Friday, July 31, 2009

Iran continues to devolve as Ahmadinejad is in trouble and trying the protesters will put Khamenei in further trouble! What's next Q&A?

Iran hardliners say Ahmadinejad defied leader over VP

Amidst this yesterday as is tradition 40 days after Neda Soltan an innocent bystander was shot dead becoming the rallying call for protesters at least 3,000 people braved the brutal oppression to gather at her grave side and celebrate her death along with the others killed. Moussavi and kharoubi even showed up. However Moussavi was not allowed out of the car only his wife. Those who attended were dispersed before being treated to the traditional beatings by the Basiji!

After 7 weeks and a ferocious crackdown this is going underground but it is not going away. It is only getting worse now bringing out solidarity as protesters are now showing up with the opposition leaders. This is occurring amidst increasing infighting amidst hard liners in the leadership. While the brutal crackdown resulted in smaller protests and seemingly violence free.

They are now getting worse as The bodies of several young protesters have been turned over to their families in recent weeks, all showing signs of beatings or other abuse while in custody, according to pro-opposition Web sites, citing accounts from relatives. Among them was the son of a prominent conservative, which has brought a wave of criticism from the camp that generally backs the government.

Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri defied an order to close the prison where the deaths occurder because he refused to cover it up despite Khamenei's order to do so. This is creating a division that will only continue to grow! Iran's first trial of protesters to begin

Just wait until they start putting protesters on trial for being beating and surviving attempts to kill them for speaking the truth! The division is now within and without! Clashes are again getting worse as opposition forces are beginning to come out in greater numbers again. Yesterday because of being beat and being dispersed by tear gas the demonstrations moved to North Tehran despite efforts to disperse them.

While I was watching the violence yesterday I watched one young man being beaten by Basij but despite being weaponless and being clubbed by two of them he did not relent. I am humbled by the tenacity of these people. Despite the brutality and warnings to stay home they keep coming out. They are only more united than ever! as the Government Of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad is increasingly divided. Never before in the 30 years since the 1979 revolution have we seen this!

Q+A: What next in Iran's post-election turmoil?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Democrats want to Euthanize Seniors and destroy our perfect health care system that covers everyone !

WTF?This should be short because I want the links and the videos saying Democrats want to kill Americans to tell the story. This just blows me away. These mindless lying idiots will never stop and will keep getting worse until they blow the country wide open. When I first heard Bachmann and Foxx say Obama wanted to euthanize and kill Americans I shrugged it off. Then I started researching it.

Obama Wants To Euthanize Americans, page 1

Conservatives Claim that Obama Stimulus Bill Will Euthanize the ...

Bachmann and Foxx accuse Obama of destroying our perfect health care system

Democrats Consider Bypassing G.O.P. on Health Care Plan - Readers ...

These asses are scaring the hell out of people with their lies. Sadly they have company and people believe this trash. I like you have seen Republicans since Obama was elected to repair America and undo all their damage, come out in front of Congress and make some absolutely ludicrous assertions. I refuse to believe they continue to have the nerve to flat out lie deceive and misconceive just so they can have their way.

They are actually accusing Obama and Democrats of wanting to put seniors on a list to die. they publicly came out and said seniors would be put to death by the Government. Besides ignoring the fact that some 47 million Americans do not have any health insurance and 14'000 more are added to the list of Americans losing their health care insurance every day Foxx Bachmann and others in the Republican party say there is no one in the country without health care.

Wait a minute! Everyone on the country has health care insurance? What the hell is that? First you may remember when Gay American Mathew Shepard was tortured tied to a fence and murder by a couple of homophobes? Anyway Virginia Foxx is the same Republican Senator who right in front of Mathew Shepard's mother called his murder a hoax. Enough said about her insanity and you know about Michelle Bachmann's and her open calls for an armed overthrow of Obama's Government.

These fools are too much! Anyway that statement about everyone having coverage is true for illegal aliens. Many of you will disagree but it has always bother me that they can come here illegally and hospitals must take care of them even if they brought the disease or sickness with them only to get care. I do not like it because that is not true for Americans who to no fault of their own can not get coverage.

Please allow me to recount my own experiences with this! My sons are now adults with families of their own and I do not need health care coverage but I could have used the when I was trying to start my family but I was turned away repeatedly. After the military I worked in job that offered no health coverage. I was not concerned as I was healthy. However I got married after I got my girlfriend pregnant (my fault) I still did not realize there would be a problem getting health care for my new wife or with the hospital helping me pay for the baby because I bought the BS that we are all covered and the system will help you.

Forget it! As a union boss told me, if you are a criminal or a minority you can get help and you stand a chance however if you are white you are on your own! Needless to say, he was right and in every respect! I paid for my wife's Doctor visits out of pocket. Then went I went to the hospital looking for help paying for the baby it got violent and of course I was kicked out. I ended up paying a few thousand at the time to have my first son born in the hospital.

I then ended up one or two full time jobs while going to College full time days plus I was in the reserves, trying to pay for my growing family. I ended up paying out of pocket for my first 2 sons before finally getting coverage. Moral of the story? Do not fall for the BS many legal Americans need health care reform and coverage and if we have to and can we must do it without bipartisanship but we must do it. Otherwise you are on your own!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Republicans say there are no Americans without health care

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama opened 2 day economic summit saying US-China ties 'to shape 21st century, I see a successful future!

US kicks off high-level policy talks with China

We must cooperate and collaborate with China! Climate change with China being a developing country has to be the most important and contentious of the issues. Unbelievably to me more important than the trillion dollars of our debt and climbing they own. Yesterday I discussed how important it is that we work hand in hand with Russia to proceed successfully into the future. Today it is China! We need them both.

As Obama tries to clean up the mess Bush made of world relations I am very pleased to see that we just had the first of its kind 2 day strategic and economic summit between the US and China. Knowing our symbiotic relationship and China's growing importance this meeting was overdue and very important for the entire world to proceed successfully into the 21st century! With Bush it was empty talk saying how important it was to work together while instigating division and expressing our superiority and our desire to do what ever we want.

US-China ties 'to shape 21st century'

Russia and China will never be the same but share the same big boat hit by huge waves

Day two of strategic and economic summit between US and China

Cooperation between China Russia and the US is critical! Obama is right to say our ties will shape the future of the 21st century. The US and China are eying each other and moving very cautiously as they try to strike a balance. A few years back I began to view our relationship with China as the most important in the world. Not because we drove each others economy but because if at the time with Bush's instigation to war with Russia China due to the fact of how our 2 economies are so intertwined that if something happened China would side with us not Russia.

I hope that never happens and I feel increasingly confident we can take the road to peace and prosperity into the 21st century with a united world. Many of you know I repeat often that Nostradamus gave us two roads to travel into the future. Bush had us on the first road, the road to war and a disastrous future for man kind. I feel increasingly confident thanks to Obama we are now on the second road, the road to understanding and a successful prosperous future.

China is our Banker as well as North Korea's immediate neighbor. They hold more than a trillion dollars in our Bonds.They have more at stake here and around the world than anyone. Stakes are now enormous! China has to be a key partner in whatever happens here, in North Korea and around the world. We can not do this unilaterally. Along with Russia China and the US must work together to shape the future of the world!

China does not seem to have the leverage they use to or I thought they had. They do have an abstract leverage! They should want to be key players here. They are our banker and we owe them trillions. Being North Korea's immediate neighbor they would be the recipient of hundreds of thousands of refugees if not more. Regardless of the past that is gone. We have to be concerned with the future now. China is key to the worlds future and is very much in the balance.

