Americans are furious about what's going on," said Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D. He said they want Congress to do something about oil-company profits and the "orgy of speculation" on oil markets. But Republican leaders said the Democrats' plan would do harm rather than good — and they kept the legislation from being brought up for debate and amendments. House Republicans are also pushing two bills that would allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and two that call for drilling in coastal waters. Supporters are expected to make their case to a House panel Wednesday.The GOP faces an uphill battle because the Senate rejected a measure last month to allow drilling in areas now off-limits to exploration. And Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, opposes drilling in the wildlife refuge. GOP blocks Dems' plan to crack down on oil companies

    * We also said nothing we do will lower the price of oil including giving the oil companies more work by letting them destroy ANWR which will not get to market for 10 years and do nothing to lower the price of gas and oil! Meanwhile oil companies are making so much money Exxon Mobil Corp. said Thursday it's getting out of the retail gasoline business, following other major oil companies who've been selling their low-margin stations to gasoline distributors. Motorists, however, will continue to see Exxon's Tiger-themed stations and Mobil outlets in their neighborhoods. Already, about 75 percent of Exxon Mobil's roughly 12,000 stations in the U.S. are owned by branded distributors, who buy Exxon Mobil products and pay to use the name. Irving-based Exxon, the world's biggest publicly traded oil company, said it now plans to sell to distributors its remaining 820 company-owned stations and another 1,400 outlets operated by dealers. Exxon Mobil didn't disclose financial details but said the sales will take place over a "multiyear period."

    Exxon Mobil is not alone among Big Oil exiting the retail gas business, a market where profits have gotten tougher as crude oil prices have risen. In fact, industry officials say the major oil companies own fewer than 5 percent of U.S. gas stations. Gas prices reached a new record at the pump Thursday, rising to a national average of $4.06 a gallon. Still, station owners say they're struggling to turn a profit on gas because while wholesale gasoline prices have risen sharply in recent months, they've been unable to raise pump prices fast enough to keep pace. Most gasoline retailers long ago got past any illusion they can make money by selling gas. They rely on gas sales to drive traffic to their shops, where they hope auto repairs or food and drink sales will help them turn a profit. Exxon Dumping Stations, Says No Money in Selling Gas

    ** We know there is no money selling gas! This way they can focus on making grotesque profits and bring average Americans to their knees! What can we and the world do? watch what happens when Iran is attacked!

    James Joiner
    Gardner Ma