Wednesday, September 30, 2009

There is a Right Wing Conspiracy: We can't call it that but we damn well better stop it!

Some of the lunatic conspirators I hear right here defy any reasoning! Yes Clinton certainly screwed up and asked for what he got. However what started out as a limited investigation by Ken Star into White water turned into a lynch mob. Ultimately we can thank Clinton and Monica Lewinsky for getting the life long failure of an alcoholic elected to do to us what he had done to his life. The right wing conspirators bailed him out!

A right wing conspiracy brought Clinton down and now it is working to bring down President Obama! The right wing conspiracy I am afraid is not as small today as President Clinton thinks. He believes it was much larger and worked much harder against him. Dream on! Even though the Republican party has shrunk the nut bag conspirators has not. As they get increasingly desperate they are getting more heinous!

Yes Clinton provided the fuel but the right wing conspiracy brought Clinton down. They are concentrating on President Obama and working over time to bring him down too! We ca not let their depravity prevail. They bring him down creating his Waterloo and it will be all out Waterloo. Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike. As I said, Clinton and Lewinsky were directly responsible for getting the life long alcoholic failure elected.

Pelosi is right saying the conspiracy rhetoric we are hearing coming from the right is getting worse and can lead to violence. It will! and by design! As we speak another Birther campaign has been started around the country. They will not stop and this is particularly cynical because they are looking for a $30 donation and that will get you a bumper sticker for your car saying Obama is not an American. That is a lie and is friggen sick!

Remember Michelle Bachmann and her census idiocy about Obama trying to control our census to control demographics and the vote? Well it was no coincidence that a census worker was found hung from a rope with a sign around his neck identifying him as a census worker. The vast right wing conspiracy is more than alive it is thriving as the conspirators that brought down Clinton and got Bush the destroyer elected continue to gear up to bring down Obama too. Only now their efforts are based purely on lies and fear mongering!

They called President Clinton a murderer a rapist and a drug dealer. They are painting Obama as a Black illegal socialist who stole their country. I will concede that calling it a right wing conspiracy even though it is plays into the hands of those that dismiss its existence as lunacy. The Republican party may be smaller but the campaign against president Obama is much more virile than with Clinton!

* They are getting more maniacal as they become increasingly desperate to get rid of our Black President and his so called death panels and have their 2nd Revolution! the FBI just stepped in and shut down a poll that was on Face Book asking whether or not you thought Obama should be killed? Possible answers were yes no maybe and Yes if he touches my health care. 700 people responded before the site was shut down. This is not good!

What the hell are we waiting for , assassination? This is exactly the way it went with JFK! To bring down Clinton White Water morphed into the Lewinsky affair. What will Bringing down our Black President morph into, assassination? Geezuz think about the aftermath in this country if we failed to keep hope alive.Wow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Iran's Great Prophet IV

Iran's Options: Transparency Or Sanctions

Tehran continues to flex its muscles: Iranian exercise, codenamed Great Prophet 4 are being held as Israelis mark Yom Kippur. During drills the Revolutionary Guards Air Force has now successfully fired short medium and long range missiles supposedly to show they can defend themselves against any one any time. Theoretically they can now reach our allies in the middle east including our bases there and can reach Israel and Europe. This is supposed to be good for Iran? Iran test fires two missiles capable of reaching Israel, US bases

Iran has been getting lessons in how to make your “enemies get pissed off, North Korea has shown the way and they didn't get attacked. Mondays launch if it was successful as we are told means it can hit Israel. Iran is as expected being defiant but I do not see anything positive in this for Iran because I hope Obama is not as stupid as Bush and will handle this with kid gloves not a fist.

I am hearing from Republicans that Obama should cancel the upcoming talks with Iran. That is something Bush would do and would be totally counter productive which I would expect would have been his goal. I still believe something can be worked out here but China has to step up. For China, Iran uranium plant no game changer

Russia urges restraint over Iran missile, nuclear reports

Military exercises are normal as Iran points out timing them at the same time Israel celebrates Yom Kippur is of course no coincidence and proves to me that despite Iran's assertions that its missiles and military might are purely for defensive reasons they are designed to show iran will act offensively if they feel the need. That concerns me and our response would worry me.

Here we are at the eve of nuclear talks and Iran has now test fired their long rang missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads if they can get their hands on them and reaching our bases and allies in the middle east as well as Israel and Europe. This is very provocative and I am very pleased that Obama made the decision to cancel Bush's MDS and use the mobile water based aegis system as I would expect they are already in position in the gulf and they are proven and reliable!

Before I finish on this would hope you gloss over what I wrote April 22nd because it is increasingly obvious that Iran is the chink in the armor that is Obama Iran will continue to be increasingly aggressive! Like you I continue to hear how Bush's screw you in your face politics kept the world in check and us safe. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Thank God everyone stayed in check despite Bush's bullying war mongering efforts. I have yet to hear why if Bush knew about the supposedly secret underground facility years ago why he did not say anything? If we knew about it for years then it was not a secret!Is there a real problem here or are we once again creating one where there is none to use it for personal gain. I do not see anything good here for anyone.

In closing there is very different rhetoric coming from Obama compared to Bush who did his best to instigate war with Iran. Ahmadinejad said Obama is a man he can do business with but is Ahmadinejad a man Obama can do business with? The US threatens crippling sanctions on top of the three sets already in place. In the end I have to agree with Ahmadinejad that who are we to tell Iran what they can and can not do? What are our options though?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New world order takes shape and without Iran unless they shape up! Ahmadinejad warns you'll be sorry!

World Leaders Accuse Iran of Secret Nuke Plant

Obama on Iran Nuke Program

Should Iran be sanctioned for hiding nuclear plant?

The G20 meet to discuss the future and the new economic order while warning Iran that if they want to be a part of it they must allow inspection of their newly discovered secret uranium enrichment plant! At least now the world is finally in agreement on something but it is the average citizen once again that will be used as pawns and suffer under increased sanctions while the Government follows its not so well hidden agenda. New world economic order takes shape at G20 G20 membership is from 19 countries

Meanwhile The West warned Iran today that it will face fresh sanctions by December unless it can persuade the world of a “profound change” in its nuclear stance after the existence of its secret underground uranium enrichment plant was revealed.

I am at least happy to hear Medvedev say that we are slowly making progress on old issues even as new ones continue to emerge and we must deal with them too. I have to believe he was referring to the recent disclosure that Iran had developed another underground secret uranium enrichment plant. I am relieved to hear that Russia will do everything they can to ensure Iran cooperates with the IAEA and gives full disclosure on their real intentions for what its worth!
At the same time Two First Steps on Nuclear Weapons were taken

Obama: Urgent Nuclear Threats Require International Cooperation I am also glad to hear this and the fact that the G8 is going to be replaced with the G20 as the guiding body to ensure future compliance as there is so much at stake here for the entire world. Again I say "for what it's worth" because I do not see Iran complying with anybody nor do I see the twin coups mentioned in the following link!