We can not do this alone! Not just Russia but we need China to help with Iran and North Korea. China holds over a trillion dollars of our debt. They make many of our products so we keep them employed and in that respect we keep each others countries going. They sell the majority of the products they make to Wal-Mart and continue to loan us money.

We are intricately inextricably interwoven in a symbiotic roller coaster relationship. I don't know if I like it or not but it works and must continue. It will get bumpy along the way but I trust like it or not our relationship will continue into the foreseeable future. I am seeing China get stronger and increasingly taking over Japan's role in Asia too. We have many differences but one important thing in common, a desire for a successful future for our two countries!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama pressed the reset button with Russia and Biden is trying to stop it!

Good old Biden, Obama tells Russia how great they are we must work together and he wanted to press the reset button after the politics of instigation and bullying Bush practiced and Biden in one fell swoop has tried to undo everything Obama did. I know as we all do that Biden is known for his mouth getting him in trouble. That is understood but as VP he gets us all into trouble now. He had the stupidity to tell Russia how broke powerless and useless they are. Criticism from Biden perplexes Moscow

Like it or not Russia is a great power world power or not can be argued but they are a great power and not to be dismissed lightly like Biden did! We have got to work with Russia to move successfully into the future. We can not do this alone. North Korea, Iran, Georgia, Afghanistan, in numerous hot spots around the world and in many spheres we need Russia.

Like it or not the future of our planet is in everyone's hands and the future of our world depends very much on Russia. All we need accomplished around the world is not in our hands. All Obama's perceived accomplishments can be immediately reversed clandestinely by Russia. Russia is arming, nuclearizing, and helping Iran in many respects. I know Russia is complicating things for Pakistan and the US by continuing to supply India with advanced weapons and military hardware.

What about North Korea, the middle east, Cuba, South America, the Antarctic, on and on and on? Like it or not, broke and or broke up we need Russia! Biden is in a position of integral to us and world relations. He should have learned a long time ago but now his mouth is our problem. I hope for all our sake he learns quickly to engage brain before opening mouth.

We have a good start of at least the intentions of good relations and cooperation of the entire world unclenching their fist and extending their hand in friendship and cooperation. Bush used his bullying Politics around the world and that was directly responsible with having us and the world on a fast track to WW3. It is important that we make the entire world realize we need them and Biden better get the message and soon.

They are all critical to our success! Obama can lead but the world must follow. All Nations must cooperate for all our success. That includes Biden who must be in sync with Obama or he will sink Obama's considerable efforts towards towards the peace and success of America and the world. It is bad enough we have the Limbaugh's of the Republican party of no calling for and hoping for Obama to fail at every turn. Many in Obama's own party continue to hinder him at every step.

Obama must succeed. Obama's success is our success! His failure is our failure! We have 14,000 people every day losing their health care coverage. Republicans want Obama's effort to pass health care reform to fail saying it will be his Waterloo. Obama's Waterloo is our Waterloo and they do not care. We are rapidly closing in on 50 million uninsured while Republicans continue to say we have the best health care system in the world.

In many respects we do! However most average Americans can not afford to take advantage of it! Only Republicans can and they like it that way. They do not want the system fixed they want a return to their success and the success of the version of America Bush established not the success of average Americans and our version of America.

Our health care system must be fixed if we are if we are to proceed successfully into the future as a society. I wish the Republicans would cooperate as the majority of the world seems to be though I certainly wish Obama had stayed out of trying to run my local police department here inn Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has enough to do without showing that even our President is prone to letting his past experiences jade his opinions. I am starting to believe he thinks he can say and do in every issue. Sometimes the adage is true that silence is golden!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fighting the Taliban while destroying hearts and minds fighting Bush's drug trade!

As you may know, poppy production in Afghanistan was essentially eradicated by the Anti drug Taliban. Once Bush attacked them as threatened before 9/11 occurred and the Taliban turned down Bush's request to put an oil pipeline through Afghanistan the Taliban started defending the poppy fields. They started guarding the poppy fields to earn millions to fight us.

They now make almost 100% of the worlds opium. Now trying to eradicate the poppy fields by destroying the poppy fields the people make their living on, while trying to win hearts and minds we are destroying hearts and minds. I have to first ask, when the Taliban prohibited them from growing poppies what did they grow to survive? We are finding that most of the Taliban seems to hit and run in Helmund province while melting back into Western Pakistan.

We seem to be fighting every one including the civilians. At the same time despite Pakistan's recent success in Waziristan many of our enemy, Al Qaeda and the Taliban are crossing the border and melting back into South Waziristan. Al Qaeda which Bush lured into Iraq to fight the infidels have now left Iraq to join the Taliban in destroying the infidels and they brought their IED knowledge with them.

25 years of recent war including with Russian Afghanistan and IED's were never used. IED attacks are now used routinely under the tutelage of Al Qaeda who has now joiner the fray with their so called brother terrorists to repel the infidel us! They are now being used more and more and their use and the increasing attacks will get much worse and deadlier.

This is happening at the same time we are increasing our force levels. As of yesterday morning with another American soldier killed in a Taliban ambush July while not over is the deadliest month there since this began in 2001. 40 dead Americans and 69 coalition forces total! Knowing the Taliban and the situation can you possibly imagine anyone stupid enough to do this?

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters an ex army intelligence officer I have yet to find any proof of combat duty is willing to condemn PFC Bergdahl captured by the Taliban for desertion. He said if Bergdahl betrayed his fellow soldiers by deserting while in Afghanistan that he would not mind if the Taliban killed him and save the US time and money.

Anyway this will continue to get a lot worse unless Karzai and Afghanistan stands up. I said it too many times but I believe to the average Afghani we are the enemy. I do not believe they have a clue as to how tenuous their situation is. The citizens themselves must get involved as they have in Pakistan because they know the threat to them and their autonomy. I do not believe they do in Afghanistan even while under Karzai women's rights are increasingly constrained! Women's rights 'in decline' in Afghanistan - Asia, World - The ...

While we are in the poppy fields in Helmund province the "Taliban" have stepped up their attacks on towns and Government buildings. Seven suicide attackers strike at Afghan facilities

Women's rights as we said are being cut again by Karzai. I increasingly believe he is the Taliban's friend and the enemy of America and the citizens of Afghanistan. Do you think this is a coincidence? Gunmen attack Karzai's running mate

Bush's war in Afghanistan is now America's war but it is being called Obama's war by his critics, thus who try to make him fail at every turn. However make no mistake like it or not this is America's war. I have not heard any reference to this yet but do you realize we have been at this in Afghanistan for going on 8 years now?

That is twice as long as US involvement in WW2. Like it or not this is still just beginning unless Karzai grows a spine and takes this seriously, the citizens get involved for their own good, their rights,their freedom if they really want it and peace. Either that or we should just leave and leave them to their own demise. They have not shown me any desire to help themselves. We can then monitor and decide what to do from here. Hell that seems to be our policy around the world why not here?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The President The Professor and the Police Officer!

Limbaugh calls Obama an angry Black man trying to destroy a white officer

As important as health care reform is it has taken a back seat because of what happened in Cambridge between the exemplary cop the exemplary Professor and the exemplary President. What happened was not even about race but it was made about race as even the President showed "temporarily" that he was incapable of setting aside his learned experiences and look at a situation and evaluate it as it is without injecting you and your thoughts into it.

I thought it was normal to do that and taught all my sons that they do not matter it was not about them it was about being honest and doing the right thing for society not you. They all learned and are exemplary men but their Mother thought it was all about her and divorced me. Oh well some people only care about themselves and that will always be the case.

