Friday, February 28, 2014

Climate Change Is Here Now, Part 2: We have really screwed up!


We are really screwing up.  Every day we do more damage to our wounded environment. It is looking like we are going to permanently change our quality of life. It is getting rough out there. We watch the middle east explolode, Russia is fighting for a rebirth, Now China is trying to hold sway over Asia. We are making a mess out of life and the 21st century.

Life's cycle, The final stages?

Life's cycle, The final stages! (I wrote this 9 year's ago)The nurturing stage is where man should be in its and the planets Life Cycle! However as the current unfolding middle east and world situation is proving, man is attempting to turn the clock back and nature works only in one direction, forward. We are acting like we are in the infantile stage and it will not work! 

* The Nurturing Stage – This is man's mature stage. This is man's preservation period. The time is now. This period marks man's awakening as to the realization of mans negative impact on the life sustaining life cycle of the planet as a whole. This period marks the awakening of man as to the as to the necessity of revitalizing Natures life sustaining ecosystems.

This period marks the necessity for an end to all out war. We must come to the realization that as a world we must destroy all advanced weaponry and their systems throughout the world. This is an absolute necessity for the survival of man and the planet.

If we are to survive We must form a world board to ensure compliance by the entire world. It is for the benefit and survival of mankind and the planet. We now know the fragility of our planet and our negative role in it. As a world we must act responsibly, be held accountable, and act accordingly.

** Man has taken his ability to live and learn, an ability that has sustained and nurtured him for thousand of years and forgotten he ever had it. It had served us well throughout are creativity. Through the beginning of the 20th century man has been going through the maturity stages of his existence. Like a maturing teenager man now thinks he has all the answers. However he has none of the right ones.

Would you send your Grandmother off to war? That is something you can relate to. Likewise man and the planet can not survive a world war this late in the life cycle of man and the planet. Whoever ushers in a new world war must be held personally accountable for knowingly and unwittingly bring about the end of the civilized world and our planet.

Whether you believe in Nostradamus or not, he gave us two scenarios at this juncture in life. We had two roads we could follow into the future. We could take the peaceful road down a successful road into the future or we could take the road into conflict that would lead to destruction of man and the planet as we know them.

* Sadly man seems to have chosen the 2nd road and with nuclear conflagration staring us in the face: We seem to be leading the way to our demise! If we are to have a future we must smarten up! The full short story at the link!life's cycles

** The second reason and maybe more important is the fact that the planet is going through its own life cycle as man and our society is and part of this global warming is natural and man has no affect on It. Bottom line is the world is ignoring earth’s critical condition and preparing to put it out of its misery. We must stop this!

I was lucky enough to catch an interview on CNN  by Jonathan Mann in Oslo of Al Gore and his protégé who won the Nobel Peace prize. All the Nobel Prize winners should get together and come out and let the world know how dire our situation is. If another world war is started the entire world must come down on that country.

** I firmly believe that if they came together as they should and they owe the worlds future to do, we can make the difference and save ourselves.  I believe that  the entire world  is preparing for World War Three.all living Nobel Prize Winners must come together and speak loudly to the entire world as to the inevitable end of man and the planet if they irresponsibly Insist on leading us to World War Three.

Someone who will be listened to must take it upon themselves to get this message and the urgency out to the Nobel Prize Winners as they may be our best and last hope! Nobel Prize winners needed to save the world

* I didn't realize until I was looking at today's unwinding horror we will be facing long into the future. China trying to rule Asia, Syria and the middle east, our rapidly deteriorating environment, north Korea threatening South Korea with Annihilation again because of our success, the middle east exploding, us threatening, North Korea threatening, etc. and I decided it best to go back to something I wrote almost 9 years ago now long before I decided to interact daily trying to wake up the world still to no avail.

However I went back to one of the times I posted A time line of Life’s Cycles and Where We Are in Them and much to my pleasure and surprise I noted Our Brother Tim commented that it was excellent and I should do updates on it and publish them. I have done updates and that is what precedes A time line of Life’s Cycles and Where We Are in Them

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Climate Change Is Here Now, Part 1: Can we just hold on and hope?

 In Flooded UK, Guardian Warns ‘Climate Change Is Here Now’: The record rainfall and storm surges that have brought flooding across the UK are a clear sign that we are already experiencing the impacts of climate change.Stern says there are “powerful grounds for arguing that this [unprecedented extreme weather] is part of a trend.” Not only was the last decade the hottest on record, but “four of the five wettest years recorded in the UK have occurred from the year 2000 onwards.”

The UK Meteorological Office’s chief scientist, Dame Julia Slingo said earlier this week the country was experiencing the “most exceptional period of rainfall in 248 years.” She explained that “all the evidence suggests there is a link to climate change,” and “there is no evidence to counter the basic premise that a warmer world will lead to more intense daily and hourly rain events.”

We are having 100 year "mother nature" events pretty much every day somewhere around the world, often times many of every dimension at the same time. This would tell an idiot "Mother nature" is rebelling? trying to heal herself? trying to right her ship? Natural, man made, or a combination of both it is occurring. Yet there are some who would deny it so we can continue on in our destructive irresponsible ways We are going to happily destroy ourselves as we do not have the brains we were born with or maybe because we do.

Can anything we do stop it? I think not, we must adapt and we will but we will continue to make it worse until...

Climate change makes a variety of extreme weather events more likely and more intense, including heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, and superstorms. A growing body of science makes that clear. That literature — coupled with the astonishing number of off-the-charts extreme weather events of the past few years — is why more and more climate scientists and meteorologists and others are making the connection.

The normally reliable Science magazine, however, seems to be stuck in the last decade. They have run a muddled piece on the subject, “In the Hot Seat.” It opens:Many climate scientists winced earlier this year when a well-meaning nonscientist tried to use extreme weather to argue that global warming is real.

Top Ten Things Climate Change Is Making Worse Right Now By Rebecca Leber and Ellie Sandmeyer

First let me expound on only 1 of the 10 because for some reason we seem to focus on it and seem resigned to simply have to live with the rest.

Sea Level Rise: It Could Be Worse Than We Think: A new analysis released Thursday in the journal Science implies that the seas could rise dramatically higher over the next few centuries than scientists previously thought — somewhere between 18-to-29 feet above current levels, rather than the 13-to-20 feet they were talking about just a few years ago.

The increase in sea level would largely come from the partial melting of giant ice caps in Greenland and Antarctica, which have remained largely intact since the end of the last ice age, nearly 20,000 years ago. But rising global temperatures, thanks to human greenhouse-gas emissions, have already begun to melt that ancient ice, sending sea level up 8 inches since 1880 alone, with as much as 6 feet or so of additional increase projected by 2100.

Seriously, are we supposed to worry about that or look for a new way to live in an ever aquatic world or increase the search for a new planet to live on where a select few can migrate too and start over.

The Himalayan glaciers that feed major south Asian rivers like the Indus, the Brahmaputra and the Ganges are melting more rapidly, reveals a major new study which says that soaring global temperatures are not the only reason.

The study, led by Yao Tandong, director of the Institute of Tibetan Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, and eminent glaciologist and paleo-climatologist Lonnie Thompson of Ohio State University, is the most comprehensive examination so far of the region’s glaciers. "The status of the glaciers had been a bone of contention," reported the weekly science journal, Nature, whose sister publication, the peer-reviewed journal, Nature Climate Change, published the study.
Having Asia's water source dry up we should worry about! Think about the repercussions.

Top Ten Things Climate Change Is Making Worse Right Now: The onslaught of extreme weather and record temperatures this year have had an impact on people globally, directly through drought and temperature, and more indirectly impacting food prices and public transportation.
Here are 10 impacts we’re seeing right now that climate change is very likely worsening, in some cases playing a major role:

Rising Food Prices
Over half of the Continental U.S. is now facing severe drought–the worst in fifty years. As a result of extreme temperatures and little rain, corn production suffers although analysts predicted record production at the start of the year. In coming months, record-high food prices will continue to rise, affecting thousands of supermarket products. See also “Story of the Year: Warming-Driven Drought and Extreme Weather Emerge as Key Threat to Global Food Security.”

Goodbye Glaciers, Sea Ice
This week, an iceberg twice the size of Manhattan tore itself off of one of the largest glaciers in North Greenland, following another break of comparable size in 2010. Scientists say that such dramatic change is unprecedented, and report that “the Arctic had the largest sea ice loss on record for June.” [ClimateProgress]

A recent landslide on an Alaskan glacier was massive enough to register as a 3.4-magnitude earthquake, even recorded in Canada. “We are seeing an increase in rock slides in mountain areas throughout the world because of permafrost degradation,” a scientist said. [Huffington Post]

Massive Dust Storms
In addition to dangerous wildfires and drought, the current heat wave is helping to create massive dust storms in Arizona. These walls of dust and strong wind can be thousands of feet high, destroying property, setting of a chain of further environmental damage and killing an average of five people per year. [New York Times]

Toxic Algae Pollute Drinking Supply, Lakes: Spurred by warmer winters that prevent seasonal a die-off, Lake Zurich in Switzerland is seeing an increase in a toxic species of algae known as Burgandy blood algae. “Research on Lake Zurich in Switzerland reveals that Burgundy blood algae, a toxic cyanobacteria species, has become more dense in the last 40 years as warm winters prevent seasonal die-off.” [CBS News]

$1.5 Billion Hail Damage: In a striking example of current dramatically unpredictable weather patterns, some cities now experiencing record-breaking temperature highs are also dealing with the after-effects of extreme hail damage. Estimates suggest that total damage in places like Dallas, St. Louis and Norfolk, Nebraska could exceed $1.5 billion. [Inside Climate News]

Wildfire Causes $450 Million Damage In Colorado
States like Colorado and New Mexico have experienced their worst wildfire season on record, and the damage totaled an estimated $450 million in Colorado alone. However, there are additional costs of the fire. “Water quality, for example, is being compromised up to 100 miles from burn sites,” and air quality has been damaged, even indoors. [Washington Post]

Greater Terrors For Mountain Climbers: “Sharper seasonal variations of ice and snow and temperature are being repeated all across the world from the Himalayas to the Andes, which scientists say are driven by a higher level of energy in the atmosphere from global warming.” Veteran climbers “say today’s conditions are combining to create a volatile highball of risk.” [NY Times]

More Drilling In The Arctic, Taxpayers Pay For Risks: Ironically, oil companies are capitalizing on ice melt in the Arctic caused by global warming. “Royal Dutch Shell has spent $4.5 billion since 2005 preparing to explore for oil off Alaska’s north coast in the Arctic. U.S. taxpayers may end up paying almost as much to supervise future operations in the region.” [Bloomberg]

Extreme temperatures stress the power grid, and Con Edison recently took action to lower power voltage, known as a “brown out” in NYC, to prevent mass black outs. Of course, millions suffered from blackouts during brutal heat after a rare, heat-fueled derecho impacted the Washington area. [Reuters

This is really sick! The oil companies are largely responsible for Global warming and the melting of the Glaciers that were protecting the Arctic and all they are focused on is spending Billions of dollars to go into the Arctic to capitalize on the damage they did. Even sicker! Taxpayers "you and I" will end up footing the bill once again and as usual for our own demise!  *Throw increasing planet destroying wars into the mix and you have a recipe for unavoidable self destruction.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Republicans life long liar Karl Rove should not be allowed to talk

That ass Rove was behind the mess Bush and Cheney created. The mess that is left after Obama will be compliments of the Republicans for blocking everything positive Obama tried to accomplish and for continuing to follow the career long Republican parties Liar Karl Rove.

Karl Rove Career hypocrite and liar for the Republican party has the gall to call Obama a hypocrite and Biden a liar!

Karl Rove Career hypocrite and liar for the Republican party has the gall to call Obama a hypocrite and Biden a liar!

The die hard life long liar for the Republican party of course once again will say the right thing but for the party not the people as he wants you to think. Just look at his face he is a liar to the core.

In case you missed it last time I discussed the liar I read about Rove's career and how he built his career on lying and that is why those aspiring to the Presidency wanted him on their side. He never told the truth and he will not start now. Read the link, the denials and BS lies he fed Matt Lauer during his 2 day interview were too much. Even Republicans called them out and out lies. I never even heard about his Mother committing suicide or the fact that he had a second father or he was gay until Rove just mentioned it for his gain. Karl Rove: I did not pull dirty tricks BS! He is top class scum! He built his entire career as a Republican starting with Nixon because of his willingness and ability to pull dirty tricks and lie unabashedly.

First I was surprised to find out the purveyor of Bush's 3D Politics (deceitful, deceptive, divisive, politics) never Graduated from College. I find it amazing for two reasons. We, or I never heard that and he was so close to the top. And that is Bush's Brain! Go figure. remember, with life long executive privilege he can not be touched and is more brazen and dangerous than ever.

Karl Rove, 56, who served as chief strategist for President-elect Bush's presidential campaign, will manage the Office of Political Affairs, the Office of Public Liaison, and the Office of Strategic Initiatives at the White House. Before joining the campaign, he was president of Karl Rove and Company, an Austin-based public affairs firm. Rove attended the University of Utah, the University of Texas at Austin and George Mason University. He has taught at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and in the Journalism Department at the University of Texas at Austin.

After hearing on CNN that Rove attended numerous colleges but never graduated I went through numerous sites trying to find where that was mentioned and I could not find anything. Not even a mention of it in his White House autobiography. I found that surprising and that it was never mentioned. While I was digging besides the numerous interesting articles out there many which were never mentioned I found that he was "born" in 1950 and said he dreamed about being in the White House from that day.

Worse I found that his lying underhanded tactics is what got him his start in Daddy's administration and the rewards for this started from day one and as you know continue today

How Bush's Brain Hijacked Washington: Rove's ties to Bush the Elder commenced in 1973, when Poppy was the Republican national chairman and Karl aspired to be the president of the College Republicans. It was a post Rove could not win by the numbers. To circumvent them, he claimed that the organization was not adhering procedurally to the College Republican charter, and mounted credentials challenges to supporters of his opponent, Robert Edgeworth. In the end Rove essentially declared himself the winner of a separate election. The controversy got kicked upstairs to Bush, who awarded the election to Rove.

Later, in retaliation, Edgeworth leaked to the Washington Post that Rove was teaching dirty tricks seminars to young Republicans--and fresh off the humiliation of Watergate, no less.

Bush promptly excommunicated Edgeworth from the Republican Party for his disloyalty in leaking the story. Rove, along with his friend and College Republicans ally Lee Atwater, became favored Bush protégés. Rove moved to Texas in 1977 to toil as a fundraiser on George Sr.'s failed presidential-exploration PAC, the Fund for Limited Government. A year later he worked on an unsuccessful primary run for the Texas legislature by George W.

He was ruthless in chasing his goals, especially when it came to rivalries or power struggles with his own Republican cohorts. I was really surprised to see the well documented trail of underhanded Politics starting with Richard Nixon through his Fathers Presidency and now bush's and he continues to get away with it and be rewarded for it. Please read it. I wish we knew and made more of this years ago.

With Rove's proven record of lies and deceit going back to day one in the Nixon Administration along with the fact that even by Bush's father he has been rewarded for being a division causing underhanded Liar I refuse to believe he is even allowed to talk and should at the very least be censured to his destructive lies if doing the right thing for America mattered at all! Why do the Democrats continue to let Republicans in this case Rove with their obvious lies and are incapable of turning it around on them as it should be? Rove and the right are an easy target so what the hell is wrong with the Democrats? Is this another example of being complicit?

I researched the above facts on Rove years ago before I knew how to embed links and the links I had today are no good but thankfully I just found it. Here it is Don't for a minute think Rove has an honest bone in his body or that he would do anything that is right for the country. Everything is for the Republican party.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We have become a Fascist world: Part 2

I keep hearing rumors of being fascists so I thought it time to remind people that we already are and not just Russia . 

Fascism has become the rule of the day. We seem to have become a Fascist world as Nations prepare to fight for the future. Very scary! Greece, the United States, Russia, The world?

Now I want to relist the 10 steps listed to end a Democracy as they pertain to us and you will agree.

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy. The enemy is us! After 9/11 the Patriot act was passed, fear constantly pressed on us and Bush started his power grab.

2. Create a gulag . Once you have got everyone scared, the next step is to create a prison system outside the rule of law, FEMA Concentration camps!

3. Develop a thug caste: Private security even at times various Governmental agencies. The police get worse and worse!

4. Set up an internal surveillance system You know this one strikes home!
5. Harass citizens' groups

6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release

7. Target key individuals: Threaten civil servants

8. Control the press

9. Dissent equals treason: We know only Bushco could commit treason as they set up their new America

10. Suspend the rule of law: The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 gave the president new powers over the national guard. He can now send New York's national guard against another State if "He" deems necessary!

Remember the 14 common threads of Fascism: keep the entire world in mind but particularly how everyone of them applies in America today, more so under Bush I think. This is scary!

* 1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism. Bingo!

* 2. Disdain for the importance of human rights. Bingo!

* 3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause. Bingo!

* 4. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism. Bingo!

* 5. Rampant sexism. Bingo, Bingo, Bingo!

* 6. A controlled mass media. Bingo!

* 7. Obsession with national security. Bingo!

* 8. Religion and ruling elite tied together. Bingo!*

9. Power of corporations protected. Bingo!

* 10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated. Bingo!

* 11. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts. Bingo! (at the link read how it does apply)

* 12. Obsession with crime and punishment. Bingo!

* 13. Rampant cronyism and corruption. Bingo!

* 14. Fraudulent elections. Bingo!*

* Now what do you think and believe?

James joiner
Gardner, Ma 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Putin lied and split Georgia and is doing the same to Ukraine to protect Russian leadership

 Ukraine's president buckles but protesters split:  Russians have already managed to do exactly what they’ve done in Georgia – by forcing regions of [Eastern] Ukraine to secede [and support Russia],” Saakashvili said. “Vladimir Putin clearly knows if Ukraine is democratic … then Russians will ask why we can’t do the same.”

Saakashvili believes the nations bordering Russia must stand united against Putin. “It’s a joint fight – it is not only about Ukraine … if Ukraine breaks free then all of us get a chance.” The former president sees the unrest as a turning point for not only Ukraine, but also Russia. “The Cold War might be over, but it’s not for Vladimir Putin,“

Ukraine parliament names acting president, seeks government

Live Coverage: Yanukovych Plane Stopped
Russia halting aid to Ukraine until leadership forms

Anyway, President Saakashvili led Georgia in 2008 on a campaign to regain control of two breakaway provinces, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, run by rebels bought off by Putin and loyal to Russia. However a military campaign organized by Moscow prevented them from gaining authority back. Putin is going to do the same thing to the Ukraine. Hell Putin threatened  them already and as Iran is helping Syria, you can bet Russia will be in the Ukraine.

He will be in there with his military if he can and will we make a stand or will we back off as we did with Georgia. We are at the crossroads here with Russia. Putin stole an unprecedented 3rd election to get back at the helm of the countries in the fight against US hegemony. This was developing under Bush and it will come to a head but under whose Presidency I do not know.

Tensions mount in Ukraine as president flees capital, protesters take control:  After a tumultuous few days that are changing Ukraine's political destiny, Yanukovych left Kyiv for the city of Kharkiv, his support base in the country's Russian-speaking east.

 A presidential aide said he has no intention of abandoning power.Also in Kharkiv is his main foe, now ex jailed ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Tymoshenko's arrest in 2011 and conviction on charges of abuse of office were widely seen as a case of political revenge.

 I do not like what I see coming. Putin is not going to allow his  power and control to diminish at a time when he finally sees a chance to take on US hegemony. It is the reason he stole an unprecedented 3rd election. Yanukovych is now in russia saying it was a coup and he will be back. This may be what sets off the battle against the status quo if the US has the gumption to go up against Putin's Russia.

I know they want their freedom from Russia but they have not learned a god damn thing from the embarrassment we put Putin and Russia through in his first  2 terms or the fact that he stole a  third Presidency to be at the helm during the ending of U.S. Hegemony. I mean look at the damn facts.

Remember when Putin was rallying and uniting the world to take on Bush and his drive to dominate the world? Absolutely as the world's mayhem ensues amidst its drive to dominate as we move through the 21st century is Putin's only agenda. It is an old thought. I remember when term limits made him have to leave last time. There was immediate speculation as to him taking back the Presidency.

This is another sobering shock. Putin's party has been intimidating and gaming the system for years in his effort to get his fascist hands on Russia again. This is proof positive of Russians' increasing suspicions of Putin's authoritarianism, ingrained corruption and falling living standards. Putin is not to be trusted and Russians have felt his grubby little hands around their necks for 12 years as he intimidates and tries to control Russia's future for his party.

Be scared be very scared! The USSR's Mikhail Gorbachev has warned that Russia risks six lost years when Vladimir Putin returns to the presidency, echoing rumblings of dissent over his Kremlin comeback. I always find myself agreeing with Gorbachev but that is putting it mildly. This is bad news for the US and the world!

This is very concerning. I remember back in 2008 when Putin was going to try and be President for life. He was not alone. Leaders aligned with Russia were all trying to get permanent leadership so they could be at the helm of their prospective countries to take on then President Bush when his war mongering hit the point where Russia, the 135 non aligned Nations, Iran, and others were prepared to join forces and take him and our allies on.

I remember when Bush first met Putin and he said he shook his hand and looked him in the eye and saw a man of compassion, a man who was true to his word, and a man he could work with. I shuttered at Bush's stupidity. I looked at Putin and saw a man deceitful to the core who was not to be trusted period.

We were too pompous then and were pushing the world towards WW3 with our take it or leave it, my way or the highway, interference around the world. Putin was determined to head us off, to directly confront us when we were on Russia's front door trying to instigate war by installing the so called missile shield in Czechoslovakia and Poland, and return Russia to the role of a world leader.

Personally we blew it when Russia broke up and the Berlin wall came down. We were the world leader and had the perfect opportunity to be humble, show we were the leader, and bring the world together to proceed successfully through the 21st century.We egged on the likes of Vladimir Putin who understandably chaffed under our we are the boss do what we say take it or leave it, it your face tactics of Bush and Cheney.

With the return of Putin to the Russian Presidency I am again concerned as we have returned to a confrontational relationship with Russia.Under Putin we have a re-surging Russia who is suppressing his people and Democracy. His goal hopefully with the aid of China and Iran is to put an end to US hegemony. I do not like the man, I do not trust the man, and I am very concerned as to which direction Russia and the United States are headed now and at a time when China is surging militarily.

We must maintain a balance as we try to move progressively and successfully through the 21st century! Being in a superior position puts one in a unique position of power and that power must be handled gracefully, with humility, responsibly, and not abused. That is something I taught all my sons and America under Bush did a lousy job of handling it and so it China and Russia.

Watching what is happening in Syria and Iran at this point it looks like Russia and China are going to unite to take on the United States and our allies and that bodes ill for the prospect of future war or the well being of us the world and the planet.

We need Russia on our side. I am a little worried that China too is getting a little too heavy handed and abusive with her new position of power and beginning to take what she wants instead of being content with what she has which is what I constantly lecture has to be the case if we are to have a future. The time when man and the planet could handle war is over, period or else! Be very concerned for our future!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Authoritarian rulers under democracy's sheep clothing: The new norm

 Authoritarian rulers under democracy's sheep clothing:  I first heard it from an academic. Modern authoritarian rulers use democracy as a mechanism to create a fog that makes it difficult for the international community to detect and eliminate their anti-democratic practices, said Ozan Varol from the Lewis and Clark Law School.

Authoritarian rulers have adopted the same constitutional laws and legal institutions, yet they either ignore them or use them to conceal their repressive ways, he added, speaking at a conference in Istanbul. They employ legal methods against dissidents, such as using non-political crimes to prosecute opponents, as has occurred in Russia, where opposition figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky was prosecuted for tax evasion and embezzlement.

Modern Democracy thanks to our sad example

We set the new standard of do what you have to in order to get what you want and when you're caught lie and scream as loudly as possible as we see displayed daily right here and it is disgusting.

Democracy castrated!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Taliban waiting to implement their constitution on Afghanistan

Intel says gains made in Afghanistan will be gone by 20217 but they will be gone almost instantly and many will die needlessly. Afghanistan belongs to the Taliban not Democracy. Like it or not we have created another Vietnam which belonged to the North Vietnamese!

At this point it is obvious to me that the general population wants the freedom to do what they want in life. Their army has proven that they have the will and wherewith all to fight for their country. I do believe that the vast majority do not want to live with the threat of having their limbs and heads hacked off at the whim of the Taliban.

It is time to treat the Taliban as what they are "enemies of the State" and everyone should take it as their duty to out them so the military can take care of them. Get rid of them, put them in their place while you can, relegate them to an active part of the Government or as a subservient entity.

I personally believe if all Afghan's that want something to say about their own life come out of the closet and start standing up against the Taliban that they can keep the Taliban at bay. Let them have their beliefs but keep them to those that want to follow them.

Mullah Omar was invited to join the upcoming election in 2014 and he did not respond. He did not have to he knows when we are gone so is corrupt Karzai.

I  remember during the election with Abdullah and Karzai's victory was found to be grossly corrupt the people just shrugged and said one corrupt Government is the same as the next.

That said, the people would be wise to remember the cutting off of heads and hands that is routine for the Taliban and how stifling it is under their rule. As a whole they should remember the thousands of them the Taliban have purposely killed. They should form Lashkar's (civilian defense against the Taliban) and eliminate the Taliban or life as they want it is over.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Obama seeks end to perpetual U.S. war. After 237 years? Part 2 of2

We have not been at war for over a decade we have been in this war for over a decade but at war since our inception.

America: Living to fight as it appears or Fighting to Live as we are told?

Many of you know that I have been writing about the truth of what is going on with us and the world since 9/11. Until the advent of the lying war monger Bush I always assumed the United States did the right thing for average citizens and fought and went to war only when provoked to protect our citizens and our autonomy. Boy was I ever wrong.

For one reason or the other we have been at war since 9/11 and after much research I no longer trust the Governments reasons for taking us to war. I realized our wars were for us to fight and for them to gain. Well the other day someone asked why I write about war so much so I thought I better illustrate why once again. I took to calling our current war situation Bush's forever war and for good reason.

I see no end and in fact as you watch the middle east, China, Russia, indeed the mindset of the entire world you know why as this is barely beginning and like it or not will dwarf the 100 years war. Yes war is our past and our future. We can only hope it turns out as good as the past.

Knowing I have been thinking of this for years and I based it on a book written in 2003 in which it was pointed out that we have been at war since our founding, 227 years, that is now 237 years so I had to revisit this thought. 209 out of 235 years of war or armed conflict Call it what you want but sadly the rest of the so called civilized world is no better!

Years ago now I was consumed with the crazy thought that my son who at the time was an EOD (explosive ordinance Disposal) Team Leader just got home from Afghanistan then volunteered for Iraq. I was very concerned as to how many civilians and American soldiers were going to lose their lives in what many of us considered an illegal war. I was sickened watching our Patriotic sons and daughters being abused and ill used.

I was listening again to the number of Americans killed in past wars including the civil war where some 562 thousand lost their lives as you know, fighting amongst ourselves. At first I was focused on the wasted lives in Iraq and was wondering how many there would be when all is said and done as well as feeling there is no foreseeable end and we still have to wonder, then I went to this list and I wanted to compare how many lives were lost in wars in contrast to how many we lost fighting amongst ourselves.

The numbers were getting too convoluted for me to come up with anything tangible I thought. I then was looking at the immense numbers of conflicts and wars we were in and I decided a comparison of war years to peaceful years would be best to tell our story. I couldn't figure it out. I was floored by the number of conflicts and wars America has been in since our founding and thought I would say we have only had approximately 50 years of peace and supply this link on our war and peace History. List of America's wars

Then I went back to Google and I found this compelling story by Jon Stanton showing that America has been at war openly or clandestinely essentially since we were founded. I merely want you to see what is out there and think about the whole story. Having read what he wrote I thought there was something at least worth reading, thinking about, and putting in perspective.

I never read him so I researched him and found him to be a Virginia based writer that writes from a left wing perspective and I am afraid I agree with much of what he says. In fact I have written much of it myself in the past. I am not a warmonger I am a peace lover so I thought I would give you the link to Jon Stanton's book 227 years of warfare written in 2003 and you could tell me what you think. 227 years of warfare You can now add 10 more years to that and running.

It did make me remember that I did a diary a while back in which I said the U.S. has a war economy and some took exception to that but looking at our History of wars our fault or not I really have to wonder, what are we? I am a peace lover willing to fight for my country as are my sons as you know but are the leaders of America fighting to live or living to fight? what is happening to us? How are we supposed to feel knowing we are right now in what I call at minimum our 100 years war, Bush's Forever war?
We are not just going to be allowed to go home after these wars and be left alone. The so called war on terror has now taken on a life of its own and we will be forced to respond like it or not. You listen to the so called experts say you kill one Al Qaeda and another takes his place.

That is a naive interpretation because killing Islamists is like the head of the Hydra. You kill one and many take its place. This will not just stop plus with the middle east, China and Asia,North Korea, etcetera, there is much right around the corner, like it or not.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

America is a war Nation: Part 1 of 2

The Business of America Is War:  There is a new normal in America: our government may shut down, but our wars continue.  Congress may not be able to pass a budget, but the U.S. military can still launch commando raids in Libya and Somalia, the Afghan War can still be  prosecuted,

 Italy can be  garrisoned by American troops (putting the “empire” back in Rome), Africa can be used as an  imperial playground (as in the late nineteenth century “ scramble for Africa,” but with the U.S. and China doing the scrambling this time around), and the military-industrial complex can still  dominate the world’s arms trade.

America: Living to fight as it appears or Fighting to Live as we are told?