Obama scores twin coups on Iran, economy

I am sorry but I do not see any coup yet! Iran defies Obama and vows to switch on 'secret' nuclear facility I just got through hearing Ahmadinejad say Iran is following the rules that say they do not have to disclose any new nuclear facilities until 6 months before they are due to become operational. I do not understand the big secret! We are building a new facility, what is the big deal? I do not see a twin Coup here or any victory. I am still waiting to hear from China! China looks like a maybe for once

* In closing Obama says it's a new day Ahmadinejad says no. Ground zero on the nuclear standoff with Iran is now the holy city of Qom, Not good! The G20 will replace the G8 to stop nuclear proliferation. Sarkozy says Iran has till October 1st or else and Gordon Brown's line in the sand better hold. Sand is not a very strong foundation as Ahmadinejad warns "you will all be sorry, even Moscow who now says they will help the IAEA verify compliance. What's next?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Missile Defense shift has winners and losers but not what you think or we are told!

Russia-US reset: Who pressed the button?

First I have to say thanks to Obama lightening up the mood between Russia and the US I am feeling very optimistic about working together to proceed successfully into the 21st century. Switching to the Aegis missile system which is mobile and already used and proven and scrapping Bush's war mongering worthless MDS Boondoggle was a GREAT IDEA! but it does have its winners and losers! Though they are not what you think!

First the winners and losers in the US! It is all about money and Corporations again. You have to believe Rummy Cheney or other Bush cronies have interests in the Boeing Company who was going to develop the facilities in Poland and Czechoslovakia and Orbital sciences who was going to be supplying the interceptors. They are the losers!

Switching to the water and land based mobile Aegis system for Raytheon of Massachusetts who will be producing Zillions more missiles and Lockheed Martin who produces the control systems. Missile defense shift has winners and losers

First as I said already I am psyched that Russia has already said they will entertain sanctions on Iran and their nuclear program. We could be important allies to a prosperous future in many instances not just Iran, Afghanistan, and the so called war on terror. There is now a possibility that NATO the US and Russia will work on a joint missile defense system thanks to Obama's smart move to use the Aegis missile system and scrap Bush's worthless missile defense shield. This decision bears more fruit as Russia says Ahmadinejad's Holocaust statement 'totally unacceptable! Russia: Ahmadinejad's Holocaust statement 'totally unacceptable'

Remember Russia's ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenkoas even spoke up and said attempts to rewrite history, especially as the 70th anniversary of the start of World War II is being marked this year, are an offense to the memory of all victims and all those who fought fascism. Also they do not contribute to creating an international atmosphere that would foster a fruitful dialogue on issues concerning Iran.

We haven't heard from China but they can't possibly differ from the rest of the world as they too know of the horrors inflicted on the Jews in world war two! The entire West is enraged! We have now heard from officially from Britain, Germany, France, the US, and Russia amongst others. Valid criticisms include It is a lie, baseless, ignorant, hateful, Abhorrent! Ahmadinejad is a disgrace is a disgrace and an insult to his great people and the great country of Iran. His vitriol is unacceptable!

You have to think Ahmadinejad and Iran are doing it on purpose but at this point they appear to be their own worse enemy. Obama is being credited and discredited for changing course on the MDS and going with the Aegis system. We are told Russia has been emboldened and are taking advantage of their new power and a weakened America but I do not see it that way.

Winner and losers around the world: This switch was a great move for the entire world with the exception of Iran. This was timely because as you know Iran admitted on the 21st to having a second secret nuclear facility capable of enriching Uranium. They only admitted it because they found out that France and the US already knew about it. Well that is why the focus on Iran's nukes at the UN and the G20! Obama has already called for inspections and we will see what happens. Thankfully Russia and China are now on board. Moscow open to new Iran sanctions: official

We keep hearing from the war mongers on the right that we gave Russia the farm and screwed America and Europe. Quite the opposite is true! This is a win for everyone! Russia now knows they are not the target and have started being productive partners. All of Europe are winners as Russia's nukes will not be turned on them. The reset button has obviously been reset and we are seeing positive results from it every day. I hear talk that Russia is trying to take the credit for pressing the Reset Button. Russia Tries to Control the Reset Button< /a>

* Who the hell cares who gets credit as long as we all cooperate against Iran and other world problems and proceed successfully and unified into the 21st century!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, September 25, 2009

Why were Kaddafi and Ahmadinejad even allowed to speak at the UN? That was counterproductive and Detrimental!

Obama Addresses United Nations For First Time-Full Video

Ahmadinejad's UN Rant I mean speech!

Gaddafi causes controversy at United Nations

First in regard to my closing I want to say I heard this morning that Iran admitted on the 21st to having a second secret nuclear facility capable of enriching Uranium. They only admitted it because they found out that France and the US already knew about it. Well that is why the focus on Iran's nukes at the UN and the G20!
Now To start with Obama had a great speech attended by everyone even Ahmadinejad who did his best to appear disinterested. Obama's rousing speech of hope unity and cooperation if met halfway had the ill fortune of being followed by Moamar Gaddafi and the Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad appeared to be talking to himself as most either did not attend or walked out. Many walked out when Ahmadinejad attacked Israel, including Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary and Italy, Canada and the US did not even attend. Day after UN walkout, German FM calls Ahmadinejad a 'disgrace'

Someone please fill me in on why Ahmadinejad and Kaddafi were even allowed in the UN meeting let alone allowed to speak. I mean in Gaddafi's case to bore with a 95 minute senseless rant that sent most running and others to sleep and in Ahmadinejad's case to send everyone running out of the room. Ahmadinejad predictably blamed the world's woes on a few super powers Democracy and Liberalism. It is Iran's right to go into every country we messed up and fix it!.

When Ahmadinejad bragged about Iran's glorious election and his claimed affirmation of Iran's great Democracy I thought gee I guess we set a lousy example while most of the assembly emptied out leaving Ahmadinejad to talk to himself which he seemed quite happy doing. He mocked Obama and his idea of change. The denier of the holocaust had the audacity to call for truth while addressing an empty room. and not just because of his "glorious" election. Kaddafi said swine flu is a military weapon, Obama was his son and a Kenyan and should be President for life. Why did those senseless idiots even get to speak at the UN?

Ahmadinejad murdered his own people after his "glorious" election and the aftermath of the lie the protests continue as I speak. He called Iran fully Democratic and said the great turn out and results proved it. Boy are we in trouble! Holocaust denial, anti Semitic rants, a sponsor of terrorism, do we want them to possess nukes? They are involved in Iraq. They are developing ICBM's capable of reaching Europe and even the US. After listening to Ahmadinejad's idiocy at the UN I am comfortable saying what do we do about this monster?

I was listening to Israel's Ambassador expressing how mush Israel appreciated and welcomed Obama's speech at the UN in response to hearing war monger John Bolton say Obama put Israel on the chopping block. Kaddafi said the security council are terrorists. Ahmadinejad said the US should get its nose out of middle east affair and let Iran take care of it. Yeah right! Gaddafi lectures the UN

He defended Iran's right to interfere in other middle east nations. Kaddafi was often bizarre and incoherent. Why the hell were they allowed to address the UN General Assembly? Those two should not be legitimized. This is just not right not good! Ahmadinejad crapped all over the rest of the world while covering up the real story of a ruthless military dictatorship in Iran and that Ahmadinejad is a ruthless mealy mouthed fraudulent leader. He spoke to an empty house and the video was controlled by the UN. That is the only story but why was Kaddafi and Ahmadinejad even allowed too speak?

When all is said and done with Iran wanting to obliterate Israel and many of us fear getting their hands on nukes one way or the other they would be wise to remember a nuclear Iran would have to face a nuclear Israel with 2 or 300 nuclear weapons and second strike capabilities which means that even if they are attacked they will have the ability to strike back. Just think of the repercussions of this in the middle east and around the world!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama's decision to use the Aegis because of Iran was obviously a good one and timely!

I am sorry, I do not think I am any different than the rest of you but knowing Iran wants to wipe at least Israel off the map and says they are not developing a nuclear weapon but if they had one would use it on Israel I have to believe while they may have a valid need for nuclear power their program is a cover for their real goal of developing or getting their hands on a nuclear weapon to use on Israel!

Likewise Iran has been upgrading its missile systems and for the first time showed off its Sejil 2 two stage solid fuel missile capable of reaching targets 1,200 miles away. They had that ability with the Shahab 3 but are now prepared to produce these en masse. They now have capable short and medium range capabilities but no way to deliver nuclear warheads. Supposedly these are not to be used offensively but only to prove Iran can defend herself. Once again you have to believe the weapons are to prove they are a threat offensively. Iran displayed its ballistic missile

Iran was already a threat to her immediate neighbors with a 600 mile range now they have paraded the ability to produce missiles capable of reaching parts of Europe and certainly most of the middle east.

President Obama based his decision to scrap Bush's worthless MDS Boondoggle as it was only designed to provoke Russia and was never even tested under realistic conditions despite its 4 Billion dollar cost. As you know after much expert advice and thought he scrapped it for the much tested land and water based mobile Aegis system.This great decision which Europe and Russia welcome was based on a reassessment of the developing and changing threat coming from Iran! Because Europe because of Iran is the priority Decisions based on intelligent reasoning what a novel idea!

We heard McCain and other war mongering advocates of Bush's MDS whose only purpose was to instigate Russia to future war say Obama weakened the US and betrayed Poland , the Czech Republic, and all of Europe. Quite the opposite is true. They are collectively ecstatic. Poland and the Czech Republic will no longer be Russian targets and Europe will no longer be retargeted by Russian nuclear weapons. Why Europe welcomes US missile defense shield decision?

* In closing: The water based mobile Aegis system can even be moved to the Gulf and other area's of concern that may and will crop up to counter immediate short and medium range missile threats.Meanwhile by 2017 when Iran is expected to have long range capabilities the Aegis is also scheduled to have long range and ICBM defense capabilities. If Russia and NATO join the effort as proposed I am confident we will be prepared for any future threats!

James Joiner
Gardner' Ma

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Afghanistan General McChrystal offers failure and worse Failure I offer Success!

Unplugged: McChrystal's Warning In Afghanistan

US general warns of Afghan failure

Analysis: Obama war choice: escalate or scale back

Where the hell is Afghanistan's Lashkar? Unify Afghanistan take back your country? NATO go home! Scale back! Get out! We keep hearing how tough Afghani's are. Prove it! We keep hearing how we must get to Taliban moderates and Afghan moderates well get with it do it now and let them fight for their country. Moderate tribesmen in parts of militant-ravaged north-west Pakistan are challenging Taliban extremists threatening to overrun their area, in what will develop into a mass resistance movement. They will succeed I have faith!

Pakistan has formed Lashkar's, Lashkar's are armed military camps and the fighters volunteering to join them to fight and kill the Taliban fight for the Government and love their country they gladly leave their families and fight for nothing, eradicating the Taliban is their sole goal. One of the tribal leaders said there is a civil war, the people against the Taliban.

Those at this Jirga came with their Russian machine guns from fighting in Afghanistan in the 80s talking of the horrors they saw committed by the Taliban in the Swat valley and vowed to kill them all.More than 10,000 volunteered to join. Please watch the video this is impressive! Pakistani tribesmen form their own Lashkar's to defeat the Taliban

Villagers in parts of North-West Frontier province and the tribal territory, faced with the violent advance of the Pakistani Taliban, are starting to organize an armed indigenous resistance in the not really because of an absence of help but because they feel the army will cause more problems and they can do it better. The resistance has parallels with the "Sunni awakening" in Iraq, where tribesmen took on al-Qaida militants in Anbar province and elsewhere.Palestinian citizens had to rebel against being used as human shields.

Afghanistan is going to have to do the same thing. This is what it has come to. You stand up and fight for the life you want or let yourself be enslaved by Muslim extremists. General McChrystal says we need more troops in Afghanistan or we will fail. Fail at what? Joining the Graveyard of Nations? We have already succeeded! Our original goal was to unseat the Taliban
and deny Bin Laden a safe haven. We accomplished that so get out with our heads held high!

I thought we weren't in the business of Nation building? Afghanistan does not want a centralized Government they as you know are tribal and do not want one. Funny but Pakistan is largely tribal but they want a central Government and freedom from the Taliban to continue to have their tribal customs and freedoms and are fighting for it!

That is what Afghanistan must do! America and NATO must get the hell out! We have been their over 8 years, twice as long as WW2! If Afghanistan wanted freedom from the Taliban they would already be trained and fighting for it instead of just letting themselves be killed as pawns. Get rid of corrupt Karzai! Why are the Afghan's not forming Lashkar's and killing the Taliban if they want their freedom from them?

* Have a fair election, get rid of Karzai,Feed and supply Afghani Lashkar to fight if they want their freedom as Pakistan is and get the hell out! That is the only answer not less or more troops. Our soldiers did their job leave now with heads held high not our tails between our legs like in Saigon!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

7 former CIA directors try to hide the truth as CIA Chiefs Ask Obama to Stop Abuse Inquiry but Obama refuses to halt torture probe!

7 former CIA directors try to hide the truth as CIA Chiefs Ask Obama to Stop Abuse Inquiry

Obama refuses to halt CIA probe into torture
I just love this because Holder taking the point on this frees up Obama from any involvement though as a constitutional Lawyer I have to believe he is behind having the "alleged" torture investigated. Hmmm! 7 CIA Directors agree with Cheney. I as you most likely agree have to assume they have been guilty at one time or the other of indiscretion. I have to ask! If Cheney can decide whether or not he will cooperate and you know he will not what is to stop all the rest of them?

I reiterate What the hell gives Cheney the right to decide whether or not he is going to cooperate with a Special prosecutor? Last week after it was announced there would be an investigation we wondered Who will take the fall and will it go to the top like it should? Cut it off at the head doesn't only apply to killing snakes! All right this is a good start but I thought appointing special prosecutors is a waste of time and money but believe Holder will do this right for once. We now know veteran prosecutor John Durham has been appointed to the task of holding a so called limited investigation "narrow in scope" of the CIA and"illegal" torture techniques.

We saw narrow in scope when Clinton was investigated for Whitewater and we ended up with Monica Lewinsky and Impeachment under Ken Starr? We are now hearing of CIA threats to kill suspects kids. One terrorist suspect was told his Mother would be sexually assaulted in front of him. One was told his family would be killed.Waving a handgun next to a prisoners head, revving a power drill next to his head while shackled and hand cuffed' whether you agree with it or not this is torture!

Bush Lawyers who okayed this torture and Cheney, Rummy, and Rice, who gave the go ahead should be prosecuted period. Cheney, Rummy, Rice, the Attorney General, they are the ones who should all be held accountable. They were the lying underhanded enablers in all the Bush misadministration injustice. They should not get away scot free but I expect they will. I think it is great that officially the White House is staying out of this and they must. I am sure Bush pundits made a deal with him that there would be no prosecutions by him of higher ups.

I think it is not only calculated but great that the White House is staying out of this. This is perfect because Eric Holder will take charge. The special prosecutors will start with the interrogators and go right to the top. As you know I think the interrogators thought they were protected so should be disciplined but keep their jobs. However when they do get to the top heads should roll and holder is the man to see it through!

Holder said only techniques not authorized by the CIA should be investigated. Supposedly firing guns on the other sides of prisoners cells so they would believe they would be shot was something else that was not authorized by the CIA but that authorization order is what should be closely perused. If the CIA did not authorize it the interrogators should be prosecuted if not go right to the top and prosecute them to the limit of the law! Cheney and Rummy did and they are the ones who ultimately should be prosecuted.

It is beyond me how Cheney has gotten away from day one of being an obvious fascist dictator and above law. It was obvious from the day he picked himself as dictator I mean Vice President that he was the real Decider. Now the scum is saying Obama has gone against his word in allowing Holder to hold investigations. Cheney just gets more ignorant every day. This is not the Bush misadministration when the AG did Cheney and Bush's bidding to enable their illegalities! Ridge, Cheney Assail Holder's Decision

Why are they letting Cheney foam at the mouth and placate his mindless followers? Why has no one spoken up and reminded that Obama is not above the law like Bush was. He to my knowledge is doing things right.He was very smart to have Holder do this. Someone should speak up and shut Cheney up! The Attorney General does not do Obama's bidding they are an independent agency for a good reason as you saw under Bush and Cheney.

Someone of consequence better start speaking up. We are watching ourselves devolve into chaos and we have idiots like Cheney saying they do not know of they are going to cooperate with the law or not. How the hell can he say whether I cooperate or not depends on whether or not I like the line of questioning?He is accusing Holder of making this Political while he is and reasserts that he is above the law. Someone better start Growing some and quick! Cheney shrugs off CIA-torture investigation

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, September 21, 2009

What the Hell is going on? Iran is taking on the world or are they forming the sides for WW3 or annihilation?

Demonstrators clash during anti-Israel rally

Of course Ahmadinejad has denied that the holocaust occurred before but I really have to wonder what the hell he is up to as Rival Rallies Turn Violent in Tehran and Ahmadinejad continues to Isolate Iran but what is it worth and what the hell is he up to?

First as I said yesterday I am psyched that Russia has already said they will entertain sanctions on Iran and their nuclear program. We could be important allies to a prosperous future in many instances not just Iran, Afghanistan, and the so called war on terror. There is now a possibility that NATO the US and Russia will work on a joint missile defense system thanks to Obama's smart move to use the Aegis missile system and scrap Bush's worthless missile defense shield. This decision bears more fruit as Russia says Ahmadinejad's Holocaust statement 'totally unacceptable! Russia: Ahmadinejad's Holocaust statement 'totally unacceptable'

Russia's ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenkoas even spoke up and said attempts to rewrite history, especially as the 70th anniversary of the start of World War II is being marked this year, are an offense to the memory of all victims and all those who fought fascism. Also they do not contribute to creating an international atmosphere that would foster a fruitful dialogue on issues concerning Iran.

We haven't heard from China but they can't possibly differ from the rest of the world as they too know of the horrors inflicted on the Jews in world war two! The entire West is enraged! We have now heard from officially from Britain, Germany, France, the US, and Russia amongst others. Valid criticisms include It is a lie, baseless, ignorant, hateful, Abhorrent! Ahmadinejad is a disgrace is a disgrace and an insult to his great people and the great country of Iran. His vitriol is unacceptable! Ahmadinejad's Qods Day comments enrage West

At the same time Ahmadinejad had managed to fortify distaste toward his continued denial of the holocaust and the truth around the world opposition towards him and his stolen power continues to erupt. It went underground for a while but it will continue to bubble up with every opportunity until Ahmadinejad and the Iranian security forces step on the people enough to cause them to do their all to stand up for their leaders. Then Iran will be able to openly crush opposition to their lies. Rival Rallies Turn Violent in Tehran

I am hearing the way is being paved to arrest former President Mohammad Khatami. Mahdi Karroubi, Mir Hossein Mousavi as the dueling protests erupted in Iran. Saying that the United States wants regime change any way we can achieve it Karroubi, Mousavi,Khatami, and the protesters are again accused of being foreign agents. Meanwhile as you know Ahmadinejad once again denied the Holocaust and said it is every Iranian's duty to destroy Israel.

* In closing Ahmadinejad will be in New York at the UN assembly next week. As we have seen in the past with Ahmadinejad with a huge stage like the UN we will only hear more inflammatory ignorance and can be rest assured Ahmadinejad will only further isolate Iran from the rest of the world but what is it worth? What is he up to? You can only conclude that Iran will continue the rhetoric and will merely keep stalling to buy more time until they can clandestinely develop or otherwise get their hands on a nuclear weapon to at the very least use it as a bargaining chip against Israel as the US buys more time for Iran by sending them another ultimatum! US sends nuclear talks ultimatum to Iran

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am psyched Obama swapped Bush's war mongering Missile shield for a mobile shield we already have, is mobile, and works!

US decision to reject Czech radar predictable'

"Stronger, Smarter, and Swifter" Europe Missile Defenses"

US abandons plans for massive ground-based missile defense system ...

Scrapping missile shield sweeps obstacles to "resetting" Russian ...

Bipartisan Senate concern over Obama decision on missile defense ...

I think this is stupendous! Bush was using the missile defense shield to instigate Russia to war! Putting it in Czechoslovakia was by no means the best position for the system. Britain more than once expressed an interest in having it on their soil. They were flatly refused. I have always agreed with Russia that putting the system on the door step was a direct affront to them and was targeted at them. Putin had expressed his concerns vehemently. Russia even suggested working on the system jointly and of course was flatly refused.

This is fantastic! I had high hopes for this even before Obama met with his Russian counterpart and hinted depending on Russia's stance he might be amenable to altering Bush's plan for a sedentary missile shield in Czechoslovakia and Poland. It was not even known if That MDS worked as we were told it did. It had never been tested in a realistic multiple fire missile situation which in fact is what would be encountered.

Obama did consult our allies including Czechoslovakia and Poland and let them know we would still be there for them. Despite the negative rhetoric we are hearing from the likes of Partisan war monger John McCain Europe is not now in danger and Czechoslovakia and Poland betrayed but once again quite the opposite is true. If you remember. if the MDS was to be deployed their Russia had threaten to once again turn its nuclear missiles in their direction.

That will not be the case now and Russia has even volunteered to stop work on their own missile defense shield. This is a very positive development despite the fear mongering we are once again being fed. This is a win win for Russia NATO and the US. I am psyched at the possibilities. Russia has already said they will entertain sanctions on Iran and their nuclear program. We could be important allies to a prosperous future in ,any instances not just Iran, Afghanistan, and the so called war on terror.
The ides is to swap the system for a better mobile proven system that we already use. This is a far superior idea and a money saver! The Aegis system is well tested! Nothing can be farther from the truth! We use to totally mobile proven aegis right now. It is already for medium and short rang missiles and can be relocated at a moments notice anywhere around the world. Long range ICBM capabilities are well under way.

Robert Gates was Bush's defense secretary too!He too says it is a great idea and you have to believe he kowtowed to Bush the wrongheaded sole decider. Russia and NATO have even been invited to share in it and Moscow shelved their own plans. All bias aside this is a great development! US, NATO, and Russia's consider linking MDS systems this is big

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It figures that Glen Beck started the Obama Czar non issue!

Democrats and the Great 'Czar' Panic as Obama's 'czars' raise concerns among House Republicans or so they want you think! First I want to point out that this is another created non issue for Republicans to try and get their way. I want to point out that Bush had 47 Czar's and despite all the BS we are hearing about Obama having more czar's than Russia Obama has 30 and he does not call them czars but advisers. Republicans call them czars to create another problem where there is none so they can control things/ That said Bush necessitated many advisers or Czars whatever you want to call them to clean up his never ending crises. Role of Obama's 'czars' questioned Obama calls them advisers Republicans call them czars so they can create an issue where there is none and use it to favor them!

Obama's 'czars' raise concerns among House Republicans

Democrats and the Great 'Czar' Panic

I have been listening to all the BS over what Obama says are advisors and Republicans call Czars. I should have known that this whole controversy was trumped up by Glen Beck! I went looking for the video I saw of him discussing it that I saw and to my surprise he has done this numerous times with Limbaugh and the likes many times and under many Guises. There were so many "784" I thought I would supply the link and let you take your pick if you can stand the insanity! 784 Glen Beck rants on Obama's czars

Why did we not hear a peep about Bush's worthless 47 czars and all of a sudden Obama is a communist because does not have as many? That said right or wrong good or bad Obama's now count twice as large as his cabinet. The Bitch is they are not vetted and only receive the same check a White House intern does. President Obama's Green Czar Van Jones found to be a self proclaimed communist at the very least proves The need for a vetting process for Czars

However I do not have a problem with the use of specialists that Republicans have labeled as czars and call a record number though used them a lot more because they are necessary as experts to focus on the many crises Bush created so we can try to eliminate them. We may need even more to focus and Bush's record number of created and diverse crises!

* In closing Russ Feingold and some others have joined Republicans in the clamor against Obama's czars but the DNC is already fighting back! Our Presidents have been using czars for thirty or forty years. This is just another created nonissue to divert attention away from the critically needed health care reform!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama must take the High road on Racism but a white Congressman better quickly say what road the Republicans are on!

White House: Criticism of Obama not based on race

We have discussed the racism behind all this numerous times since day one and the concerns as to what might happen if racial chaos does break out on this level. I just want to point to the last 2 stories in case you are interested! Yesterday it was a Pastor wanting him Dead today a Gubenatorial candidate wants him hunted down because he is Black!

President Obama is guilty of being Black while President!

I refuse to believe Obama thinks everything that has been happening is not because of the color of his skin. Someone better wake that man up! This is getting down right dangerous. We hear something every day about kill the nigga! We want our country back! I will issue hunting licenses to my constituents to hunt down and kill Obama. I pray for Obama to die. I want his daughters fatherless his wife husbandless. Obama was born in Kenya and is not even an American. What us all that and much more? It isn't because he is a Democrat! He is Black.
Obama takes high road on Carter's racism claim

Obama has to take the high road but President Carter is right. There is no denying it! This can not be allowed to go on much longer. It is only a mater of time before all this gets out of hand. As far as I am concerned it already is. Whatever you think about President Carter he is not stupid and knows southerners. President Carter was not a good President until he left office. He can afford to speak the truth and must but someone "Democrat's in Congress better listen before it is too late. White House: Criticism of Obama not based on race

President Carter is right saying what Wilson did was Abominable and what we are all watching is racism and abominable. I wish I have kept a record, if someone has please get it to me.It is no surprise that all the birthers are white, all the hall hecklers are white, all the tea partiers are white,all those wanting God to kill him are white, all the senators who deny there is racism involved are white. What do we have to do wait until something major happens? President Carter has spoken the truth, Black Representatives have also spoken up but it is going to take some sitting Democrats to speak up and they better hurry up!

Okay Nancy Pelosi spoke up and refering to a 1979 incident where a San Francisco Mayor was killed said all this rhetoric must stop, we have to put an end to all this, blood can be spilled. I was pretty happy to hear that but was stunned when Boehner came to the mike and smuggly denied any racism so the racism and division coul continue us down the road to the 2nd revolution Republicans have been instigating from day one! Any blood will be on Boehner's hands! Nancy Pelosi Warns Of Violence Over Heated Rhetoric, chokes up

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

White House: Criticism Not Based on Race

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Representative Joe Wilson You Lie! President Carter agrees it is all about Racism plus How House has handled other Joe Wilson-like moments

I have done more than a few stories on the fact that while there may be valid excuses for the animosity towards President they are merely excuses to cover the reality that is is all about racism on both sides of the color barrier. I did a story 4 days ago showing that

Having said that, I like you was disappointed in President Obama when he sided with the Black professor before knowing the facts and said Cambridge Officer Gates acted stupidly while to an unbiased eye it appears the Professor acted racist. President Obama showed even he has his ingrained racial issues. I am afraid Blacks are more guilty of racism than many whites. I am afraid the Black Reverend in the video in the above link is right saying 90% of Racist Blacks voted for Obama.

I do not care what color a person is just that they do the job at hand the best. That said, during the hearing on whether or not to admonish Joe Wilson for yelling "you lie" interrupting President Obama's speech the Black Caucus came out saying it was racial and Wilson had to be held accountable. Black Representative Hank Johnson said pretty soon we will have men riding around wearing white robes and wearing white hoods.
Dem rep: Wilson outburst 'instigated more racist sentiment'

I found that a bit strong but I had to agree with Congressman Clyburn and certainly saw his point. He said the reason for wanting Wilson admonished had nothing to do with playing Politics. After listening to his reasons for wanting Joe Wilson rebuked I have to agree! He was a teacher his son is a teacher in Joe Wilson's District and his grandchildren go to school in Wilson's District.

Republican Boehner said this is hypocrisy and wanted to get on with the people's Business. What? They have not done the peoples business since Bush was elected! It is hypocrisy but Republicans are guilty of it. So to is Joe Wilson who called President Obama a liar and accused him of wanting to give illegal aliens medical coverage.

* I found out Joe Wilson in 2003 in the Medicare prescription modernization Act for prescription medicine under Bush that "DID cover illegal aliens. * Also was a member of the sons of confederate Veterans that has been dominated by racial extremists. In the Bill I must say as we all know, there were elements that included illegal immigrants but they were removed around a month ago. However as most also know, there is a 1986 Law "President Reagan by the way" that says illegal aliens must be treated by hospitals. That has always bothered me and that will not change.

That said, the facts in this case show Wilson is wrong and even lying or not telling the truth whatever you want to call it! However that has proven to be a plus to other racists who support him and so far have donated more than $2 million to his reelection campaign. His competition for the seat has also received around $1.5 million. It appears that creating controversy and commotion is now a way of life in gathering political contributions. I don't like this!

If Wilson just went on the floor of the House and apologized this would have gone away but then he wanted have gotten $2 million in campaign contributions. Pelosi really did want this to go away but despite what they are saying Republicans did not want this to go away and as you know they do not want to do the peoples work. For what it is worth the vote for admonishment was approved 240 yay 170 nay's so the slap on the hand is official. Please check How House has handled other Joe Wilson-like moments

* In closing this will now melt into Congressional obscurity I mean history along with the rest of their worthless activity or more apt, inactivity Since Partisan bickering under Bush took the place of doing the peoples work. Like him or not President Carter sees what is happening in the country! He said that not only was what Wilson said all about racism and the belief by many whites that Blacks are incapable of running the country but underlying everything is Racism! I am sick of Republicans denying it to hide their divide and conquer racist agenda!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Walter Cronkite is alive on public Media: Bad news for the media is good news for us as more realize main stream media is Biased!

As usual you have to beg to differ with what the so called experts say. They are never right in any instance. Interest in newspapers is waning and they are increasingly failing. However it is not because people are losing their jobs and con not afford to but newspapers and magazines. If you can find the truth in any of them anywhere people would continue to find a way to buy them.

You can not find the truth in any form of main stream media today! They are responsible for their own demise! 63% of Americans surveyed by the Pew Research Center believe that news stories are often inaccurate. They also found that 74% of respondents believe stories tend to favor one side of an issue over another. The thought is that If people believe that news reports are often biased then they will say they are also inaccurate. Bad news for media: More believe they're biased

I mean come on! They are all biased! The Percentage of people that believe main stream media is biased and inaccurate should be 100% If in reality it is not then the one quarter who say they are not must work for them or are benefitting from their Bias and inaccuracy. I happen to think many smaller newspapers serving towns across the country will be left standing primarily because of the services they offer to the citizens.

I want to add that this poll was taken on landline. Since mostly older Americans possess them you can bet those that think they are Bias is closer to 100% as most of younger Americans that know it only possess cell phones. Anyway Personally I do not read mine as I read a very biased report in Bush's favor and was turned off by the lies. That said, I got no joy out of hearing they are going out of business as many are. Feel free to look at the timeline of closings across the country. Newspaper Closings - A Timeline of Newspapers That Have Closed

Since Bush stole his way into the Presidency everything became polarized and Biased it continues under Obama. The media is totally Bias and it did not happen because Walter Cronkite died. Depending on what you want to think is the truth dictates what paper you read and what news station you listen to. The stations are motivated to please their given audience not to tell the truth. The truth to them is what their pundits want them to disperse. Public trust in US media eroding: Pew study

The main stream media biased will continue, papers will continue to fold, and those like Fox will continue to have their audience because they tell what their audience want to hear and what they want to think is the truth! They will continue to have an audience.Supposedly newspapers are losing their advertising revenue and I am sure they are but if it was just that why do the news networks not have the same problem? I would love to see Fox news the purveyor of lies and division since Bush close their biased doors. Look at these major newspapers though they may go under this year! Twelve Major Media Brands Likely To Close In 2009 – 24/7 Wall St.

Any way you look at all this it is all good for us. There will continue to be original news written and it will continue to be reported with a biased depending on what the writer or reporter wants you to believe. If you want to hear the unbiased truth you have to search it out yourself as you know and the best place to do that is on the internet. as you know.

* In closing I will say Walter Cronkite's idea of journalism is still alive. You will find it on public media sites on the internet. I see biased stories on public media sites on line but you can find the truth if you look in the right place. You still have to search for the truth but you can find it.The demise of newspapers I still say is their own doing and to the benefit of those who just want to tell the truth regardless of party as on the Public media site All voices.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My entire list of recommended news was about Afghanistan so Afghanistan: Questions, answers on war, US plans!

'No Winners' Yet in Afghan Poll, Karzai Ahead

Afghan journalists mourn their colleague - 10 Sep 09

Pakistan arrests high-ranking Taliban official - 12 Sep 09

I keep hearing how tough the Afghan army is when they are forced to fight. I am sure they are tough. All Afghan men are, Taliban or Government soldier. The thing is therefore reducing our foot print while forcing them and the Afghan civilians to fight. I have a great idea! Pakistan and the Lashkar as we discussed yesterday have had great results and the Lashkar are doing what they enjoy, killing Taliban!

You know the Afghan Government would not allow them on their soil so why not invite the Lashkar to get paid for their enjoyment of killing Taliban and invite them to Afghanistan to ply their trade. This proposal should be publicly floated by Karzai. You know it will not be accepted but it would insult Afghanistan and get them off their duffs and unite and clear out the Taliban as Pakistan and the Lashkar are doing if they really want to get out from under the fists of the Taliban!

I know how important Afghanistan is to the American people but what about the economy? What about Health care reform? What about continued job losses? What about continuing foreclosures? I know Afghanistan is very important but was surprised to see it was all about Afghanistan. Once again I decided to let the links and the videos tell the story and you could read and watch the ones important to you.I will have my closing statement following the links!

Unease Grows Over Afghan Election

Dark months ahead as Afghan vote fracas drags on What a coincidence Karzai needs 50% of the vote to avoid a run off and there was enough corruption to so far with supposedly 93% of the votes counted to give him 54% of the vote. BS!

Up to 22 civilians killed in Afghan attacks

Russian envoy cautions US on Afghan troops surge WTF then let them add some troops. They have much at stake here too!

Afghan Commission Says 30 Civilians Killed in NATO Strike

Dozens of Taliban militants killed

4 US troops killed in Afghanistan

Pakistan forces surround Taliban chief: minister

Afghanistan: Questions, answers on war, US plans

I will just observe that there is controversy right now in the House and the Senate on what to do in Afghanistan.Do we give them more money? No! Do we add more troops? No! Do we give Afghanistan an ultimatum? Yes! Announce a withdrawal date? You betcha! Karzai is corrupt and using us to stay in power. Put the ball in his court. Make the Government and Afghan citizens support their own country.

Make Afghani's do their own fighting and get the hell out. We, the infidels are causing the problem. Our men are dying for nothing, a corrupt Government and a country that will never unite period unless it is under the Taliban. Leave them there and concentrate on the border and helping Pakistan who does want to kill the Taliban and secure their Democracy. Do what Pakistan is doing with their Lashkar as we discussed yesterday! Supply Afghanistan with arms food and supplies and we will see how much they want their country. We did our job, Get Out Now!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Lashkar, Pakistan's minutemen on steroids!

Pakistani tribesmen form their own Lashkar's to defeat the Taliban Lashkar is an armed military camp! I am impressed, I had to look it up so I could speak authoritatively on what tribe the Lashkar was and where they were from. They are not a tribe but are volunteers from many tribes. The Lashkar's are appearing in many areas, including Bajaur, in the tribal zone, and Dir and Buner in North-West Frontier province.

Lashkar's are armed military camps and the fighters volunteering to join them to fight and kill the Taliban fight for the Government and love their country they gladly leave their families and fight for nothing, eradicating the Taliban is their sole goal. One of the tribal leaders said there is a civil war, the people against the Taliban. Those at this Jirga came with their Russian machine guns from fighting in Afghanistan in the 80s talking of the horrors they saw committed by the Taliban in the Swat valley and vowed to kill them all.More than 10,000 volunteered to join.Pakistani tribesmen form their own Lashkar's to defeat the Taliban

I was lucky enough to find the article I watched on cnn two days ago on the Lashkar. This particular camp was in Dir. As the team approached the camp they were greeted by the firing of weapons in the air and much enthusiasm. I recommend watching the videos in this link they are quite impressive. The mountainous region is their home and they are tenacious and will happily fight to the death. They just want to kill Taliban and secure their country for Democracy. I love it!

I was very impressed watching these people. I just watched the video for the sixth time. I have never seen this kind of a greeting given to the Pakistani army and American reporters. We usually see the brandishing of weapons and zealous firing into the air and enthusiasm coming from the Taliban and other interests trying to take down one Government or another and to kill Americans. I recommend watching this I am not the only one who needs a boost. Volunteer militias push back Taliban

After a 2 hour drive into the mountains followed by a half hour climb even further in they came upon the camp high up into the rugged mountains overlooking the Swat valley. I can't say enough how impressed I was. I hate to say it but these reclusive tribesmen were even right on about America. "It's a democracy," said one of the Lashkar members. "They like peace in their country," said another. What they dislike most about America? "They're cruel to the Muslims," "They interfere with other countries" and "They promote peace within their borders," "But they're against peace in other countries." Man that is the truth and could have come from me!

* In closing I just want to say these men are fierce and not few in numbers. Their happy goal is too kill all the Taliban and secure their country. Only then they will happily lay down arms and go home. The monstrous Russian ground machine gun powerful enough to take down a helicopter shook the ground. To unschooled westerners this may seem ineffective today. However this is Pakistan. These are the rugged boarder mountains to Afghanistan. Many Taliban are apologizing to them and switching sides. These men are rugged and tough! Killing and dying is their game too and this is their turf they are defending!

These men are fighting on the Taliban's terms and on their own land not the Taliban's. They are deadly and will defeat them. My question is why is their zeal to kill the Taliban and their allies not broadcast daily to Afghani's? If they do not feel guilty and start taking care of business we should just leave or I reiterate once again just help Pakistan and concentrate on the border. The awesome action taken by the Lashkar getting arms ammunition and food from the Government in support of killing the Taliban is exactly what must occur in Afghanistan if there is to be any success!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two days ago we discussed the axis of Russia, Iran, and Venezuela now Putin wants to head it as President and can!

Putin for president in 2012?

These three stories are interconnected and together very important. I implore you to read all three of the links and you will see they tell a complete story and it is not good. I have written about all this numerous times during Bush's regime. While he was going around the world arming who he wanted and war mongered he was driving the non aligned nations and much of the world to ally with Russia to take him on.

I had great hopes that Obama's election would put an end to the anti American fervor and the desire to see us go down. Because of Bush you may remember there was a drive by nations against us to gain life time Presidency to stay in control to stay in control in the fight for the future they all knew was coming.

We discussed often the arming of Venezuela and South American Nations are the reemerging Russian navy in our back yard waters as they have started using Cuba with their nuclear ships again and are now visiting Venezuela as well. Obama tries to unify the world but we see nothing has changed. Chavez and Ahmadinejad HATE America and are reinforcing their ties. The Emerging Axis of Iran and Venezuela

Hugo Chávez deepens petroleum and military ties with Russia

We knew Putin wanted to stay in power but Russian law only allowed two terms so Putin got his puppet Medvedev elected as President and he has continued to pull the reins as the prime minister. He has continued to dictate Russian actions and policies as the Defacto President. Putin Russia's current PM and former president has now given the clearest signal to date that he is considering a return to his old job.

Putin told Russian 45 Russian experts from around the world that ha and President Medvedev were in meetings trying to decide who was going to run as President in 2012 and that he was mildly optimistic about a reset in relations proposed by Obama. I found that odd that scares the hell out of me that, we have to fear the nightmare Bush being President here again. That is a scary thought but I think it can happen? Anyway I wish Putin and Medvedev would both run and divide the country but Putin would win. I guess he wants to run the country as the President not the PM.

Worse the constitution has since been changed to extend terms to six years from four therefore If Mr. Putin were to return to office in 2012 he could potentially remain until 2024. I have more than mixed feelings about that. Great concern would be an understatement because like most of you when Bush looked into Putin's eyes and saw a good man I saw evil and a man with nothing but contempt and hate for us. That has not changed in any regard! Putin Signals Desire to Return to Presidency

Listening to Putin rattle off his concerns about US intentions, with Iran coming out to extend official recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, over whose survival Russia fought a brief but bloody war with Georgia last year. Until now only Nicaragua has joined Moscow in recognizing the independence of the two republics. I still only see future war and do not like to see the likes of Putin Chavez and Ahmadinejad uniting together against us nor do I like the prospect of another 12 years of Putin at the helm to unify the world against us because that is all that will come out of it.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The anti Obama frenzy is purely because many whites are angry that Obama was elected by black racists and guilty white people, they are rebelling!

Jesse Lee Peterson: Obama elected by black racists and guilty white people

President Obama's unforgivable sin is that he is black and many angry racist whites feel they lost control of what they wrongly think is their America. This as we have been saying from day one will not stop until something horrendous happens. This is all simply because Obama is Black and I do not see something the scope of our Revolution in 1776 when 600,000 Americans were killed but something will come of this and the angry whites will not like it!

Obama is guilty of being Black! We thought we had finally achieved something great, a bit of equality, what America really stands for by getting Obama elected as President of the United States. What we did was unveil the reality of America, Racist America and I fear it will not go way but will get much worse.

We elected Obama as President because he was the best person for the job of leading us out of the dark tunnel Bush had us in. We thought we found our shining knight. There are too many that do not want our America fixed and worse they do not want a Black man as President and will never accept it or stop. All of the asinine crap we have been watching from day one can tolerate racial equality but only on their terms and if they as white Americans control America.

They will tolerate racial equality if forced to however to a lot of white Americans a Black President is unacceptable! I am physically sick at what we have been seeing from day one and what we saw at President Obama's health care speech from imbecilic Republicans and sadly it gets worse every day.

Retired Congressman Tom Tancredo who I can not stomach was hooting and hollering when Congressman Joe Wilson interrupted President Obama when he reiterated that illegal immigrants will not be covered period by his healthcare reform Bill yelling "You're a Liar" Obama coolly said "not true" and Lindsey Graham another idiot I can not stand had the audacity to say Obama has a combative attitude.

He has not been combative enough and he better start and now! Republicans were acting like town hall crazies. Obama said during his speech he was going to "call out" anyone who attempted to lie about his health care Bill he has not. He should have started with Joe Wilson. Wilson's idiocy has been a great fund raiser for those running for his seat and it better make people see once and for all what the R really stands for, Racism!

Looking at Cantor and Boehner's smug expressions and watching Cantor texting on his Blackberry while President Obama was speaking was appalling. Someone of consequence should speak up and they did not. We know this will cost around a trillion dollars and these idiots are playing childish games and holding up signs and placards. I am appalled I keep hearing Republican pundits saying it was great. It was asinine call them out!

Their performance was appalling and calling Obama a liar was the final straw. Their phenomenal disrespect was never displayed to a white President even though some have deserved it. This verbal ignorance is a normal part of British Politics but not American Politics. Wilson rudely interrupting Obama's speech yelling calling him a liar proves regardless of how much he deserves it there is no respect for Obama because he is Black!

This beginning to end is all about Obama being Black! The Birthers who think Obama is a subversive born in Kenya is only the ignorant excuse, In reality Obama is guilty of being Black! Republicans in an uproar over Obama speaking to their school students had less to do with the great words coming from a liberal and their children might like Democrats than it had to do with President Obama being a Black man.

This has nothing to do with being born in America or his liberal Politics it is all about him being Black! Whites going to town halls brandishing side arms even semi automatic weapons saying we are going to take our country back is all about a certain segment of the white population taking back what they think is their country from a Black President and Black America.

* In closing we hear: Obama's agenda is driven by reparations and a desire to settle old racial scores" We are going to get the Nigga's out" what have we not heard? Reverend Jesse Peterson, a Black man, said Obama was elected by millions of Black Racists and white people who felt guilty for the way Blacks have been treated in the past. " Obama wants death panels" Obama wants to euthanize the elderly" All the accusations of Obama being a Nazi and being a closet Muslim it is all about Obama being Black. Being Black is the problem, Once again the more things change the more they remain the same or in this case get worse!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Emerging Axis of Iran and Venezuela now Russia is one more thing Bush cultivated!

The Emerging Axis of Iran and Venezuela

Hugo Chávez deepens petroleum and military ties with Russia

Once again we are talking about a story line that was front and center because of President Bush's Bullying and war mongering, He was personally responsible for strengthening relations between Iran and Venezuela as well as with everyone else that was uniting and ramping up to take on Bush. Believe it or not this was 3 years ago:

The United States will soon lose its place as leader of the world, and the United Nations is a broken organization that is beyond repair, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Wednesday. "The United States empire is on its way down and it will be finished in the near future, inshallah," Chavez told reporters, ending the statement with the Arabic phrase for "God willing."

Chavez said that the United Nations is a "deceased" organization because it was formed to bridge the differences between the United States and Russia, and a brand new international organization would have to be formed to replace it.Earlier, Chavez initiated a verbal assault on President Bush, calling him "the devil" during an insult-riddled address to world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly.

"The devil came here yesterday," Chavez said, gesturing to where Bush had stood during his speech on Tuesday. "He came here talking as if he were the owner of the world." He later said he was referring to President Bush when he spoke of the devil. Chavez held up a book by American leftist writer Noam Chomsky "Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance" and recommended it to everyone in the General Assembly.

Chavez talks too much! I am afraid I agree with this though! Sounds to me like the non aligned Nations plan on taking over with many eager helpers! What do you think? The BBC reported that the meeting of non aligned Nations now consists of 118 countries, mostly from the developing world. The delegates representing almost two-thirds of all the countries in the world gave their approval to a document which spells out the points they agree on. There is strong condemnation of Israel's intervention in Lebanon, a call for the United Nations to be more representative of smaller nations, support for Iran's nuclear energy plans and implicit criticism of much of US foreign policy.

Several of the more than 50 heads of state and government attending the meeting are known for their strong criticism of the United States. Many of the world leaders attending the summit used their seven allocated minutes at the podium to vent their anger at the Bush administration. The senior North Korean delegate said that American threats had forced his country to arm itself with nuclear weapons. The most significant agreement occurred at the summit sidelines - Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India and President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan announced that they would re-start stalled peace talks and co-operate in the fight against terrorism.

Even Kofi said the Nam was important. You have to wonder what is going on with that and the anti U.S. movement. It can't be ignored any longer. This is not good! Bush better start paying attention to the growing section of the world calling for America's demise and an end to Bush's and America's imperialism! On top of that of course, we have the many enemies he is making in prosecuting his new middle east order!

From 9/11 he has been following a plan. Fighting terrorism was not it. It was just the reason he needed to attack Iraq and start to implement his new middle east and world order. Please read the following and you will understand everything. 9/11 was Bush's pearl harbor. Problem is, Bush is no FDR and has squirreled away any sympathy the world had for us.

As you may remember, Bush was looking for something to happen that would put the country and the world behind what he already had plans to do. 9/11 gave him that something. He had plans right from the beginning to establish a new societal, middle east, and world order. That is why it was important to him to whip up a media and public fury which of course, he did.

He then used the excuse of 9/11 to attack Iraq and unsettle the middle east guaranteeing the loss of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the entire middle east. He did all this so he could further his idea of a new middle east and world order. Of course lying all the while and whipping up as much support and frenzy as he could in the media and minds he controls.

We were all shamelessly being used so Bush could follow his plan for new societal, middle east, and world order. With the middle east failing thanks to Bush's meddling, Iraq and Afghanistan already lost thanks to Bush attacking Iraq diverting forces from the real goal and destabilizing the already fragile middle east! With the anti American and Britain Nations growing and now including 2/3 of the World, on top of the enemies he has made for us in his Middle East tampering. We had better do something ourselves. Bush will not and will only continue to ignore reality so he can have his plan for new world order that is heading for disaster! September 21st 2006

One week prior they got together in New York at the UN meeting as Bush was pushing Venezuela Iran Syria and the entire Arab world together. September 10th 2006

* I think I ended up reciting all that because things are happening under Obama that is being credited to his Presidency and as this too showed that this axis was in the making for 50 years but Bush pushed the entire world together against us and despite Obama the unifier the division continues!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Venezuela and Iran strengthen their ties