What was an innocent confrontation between a police officer and a call of a possible house breaks should have ended right there period but even the President showed at the beginning that he was incapable of being impartial and it has turned into a "misunderstanding
and promise of a meeting between the professor the officer and the President at the White House to sit down and have a beer together.

That should have been the beginning and the end of it between the officer and the Professor if cooler heads had prevailed on both sides of the issue but they did not so you know how this turned out and we are discussing race relations while we should be discussing health care reform. Professor Gates is one of the greatest professors in the country, Sergeant Crowley is an exemplary police officer who teaches race relations and how to handle racial situations to other officers. President Obama is the best President in my life time, three of the best of the best and they turned a non racial issue from a tense situation into a toxic situation!

Everyone has mishandled the situation based on their personal perspective! What happened to the rushed issue of health care reform? Any way Officer Crowley teaches a 12 hour course on race relations and heretofore has taught some 60 how to handle situations such as this encounter with Professor Gates. I just listened to a recount of the events for the umpteenth time from both parties involved. Crowley responded to a call of a possible home break in he had to question Gates.

Gates wrongly brought up race saying you are here because I am a black man. That never should have been mentioned period. Race was not the issue a possible break in was and should have been dispelled by Gates end of discussion but it was not. Instead he provoked something I learned about on the streets as a little kid. More of that later! Gates said you are here because I am a black man that in itself was idiocy. He said he was a Harvard Professor and would make officer Crowley pay for this.

Gates said this is what happens to black men in America and he is right. I am white and was routinely profiled when I was a youth and I should have been. However that is another story and that was not the case here period. Once again an issue was created where there was not one to be used for personal gain. We know racism will always be here and I am convinced will get much worse so that is not the lesson to be learned here. Gates said Crowley picked on the wrong man this time but it is obvious to me that Gates picked on the wrong man this time!

This was another perfect storm and I am disturbed to see that as Obama tries to quell this Limbaugh once again steps up with his swill on the issue to try to make Obama look bad by making himself look stupid. Limbaugh said we have here a black President trying to destroy a white police officer. He called Obama an angry Black man! What? A President an angry Black man get a life. Obama is trying to elevate a situation that never should have happened and Limbaugh is trying to drag us back into the past for Republican gain.

Once again it will backfire and has. Limbaugh also crossed the line and said Obama has a chip on his shoulder. Limbaugh is jealous and has a log on his head! Once again he is causing Republicans to to distance themselves from his idiocy! When all is said and done and the worthless Limbaugh ignored this was not a racial issue. It was a case off all sides acting in their own selfish interest.

Officer Crowley acted professionally and the black and Puerto Rican officer on the scene with him backed him up. This all boils down to Professor Gates giving a police officer lip and he did not have to take it. White or Black whatever most of us me included can admit we have been there!

* In closing: Obama is right they all over reacted including him. There was no rogue cop here and he did not act stupidly. He acted his typical exemplary according to the black and Puerto Rican officers that were there. It was not him that picked the wrong Black man to pick on Gates picked the wrong cop. This was not racial. It all boils down to a lesson I learned as a kid hanging on the streets in Salem. Never mouth off to a cop you will get arrested period!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, July 25, 2009

130 public officials in New Jersey have been convicted or pled guilty of corruption since 2001!

New Jersey residents disappointed in corruption probe

Money laundering and illegal organ selling ring busted in New Jersey! Nothing should surprise me any more but this just blew me away. I must admit that even in this modern environment of degradation and corruption I have not heard of so much pervasive corruption in one State in my entire life heck for that matter in the entire country!

I know corruption in politics and in society goes back to day one but it started getting much worse with the advent of the Bush misadministration. You might want to say the Bush misadministration has nothing to do with what is still on going in New Jersey but it certainly does. The Bush misadministration ushered in as the new standard the hurray for me to hell with you environment of only you and your desires matters and anything goes.

From the entire Bush misadministration to Politicians on both sides of the aisle even under Obama's Government we see a continuation of the hurray for me the hell with you atmosphere and it is all pervasive all encompassing with absolutely no regard for morality. The example of corruption and self enrichment we saw as the example under the Bush misadministration coming right from the top. set the example for the entire country to follow and as you see, it is.

We here of more corruption and inequities every day in the Government and in business. Stupid me I thought though that this stuff was Al Capone like and just happened in Chicago politics. I had no idea New Jersey was so corrupt. The scope and depth of what is still on going right now in New Jersey and New York amazed me.

It just speaks to the degradation of of morality that comes along with a degradation of a society! International money laundering and the selling of human organs has so far netted 44 arrested in New Jersey and New York. I was blown away seeing that the ring leaders were Mayors, Jewish leaders, Rabbi's. They are supposed to be our leaders not our misleaders. Jersey Mayors Stung in Graft Probe

You know what I am going to say, with friends like them who needs enemies? This is unbelievable to me! This probe has been ongoing for ten years and there are many arrests still to come. This is just one State people!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, July 24, 2009

Town hall meeting erupts over President Obama not being an American. The nut cases have a method to their madness!

Town hall meeting erupts over President Obama not being an American

Obama conspiracy theorists go viral

Here they go again. This will not stop it will only get worse as the angry whites of the Republican party get increasingly desperate of losing their grip on what they perceive is their America. Born in the USA prove it? That us insane. That is not their issue that is their excuse to continue to whip people into a frenzy. It was obvious watching and listening to the video being born in the USA is not the issue. Being Black is!

I am sick of the lunatic fringe of the Republican party inciting unrest since day one. This is no joke! The Congresswoman from Tennessee says people are losing faith in our system because Obama is an illegal President. They can not really believe we would give our country away. Their are Republicans trying to push through a bill making you prove your citizenship before you run for President.

I am sick of Republicans refusing to speak any sense in order to feed the wacko wing of their party to incite unrest. That lunatic outburst is just the latest to incite lone wolfs too action until Those on the right who have been calling for it from day one can incite their second revolution. Some Republican Senators are still saying Obama is undocumented in spite of being shown his birth announcement and birth certificate. They insist he is not a valid citizen so is not our President. This is sick and just another way to incite violence and unrest.

Remember this? Republicans are purposely inciting the population to arm themselves heavily and out and out calling for armed revolution against President Obama and the Government. They have already been directly responsible for cop shootings by citizens who are told by Republicans that Obama is going to take their guns. This is really sick and there must be a law. Isn't this illegal? Shouldn't we arrest them? Isn't this treason? Terrorism? This can't be legal!

The Republicans are undermining Obama and society, this will not be good, mark my words! War mongering hate mongering fear mongering Chuck Norris calling for a revolution against Obama, Michelle Bachmann for armed revolution, Hannity Limbaugh, Beck, Norris, Coulter stress, lost jobs, Lost houses, financial collapse, degrading society. This is growing and hell it will get much worse. Mark my words! I am sickened by how militant the right has openly become. They are threatening WW3 against Democrats. Calling for armed Revolution against Obama who is supposedly destroying the America Bush already destroyed. What is wrong with these right wing nut jobs? Even Chuck Norris is calling for a Revolution against Obama saying it is time. This was part of our conversation 4/8

remember this? Limbaugh said Napolitano's warning on the anger towards everything Obama, guns, Religion, Guns, immigration, an amalgam of issues, was targeting and aimed at conservatives. Conservatives were never mentioned but the scum is right! So called conservatives the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Bachmann, Bachus, are whipping the party into a bunch of rabid dogs. They are fomenting Intervention and armed Revolution. They are the right wing extremists we are being warned about.

They are here and out in the open whipping up dissent. Everything Obama says or does gets a knee jerk reaction from Limbaugh and so called conservatives. If Obama says it, it is wrong! Republicans are on the outs if they say anything whatsoever that can be contrived as good about Obama! It really pisses me off! After what I heard Limbaugh say about Obama and the Pirates I heard Limbaugh being defended by Congressman Payne R Indiana. He actually said he "thinks" Limbaugh praised Obama for his actions regarding the pirates. BS! If he did that was before he found a way to criticize it and try to turn it against him. This is plain sick!

* In closing! Keeping all this and much more in mind so called Conservatives are doing what they can to instigate an armed fight with Obama. With that in mind they are saying they are concerned Obama is going to use the military against them. I would if I had too. I certainly would have through a third party said something already. However this is Obama! He is a constitutional law professor. You had to worry about Bush using the military on you but not Obama as Republicans are instigating for and want you to fear. What is next as they get increasingly desperate? believe it or not this was part of our 4/17 conversation

** This idiocy is not going away but is going deeper. The future here in America is really concerning me as the fringe is growing and getting louder until...

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Retired Colonel Peters says if Bergdahl deserted The Taliban should kill him! Kill all journalists, kill Gitmo prisoners! WTF?

Propaganda video of captured US soldier released by Taliban

Fox news pundit calls Bergdahl a deserter the Taliban should kill

Fox News Contributor Ralph Peters: Taliban Should Kill Captured US ...

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters an ex army intelligence officer I have yet to find any proof of combat duty is willing to condemn PFC Bergdahl for desertion. He said if Bergdahl betrayed his fellow soldiers by deserting while in Afghanistan that he would not mind if the Taliban killed him and save the US time and money. I know Peters is a Faux news pundit but I refuse to believe him or anyone there will condemn a fellow American to serve their Political purpose.

Bergdahl was captured June 30th under what is still unknown circumstances. Two US officials said Bergdahl appears to have just wandered off his post unarmed. I also heard he just wandered into Town to visit Afghani's he thought had befriended him. I also heard he was drunk and wandered off base to be picked up by the Taliban. Also that he was grabbed by civilians and turned over to the Taliban. I am stunned to hear betrayal and desertion even from a Faux pundit.

I mean come on. This is Afghanistan. We are perceived as the invaders the infidels the enemy unwanted in their country. I can not envision anyone being that naive, that anti American that stupid as to go A.W.O.L. in Afghanistan. We heard the horror stories over the years. These people are among the most feared ruthless combatants in the world. Walk into their hands? Come on! Wandering into the Sahara Desert naked would be preferential.

Bergdahl is an American an American soldier an adventurer by those who know him. I refuse to believe he is totally stupid! Faux pundit Peters has an obvious proven pension for murder.A couple months back I remember him advocating the murder off journalists by our military. Peters calls for military killing of Journalists

In the past he has also advocated killing all the prisoners in Gitmo. I do not have to remind you that many were known to be innocent. Peters also suggested we kill all prisoners in GITMO

Many people including me want to see Berdhal rescued first and then find out the truth. Despite the idiocy expressed by Faux news pundits Bergdahl has a lot of Americans very concerned. Capture of US Soldier, 23, Shakes Small Idaho Town

Even President Obama has expressed his deep concern. 'Heartbroken' President Obama vows to bring back captured US ... You want to wonder why we are fighting the idiocy at Faux but you know they are the enemies of average Americans and everything Obama and our America. I am very concerned about the hate fear and disinformation they are spreading throughout America as to our demise many are buying into it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Republicans want to make Health care Obama's Waterloo!

Health Care Reform Challenge

I really was stunned to hear Republican Jim DeMint politicize this so blatantly. Those asses just do not stop! This is not about Obama. This is about America. If Republicans succeed in making Health care reform fail it will be America's Waterloo not Obama's. I do not believe DeMint even said that and a bigger issue has not been made of it. Obama did say something about it but he should have named names and should pound that asinine statement home. look at Mondays exchange

We must do something! We need more affordable and better health care. Despite the fear mongering we have some great examples to follow. Republicans decry Canada's health care system touting horror stories of inefficiency and suffering. I have never heard my Canadian family members complain. I have heard nothing but good. You can hear negatives in every system especially ours.

I was listening to Canadian Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh fielding questions about Canada's health care system because of all the disinformation Republicans are feeding the public. We keep being told Canadian Doctors are unhappy with the system and under paid. He refuted that saying Canadian Doctors like the system and do not feel they are underpaid.

He said people are not turned away as Republicans say but if you have a heart attack or something major wrong with you, you go to the head of the line. Even illegal immigrants go to the hospital no questions asked. Your taxes pay for the coverage so you pay absolutely nothing. I am so sick of Mitch McConnell's and others lies and fear mongering over Canada's health care system.

It is do or die time for Obama who is doing the big sell to both party's and around the country. Health care is in surgery! I refuse to believe that we spend twice as much on health care than other developed Nations and we have 47 million and growing uninsured. I do not need it but I refuse to believe we can not do better than this! Baucus and Grassley believe bipartisan health care reform is doable

So what is the problem? Do it and do it now! Republican's see Political Blood. I am seeing red myself. They want Obama thus us and our version of America to fail. This is not about Obama it is about getting rid of us and our version of America once and for all.Obama has been steadily destroying their new version put in place by Bush and they want to get back in place to get their version back and finish average Americans and our version off.

How are we going to pay for this? Health care is the big fight right now! We can not fail on this because the future of our society is at stake. We have blown passing this before but we can not now. Obama is going around the country pushing for passage. We will pass something but what? I for one want to know that ahead of time. If not Obama will will be creating us and him bigger problems in the future.

Obama is on a relentless media blitz to pick up Republicans and Democrats that he need while Republicans are trying to break him. Those fools think if they make health care fail they can make Obama fail. To me they are saying let health care and his version of America fail and it sickens me. They make that blatantly obvious and get away with it. That is fundamentally wrong, unpatriotic, wanting America to fail. How the hell do they get away with this?

I think Obama pointing out what DeMint about making health care fail so it will be Obama's Waterloo should be repeated often and I bet that single asinine statement will be solely responsible for getting it passed. If it does not it will be to the Republicans demise! I think we can pass something in the next couple of weeks then work on improving it.

Republicans would be smart to stop making themselves failures and make sure something is done for the 47 million uninsured and the millions having trouble paying for health care. They can then spend as much time as they want tweaking it until we have a great Health Care Bill. I have a friend in Wales touting their system and despite Republicans fear mongering Canada's system I believe 100% we have some excellent examples and better do this now and get started perfecting it not fighting it. Obama is going to get this!

* Health care is the issue of our time! Believe it or not knowing this Congress is preparing to take a months vacation. What? Obama seems to be our friend and Congress once again our enemy. People are losing their jobs, their houses, sometimes their very lives and Congress has to go on vacation for a month? Vacation from what? Failure? Obama should go public with this and force Congress to stick around until they complete this. I heard a few Democrats say they are willing to stay and get this done. Hold there feet to the fire and get this done!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

15 years after genocide Rwanda has risen from the ashes!

The movie of the 1994 Rwanda genocide

tears mark Rwanda genocide 15 years later

We hear that in just 100 days some 800,000 Tutsie's in Rwanda were slaughtered, murdered mostly be machete wielding Hutu. Neighbors were killing neighbors. Today 15 years later the killers and the victims now live together. The killers have confessed to their neighbors. It is amazing to me but they seem to have forgiven the killers and it seems to be working. 15 years ago Rwanda experienced a horrific genocide involving on both sides a huge part of the Population.

Recovering from this is not only unique to Africa but unique to the world and a lesson for all. Master minds and genocide leaders went to court and directly to jail. All others confessed to their neighbors and were largely forgiven. Paul Kagame President of Rwanda said most killers regret what they did but not all. I heard one guy interviewed that was pretty proud of what he did. Largely they were able to forgive them and live with them. After listening to Kagame I believe he is solely the reason for this forgiveness and one of a kind transformation.

Kagame said international (in)justice is a fraud and I have to agree 100% He wants Rwanda to be free of any aid whatsoever sooner rather than later and wants total self reliance. You can see that happening and I am impressed. Just 15 years ago 800,000 Rwandan's were massacred by their own people largely by machete. When it was done 1/10th of the population lay dead. That is unbelievable!

So too is the recovery! Rwanda is unique to the world and an example to follow. Could you imagine the Jews forgiving the Nazi's and living together in peace? Forget it! More remarkable to me is the fact that Kagame is Tutsie. It was his people the Hutu committed genocide on. The only thing I heard that made me suspect at all was the fact that China built and donated to Rwanda their new foreign ministry building. China is challenging us around the world so it should not surprise me I guess.

I am pretty impressed with what President Kagame has accomplished knowing his past experiences. What he has accomplished is unique to the world let alone Africa. It is important to note Kagame himself was a child refugee and Guerilla leader before becoming President and rebuilding Rwanda from the ashes of genocide.

Yes Kagame deposed President Bitzumungu and assumed the Presidency in 2000 before being formally elected in 2003 and I do not claim to know the circumstance surrounding it but in some 6 years since being dully elected his accomplishments have been impressive. He is intolerant of corruption but I also understand to political opposition.

* He has however succeeded in combating HIV Aids and has tackled over population another issue plaguing all of Africa limiting families to 3 children. Kagame endeavors to be totally independent and an ambivalence towards the international community. I would say it is well deserved with as he says, their selective concern and misdirected help. Kagame is modernizing agriculture, rebuilding tourism energy telecommunications and setting up institutions agreeable to industry. A conversation with Rwanda President Paul Kagame

* In closing Amongst others Google Starbucks and Costco have become fans. It is safe to say Rwanda's rise from the ashes of genocide has become an African model for all to follow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, July 20, 2009

Terrorists beware India and Pakistan agree you are the enemy!

Last week we said the whole key appears to be accommodations between long time rivals Pakistan and India. I do not care what they have to do just make believe they want to see peace come to the area if possible and do whatever is necessary to see that happen. Independent monitors can be used to oversee adherence. This must be done. I have been very pleased with Pakistan's success in South Waziristan now everyone including the US must step up and come together.

Mullah Omar still has a $10 million Bounty on his head but the US is ready to talk with the So called terrorist leader along with the other 3 leaders. First I have to ask does that mean Pakistan collects the reward for The men the Pakistan has been in touch with since Soviet involvement 30 years ago? Just asking!

This is still just beginning for us unless we quit and go home like we should! Afghanistan has never been defeated but that is not even my biggest concern. We have for generations been angering Muslims and certainly in the last 8 years done everything possible to ensure an endless supply martyrs wanting to give their life to kill infidels for Allah!

If we are to have a victory Russia, India, Iran, indeed the entire so called civilized world is going to have to unite. This region throughout history has never been defeated militarily and will not now unless we all realize the future we want will not be unless as a whole we realize how critical the situation is and that united we stand divided we fall, one at a time! Obama is being majorly tested!

I am psyched seeing that Pakistan and India have agreed to stop focusing on each other and to go after the so called terrorists Al Qaeda, Taliban, all of them! However I disagree of course that the Pakistan India face down is the reason Pakistan up to recently failed to take on Al Qaeda and the Taliban. India-Pakistan rapprochement? Terrorists, beware.

We are hearing that this week's meeting between the prime ministers of Pakistan and India may not have removed mountains of suspicion and hostility between these two rivals just as long as they put it on hold until we all defeat this enemy. I really do not believe that the reason Pakistan until recently has not actively gone after the extremists in the Swat Waziristan area was because they were concerned with manning the Border with India.

I think the goal was to get the US to the table and make them make compromises only one of them being to get India to cooperate. Their cooperation is essential to getting anything concrete accomplished here. India and Pakistan have fought three major wars sine Britain pulled out and formed the Boundaries. I expect that will continue but take care of this outside extremist issue first and then go back to your rivalry if you must though I wish problems could be talked out.

At this point I have to say that knowing the perpetrators of the Mumbai attack at least came from Pakistan that, that is what has proven to be the beginning of the end of Pakistan as a safe haven for the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and other extremists. I really am psyched as a result of the meeting The two agreed that terrorism not each others country is the main threat to each nation and they will cooperate in fighting it. The so called terrorists are once again responsible for their own undoing.

Once again they have made themselves the common enemy in a region they wanted to take over. I still do not understand why Kashmir can not be given autonomy from both Nations but maybe someone can explain that to me At least Pakistan and India have agreed to even discuss Kashmir and a host of other issues.For the time being the driving issue is eliminating Islamist extremists.

Improved relations between Pakistan and India is what was necessary to successfully combat the so called extremists. What constitutes a militant extremist has kept the two countries at odds. We can only hope Taliban and Al-Qaida have brought them together for the foreseeable future.

Jameas Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mounting Outrage in Iran!

Iran remains 'in crisis' after disputed election - 17 July 09

Friday prayers: Differing views

Mounting Outrage in Iran!

Iran daily slams Rafsanjani querying poll resultThe Kayhan daily, whose editor is appointed by Khamenei, accused Rafsanjani of breaking the law by disputing the stolen election and supporting the disenfranchised protestors. Gee what a surprise the editor is appointed by Khamenei, so the plot thickens.

Ex President Mehdi Karroubi was reportedly attacked and beat Friday by Revolutionary so called security forces. Security forces once again were using motorcycles tear gas and batons to disperse crowds out to listen to Rafsanjani. Rafsanjani has impeccable revolutionary credentials. he studied theology in the Shiite clerical nerve center of Qom, was frequently arrested and also became an early follower of Khomeini. However Rafsanjani also caused a stir in 2007 by saying in his memoirs that Khomeini had wanted to drop the iconic Islamic republic mantra of "Death to America." No more shouts of Death to America! What a surprise and no wonder Khamenei and Ahmadinejad are against him and want him silenced. Rafsanjani: Iran insider and Ahmadinejad nemesis

Rafsanjani correctly said doubt has spread like leprosy! He is Iran's Barack Obama in that he is keeping hope alive! I still want him, Moussavi, and the most popular Ayatollah in Iran Ayatollah Sistani to form an alliance and do not understand why they have not done so yet as that would blow this wide open. Unless avoiding that and protecting Iranians is their goal. Ayatollah Sistani Intrigue

Iranian women's rights activist Shadi Sadr was brutally beaten and arrested on her way to prayer in a continuing effort to quiet any organized dissention. Women's Rights Activist and Lawyer Violently Arrested in Iran ... The Basiji did their damnedest to control Rafsanjani's audience by giving the first 30 rows to the wives of the Revolutionary Guard, barring those they deemed questionable, and searching and confiscating anything green. Despite that women snuck in green ribbons pulling them out later and tying them around their wrists. Plus there was not the encouraged traditional shouts of Death to America instead there was more shouts of the forbidden "God is Great"

As you may know,Rafsanjani heads two of the regime's most powerful bodies, the Expediency Council, which settles disputes over laws between the parliament and the Guardian Council, and the Assembly of Experts – which has the power to appoint, supervise and in theory dismiss the Supreme Leader. There is a growing movement to replace Khamenei I say do it and replace him with Rafsanjani Rafsanjani: Iran in crisis

* Both councils headed by the true faithful revolutionary Rafsanjani of course are in contention with the Guardian Council that immediately came out in favor of Ahmadinejad and has steadfastly refused to listen to the will of the people. This all goes totally counter to the education of ayatollah Rouhollah Mousavi Khomenei Like Khamenei, Khomenei too betrayed the Revolution. He did not keep his pre revolution promises to the people of Iran. He marginalized and crushed opposition opposed to clerical rule.. It gets worse! Sound familiar?

* In closing: Prophet Muhammud said a Government not backed by the people is not legal and at one time Khomenei also believed it but as you can see, no longer. Rafsanjani wants that principle to once again hold sway as it should. Why has Rafsanjani not disavowed Khamenei and backed the installment of the most popular Ayatollah in Iran Ayatollah Sistani? The time has come!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, July 18, 2009

At the NAACP 100th Anniversary Obama was fired up with a warning to all of us!

Obama was fired up as he addressed the audience at the 100th anniversary of the National Advancement for the Association of Colored People (NAACP) I am not going to discuss the History of the NAACP You read about that. I found the speech mesmerizing not because he was speaking to the history of Black America and the NAACP but because he was addressing all of America as fired up he was right on point and fired a warning to all of us.

: As we celebrate the first 100 years it is an extraordinary honor to be here amongst friends to celebrate the journey we as Americans have so far taken. He went on to warn of complacency and the country better adhere. As we celebrate the first 100 years of the NAACP we have a lot of work ahead of us. He reminded the obvious to all of us as we worry about our own plight. More blacks are unemployed, more blacks are imprisoned, more blacks are HIV positive.

This applies to all of us as we try to progress successfully into the future. " What is required today is the same sense of unity that got us here as Americans" We must eradicate Bigotry and Discrimination. Muslim's gays, Latino's, Regardless of Religion, color, or ethnicity, discrimination and prejudice can not stand. One by one we can tear these barriers down. Our broader economy built on credit cards and shady loans has made the rich very very rich and the poor very very poor.

To remedy this we need health care for all. Health care reform, health care for everybody! Having said that I see despite Obama's bravado that passing anything viable is in grave danger. We also need energy reform and financial reform to provide all families with security.

* Take not all Americans and all the world, it is all worthless unless we do a better job of educating our sons and daughters. There is no better path to opportunity than education. I agree with that but a general Bachelor's Degree will not do it today. You need a specialized Degree in a specialized discipline today and like it or not that is not easy cheap or attainable by most. We need more than money and reform. People better get motivated and acclimated to the new high tech environment of the 21st century. regardless of money spent and opportunities given.

Obama says they are busy in Washington but people better wake up and realize they better get busy too. This is a new world we face and we need a new mind set. Our destiny is in our hands. All of us as Americans! As I taught my sons, it is not the hardships it is not the experiences it is what you do with them or let them do to you. We can reclaim our place in society and the world. We must set our standards higher. We must aspire!

* Set our standards higher all of us! This is a harder future before us than many have known. Like it or not we can move forward or we can fall behind. Individually it is up to all of us. Our destiny is in our hands born with a gold spoon in your mouth or no spoon at all. In closing: Obama said he made it because of his mother. I must tell you some of us made it not because of our parents but despite them. Your Destiny is in your hands!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tax the rich and help the poor what a novel idea Robin Hood!

I think it will be closer to $4 trillion but President Obama's health care reform plan will supposedly cost $1.5 trillion. Will we step up or will we do the usual Government thing and defer responsibility. Congress who can not do anything right is expected to mull it over in August and pass it in September. We really must have one but that is scary. After 8 years of war mongering and funding wars while letting American and average Americans fall apart this is dizzying as Obama endeavors to repair our broken society.

This is a massive Bill! The thought of passing it that quickly is a nightmare. It sounds to me like the Industry will take tremendous liberties and Republicans will do their damnedest to make it a prohibitive mess. Just what is being swept under the rug? This is so befuddling because Health care reform is necessary to recovering from our financial and societal mess. That said do we really want to commit 1/6 of our economy to be screwed with?

This is too massive a Bill to not expect millions of massive scams. This is the Government that can not do anything right but what the hell can he do? We have to do something! Obama is willing to go after his own people and is. He is going after waffling Democrats and Republicans. We must bring costs down though and we must have tremendous relentless oversight. We must have Health care reform. We want it and we want it now but think about it. Think about Congress and our Governments track record. I see this as being extremely abused and problematic.

In a recent poll 55% approve of Health care reform and 39% do not. Myself I believe we must have it to mend our economy and society as a whole but I just do not know how this will hurt us beyond the obvious. I know damn well it will and Republicans will make sure it does so they can use it in their favor and undo everything Obama is trying to fix. Just how will it change if Obama gets health care reform for whoever wants it especially the almost 50 million without insurance.

Obama will get something passed but what? The economy dominates everyone and everything. Reforming health care will be the first step in rebuilding the average Americans economy. This is part of their Bailout program! We are close to health care reform but I believe so far away except for creating a monstrous mess of enormous proportions. Something will pass that will be touted as major health care reform but it really concerns me knowing our corrupt industries and Government and just who will it help?

History tells us it will help industry. We have the 60 votes now as long as we are able to have Byrd and Kennedy there when needed. We can do this alone I hope but I would like to see Bipartisanship. One way or the other we will make this but I See a nightmare coming and Republicans will make sure of it! I love the idea of taxing the rich and helping the poor. Sounds Robin Hoodesque! 98.8% of Americans will have to pay nothing extra.

The top 1.2% will have a tax increase to pay for Health care reform. The Dick Cheney's of America! Do you care? Senator Judd Gregg is crying foul. he said he was not at the table. No kidding, he wouldn't take a seat. I just heard Republican Senator Grassley say right now he believes there will be a Bipartisan Bill. He brings moderation to the table in contrast to Ted Kennedy or Nancy Pelosi's Bill. I look forward to it and seeing what it is that President Obama settles with.

We need this! The average American needs this. Our society needs this in order to mend ourselves. Hillary, McCain, Obama, all when they were campaigning for President said we needed this and we can do it with or without Republicans I hope. I am sorry I got very pessimistic after 8 years of Bush and Republicans. As such I am very concerned as to what kind of trap the Republicans are setting.

Health care reform will of course pose special problems for small business owners. House Majority leader Steny Hoyer said they recognize that and are very sensitive to their needs. If small business contributions are to be graduated I say great it is necessary. I think it is more than fair to have the top 1.2%, the wealthy the Dick Cheney's pay for this. They can help small business owners. It is time to pay back! They got more than their fair share of tax breaks under Bush.

Congressman Ron Kind Democrat from Wisconsin who is on the House ways and means Committee says those earning up to $150,000 will pay nothing. This health care reform bill will supposedly cost nothing extra but what will the final for be? It is right to have the top 1.25, earners of $350,000 and up to pay a graduated amount. Another poll shows 95% of Americans agree with it.

In closing, Obama hit his critics upon his return from Europe saying you are the ones who got us in to this now it is time to get us out. I say, we bailed out Wall street, the Banks, the Insurance giants, the Auto Industry, etc. It is high time we bail out average Americans with health care reform. That will lay the foundation for rebuilding our economy and society.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, July 16, 2009

After Cheney's lies about his assassination squads his lying daughter backs him up!

This is a pattern and I wrote about before. Cheney comes out with his lies then his daughter Liz while admitting to knowing nothing about the truth backs Cheney up. He should stop hiding behind his daughter! I heard there was going to be secret hearings to find out exactly what Cheney told the CIA. Save your friggen breath. The truth will never be told and it will certainly never get to us.Liz says she knows nothing because Daddy does not talk about classified information but laws were not broken.

I am sick of that crap, you can bet they were. The CIA has been lying for years. In the 1950s, Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles, after being told by Senator Joseph McCarthy that the CIA was "neither sacrosanct nor immune from investigation," began waging a "down and dirty covert operation on McCarthy" which included attempting to bug his office and feeding his staff with disinformation "in order to discredit him."

Former CIA Director Richard Helms was convicted in 1977 of lying to Congress about the United States' role in overthrowing the democratically elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende. Allende was succeeded by brutal dictator Augusto Pinochet.

In 1982, Congress passed a law prohibiting the administration from ousting the leftist regime in Nicaragua. The CIA kept trying to overthrow the Sandinistas. CIA Director Bill Casey testified frequently before oversight committees Congress about the agency's covert action plans, during which he was often misleading. "Casey was guilty of Contempt of Congress from the day he was sworn in," Robert Gates, former head of the CIA and current Secretary of Defense, told Weiner. When the Iran Contra Scandal began to break, Casey lied to Congress, denying that they had traded arms for hostages with Iran.

On September 17, 2001, George Tenet told Congress that Iraq had provided al Qaeda with training in combat, bomb-making, and weapons of mass destruction. That information was based on a single source, the interrogation Ibn al-Shakh al Libi, who later recanted and whom we now know was tortured for that information. Tenet of course, hasn't recanted.

These are just some of the cases in which the CIA lied to Congress. In the context of a number of covert operations, the CIA has even lied to the President. This is part of the nature of what we, as a country ask them to do as an organization--the CIA is constantly being asked to engage in illegal behavior, punished when their analysis doesn't fit the preordained conclusions of whatever administration is in power, and then is exclusively blamed when the information comes out or the operations go sour. That's a regrettable state of affairs that says more about the hypocrisy of our leaders than it does about the committed men and women of the CIA.

Duh! Panetta has been very cooperative and there is much speculation but the House intelligence committee has not made a decision yet on whether or not to investigate the lies . They should be investigated but I guarantee you the truth will never be told nor can it be. The truth would never get to us. It would destroy the sanctity of our belief of what America stands for.

Victor Cannistrano former CIA counter terrorism chief says you kill them any way you can He said Americans were never targeted but I guarantee they were. The Bush body count

We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Bush and Cheney violated their oath of office but nothing will ever happen to them. As we said, the CIA has lied to Congress for years. It won't stop now. The CIA is deformed on a good day. Under Bush and Cheney it was totally subverted. Valerie Plame, 9/11, the supposed Anthrax attacks, the Patriot Act, The farce of 9/11 commission hearings, on and on and on, are all part of the lie we were living under Bush and Cheney. We will continue to live that lie the truth will never be known and Cheney will never be held accountable.

I am sick of hearing Cheney's daughter Liz defend that liar when in the same breath admitting she does not know the truth. I am sick of Cheney hiding behind his daughter. It is worsened by the fact that now she wants to get into Politics to keep the Democrats from playing their games and destroying us. That can't be good! She is a typical lying Republican and I am sure she makes her daddy proud.

Yesterday I heard Karl Rove come to Cheney's defense saying we can not trust Democrats. Karl Rove? The mealy mouthed lying worm? Including Nixon and Daddy Bush Rove has made a career out of lying for Republican Presidents. Trust Rove? Come on! How the hell do those scum get away with this?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheney's assassination squads are not new news and I am sure were over used!

The CIA is in the business of deceit and that they lie should be of surprise to no one. They have a long history of it The fact of Cheney's assassin squads within the CIA are old news. Cheney's assassination squads

Once again I reiterate it is sick that Cheney and his daughter have the time and audacity to lie about everything Bush did and have been working diligently to "rewrite History" First while I was listening to all this crap in the past I heard something that we all thought to be true but I personally never heard of. Cheney's assassination squads! "Under President Bush’s authority, they had been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list executing them and leaving.

Once again there was no oversight and these assassination squads answered only to Cheney the real decider not Bush who wanted to be able to say he knew nothing about it! I wonder how many people they killed around the world to get out of their way? Remember Yasir Arafat, who died of a mysterious illness at a time when Cheney's office was talking about finding someone among the Palestinians to replace him. Oh man I'm telling you

There is no way in hell this plan was never implemented as we are told and Congress is stupid enough to believe. You can bet it was and besides Arafat you have to wonder how many leaders and enemies of Cheney's plan he really had killed. As we said numerous times powers were given under Bush to be abused and were. Supposedly eliminating Al Qaeda was the goal but you know it was the elimination of everyone in Cheney's way that was the real goal.

The so called "plan" was for the CIA to "tag" Al Qaeda then follow them to destroy the cell. You know this is just another power that was abused to follow Cheney's not so well hidden agenda. Like illegal wire tapping I am sure it was used against anyone thought a threat to the Cheney Bush agenda. I have to laugh! I keep hearing the question asked as to who gave Cheney the authority to tell the CIA not to tell Congress what they were doing.

The Decider gave Cheney the right to do whatever he wanted so he could say he was not involved in this runaway Government. Targeted assassinations, you know damn well they happened. I remember many convenient deaths and "suicides" including the guy they blamed the Anthrax attacks on. Here are just 20 that were in Bush and Cheney's way

I guarantee these squads were over used and right here on Americans too. I am hearing Democrats saying that what Cheney did for Bush may be illegal. Wrong! I am afraid it was very legal. Thanks to 9/11 and then the farce of the Anthrax attacks the Patriot Act was passed so Bush could prosecute his plan for new "dis"order. Bush thus Cheney had the power now to abuse and do whatever they wanted to supposedly keep us safe.

For any other Presidential team that may be fine but not in the hands of Bush/Cheney. Give them a right and it was made a wrong in the destructive treasonous hands of Bush and Cheney who ran roughshod with their secret Government! They do not have to tell the truth and you do not have to know the truth. I remember when Bush passed the farce of a freedom of information Act. It was a joke because only the decider could decide what we and Congress had the right to know.

In closing: The truth will never be known! Yeah, protect the people let the CIA do their job. I do not believe the CIA's job is to protect the people but to protect the Administration in control. Don't they by the nature of the beast operate illegally? Cheney and Bush used the excuse of going after Al Qaeda to go after anyone they though their enemy not ours. It was not the Power they had it was the fools having the power to abuse them!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Palin is free to be the Party's main fundraiser to keep their house divided!

GOP watch: Republicans vs. Palin

Ever since that mistake Palin announced she was quitting her Post people were speculating why. It is obvious why, She was not picked by McCain for her Political prowess or her speaking ability. She was picked because she drew a crowd, something McCain could not do without her. Her gift of knowing nothing of consequence but being will to open mouth saying everything about nothing makes her a true Republican and a strong force of division.

McCain says Palin has a place in the party and she does but not as a Political nominee! She was freed up to accept a reported $12 million signing deal to write a book and now can be the Republican party's main fund raiser. Now they need someone to run for President in 2012! I am afraid of Romney and Jeb Bush. The Party sounds like a nightmare try to reoccur but sadly don't count them out.

First I ask again that Someone correct me if I am wrong but in my entire life I have never heard of someone in a political position like Palin's abandoning their post. No wait a minute strike that. I forgot about her fellow Republican Sanford fleeing to Argentina last week to see his soul mate. Of course Fox stupidly says she outsmarted herself I mean Democrats but to a normal thinking person she dummied herself into oblivion and I want to thank her.

Palin says she doesn't want to be a lame duck. A lame duck is a lame duck! Give me a blind! Anyway short term long term what's the diff? All the other long term lame duck Politicians have no problem with it and don't abandon their post, It does not matter she is going to fail at whatever she does but what the heck can she be thinking? Oh yeah I'm sorry she doesn't.

If she ever had a chance at a Political career she thankfully killed it. I know why she made her nutty move and it will end any desire to run for President despite the fools at Fox saying this was a brilliant move and she outsmarted the Left. Donations have started rushing in to her and you have to wonder why. She abandoned her post as Governor of a small town in Alaska, What is she going to do start a short career as a talk show host? A speaking outing to mindless right wing extremists? Is she getting out of Politics to be free to be a fool and whip people into a frenzy? Yes and write a book too. She will fail at whatever she does other than raise money and divide the Republican party further!

Palin has been an insult to all Women since McCain made the stupid mistake of picking the mindless Neanderthal as his running mate. I would thank him if so many fools didn't like her and foolishly say she was an ass I mean asset. From day one she was a kick in the face to Hillary Clinton and all very qualified intelligent female or any other Politician for that matter. She was an insult to all intelligent Americans. An insult to all our good sense. "I can see Russia from my house" She is an insult and should be gone forever. Bye Palin you dead fish!

Happily for me Paling has the ability to be the Party's number one fund raiser but she is sufficiently unknowledgeable in everything to keep the Republican party divided. Old school Republicans are never going to go for this new school small town Governor and community college Grad for any serious position in Government. I still firmly believe neither party is stupid enough to allow that to happen.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, July 13, 2009

India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, US, all ready to negotiate Obama's war? Well Maybe!

Mehsud trapped, Mullah Omar now negotiating with Pakistan officials! India is now the key to Pakistan's lock on Afghanistan! As Pakistan encloses Baitullah Mehsud only now is Mullah Omar prepared to negotiate with the US. We knew Mehsud was harboring Mullah Omar and the rest of the important Taliban leaders including Bin Laden if he is still alive. With the squeeze on it appears all parties are ready to negotiate including the US. 1 militant dead in shootout in central Pakistan

FACTBOX - US drone strikes in Pakistan

No negotiating with so called terrorists, unless it is in your favor. With this war get increasingly more expensive and with a necessary large increase in Afghani forces doubling its size requiring Billions more called for necessitating larger American training forces and dollars this is very timely in what has become Obama's war. An Afghan face is needed but I still do not see it happening. Army 'in contact' with Mullah Omar | Pakistan | News | Newspaper ...

At this point the whole key appears to be accommodations between long time rivals Pakistan and India. I do not care what they have to do just make believe they want to see peace come to the area if possible and do whatever is necessary to see that happen. Independent monitors can be used to oversee adherence. This must be done. I have been very pleased with Pakistan's success in South Waziristan now everyone including the US must step up and come together.

Mullah Omar still has a $10 Billion Bounty on his head but the US is ready to talk with the So called terrorist leader along with the other 3 leaders. First I have to ask does that mean Pakistan collects the reward for The men the Pakistan has been in touch with since Soviet involvement 30 years ago? Just asking!

Anyway President Obama and Richard Holbrook are now ready to talk to Mullah Omar one of our number one enemies. Karzai has been reaching out to Mullah Omar and now the US can and may reach out to him and the rest of the Taliban leaders. They will do so only if they agree to lay down arms. I don't care what is takes. Lay down arms to get us out of there and pick them up later like Iraq!

Holbrook will not rule out anything. Holbrook said we can make a deal with anyone especially all four of the Taliban leaders trapped by Pakistan. They all have ties with Afghanistan and the ISI all the way back to the Soviet involvement in Afghanistan. Only demand: Lay down your arms and get involved with the Political process in Afghanistan. They may do that but they absolutely refuse to gave a Democracy. It is though a start to ending I Hope our involvement in what has become Obama's war but India must help. Just help India! Everyone!

James Joiner
Gardner' Ma

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Teddy in his own words, HBO chronicle airs Monday night!

Ted Eulogizes Robert in Best Eulogy ever heard

This should be seen if you can see it as it is the entire life and career of Ted Kennedy. It chronicles his life from childhood to being "The lion of the Senate in his 46 year Senate career. He started out in the Senate as a young district Attorney. I was amazed while listening his first senatorial campaign debate.

He sounded just like JFK. Teddy started out as a celebrity talking about health care and it looks like he is going to leave the Senate the same way, a celebrity fighting for health care. If comprehensive health care is passed now it would be a fitting legacy to Teddy.

Nixon was obsessed with Teddy and the entire Kennedy clan. I would say he was jealous because he lost to JFK. Nixon spent a lot of time and is recorded trying to find something to pin on and hang him and his whole family. Despite his older Brother Joe's death as a pilot during WW2, JFK's assassination, RFK's assassination, Nixon was determined to pile more grief on Teddy and his family.

When Robert was killed there was a move to draft Teddy to take his place. Listen to the video of Teddy's eulogy to Robert. It is the most touching I have ever heard: My Brother need not be idealized! He saw wrong and tried to right it. He saw suffering and tried to heal it. He saw war and tried to stop it. Some men see things as they are and say why. He dreamed things that never were and said why not?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tehran is boiling over once again with shouts of death to the dictator and now Death to his son Mojtaba Khamenei!

4 weeks after the Government takeover Khamenei calls an election Iran is boiling over with anger once again as protestors of the election fraud use the 10 year commemoration of the bloody crackdown on Tehran University students known as the 18th of Tir to take to the streets once again. Knowing the brutality they have seen and promises of more of the same these people are exceptionally brave. They had no permit and in Iran especially today you know what that means.

Amid promises from Khamenei the IRG and the the Basij of en even more bloody protest crowds are smaller due to mass arrests and the brutality rained on those seeking the truth but protestors still come out. Only a few thousand of the hardiest now dare risk their lives and future prosecution but these people are angry and they came out!

In addition to the old chant of Death to the Dictator Khamenei has been added a new chant Death to Mojtaba Khamenei. He is said to be the head of Iran's security forces and has emerged as one of the driving forces behind the *government's crackdown. I can't see being any harder than Ayatollah Khamenei but Mojtaba is seen as more hard line than his father.

Khamenei is also lobbying for Mojtaba to be his replacement as the false Ayatollah. I do not see that happening because Formally, the position is supposed to be awarded by the assembly of experts, an elected group of clerics led by the most powerful rival to Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, Hashemi Rafsanjani. Mojtaba Khamenei gatekeeper to the Ayatollah

With international reporters kicked out or arrested pictures still continue to get out. Those people are super, super brave as we have discussed in the past Iran has the ability to track down the cell phone users once they devote time to it. I watched cnn as someone was taking pictures from a passing bus. The street corners were swarming with thugs groups of Basij with clubs and firing tear gas and numerous teams with clubs on motorcycles patrolling the streets.

The genie is out of the bottle and this story will not go away. Unbelievably to me they are still shouting Death to the Dictator! That is death to the false Ayatollah the once supreme leader who the people now know is the supreme liar, the supreme dictator. There were demonstrations amongst other places at Vanak square and Tehran university. When the crowds were dispersed with tear gas and clubs they melted into the streets to reemerge elsewhere, I am so proud of them and envious of their tenacity.

Tehran is pulsing with anger once again and we only see it because of brave citizens risking their lives hiding and taking pictures with their cell phones. With all international journalist jailed or kicked out the Government is determined to unbeknown to the world crush this and protesters are equally determined to continue this. This will take time and it will be a long struggle. These are Iranians this will not die it will simmer. Meanwhile we can condemn human rights violations for naught but we can just watch and pray for these people!
CRACKDOWN IN IRAN- Police Clash With Protesters On 18th of Tir ...

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma