Thursday, April 30, 2009

Specter's switch to the Democratic party thought through!

Okay, I have to discuss Arlen Specter! I understand that his decision to leave the Republican party was long in the making. There was 14 talks in the Gym between Biden and Specter. No wonder Biden routinely used the Senate gym. I thought it was those many train rides where Biden was working Specter. Any way you look at it I am glad he came aboard. I think he merely wanted to continue his Senatorial career and saw this as his only way.

The Republican party was making him pay for voting with the Democrats on the stimulus Bill. If he stayed in the Republican party they got Pat Toomey a conservative to run against Specter and they would have succeeded in getting him elected. This was Arlen's only choice if he wanted to keep his seat so he took it. Whatever, welcome! This was the only way he would have won a primary in Pennsylvania a State that is increasingly blue. 200,000 in Pennsylvania registered as a Democrat to vote for Obama. If serving your constituents matters any more it is only right that Specter join the majority.

So he took the opportunity and jumped ship. I do not have a problem with that. In fact I am ecstatic. This was his only way to win a primary and continue his career. Obama too is ecstatic and promises to campaign and raise money for him. That is a shoe in election if you ask me. This gives the Republicans all the more reason to prolong the inevitable with Franken, That will give us the 60 seats require to stave off a filibuster but that in itself does not guarantee everything going our way. We do not have a blank check. I can only hope Democrats are smarter than we have seen and remain humble not cocky and combative as the Republicans were.

Now I want to see Olympia Snowe and Sue Collins come over from the dark side and join the new right. I do not see it happening but being moderates they are better off with us. That Republicans have not given them the treatment they gave Specter for voting with Democrats has nothing to do with them being women. Republicans simply do not want to lose Maine too! Votes 61 and 62 would not make a difference as far as vote outcome goes but I would love to see it because it would certainly break the back of the Republican party.

As you know, Arlen Specter was Joe Biden's track mate every day on the train every day so I will say without a doubt that Biden was the point man in the drive to get the once moderate Republican to leave the dark side and come over to the new right, the Democratic Party. As the Republican party already far right steadily moved farther right in their effort to make Obama fail Specter found himself increasingly alienated. He jumped ship. This lightening bolt caught me off guard. With only 21% of people registered as Republicans this may be pure pragmatic Politics but Republicans are in serious trouble and I am psyched.

I am cautious and do not want to get too hopeful but I am pleased to see every dirty trick Republicans pull backfire on them. This time they were going to try and bring moderate Specter to his knees in his next race for not voting as they told him. They backed conservative Pat Toomey to defeat him during his next run for his seat. Once again their interference has backfired and Specter may bring them to their knees. I will watch and hope. They are down but not out!

In closing this a great event to have marked President Obama's 100th day. Passing energy reform and health care for all is now looking more promising than ever. Arlen Specter said he was putting aside personal interests but hell it was all about Specter and his 28 year career. His coming over just happens to be the right thing at the right time to help the right President do the right thing for America. Both the Democratic party and Specter, as well as the country are going to benefit greatly from this. At this point I do not think it is possible for Democrats to overreach. We do need a complete makeover. We will have it unless Republicans succeed in Blocking Democrats and our good sense causing them to think the ugliness of conservative extremism is better for them. I do not see it happening. For me with Arlen Specter at this critical time in righting the ship called America I see a marriage made in heaven. Happy 100 Days President Obama and America. It should be a very good next few years!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stop the torture Debate already, call their Bluff, Investigate!

Republicans led by Cheney want a torture debate. Call his bluff! He says he wants all the torture tapes made public as he wants you to think if they are they will vindicate him. He stupidly thinks he is being brazen and as a result of being in your face people will back down and say it is not worth it, forget it. It is worth it. Call his Bluff! While they are at it they should do an analysis first. It will save them the time and trouble. Do a simple comparison between those that were tortured and those that were not. Compare the information they divulged and determine if it was actionable or truthful. Any way you look at it they did not make a single arrest based on the information they gleaned after all these years of great success by Bush and Cheney!

Once again these idiots are trying to intimidate and control us. Call their Bluff. Give them enough rope to hang themselves and they will. Cheney just wants us to get hit again. Anti torture McCain is against torture but is backing Cheney's stand. McCain should step up instead of backing McCain as that makes him guilty too. It is out and at this point it is indefensible. Whenever we are hit again and we will be as far as I am concerned it will be exclusively Cheney's fault. He has goaded it at the very least but you know he will blame it on Obama and simply say I told you so.

If he really cared he would seek an audience with Obama and explain his views on success and how to proceed. Obama could take it in and regurgitate it if he wanted. He could take it or leave it and Cheney knows it is counter productive and Obama would ignore any direct advice from Cheney as he does the advice Cheney gives in his admonitions to the MSM to try and destabilize Obama and make him fail. I know Cheney's motive but what the heck is McCain's? He sad when defeated that he would support his President but who is that? He seems to be just one more Republican who wants to block Obama and keep him from being popular but as it seems I say every day now, they will all fail.

At this point I think Obama is right to personally stay out of this and let Holder take control of the issue. I am beginning to trust the man and unlike Bush's AG who did everything Political so Bush could prosecute his mess unimpeded Holder is going to be apolitical. He will do the right thing for the Constitution not for Obama's gain and let the chips fall where they may. Holder will find the truth behind this torture history as if we ignore history we are doomed to repeat it. Bush the idiot was fond of saying that while in every instance ignoring all history so he could worsen it exponentially as he has done in every instance.

Any way you look at it there was torture going on. If what was going on was so legal Republicans would not be trying to spread blame to the Democrats to share the blame. If it was so legal there would not have been torture memos in the first place. Gee I have to laugh! It just dawned on me that this is the first time since the advent of Bush that Republicans have wanted Bipartisanship in anything. They want to spread the blame isn't that cute? How Republican! Just take the credit for your efforts and let the chips fall where they may. Burn those fascist scum!

I Just heard Senator Arlen Specter just switched to the Democratic party wow that is big. Damn I wish they would all jump ship. Come on! This is cataclysmic for the Republicans. With Franken that gives the Democrats their 60 seats. Yahoo a filibuster proof majority. Now we will get things done. Republicans were going to make him pay for voting with Democrats on the stimulus. Well I guess he showed them. Specter knows the Democrats are doing the right thing for America and Arlen wants to be on the right side of history. I am psyched, I did not expect this.

Anyway back to the Fascist party! Speaking of that, Sean Hannity who is a main stream hard core fascist Republican Backs Cheney and his torture agenda. He is a Republican extremist to the nth degree. I heard that, that mindless slime had volunteered to be water boarded. Of course knowing the standard mouthiness I believed it right off the bat. Hannity made that statement in front of millions including an audience of veterans and their families. Hell I saw the clip, now he is hiding and for good reason. He said that to the head of the military's SEER school (survive, evade, escape, recover) Big mistake! Mike Ritz a former SEER school instructor to water board Hannity. He said I guarantee you water boarding is torture and I can even get Hannity to say I love the Keith Olbermann show. I would pay to watch that and then slap the idiot silly. Enough of these scum, enough, and they just keep getting worse!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Roller Coaster or Bumper cars? It is more of a whirlwind every day!

After our conversation a couple of days ago on Pakistan being President Obama's 6 month test a scenario VP Biden set out when the two of them were running for the White House The long expected fall of Pakistan is under way

First I must admit I know party swings are cyclical with the favor or dis favor of a past Presidency. We have Bush to thank for this but I was happy to hear that today only 21% of Americans today are Registered as Republicans. At the same time as I find myself wondering how anyone could register as a Republican the thought crossed my mind that it stinks that only 21% of Americans are capable of making the other 79% if us totally miserable.

Now After yesterdays events towards the end of Pakistan devolving into Obama's biggest challenge I was going to discuss that again today as it is degenerating rapidly with the US threatening to attack Pakistan's Swat valley if Pakistan failed to act against the Talban. US public warning of Pakistan collapse has risks Look at the dire stories included in the above link:

US threatened to attack Swat Taliban if Pakistan failed to act'

The US does not have a clue but I will remind you of The Taliban get their first wish

However once again I was overwhelmed at the roller coaster of events bringing my emotions up and down like a damn yoyo. I did not not know what to discuss because this just amazed me so I thought I would throw out what I have been hearing both good and bad while once again up all night perusing the news channels!

* I was pretty happy to hear that despite Fidel telling the US that Raul was misunderstood as to saying he wanted to talk about everything Fidel just stepped up. Fidel is willing to talk now. Obama it seems made the first move and will no longer insist that Cuba embrace Democracy before Obama will talk about accepting Cuba into the fold.

* Mexico doesn't have enough problems with our drug war that is threatening to capsize Mexico they now have 150 dead with the swine flu.Developments are changing so rapidly I can't keep up with them. I am convinced this pandemic will get much worse. Our Department of Health and Human services has declared a state of emergency. We now have 40 cases and Swine flu has now spread to Spain, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil, and the World Health Organization has opened its war room. I was thinking what the hell is next with Mexico then I just heard of an earthquake.

* I at least heard some good news when I heard when Hillary flew to the Middle East recently for the first time since I can remember her plane did not have to go all the way around Syria but was allowed to fly through Syrian air space. That is a big plus.

* Iran is a roller coaster subject in itself! I must say at first whiff I was ecstatic to hear Ahmadinejad say that he would be amenable to a two state solution with Israel and Palestine. He said Iran or the US should not interfere and I couldn't see that from either side. Then to me his insistence on the 2 state solution being put to a vote by Palestinians and Israelis sounded great. Until he said the vote should be between Israeli's and Palestinian's in Israel. That is an automatic no go as those Palestinians want Israel for themselves. It won't work and Ahmadinejad knows it.It does however leave room for discussion. It should be put to a vote but between Israel and Gaza. That would work. You would have your two state solution.

* In my own State not far from me in Great Barrington, Massachusetts I heard a good idea others will want to follow. An idea from the great depression is being used and successfully.The town of Great Barrington is printing its own money which at first smell appears odd but it is working. They call their money Berkshire's and it is used for local businesses thus stimulating the local economy keeping it local. They are then traded for Dollars. I like the idea!

* Thinking about earth day and efforts to go green in order to save the environment and the rapidly developing Swine flu Pandemic I heard that 200 million people will die in the next 10 years in the Greatest Cataclysm in History and I was stunned until I heard that is what they said during the First Earth Day in 1970. So what? Is that good or bad?

* Lastly for once I will close on a positive note. I listened very interested as I heard a "new" energy source described. It is right now being patented by its Canadian inventor so they could not get too in depth but It is ammonia! Again at first you say what the hell? This really sounds good though. Hydrogen is mixed with Nitrogen to make the non explosive Ammonia. You would need only 5% gas. The fact that the American trucking Industry is very interested in it makes it very promising to me. We will see. This all adds up to one hell of an emotional roller coaster when you add in everything else. WTF?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, April 27, 2009

Closing in on 100 days do you think Obama is making the grade?

I am constantly every day impressed with Obama's many accomplishments and what he is doing in order for us to get back our version of America and destroy the mess Bush and Republicans made of us and our America while instituting their version. He makes inroads toward that end. That is why as they get increasingly more desperate Republicans are getting increasingly extremist. I am very concerned at how far they will go to make Obama fail so they can get back in and finish their agenda and us off.

I commend Obama for what he has been able to accomplish in his first 100 days. Particularly because before he was elected he promised to be all inclusive and once again bring bipartisanship back to our Government. I have always thought that partisanship was sometimes necessary and essential. However not now. I prefer to have bipartisanship to clean up the mess created under Bush to destroy our version of America and implement their new version. Republicans do not want that to happen and will continue to be the party of no to make Obama appear to be a liar and the purveyor of Partisanship they themselves insist on as they attempt to block Obama. They will fail!

I heard Boehner say he would give Obama an F for his first one hundred days because of borrowing, spending, and avoiding all the hard choices What?
Everything is a hard choice. They credit him for spending more than every President in the past combined. Do not forget Bush did too but for his wars while we lost our jobs and our infrastructure fell apart. Now Obama has to understandably spend more than that to put us back to work and rebuild our infrastructure. What the hell do they think!? Anyway This is from the House leader that destroyed US and world order! That means to us he gets an A and has done most things right.

Remember what Obama is trying to work with. All the while Obama inherited this anti abortion Republican Abortion called the economy as well as all the rest of them. Obama will get us back on track to get back our America. However that is what Republican's are against not Obama. They want their version back! Being Anarchistic they will do anything to keep Partisanship and try to blame it on Obama, hoping he fails. We must do everything possible to help and keep that from happening.

I am looking forward to Obama's next 100 days and what he will accomplish. As far as I am concerned Obama was acting President long before Bush left as he was running the country behind the scenes while Bush was screwing around and patting himself on the back for a job well done. Yeah! That aside I am afraid Obama has yet to face his biggest tests and the next hundred days will go a long way towards proving that. The next 100 days and beyond is going to be a lot tougher because of the mess Bush made of the US.

America and the mess he made out of us in his "success" Is a small part of the crises he has set in motion. Wow think of this! What the hell is Obama going to do if the Taliban overruns Islamabad? Many of you remember what happened to us in Hanoi. I am sure the Taliban is not only camping out 65 miles outside Islamabad the capitol of Pakistan You know there are many on the inside and all over ready to act. I keep hearing the Pakistan army can handle them if they pull their army off the India Border but I absolutely do not think so. I do not trust the ISI either. They were complicit with those that attacked the towers and I absolutely do not think they want the Government of Pakistan as it is.

Meanwhile Obama is going to have a hell of a fight with Republicans to pass health care and and with environmental issues. Everything Obama says or does they jump on and call it the wrong thing. It is the wrong thing for them and their version of America but it is the right thing for us and our version of America. We must help get it back. should have long been over being stunned at what I have seen and heard coming from the Republican party since some fools got the dumb ass drunk elected. He was a proven life long loser and I still can't believe he was elected and worse is defended. Look what he friggen did, I do not get it! Anyway again I am flabbergasted how someone with the resume of Gore can be so ignorantly discounted by this time the likes of Gingrich. These idiots will not shut up and sadly they will not go away but will get much worse.

I refuse to believe that at this point anyone can not realize cleaning up the environment is a dire necessity and a money maker of the future. Let alone someone of Gingrich's low moral standing refuting Gore and his vast resume on the subject. Gore correctly told Congress the fate of the planet is in their hands and it it is. Gore and thus Obama does not want your job. Going green, cleaning up the environment will create jobs. I wish to hell Republicans would stop their divisive crap as it is only designed to confuse for selfish gain and divide. As usual to some extent it will succeed.

* In closing: The ass hole Republicans will do everything to not cooperate with Obama on everything. As you know, they blame their partisanship on Obama and Democrats. I am happy to see that 67% of Americans see through the Party of NO. They see a spade and call it a spade. They blame the Republicans for wanting to do nothing but block Obama. I just wish they would gather why. Obama is using our drones in Pakistan that may erupt and soon. Giving Obama I am afraid more than FDR had on his plate during WW2. He handled the Pirate situation well. I think with his diplomacy in the middle east, South America and around the world we are much safer not weaker as Republicans want you to believe. Tempering Obama's good guy demeanor and approach with toughness will be his challenge and he will deliver! He will come through. I give him an A! What say you?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The great climate debate as Titans clash over climate change. Gore Vs. Gingrich!

Gingrich takes on Gore, Cheney refuses to be censored on Obama's mistakes!

I wanted to discuss Darth Cheney as he refuses to shut up. He has become the front line for the Republican Fascist extremist who want to rewrite Bush and Cheney's history of torture and destruction. the idiot scum refuses to shut up and says he will not be censored. He will not shut up nor will Rove, Limbaugh or the rest of the Fascist. If we are attacked again they are directly responsible.

Everything Obama says or does they jump on and call it the wrong thing. It is the wrong thing for them and their version of America but it is the right thing for us and our version of America. We must help get it back. I could not find the link I wanted but this one of Cheney saying they did nothing wrong will suffice for now. I want to discuss Gore and Gingrich! Cheney Cheney: 'I don't think we've got much to apologize for' refuses to be silent on Obama That is the problem he doesn't think and he doesn't care what we think!

I should have long been over being stunned at what I have seen and heard coming from the Republican party since some fools got the dumb ass drunk elected. He was a proven life long loser and I still can't believe he was elected and worse is defended. Look what he friggen did, I do not get it! Anyway again I am flabbergasted how someone with the resume of Gore can be so ignorantly discounted by this time the likes of Gingrich. These idiots will not shut up and sadly they will not go away but will get much worse.

The great climate debate as Titans clash over climate change. Gore Vs. Gingrich! I refuse to believe that at this point anyone can not realize cleaning up the environment is a dire necessity and a money maker of the future. Let alone someone of Gingrich's low moral standing refuting Gore and his vast resume on the subject. Gore correctly told Congress the fate of the planet is in their hands and it it is. I have done research on this myself for many years. I will shut up for now and just ask you to look at the links. Unbelievable!

Gore pushes for US climate law

Gingrich says climate bill will punish Americans

Gore, Gingrich face off on climate bill

* Now in closing I hope you read those. I am stunned that Gingrich can get away with discounting the vast knowledge and expertise of Al Gore. Sadly it will work in once again confusing the issue for personal gain. How the hell can anyone in their right mind say Gore wants to punish Americans, take their jobs, tax them. I don't get it! How can they call cleaning the air a tax? Sounds like a job maker to me. Maybe that is their problem.WTF is this all about other than to cause confusion for personal gain?

I don't care what they say. This is just one more Republican fear tactic, Their motto of controlling by keeping you in fear has not changed but is getting worse as they get increasingly desperate. Gingrich said gore will cost you your job. I think just the opposite. New technology, Green technology equals a future and it scares Republicans. What say you? I am sick of this fear mongering destructive to our America crap. We do not have time for this!

James Joiner

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The long expected fall of Pakistan is under way! We are in serious trouble here!

Hillary Clinton says Taliban 'taking over' Pakistan

The Taliban do not want a Democracy period. They want strict Sharia law! They are arguably defeating us in Afghanistan. Why the hell should they talk from a position of strength. The will not!

Most realize by now that Obama plans on reaching out to Iran To help in Afghanistan! At first glance that sounds ridiculous but I believe cooperation will happen. I had no idea back in 1998 Iran was prepared to attack Afghanistan or that since they have been supplying weapons to Northern Afghanistan to fight the Taliban! check out the numerous common interests including survival

I guess I forgot but Iran's hostility toward the Taliban predates Sept. 11: the Taliban's interpretation of Islam holds that the Shiite Muslims who dominate Iran are heretics, and an Iranian diplomat is among those being held by militants. Iranians are also concerned about the boom in opium poppy cultivation that has swept Afghanistan in the aftermath of the U.S. invasion."

* We are in serious trouble as in my naivety I have hit the nail on the head more than a few times and have been right all along though ridiculed while this war against so called terrorism which I have said since 9/11 is like it or not a fight against all of Islam and nothing less than our survival is at stake. You at least looked at all the titles now I will sum up just one story that ties them all together and that is "The Taliban get their first wish" As I never knew this and the entire world better friggen wake up because like it or not 9/11 was albeit a bad joke but just a joke as to what the future holds for us! This is no joke to co called Islamists and the Taliban!

I had no idea when I mentioned that Pakistan and Afghanistan was the front line in this war against "Islamists" how right I was! finding this out just blew me away! I found out that many Muslim's believe that what is modern day Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran, is the promised land from where they will secure victory in the end of days battle which ultimately will be fought in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria. Knowing this now makes sense of all the events we have been discussing with Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and to my surprise Iran. I had no idea Iran and the Taliban are enemies. This is a relationship we better exploit and it sounds like we are!

What a surprise! The valley of Swat is right in the middle of this! With Petraeus trying to negotiate a supply line through there no wonder the Taliban are elated at their victory in securing the area as a stronghold under Sharia Law! The area in question is the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP) and includes Islamabad! Now the Taliban is only 65 miles from Islamabad.This is not good for our future! This is a huge defeat for us and a huge victory for the Pakistani Taliban and it bothers me that this was brokered by the Pakistani Government who are supposedly on our side and we are being told hands off. Pakistan has even brokered compensation packages for those who have been killed fighting the Government and Americans. This better wake you up! Taliban Move Closer to Islamabad

US wants broader Pakistan military ties, wants to help with on going operations, here we go

Pakistan To America: Back Off, Holbrook visibly shaken

I told you this is just beginning and we walked right into this. Remember The Taliban get their first wish

As I keep saying the battle lines are still just forming and this will go on for generations unless we capitulate!

This is a major defeat for the United States, NATO Pakistan, India, Karzai, even Iran and indeed the entire world as hordes of trained fighters already swarmed from the Swat area and now that we are ramping up in Afghanistan Pakistan has capitulated. Please read the entire story. This is not good for our successful future! The Taliban get their wish

* If we are to have a victory Russia, India, Iran, indeed the entire so called civilized world is going to have to unite. This region throughout history has never been defeated militarily and will not now unless we all realize the future we want will not be unless as a whole we realize how critical the situation is and that united we stand divided we fall, one at a time!

We better unite as a world and quick! We could add a million troops and it would only be matched by the Taliban and other insurgents. They can and will more than match us fighter to fighter and this is their home turf. I used to say if we could secure the Afghan Pakistan Border we could then concentrate on the Taliban and rebuilding Afghanistan. However, knowing the territory and seeing the map there is no way in hell that is going to happen. I thought the Mexican border was violent and it is but the Pakistan Afghanistan Border is the most violent in the world today.

I have been long convinced Bush guaranteed a loss in Afghanistan and everywhere else when he insisted on attacking Iraq so he could help Israel create a new middle east order. I am afraid this is just taking shape and both sides, the Taliban and our so called allies are still just forming the front lines and gathering forces, Both sides are still just beginning to build and This is still just beginning! Afghanistan has never been defeated but that is not even my biggest concern. We have for generations been angering Muslims and certainly in the last 8 years done everything possible to ensure an endless supply martyrs wanting to give their life to kill infidels for Allah!

If we are to have a victory Russia, India, Iran, indeed the entire so called civilized world is going to have to unite. This region throughout history has never been defeated militarily and will not now unless we all realize the future we want will not be unless as a whole we realize how critical the situation is and that united we stand divided we fall, one at a time! Obama is being majorly tested!

* In closing, Rove and Cheney are concerned about continuing the lie we lived under them and Bush and rewriting their dire History and preserving Bush's legacy of destruction as a great thing. Bush the servant of God, purveyor of war torture and destruction, doing it al for God in the name of peace. Sick! I do not see the necessary rosy scenario happening that would lead to a successful outcome for us. Rove, Cheney, Hannity, Limbaugh, and other right wing extremists have succeeded in undermining Obama's good intentions of restoring unity and world order. Republican Extremists are creating chaos and disorder here. Russia is closing in on Georgia, Iran is posturing, Fidel refuted everything Raul said, The Taliban has now offered Bin Laden safe haven. The Taliban has extended their territory to within 65 miles of Pakistan's Capitol of Islamabad. Pakistan and Afghanistan is just beginning and thanks to Bushies will be hell on earth. Add in what we discussed yesterday and knowing mother earth the essence of all life can not take any more environmental destruction we are in serious trouble!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, April 24, 2009

A garbage swirl in the Pacific twice the size of Texas we may have to Colonize!

You only have one Mother and we are all killing ours!

In honor of earth week I wanted to do a story on how dire the situation on the health or our planet really is. I started warning of the changing environment and our involvement in it when I was in high school in 1970. My efforts were always laughed at but it is too late to turn around and no one is laughing any more. Anyway I have written so extensively in the past it would take a book so I will just supply a link from an expert and whistle blower as to Global nuclear cover up, Depleted uranium, Gulf war Syndrome,increased Autism Diabetes Cancer, and how we have in just this one respect poisoned our own Mother. Mother Earth! please read and watch the videos

I have written extensively on the growing water and environmental wars amongst everything else. So I thought I would just supply the link of a story I did on 2/1/09 that with all the planets just developing crises The World Economic Forum was overwhelmed Likewise I have also written in the past about the huge swirl of garbage in the Pacific ocean.

After happening onto Fabien Cousteau discussing the fact that it has now doubled in size in just 2 years and is now twice the size of Texas I was stunned and wanted to point this out. Fabien Cousteau on the dire condition of our ocean

Ocean Pollution Grows Larger From 100 Million Tons of Garbage .

there are huge islands of garbage swirling together into ever-growing "cyclones" of debris

Continent-sized swirl of rubbish raises alarm , it is a horrible new Habitat

* Wake up we are killing our Mother and not with kindness. We throw away 43,000 tons of food away every day in America. That is sick in itself! The world is starving hell even Americans are starving and we just throw away 43,000 tons of food a year. Makes me want to scream.
* We are drowning in trash. A family of 5 generates 25 pounds of trash a day. What is our Population? Figure it out!
* We use 100 million plastic bags per year. enough is enough!

* In closing We are running out of potable water and at the same time much of our chemicals we use to grow our food ends up in the ocean along with all our other debris. As a result the monstrous garbage swirl in the pacific described above is only one. There are many and they are in every ocean. The debris field in the pacific is 90 feet deep. Seems to and is twice the size of Texas. Seems to me that this should spawn a new industry for former fishermen. I do not remember the size of fishing nets but I do know they go down 90 feet. Seems to me like a business can be made.

Leave port empty go to these debris fields and bring a catch of garbage and debris back. Instead of getting paid by the pound for the fish you catch you get paid by the pound for what you remove from the debris field. I am sure it can be monitored and we could burn it as an energy source at extreme heats. We have to do something. We are drowning in our Garbage. It is taking over the world. The world as we knew it is already gone. The world as we know it is right behind unless we wake up and yesterday not next year!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Darth Cheney wants a fight with Obama over the Torturous memos!

I am psyched, Obama is now I think doing the right thing about the Torture Memos!

Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rummy, Gonzo, even Rice knew and okayed this in advance. In regard to Abu Ghraib they were the "few bad apples" Rummy said was acting up! I can not believe Darth Cheney really does want a fight over the torture memos. The ass says they will vindicate him. I believe without a doubt they would hang him. However the scum knows they can not be released. Thus that knowledge frees the attack dog Cheney to stupidly assert that he and Bush were right and President Obama is wrong. His interference is unprecedented as torture is for the US and I just wish he would shut up and stop trying to justify Nazism! Obama Open to Probe, Prosecutions of Top Officials Over Interrogations

Facing much warranted criticism Obama now says prosecuting CIA torturers is off the table but not for those who wrote the illegal laws enabling torture. I agree! However I have to laugh that at this point Obama thinks prosecuting them can be done bipartisanly. Forget it! At least The Door Is Open. Obama: Be careful with any CIA investigations

I do not have to tell you, Cheney is soft as a grapefruit if he really thinks the torture tapes will vindicate him and Bush. As I said, ha supposedly wants them all released but he he can say that because he knows that can not happen. He is not a purveyor of honesty. He is not the one to defend our security as 9/11 happened on his watch or lack there of. Defending Iraq, torture, anything rquiring honesty is off the books with Cheney or any of his cronies. I do have to say, Feinstein is right here saying any judgment should be curtailed until all information can be looked at. She knows it will implicate the Bush mis-Administration right to the top as she and Pelosi feigning indignation now knew all along of the desire to torture.

Justice Department Lawyers she be outed and held accountable. None are above the rule of law even Darth Cheney, burn him! Actually we know who the enablers were that wrote the now infamous torture tapes. They were written by former injustice Department Lawyers John Yoo and Jay Bybee. They enabled Bush and Cheney to Torture and they were not alone. The White House told Ashcroft to justify ways to torture and Rummy the Dummy approved 15 questionable techniques used by the military in Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, and Afghanistan. That the military was torturing I find very disturbing, sorry! The Washington Independent » Using Law to Justify Torture
No wonder Darth Cheney is so anal retentive. We should be able to go after Bush too. He wanted better ways to torture found. Better ways? Why not just put their heads in vices and turn? They wanted the torture safer. Safer from what prosecution? Deputy to Secretary of State Condi Rice said grounds to torture were shaky at best. Knowing this the CIA was ordered to destroy the tapes because torture exceeded the standards of accepted behavior. What's new? All the enablers should be held accountable. Hell Hitler and his henchmen were!

I reiterate, Cheney supposedly finds it disturbing that all the memos were not put out to show water boarding works. A former Bush adviser spoke out that the memos would not hold Constitutions water but his views were dismissed as extreme. He told the truth. He wanted the rule of law followed. How contra-ire. How counter Bush and Cheney. The nerve to think they could not say or do what they wanted to follow their fascist not so well hidden agenda. I just found out the CIA was training 8 months to torture before a lie was even contrived to do it!

All Cheney's lies about 9/11, Saddam, WMD, Iraq, everything, all lies and we are supposed to believe him? What a friggen idiot. I hate that snarling lying two faced scum. He is again passing crap when he should shut up. He is accusing Obama of cozying up with enemies like Ortega. These asinine personal attacks show the entire world we are in turmoil. That is why Iran is posturing, Russians is closing in on Georgia, and the Taliban has just offered safe haven to Bin Laden. The Taliban has also said they are going to start enlarging their realm. Since the border right there all the way to and including Iran is where they believe the end of days war will be we better realize this is just starting and the Fascist Republicans are going to have to unite with us and the rest of the world or there will be no future.

* In closing Yes the world is evil!! As we know and Cheney and Bush proved evil begets evil.Look what the evil twins Bush and Cheney got us. After 8 years of lies and deception to do wrong for us and the world we better start doing things right. Obama seems to be doing alright and is the best hope we have. Bush and Cheney hijacked the country after 9/11, attacked Iraq, and Bankrupt America. Cheney is disturbed because apologized to Europe, Mexico, South America, and everyone Bush and Cheney screwed over. Believe me he had to. Obama is destroying Bush's version of America he built while destroying our version. He is rebuilding our America and Cheney is pissed, expressing the anger Bush can not. If we get attacked again it is because of Cheney. Obama is leaving the door open on those who engineered the torture memos. I hope it hits Cheney right in the head. I am sick of his cheap shots. The scum is irrational!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ahmadinejad A chink in the armor that is Obama!

Roxana Saberi: Will her case impact US-Iranian relations?

Iran's Leader Sparks Western Walkout

Ahmadinejad shoots himself in the foot! I guess nothing has changed after all!
1. Ahmadinejad is up to his standard old tricks. Three things to discuss and I recommend that you go to Naj's site and look at her photos of Iran's Army day parade, They will make you think.She has taught me and others quite a bit about Iran most are kept purposely in the dark about. Army Day in Iran
2. Obama now Hillary has asked for a speedy release of Roxana Saberi who is an Iranian American filming her native country of Iran. She is a sickly Iranian American journalist whose father is concerned she will not survive a prison stay or a proposed hunger strike. She has conveniently and timely accused of spying for the US. and sentenced to 8 years in prison. First she was accused of buying wine then acting improper for a woman and lastly behind closed doors accused of spying and sentenced to 8 years in Prison for spying. The timing! She is simply being used as a trump card, a human life to be used when dealing with Obama. I don't like it! Clinton Renews Call on Iran to Free Roxana
3. Ahmadinejad shot Iran in the foot with this one! At first I did not understand why Obama or a US representative did not go to the UN meeting on Racism. I thought it was because we felt we would be accused of racism or because Obama is Black or something. I should have known better. I now have to wonder knowing Ahmadinejad what the hell did Britain, France, anyone go to that meeting or bar Ahmadinejad from attending. His rant was no surprise!

The entire world at least appears to be making an attempt to stretch out their hand unclench their fist and try to unify and cooperate with each other knowing we all need each other if we are to deal with the so called Islamists and beat this world wide financial crisis caused by Bush. Ahmadinejad is appearing to be the exception, the chink in the armor that is Obama.

* In closing! Ahmadinejad was the only world leader in attendance at the UN racism meeting. You have to come to the conclusion his rant was political to gain favor for reelection. I hate to say it but I happen to agree with him but it is done. To move forward successfully we must accept what we have and the past is the past. UN walkout as Ahmadinejad calls Israel racist at UN Racism meeting

Cooperate and move forward from here or the entire world is in trouble. Years ago I remember Ahmadinejad saying if Europe and the US felt guilty for what happened to the Jews during WW2 they should have given them part of their country. Instead we uproot Palestinians and forced them to live in Gaza so Jews could have Israel. Jews from around the world were given a home in Israel and the Palestinians who want to go back home and Iran will never forgive and forget. Sooner or later even if we settle the nuclear issue with Iran and they help us in Afghanistan this issue will blow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks to Republicans the Handshake heard around the world continues to reverberate!

Obama is put down by Republicans as you know for absolutely 100% of everything he says and does. Now he is being dissed for greeting Chavez so warmly. He is being put down for smiling and shaking hands with Chavez. I am not ashamed to say it but I thought it was great and agreed with Chavez when he called Bush the Devil. Now Obama is being criticized by Republicans for shaking hands with Chavez because he was honest about the nightmare we all know Bush was.

The handshake heard around the world strengthens not weakens us as Republicans want you to believe. At this point you know if they say it is wrong it is right. If they say one thing if you do the exact opposite you will be right on! Thanks to Obama the entire world realizes we have a chance for a new beginning. We are our only limit now not Bush the Divider. Chavez as Castro agreed said yes there is a chance.

It is a two way street as you know! Under Bush the my way or the highway instagatory Bush Venezuela had withdrawn their Ambassador from the US. Now under Obama Chavez professed an interest in reinstituting mutual Ambassadors. This is a good thing. I do not understand how uniting the America's at such a critical time can be misconstrued as a bad thing. We are not weakened by extending a hand we are strengthened with unity. It is time for us to rekindle our relationship with our back yard Latin America. It is for our own Redemption. Our own future, all the America's!

What Obama did in this instance was right. Republican's say it will be a world of trouble for us but I do not believe it. As we said, if Republican's say it is wrong then it is right. I have watched Obama's actions for 3 days now and can't for the life of me see how one could construe Obama's actions of inclusion, reciprocation, and a new start as weakening us. I don't get it! I see unity if it happens as a major strengthening.

One thing Obama did I did disagree with. I did not like to see Obama sit there with a smile on his face while listening to Ortega's 50 minute rant about America. This is Obama not Bush or any other subversive President of the past. What happened, happened. We can't change that but we can have a new beginning. Obama should at the very least have directly addressed Ortega. He should have pointed out that what Chavez said and did was conciliatory and helpful for all our successful productive future.

However what Ortega ranted about is why we as a community of the America's are in this position. Granted I have to say we the US created this problem too. That aside we absolutely must kill this angry divisive rhetoric of the past right now if we are to succeed together into the future successfully. We all saw what trying to dominate and impress our will on Latin America and the world did. We must unite as equals and we will be okay, Those who do not will be left behind.

* In closing They must be made to realize this and the time for forgiveness and unity is now. We must focus on the US economy first now. All Latin American economies and the rest of the world to one degree or the other are dependent on US recovery. Like it or not we are now interdependent. We are a one world economy. We must reach out if we are to succeed. Get along! Drop the old games. Time for games is over for now!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, April 20, 2009

What you don't know about "our" pirates, Yes we did this to Somalia!

As Pirates get worse China races to Join the Fray! Why we don't condemn our Somali pirates!
Canadian warship foils pirates of Norwegian tanker

Pirates Steer Seized Belgian Ship Toward Somalia

Look at the ever growing list of pirate attacks

Belgian navy joins fight against pirates

China steps in to the pirate fray

The other day my good friend Brother Tim pointed out that we were being lied to about the Somali Pirates. I hope you read it at his link but I knew the fishing industry died however I did not know we killed it by dumping nuclear and other industrial waste there. Brother pointed out that Somali war lords were bought off to dump hazardous waste in their waters. A Swiss firm called Achair Partners, and an Italian waste company called Progresso, made a deal with Ali Mahdi, that they could dump containers of waste material in Somali waters. These European companies were said to be paying Warlords about $3 a ton, where as to properly dispose of waste in Europe costs about $1000 a ton. Why we don't condemn our Somali pirates

I heard the fish were dead there and the fishermen took to pirating but it figures someone has been dumping nuclear and other toxic waste there. I do not blame them for pirating but stealing stuff is one thing. Ransoming for millions and disrupting the world is another but we disrupted them. They are supporting whole villages. I don't know what the answer is. They even take ships that are feeding their people. What do you do avoid the area and let them starve? I don't know!

It really bothers me that it seems whenever I delve into something it is always capitalism behind the problem. We keep hearing the virtues of Capitalism but our own problems and I am seeing around the world are caused by Capitalism run Amok. The great system of Capitalism is destroying our world. We have got to reign it in and control it. I was concerned with Bush's warmongering and the world marshaling forces to take him on. I was concerned about Israel instigating war too thinking they were the worlds primary problem. I thought they were controlling the US and we were going to end up destroying the world at their bid.

* We are so brain washed we never hear or see the truth. I noticed behind every frigging conflict including Gaza and Georgia and Afghanistan was oil and other energy sources so I just took the normal course of blaming all our problems on oil and other energy sources as the world postured to move into the future. Stupid me! In regard to our problems here I keep saying we see the enemy and he is us but son of a gun it is! We are the problem of the entire world. Capitalism! It is out of control and will destroy the world unless we reign it in. What say you!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Handshake heard around the World!

A new day with Venezuela US, Cuba relations. It keeps getting better! US policy toward Latin America has changed in Trinidad to warm up relations between the US and Venezuela and Cuba. After years of behind the scenes interference by the US in Latin America I finally feel a change for the better here too. So too does Castro and Chavez. Obama actually walked over and introduced himself to Chavez. That must have instantly disarmed hi along with the Obama charm. OAS, US warm up to Cuba after Raul Castro overture, Castro ready to talk

White House Embraces Opening for Talks With Cuba

I have to laugh! Everyone that meets Obama instantly feels his genuine concern and compassion to change the world for the better of all of us. Chavez is no different. Remember? I was dismayed when we knew of Obama's genuine concern for unity in the world and Chavez dismissed him as an ignoramus. I do not think so anymore. No one can deny Obama's obvious concern for unity! After shaking hands with Obama Chavez looked like a star struck little kid, smiled and said he wanted to be friends. Ignoramus indeed! Obama smiled and thanked him for not blaming things on hi that happened when he was three months old.

Obama is unconventional after the ass hole Bush. He disarms world leaders instantly with his genuine friendship and desire to listen not demand like Bush did. He told Castro he did not want to talk just for the sake of talking but wants real change between US and Cuba and all of Latin America. Everything Castro said is on the table. They want to change everything, everything, this is exciting! Cuba Issue Threatens to Overwhelm Summit Agenda

Remember under Bush? He wanted to change everything too to what he the decider wanted. This is change we can believe in. Under Bush Russian nuclear powered carries were once again allowed to use Cuban ports. Russia and China were both in our back yard arming Chavez, and building oil ports and facilities anywhere they could. China was getting big oil deals with Chavez and looking for a way to get it home. I can only hope that and much more will now change! It is all changing and just in time. I see light. I see a future. Watching Obama around the world really is energizing.

* In closing Can one hand shake really change the world? One mans handshake one at a time. We have been witnessing it. The freeze Bush instigated is thawing out out one hand shake at a time. I have more hope everyday for the worlds future. It is the US I worry about the most now. Our survival! Now if we could only get the right wing extremists on Board instead of Overboard. The Cuban people are excited at the promise of change but rightly said it is up to us. That is the case around the world. It is no longer my way or the highway. The hard case Bush created is cracking uniting the world. I am excited for my Grandchildren!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tortured over the torture memo's!

Video: USA: Release of CIA interrogation memos

Former Bush Officials Warn Against Release of Legal Memos on

Disappointment with US not prosecuting CIA

1973 Church Committee Hearings, on CIA misdeeds, and the 1984 Iran/Contra Hearings Once again we show we have not learned anything. We did this before and you know things only got worse for us!

You know by now that Obama has ordered the release of the terror memo's, the torture tapes.Civil rights lawyers warned Napolitano on releasing the documents showing the targeting of Muslims but she had no choice as Obama ordered their release. I have to agree with them. It seems to me that the danger to us and our troops has now jumped exponentially.I do not think releasing all this information was a wise move. This will only serve to piss of Islamists, terrorists, whatever you call them, even more.

I am against torture to start with but I have a horse in this race! Three of my sons are in the military. I do not like the idea of them being tortured to start with. I was upset when Bush and Cheney came out and said torture was okay as long as you helped the country. I started worrying about my sons being tortured because of them. Now I am worried that Obama releasing this information to the public will now endanger them and us even more think this was a wise move.

The justice departments release of the brutal techniques used routinely at Guantanamo under Bush and Cheney will only work against us. What the hell are they thinking. This will please no one on the right or the left not to speak of the Islamists, terrorists, or whatever you call them.

Okay lets talk torture! Water boarding we have discussed many times. That most definitely is torture and there is no gray area there. However sleep deprivation? I can handle that. If that is torture I guess that is a kinder gentler version. I will take that to having my finger and toe nails pulled out any day. We knew about the water boarding and sleep deprivation for quite a while but throwing people against walls what the heck is that? Slapping? Nudity, confinement with insects, sleeping in coffins, that is torture?

Stress positioning, throwing cold water on you? Beats the hell out of hot water. As I said, I do not know if that is torture. Maybe in one set of eyes but not another but any way you look at it I can not see putting this information out there as being good for us. We could have told the CIA and the world there is a new cop in town and what was done in the past will not be done again end of discussion.

Obama said he wanted this information out so we could get it all behind us. I am not sure it was not to make Bush look bad and make him look good. He also said no one will be prosecuted which I do agree with. They were only torturing. They were only doing what they were told seriously. Bush and Cheney should be held accountable and tried. Obama said they were only keeping us safe. That I take issue with. It was not their fault but I do not think torture kept us safe but endangered all of us exponentially both civilian and military!

Releasing this information sounds like a bad idea to me and not because of what I hear proponents say. They say so called terrorists now know how far we can go and will train accordingly. BS I say! They have learned first hand that an American President will do whatever it takes to keep America safe. At least that is what we are led to believe. I think if they just look at Obama the man they know he is no Bush and there will be no torture. This does get the left off his back and I disagree with most of what was done but it seems like "just say no" would have sufficed.

This will now weaken us in many ways! Detailing the CIA tactics under Bush makes him look bad and Obama good, that seems like the only motivation. It will really help in forming Bush's image and legacy. That I like! I like that more of Bush's brutal policies have been laid bare. All in all I like this for that reason and nothing else.

* In closing! Obama says releasing the torture memo's was because because that was a dark chapter in or history and now it is behind us and we can move on. I disagree! It was behind us and we did move on. Now it has been published and it will continue to haunt us. What the hell was he thinking or did I already hit it? All sides are now going to be up in arms and not just Muslims. Obama is being called hypocritical and is getting it from the left and the right. From the left for denying prosecution of Cheney and Bush? From the right because they feel we are more vulnerable now. Me I am confused and don't know how to feel. I can't wait to hear from Cheney about Obama encouraging another attack. More later I am sure!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, April 17, 2009

I am beating a dead horse but this one isn't dead and it is rising up and will bite you in the Ass!

As you know by now Homeland security Chief Janice Napolitano is now warning of Right wing extremists gaining new recruits because Obama is our first Black President and disgust with Obama's economic policies. It is the source that bothers me. I hate to say it but I have to agree! Two or three years back I talked frequently of Bush's Christian army. Well they are coming home now and it only stands to reason some would join this cause.

There have been no specific attacks or groups named! and the statements have been widely rhetorical. This report seems to target Right wing radio shows belonging to the new Republican talk radio party. The report stigmatizes those who disagree with the President. So Obama is emulating Bush. I guess nothing has changed! Now we have to watch and fear returning veterans who might be recruited as Right wing Extremists. What the hell is next?

She is right though and she should know! Remember Timothy Mcveigh returning from the first gulf war disgruntled and was brain washed. She worked on the case after the Oklahoma City Bombing. Napolitano warned of a rise of right wing extremists because of opposition to the recession, President Obama being black, Social programs, and Obama supposedly wanting to take their guns in which of course he has no interest in whatsoever. Sounds like Republicans in general to me! She warned of lone wolfs endangering society because of right wing extremism and of course Republicans are making a joke of her speaking the truth! There instigation is already bearing fruit. It was a lone wolf worried about Obama taking his guns that ambushed and bush wacked three cops in Pittsburgh!

Could be a threat? They are a threat! They are here right now at work! Listen to Limbaugh, Gingrich, Hannity, Coulter, Bachus, Bachmann. Michael Steele is now saying it is Patriotic to not pay taxes. Patriotic? WTF? Why is not anything being done about this? Tea parties instigated by right wing extremists to protest taxes, bailouts, and anything Obama, are the danger. They are making themselves our enemy. They are the extremists we have to fear. They will continue to whip fervor until something explodes. Like you I do not like what I see happening. Re publicans have had enough of Obama's success. They can't take it anymore and they want their version of America back not ours! Obama of course is right. Taxes are a wedge issue! Republicans are making sure of it as they encourage right wing extremism.

Limbaugh appears to be happy too be the leader of of right wing extremism taking point on whipping up extremism over everything Obama says or does. Limbaugh Is a friggen lying hypocrite! He is calling Napolitano's right on assessment of what is in fact happening right now a Partisan hit job. Once again the truth is denied of course. He accused Napolitano of calling all conservatives extremists. Duh! She didn't but I am. They are! They are employing the tactic Bush used successfully. Divide and Conquer. Create an issue where there is none to be used in your favor!

* Limbaugh has unofficially become the new opposition President. There are those right wing extremists calling for a second revolution as you know. Limbaugh appears to be there Lee! I watched a video of Limbaugh insanely trying to whip up fervor against Obama over the Pirate shootings. He idiotically accused Obama of shooting 3 black teen agers on the high seas. WTF? He said he hates to see what would happen if it was a Republican that shot 3 black Muslims. I am stunned, stunned that the scum said that. What about the thousands of innocent civilian Bush killed in Iraq? I never hear them mentioned!

Again, Limbaugh said Napolitano's warning on the anger towards everything Obama, guns, Religion, Guns, immigration, an amalgam of issues, was targeting and aimed at conservatives. Conservatives were never mentioned but the scum is right! So called conservatives the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Bachmann, Bachus, are whipping the party into a bunch of rabid dogs. They are fomenting Intervention and armed Revolution. They are the right wing extremists we are being warned about.

They are here and out in the open whipping up dissent. Everything Obama says or does gets a knee jerk reaction from Limbaugh and so called conservatives. If Obama says it, it is wrong! Republicans are on the outs if they say anything whatsoever that can be contrived as good about Obama! It really pisses me off! After what I heard Limbaugh say about Obama and the Pirates I heard Limbaugh being defended by Congressman Payne R Indiana. He actually said he "thinks" Limbaugh praised Obama for his actions regarding the pirates. BS! If he did that was before he found a way to criticize it and try to turn it against him. This is plain sick!

* In closing! Keeping all this and much more in mind so called Conservatives are doing what they can to instigate an armed fight with Obama. With that in mind they are saying they are concerned Obama is going to use the military against them. I would if I had too. I certainly would have through a third party said something already. However this is Obama! He is a constitutional law professor. You had to worry about Bush using the military on you but not Obama as Republicans are instigating for and want you to fear. What is next as they get increasingly desperate?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We see the enemy and he is us!

Republicans could not stop Nominee Obama how will they stop President Obama? How will this end up?

Republicans felt the threat of Obama to their mis-agenda as soon as he decided to run and opened his mouth. He was compared to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton being called nothing more than a celebrity and a Rock Star. He was belittled for talking too well. After Bush anything would be an improvement. He was belittled for not visiting Iraq then discounted when he did. He was belittled for not having world experience and put down as Europe's President. When Europe and the world met him they loved him and he was knocked for that. Obama has negated every insult thrown his way.

He has been called a Socialist, communist, Fascist, you name it as he endeavors to clean up the numerous messes the Fascist Bush and Republicans made. They tried to prove he did not meet Constitutional requirements to be President saying he was born in Kenya not in Hawaii which hi birth certificate says. Saying he is a Muslim has still not died. They tried to bring him down by connecting him to to fallen Political fundraiser Tony Rezko. They tried to tie him to Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his passionate God Damn America statement taken out of context. In one last futile attempt they tried to tie him to Blogo who was trying to sell Obama's senate seat.

He was not Jewish enough. Not Irish enough! Not black enough! Too Rich! Too snobby you name it! Everything and a lot more failed. However it has not gotten better it has gotten much worse!

Efforts increase every day to make Obama fail and stop his efforts to destroy the Republican version of America and restore our America. The more desperate Republicans get the more their efforts increase. This is getting bad and I have to wonder how bad this will get as they will not stop until they bring Obama and his Administration down!

* Fox news more specifically Sean Hannity seems to be coordinating the cause of the Fascist Republican gravy train!
* Congressman Spencer Bachus Republican says there are Socialists in Congress 17 in fact. He has yet to name names but can that be a bad thing? I happen to think a little bit of Socialism is the only thing that is going to save us from the mess Bush has made of the country.
* Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has accused President Obama and many Democratic Congressmen of being unpatriotic. What the hell is that? Unpatriotic toward their version of America? I mean come on!

* Yesterday was the supposed big bang for Republican tea party's 300 or so held in all 50 States. Seems to have been a bust, yeah! Stop the Insanitea! Republicans have been holding tea parties supposedly against President Obama and his policies. Conservative tea bagging! This has been playing big on Faux! They have been holding tea parties against the Bailouts, against Tarp, against tax cuts for themselves. What the hell is that? Those idiots could care less about the hypocrisy or the fact that these are Bush programs. They just want to target Obama and turn the people against Obama. That they are lying only makes them feel better!

* Bachmann and Chuck Norris "Yhep our Chuck Norris" are openly advocating citizens to be locked and loaded. They are both calling for armed Revolution against Obama and his policies.Chuck Norris is organizing cells on line he will activate when the time is right! What the hell?

* Bachmann says Obama has plans for youth reeducation camps along the line of Nazi camps to reeducate youth. Brain washing in the "Obama Corp" I mean what the hell. We don't need camps for that. They can just watch his example. Live and learn ! * Glenn Beck yelled set us on fire Obama, stop!
* The State supreme court has unanimously given the election to Al Franken but Pawlenty will not appoint him until Coleman can tie things up further in the Federal Supreme court. Anything to keep Democrats one vote further from helping Obama!

* I had not heard this but there is a growing Governor Rebellion and it is not just Republicans asserting their 10th Amendment Rights! Knowing what has been happening you better think, Growing State movement to fight Sovereignty! Majority Of U.S. States Join Sovereignty Movement, Assert 10th ...

* This probably the worst I have heard yet and I am sure you will agree! Homeland security Chief Janice Napolitano is now warning of Right wing extremists gaining new recruits because Obama is our first Black President and disgust with Obama's economic policies. It is the source that bothers me. I hate to say it but I have to agree! Two or three years back I talked frequently of Bush's Christian army. Well they are coming home now and it only stands to reason some would join this cause.

* In closing There have been no specific attacks or groups named! and the statements have been widely rhetorical. This report seems to target Right wing radio shows belonging to the new Republican talk radio party. The report stigmatizes those who disagree with the President. So Obama is emulating Bush. I guess nothing has changed! Now we have to watch and fear returning veterans who might be recruited as Right wing Extremists. What the hell is next?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dobson concedes culture war defeat and retires, yeah right!

Dobson concedes culture war defeat and retires, yeah right!
Our Happy Easter message so we are told is that The founder of the Republican culture wars Dr. James Dobson has supposedly conceded defeat saying the culture war was lost. He may be 72 and feels it is time to retire but there are more than a few who have picked up the banner and this is far from over as I pointed out the other day in Cultural wars, gay marriage up Christianity down

Dobson points to culture war defeat

The culture war is not dead it is getting nastier. It will never be dead! The Hannity's and Gingrich's of the Repug party are stepping up their ignorance. They are sponsoring with Fox which really bothers me a tax day tea party today across the country. They are supposedly sticking up for average American and are calling them to arms but I hope most are on to their games and will not show up as they expect. This is for them not you and I hope their hope for a million man march are greatly disappointed.

We are awash in evil as Dobson points out but he is mistaken as to where it is coming from! I am not a fan of Pastor Rick Warren but I was greatly disappointed to see Rick Warren Author of the Purpose driven life out and out lie. I was okay with him speaking at Obama's inauguration. I believed him when he came out and said he was in no way anti Gay! Then I watched a video of him campaigning against Prop 8 and gay marriage in California. As a result out of embarrassment and trying to dodge the issue until he could explain the lie away he canceled his interview with George Steffenopolous! I do not care what you stand for or whether or not you agree with me just speak the truth!

Dobson points out that we are awash in evil and Christians have no place to turn today! I must say and happily so that we do not all feel the same way as him , Bush, and other perverted Christians. I do unlike him blame Bush for much of what is now happening because in large part it is a reaction of being let loose after Bush's stifling of rights many feel should come with being an American citizen. I do not understand why anyone has to be blamed for stem cell research. I think they should instead be thanked! Dobson is looking to blame someone for the million abortions. Why should anyone be to blame

I may be against abortion but I would never think it is my Christian duty to deny you your views. There is sometimes extenuating circumstances.
PoliGazette » Culture War Far From Over

This so called culture war will never be over! I am happy to say for now because of Obama people are getting back their freedom to choose and stem cell research is once again sanctioned by the Government as it should be. Obama's correct stance in these and many issues is drawing the ignorant ire of many militant Republicans. This will not change but will continue to get much worse as Republicans get more desperate to stop progress on destroying the nightmare version of America Bush replaced ours with.

They want their version back! The one where your rights are suppressed and you have to live as perverted Christians say you must. That is not the Christian way! You live your beliefs and if they are palatable others will follow. You do not impress your beliefs on others as many Republicans think is right. There is no way I ever see them changing. There is also no way I can ever see us changing our beliefs of free choice and individual freedoms. No, this culture war is not dead. Those fighting it are getting more underhanded and the faces are changing. Nothing else!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Piracy, how to end this annoying problem! It is pretty simple really!

Navy commander: Trio of shots ended sea standoff

US captain's rescue raises stakes in piracy ops

Q+A - Who are the Somali pirates?

Somalia: Puntland Demands Support to Fight With Pirates

US Considers Attacks on Somali Pirates' Land Bases

Somali pirates release wave of terror with new strategy

Hijacked Italian, Egyptian vessels taken to northern Somalia

Somali Insurgents Reportedly Fire Mortars at US Congressman in Mogadishu

I was doing my damnedest to avoid discussing this because I thought of it as an unnecessary annoyance and could not understand why the entire world was letting a growing number of Somali (P)irates hold them hostage. I was happy to see that we were working to take out those pirates. I was wondering why we did not have snipers on them but we did.

There is a simple solution here now and Somalia has supplied it! It would be nice if we could feed the people there and get cooperation but that is not going to happen. The firing of mortars at Representative Payne's plane shows it is not even safe to be there. We do know where the Pirates come from. We know where they live. We know where they are. I listened to an expert yesterday and for once he had it right. Must be because he was foreign. Anyway he said he knows where they come from. He said it was two clans in northern Somalia. I hope to hell someone is talking to him on the sly.

Somali pirate's made $80 million from ransom's last year. We pissed them off! They have made a lucrative business of intimidating the world's shipping interests. It has become a game to them and they up to now have killed no one. We had to react the way we did but the ante has now been upped! Black Hawk Down taught us years ago we can not even help these people. We certainly can not leave them to fester either.

We can deal with this but I have not heard the right answers yet at least not from our so called experts. With one million miles of ocean to cover there, there is only one way to do this. We do not have enough ships in the world to monitor and secure all shipping interests in the world in the Indian ocean the way it is done now but a 3 pronged attack at the issue would bear instant results.

* 1. Let Puntland monitor the coastline and the gulf given the equipment they need. Seems like a good business for them and it would be a win, win for us. 2. Sounds like a great job for unmanned drones. One of the links above show we are thinking of attacking pirate bases. We should do that but should be watching with the drones land and sea areas. Lastly 3. This most definitely will work and I can not believe it is not employed. We have already moved the shipping lane to now 20 miles off the coast. That should be a safe zone! Anyone in it must be preregistered. It can be as wide as specified with a one mile buffer zone. Any little boat screwing around in there should be immediately sunk no questions asked. These guys are obvious as they did with the Alabama they harass ships for weeks. This is no game and we must start treating this like the serious issue it is!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma