Tuesday, January 31, 2006

IAEA Should Highlight SOTU Address for our concern!

Disclosure today that the IAEA the UN's nuclear watchdog disclosed that the documents Iran has been sheilding can only be used to meke nuclear weapons. Now we know why they did not want their nuclear file read. Iran had said that viewing of the file would bring anand to discussions, no kidding. they are still insisting that negotians with them is the only way out of the current crisis. China and Russia have now declared that they are on board with the EU and U.S in their attempt to halt Iran's so called peaceful nuclear program. With the repercussions of these developments and even in light of our manu overwhelming problems I can only hope the President is Intelligent enough to include this with more than a mere mention but I wouldn't count on it. He has created too many overwhelming crises at home for us to deal with. Stay tuned!

Bush's Legacy: He will go down in World History as The President Who Destroyed America!

First I have to say, I knew I wanted to discuss an issue that was important to average americans from yesterdays events. However, there were so many I didn't know where to start or what to talk about. I decided to do a review of events and our frustrations. Oreilley said that with the many war dead in Iraq and the failing policies of democratizing the Middle East that it was time to regroup and defend America(at least he's waking up). al Zarqawi called Bush a butcher and a failure, making the two seemingly in agreement. I went back to look at our blogs on the Presidents many failures and examples of ineptitude. There were so many I could only pick a few so here are a few examples of our frustration, I only wish you could go through the archives and see just how bad his performance has been for the aveage American. Worse is that we will hear more lies tonight. When he tells you how well people and America are doing under him you know it is not you and your America. Here you go: Bush's State of Disunion, Presidential lies, Bush strikes out at the truth, A Doctrine of fact bush Uncovered, too many Bush created crises to think about any one before he creates another, are we purposely or otherwise over our heads?, America In ICU, Bush wrong again, refuses to engage Brain!, Being Inadequate is a Bush trait he will once again get away with. In reviewing our past discussions I came to the conclusion that the hole President Bush has been digging for America is getting deeper and deeper, many of us do not see a way out, and bush gives the appearance of being in total denial. His infamy and Legacy are becoming increasingly obvious. He will go down in World History as The President Who Destroyed America! Please tell me what you think!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

My SOTU Address About Bush's State Of Disunion!

I love our America! I love the America I served for! I love the America of my forefathers! I love the America our forefathers set up for us with the Constitution they drafted with their intended interpretation of it as intended not our selfish reinterpretation to fit our selfish needs.

I do not like at all the America President Bush is creating.

Yesterday FoxNews asked if you could ask one question of the President what would you ask?

I would simply ask this two part question! Why are you purposely destroying the middle Class, harming the lower class, purposely making the rich richer and encouraging clandestinely, illegal immigration and border insecurity to create a new society and America, while outsourcing his Rove's taught brand of divisive politics around the world creating chaos and mayhem around the world as we witness in Iraq and now Palestine? Part 2. You keep saying how how great the economy is, if it is so great then why are the plights of average americans purposely and consistently worsened while the rich who to you are the people you refer to when saying you have their best interest in mind, just keep getting richer. I know this is a long 2 part question and he can't hold a thought this long but?

He of course will again brag about how well the country is doing and how much better off the "people" are. You know now if you didn't before who the people are he is talking about and it isn't you the average American, sick or elderly. It isn't our society with its once manufacturing base he is trying to say no longer matters as you know, because he is taking it away from the average American and letting it be sold or sending it overseas. He only promotes entrepenuership because that is going to be his new societal foundation.

You will find it spelled out in the dictionary as a factual doctrine what he is up to. It is a Doctrine the Russians followed in the mid nineteenth century to unseat existing Government rule and replace it with their new idea( so the Russians are still beating us and will have the last laugh). The link to A Doctine Of Fact/Bush Uncovered is now correct and at the top of this page. Bottom left on the menu you will find it as a free download. Read it please and vote Democratic in November. We might have some who are corrupt as Republicans want to point out but at least they don't want to change the America we all knew and loved.

Just one last note because this really struck home. While I was writing this last night I heard someone on Dateline saying that Oprah must be the last one to learn that ex druggies and alcoholics lie. I guess she isn't because no one will admit it but someone out there elected one as President. HAVE A NICE DAY!
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, January 28, 2006

With Hamas you have Yesterdays Thoughts,Todays Realities, Tomorrows Nightmares!

Here we are just one day later and yesterday’s discussion appears to be true. As I am preparing to write this I am hearing on the news that the Fatah Leaders headquarters are being stormed amidst open conflicts between supporters of Hamas and Fatah. Yesterday we said President Bush’s latest in a long string of failures would prove to be Hamas, Democracy, and Palestine. We said it would be once again a crisis if his own making. It looks like we are right again. We said President Bush’s normal refusal to deal with terrorists might be right but not when it comes to Hamas led Palestine. Once again he insists on staying the course instead of engaging brain, adapt, and overcome.
President Bush’s interference and insistence on a Democratic Palestine is anther mess and a reality we must now deal with. With Fatah and Hamas demonstrating in the streets and violence continuing to escalate we continue to witness the results of president bush’s meddling and so called straightening out of the Middle East. The damage he has done to us, the Middle East, and the world, is now unfolding and will not be stemmed. Hamas leader Khalel Mashaal is now threatening to build an Army. He said if we didn’t like their militancy they are then ready to create an army like any other country. They’re learning Iran’s lessons well. Great victory and Democracy the President has created. Just what did he expect anyway? They hate Israel, what did he think democracy would mean to them? He did say every countries democracy would look different. This is different all right.
Israel and U.S. officials still refuse to deal with Hamas unless they denounce violence against Israel which will never happen. In return Mashaal still refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist but says they will deal with its realities. That sounds promising huh? Another job well done for the president! To make matters worse we continue to threaten that unless they recognize Israel we will cut aid to them. The best thing to do was to mind our own business but noooo! We have warned that millions in U.S. aid may be cut off. The E.U. has also warned of a possible threat to cut off financial assistance. When are we going to remember our own words that this is an enemy like no other, remember that threats only make matters worse, and act accordingly?
With Israel supplying Palestine with electricity, water, and sewage, all now under the same threat it sounds like a hell hole to me not a Democracy. Hamas has promised to make life better for Palestinians. Life for them will get a lot worse and right or wrong Israel and the West will get the credit for it. With that said, we are walking right into another hornets nest guaranteeing another future enemy and Iran will happily capitalize off it. President Bush has really straightened out the Middle East huh? The Israeli people do have the right idea but with good advice from us to the president that too will be ignored.
48% of the Israeli people want their Government to continue talks even with a Hamas dominated Palestine. Even Israel’s senior Adviser says that they are not ready to admit all is lost. Why does President Bush insist on holding his breath until he gets his way like a child? Irresponsibly he is still pushing for Middle East Democracy by talking to to the son of Lebanon’s assassinated Prime Minister and holding a photo op to rub it in. What is wrong with him? He just refuses to learn. Our enemies are using President Bush’s insistence on democratizing them against us. Wake up! This is just the beginning of the rewards we will reap because of the presidents outsourcing of the divisive politics that are destroying our own country.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, January 27, 2006

Most think Bush is failing 2nd Term. it's too late but it's about time!

I must say that I am happy to talk about the next subject and give the opinions of average Americans. A CNN report yesterday 1/27 announced that the majority of Americans are more likely to vote for a candidate who opposes President Bush. 58% of those polled considered his 2nd term to be a failure. As far as many of us are concerned it is a miserable failure. We will have to live with the results for years to come. Myself I won’t feel safe until those that consider him a failure period is closer to 80% or higher.
They also found that fewer people consider President Bush to be honest and trustworthy than a year ago. More than half of Americans feel he misled us before attacking Iraq. Again in fact it is worse than that. He will never stop misleading, it is his nature. Remember his past? In preparing for his State of the Union Address next week he said he is looking forward to campaigning for Republicans running for election in November. We can only hope they let him. It will hurt republicans and help Democrats. That is already being proven out with 51% of those polled by CNN said they are more likely to vote for a candidate in the congressional elections who opposes President Bush. Again I wall say I’d feel a lot better if the numbers were a lot higher.
Finally, for the first time since his election in 2001 said a majority of those polled said the President who campaigned as a uniter not a divider is now thought of as a divisive leader. It’s about time! As most of us know, being divisive is something his teach Karl Rove’s taught him and it has heretofore worked well for him.
I will add this. The Presidents 2nd term like his first is a complete and utter failure and an American catastrophe. As said, we will all be living with the consequences of his mis actions for years and years to come I fear. Worse is that we are still just seeing the beginning of the negative consequences of his complete and utter ineptitude in the Middle East, America, and around the world.
His latest failure will prove to be with Hamas. It will also once more be a crisis of his own making. Hamas has come to power in Palestine as we know. He has refused to deal with terrorists and under normal conditions this might be the right attitude. With Fatah rallying in the streets against Hamas you are led to think the U.S. is behind it and once more the president has succeeded in being divisive and causing more trouble.
With that said and done not talking with Hamas is merely guaranteeing Palestine as a definite future enemy of the U.S. Iran who already supports them, and others will gladly pick up we’re we will not. The President has really straightened out the Middle East huh? It is too late to stop the damage the President has done to the U.S., the Middle East, and around the world. The American people turning against him and Republicans sounds good to many of us but in the long run it will not help. The damage is done!
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas Voted in: Just another Sign Of Bush's Interference in the Middle east

I had a blog prepared for today on Bush's hopeful raising of a Christian Crusader Army. However I out it aside for something more important. With yesterday witnessing Hamas coming to power in Palestine a whole series of blogs and predictions are becoming reality.

Last year we mentioned that President Bush had professed to Palestine Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas and his prime minister that God told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and straighten out the Middle Easts problems. We said instead that he would bring their problems to a head with the exact opposite results of what he was wrong headedly calling for. It looks like we were right.

I also did a blog announcing that the handing over of Gaza by the Israel's to the Palestinians would only serve to add to our problems in the Middle East and around the world. Since, we have seen the increase of insurgent efforts in Iraq and we are seeing the same in Afghanistan along with a recent call to arms to drive the Americans out of Afghanistan. We also witness what is happening in Iran, the cooperation between Iran and Syria, and now the revelation that Iraqi WMD was sent to Syria before the war.

We now see Hamas voted into power by the Palestinians. Israel and the U.S. as we know do not talk to terrorist as Hamas has been recognized as by both countries. Hamas has also refused to deal with Israel of course. Now we have Palestine, Syria, and Iran, all controlled by leaders openly calling for the destruction of Israel. If there was any truth to extreme WMD's being in the hands of Iraq and now in Syria and Irans assumed efforts to attain nuclear weapons and use them on Israel, we are beginning to see the serious problems the President has increased not decreased as he continues to profess.

This is still just getting started but I think that in reality with all political or biased rhetoric aside are beginning to see the real results of President Bush's interference in the Middle East. Please give me your thoughts on how developments in the middle east will turn out. It blows me away that while I am writing this I am listening to Bush saying how good the Palestinian election was and the people have spoken and that's good, what?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Raising Of a Christian Crusader Army

I have been saying for quite a while now that President Bush thinks of himself as a Christian Crusader. Even though he has and will continue to deny this most of us know it is true.

 He feels it is a God given right for him to straighten out every Muslim country he can. The problem with this Christian Crusader is that most of us do not feel the same way as him .

 Instead we are being dragged along and prepared for his ill fated ride. Back in august of last year our dropping numbers in the military especially the academies was a big issue.

There was a big issue in the air Force Academy particularly where cadets were being pressured to become Christian Fundamentalists Efforts and methods of persuasion were not subtle either.

This was not just occurring at the air force Academy but here and there throughout the military as a whole. In light of this Administration, their desires, their techniques, it seems a normal course to have this spread to the military.

With the larger role of Fundamentalists purposely allowed in our Government and in the operation of the country. With the increasingly public intervention of some fundamentalist leaders in our politics in an effort to sway the public you have to think?

 As we all experience, the plight of the lower classes are worsened almost daily. With the Presidents increased intervention in the middle East and the increased Christian influence in the government and the military.

It looks more and more like we are being groomed to become a Christian country but with a Christian Crusader army. Knowing that God told him to straighten out the Middle Easts problems, and in light of the Presidents ridiculous insistence on keeping an all volunteer fighting force.

 With the increased use domestically and around the world of our military, the increasing threatening of Iran with possible military action, coupled with the purposeful worsening of the home situation for young average Americans needed to fill the military ranks.

 It seems like a plan that the only alternative for proper employment for many will be to join President Bush's Christian Crusader Army. He is also hoping he gets the push he needs from the Religious extremists.

With that said now we are hearing what most of us have thought for years now and that is that our military is stretched to the breaking point. The retired Army Officer who wrote the report under a Pentagon contract concluded that the Army cannot sustain the current pace of troop deployments to Iraq long enough to break the insurgency.

And the president wants to stay the course indefinitely and threaten Iran with our military on top of all our other commitments and potential problems. What are these people thinking?

 We had a recruiting slump in 2005, missed our recruiting goal for the first time in years and this was only reversed by increasing pay, larger reenlistment bonuses, plus a number of other incentives, and also the raising of the maximum recruitment age once again.

 We are running out of any thoughts but one. With opportunities dwindling purposely for the lower classes you have to believe the worsening plight of the working sector is to fuel President Bush's Christian Crusader Army with Born again Christians and volunteers especially since he and Rumsfeld insists we need no draft.

How can that be?why did we need a professional study, Rumsfeld knows better than the generals again. Also Despite the obvious to the rest of the world today we have the ludicrous statement coming from Rumsfeld that our forces are better today after Iraq and Afghanistan not weaker as the normal person would believe. Just what is this guy on anyway?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just Another Days Increasing Daily Stresses!!

Here are some of the weighty issues that run through many of our minds on a day to day basis. This is a typical what has become, overwhelming day to the average American. Of particular concern is no one takes accountability or admits to their role in any problems or issues. 1. I wonder if many of us have realized the responsibility Bush has for the deaths of at least the last 2 miners. Thanks to his relaxing of a law prohibiting miine owners from using the conveyor belt shaft as their main air supply so they could make larger profits, the mine had a fire in the belt shaft cutting off the air supply and feeding the fire thus killing the miners. Responsibility Bush, small wonder he wants to address changes in the laws.
2. Ma. Senator Mitt Romney a practicing very strict Mormon will be running for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination even though this has not been announced yet. In light of his role in the big dig Boondoggle and the fact that he wants to outlaw sex education making abstinence the only thing taught in public schools you should be very concerned. He would simply be more of what we are getting right now. 3. republicans are decrying the alitoo confirmation as the first time in the countries history where there has been a strict partyline vote. i just want to say obviously both parties are guilty and the Democrats would be doing us a diservice in not opposing alito who will turn the Court to the right.
4. We are also hearing that the government knew about the threat posed by Katrina a year in advance. Republicans shrug this off saying Bush already took responsilility for geing ignorant I mean ignoring the potential problem and our resultant poor response. 5. pictures of our friend Abramoff and the President have come to light. No big deal as stated by Scott McClellan and like everything else, brushed off as absurd. If this were true and Bush was smart he would put out a story and the pictures before this became bigger than it should be. Bush will do the wrong thing and the problem will become bigger.
6. We also heard today that Ford will be laying off 30,000 employess while closing 14 plants. Another sign of the Presidents economic success. With the constant bleeding of our manufacturing base it is a small wonder he voices support for small business owners and entrepenuers. when he is done with his economic plan they will be all we have left for our financial base. with Boeing's knowledge having been sold to China that is one more once american bastion that we will lose. Starting next year they will begin competing with our aircraft industry. I think from past experience we can all see how that too will turn out.
7. Condi Rice and now Foreign secretary Jack straw have announced that time has run out for Iran and their nuclear ambitions. what will be the fallout of any move whatsoever? Once again this has gone down to the wire with Iran. as i'm writing this i'm listening to the potential bird flu pandemic. Forget about your normal day to day concerns in trying to survive and raise your children,the daily rapes murders pillaging and corruption, and hell very often wer'e talking about your own town, the hell with the rest of the country or the world. With the daily worsening of the plight of the lower classes and the failure of our legal system causing many people to overload, take the situation into their own hands, and innocents often family members pay for it with their lives. The Presidents supposed great operation of the country has become more than many can handle and you can bet he doesn't see it or care about it. To top it off just jotted down the title for this diary and noticed on the paper where I noted that Germany denies feeling any different than France's Chirac who recently stated he would use nuclear weapons if the threat warrented their use. China, Iran, unbelievable! What's next? just thank Bush for all this prosperity and decency we experience daily!
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, January 23, 2006

An Independents Look at Yesterdays Presidential lies or Whatever you Call Them?

President Bush went on the offense yesterday 1/23/06 as usual. He insisted he would stay on the offensive in the war against terrorists. As if that makes him special or something? Anyone of either party would do the same thing in light of the world atmosphere today. He said he would continue to use every tool available to him in order to protect the American people. Again this is nothing special because anyone of either party would do the same thing. Of course he is though referring to the spying on of Americans. It isn’t the use of the tools it’s the misuse of the tools we have to be concerned about with President Bush. He again defended his decision to invade Iraq and take the fight to the enemy. I thought WMD was his first reason for attacking. He didn’t take the fight to the enemy. In Iraq he created the enemy. He is still creating new insurgents with his refusal to think, adapt, and overcome. He insists instead on telegraphing his intentions by insisting on staying the course and creating new insurgents.
He defended using the NSA to eavesdrop on Al Quaeda to protect us and only calls from outside the U.S. He forgot to mention we are having in country calls rerouted outside the U.S. then back in so we could legally justify monitoring them. He ridiculously says that if a terrorist is making a phone call too the U.S. he wants to know why? No kidding he is good! Again I will say it is his misuse of any power that concerns many of us. He said in the war on terror we need good intelligence. Again I will say intelligence good or bad is useless if the President fails to act on it responsibly as he does continually. He said our future depends on good intelligence services. Again he failed to mention its how you utilize them that’s important. It’s funny he is Johnny on the spot with terrorism questions. The only question he had trouble answering was by a student wanting to know why he cut federal public education funds. after much hemming, hawing, double speak, and backpeddling he managed to answer the question and escape speaking the truth. He plays verbal games but manages to somehow get the public on his side in regards to terrorism and the Iraq war, war is the Republican forte even if as in Iraq, he created it himself.
He then spoke about how important the Patriot act was. He still insists as he does with his tax cuts for the rich, that they be made permanent and now. I think congress made a wise move by making the last extension short and temporary. It should continue to be reviewed and closely scrutinized. Especially knowing the Presidents propensity to do whatever he wants. Any potentially harmful tool in his hands is a scary thought. It isn’t the Patriot act as much as the Presidents misuse of it that is of prime concern to many of us.
I believe that like John Kerry it is possible to protect America while still protecting the Constitution. Neither is being done adequately as many of us believe today. He insists Saddam had to go. Yes but only so he could fight his created insurgents and have a good issue to campaign on. He said Saddam was an immediate threat and had to go because he was firing at our planes in his country of Iraq. What? Every ridiculous excuse to justify his misact ions too many to list here, was obvious to an unbiased thinking man and full of holes. Myself, just looking at him makes me not trust what he says. Tell me what you think?
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, January 22, 2006

New Orleans, God, Chocolate, and Facts

In light of an article I saw in the NY Times I thought it appropriate to resurrect a blog I posted 9/25/05 in order to put a couple recent stories into perspective. To start with, it was surprising to me to find out that New Orleans even had a levee board especially in light of the damage incurred. You would have thought their job would be to secure the levees. We know now how sad a state of repair some of them were in. Instead they established an Airport and a marina. They also played a role in establishing a floating casino, top of the line fibre optic system, and spent 2.4 million on a Mardis Gras fountain and left the 9th street levee in the poorer area of the city in particular in a state of disrepair. This was all nice for businesses and the elite whose areas suffered relatively light damage.
The poor did suffer the brunt of Katrina and Rita. The devestation to these people in the first place occurred because of criminal neglect by authorities and local officials on every level. I contended that this natural disaster was allowed to clean out New Orleans of what the elite thought of as undesirable elements and failed for years to do it themselves. Now the are largely out with many choosing to stay out. I contended that the wealthy elite, largely white, and the politicians will now be able to rebuild for their own interests.
We thought New Orleans might now become a Republican city. This all seemed a distinct possibility especially with the French Quarter, the Convention Center, and the Garden District, were all largely high and dry and largely intact. It seemed obvious that the poor sections were now cleaned out and the housing projects gone compliments of Mother Nature and not God as Mayor Nagin ridiculously stated, and supposedly not from any design of mans. Along with these areas went much of Mayor Nagin's ill mentioned chocolate aspect of New Orleans. Enough of the poor and the blacks if you will, will be back for whatever reason primarily to service the needs of industries, the wealty elite and politicians, and various business interests. now reading the story in the NY Times that New Orleans might be rebuilt whiter and smaller it looks like the thoughts expressed last September might have been right on target.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Republicans fear Underhanded tactics by Republicans??


I know this is a touch button issue for many of you but here it is. This is a telling story to me as far as what the powers to be will do in order too get their way. It is pretty bad when in this instance you have Republicans fearing the underhanded tactics of their own party. Whoa!

 It’s pretty bad when you have to fear the underhanded tactics of your own party. They should know the Presidents and Senates underhanded tactics. They’re just not used to having them turned on them. He will stop at nothing even burning those of his own party. To get what he wants.

I’ll explain the game real quick if it is needed. The President was given what he wanted and needed by keeping the borders insecure for his Necessary illegal immigrants, the clamping down of the lower classes, and supporting his many inept policies. Concern over border insecurity has hit the critical stage with much of the public.

Now that election season is upon us they are doing the right thing for them and their reelection not you. It is now President Bush’s responsibility to come through for them while still getting what he wants which as you know is a guest worker program and security for his illegal immigrants.

Doing the right thing and securing the Borders is not what he really wants. He continues to prove this by looking for ways to protect illegal immigrants and implement worker programs for them along with hopefully eventual citizenship. We do need migrant workers and immigrants but they should be controlled workers and immigrants.

 So here we are you give me what I want which is a guest worker program and I’ll give you what you want and need for reelection which is Border Security.

 Bay Buchanan and members of her committee are planning to take action. These concerned Republicans fear that Senators tied by big business interests will succeed in their efforts to pass guest worker programs into law. With the Presidents blessing and prompting they will succeed.

We have been saying this for years now if you haven’t found out the hard way yet, we the people do not matter. These Republicans work for the fundamentalists and other special interests that paid for and got them elected. They will force this on the American people like everything else because their corporate friends matter not the average American.

 President Bush and his protégés will be underhanded in getting guest worker programs passed. As in every other instance he will get his way no matter who he has to step on. Just call him Karl Rove’s and protect his illegal immigrants he’ll be happy with that.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Bush's 3D political teacher Speaks Out(of line!)

   Speaking of playing political games we now have his master and teacher of 3D Politics who to no surprise is under indictment himself for his once denied role in Plamegate. Which you know was the uncovering of an undercover agent that of course like everything else with this administration no one had anything to do with. President Bush’s teacher of 3D (deceitful, deceptive, divisive politics spoke on CNN and proved he is the master of deception.

   He didn’t like the questioning during the Alito hearings. Myself, I don’t think they were serious or pointed enough. He accused Democratic Senators of being small minded and mean spirited. That’s a self description of President Bush himself, and many republican leaders, if we ever heard one. He used the old, tired, false, and ignorant, statement that Democrats have a pre 9/11 view of the world and the republicans have a post 9/11 view of the world. That makes Roves wrong again not the Democrats. Like the president he refuses to deal with the situation in Iraq and anywhere else and insists on staying the unthinking non adaptive line of staying the course.

   He warned republicans not to fall prey to the corruptive nature of power as we know he did. He called the GOP’s progress in recent years a stunning Political achievement. Like many of you I agree but not for the same reasons. He also said this so called success is also a cautionary tale of what happens to a dominant party. He of course was decrying the democrats but his party has already fallen prey to the entitlement mentality. He said Republicans should learn from the failures of others. I say they can stand to learn a lot more from their own failures.

   He doesn’t want ethics concerns to hurt his party. Like many of you I can only hope it is too late for that thin veil. Republican Party chairman Mehlman said that one of the oldest lessons of history is that power corrupts and most of us can agree they are a prime example. Mr. Roves still thinks that protecting America and fighting terrorism are the Republican strong points.

   If we have learned anything we know that is not true and 3D politics are their only strong point. He told the tired old lie that Republicans understand the ruthless enemy and the threat they pose and the same is not true for the Democrats, another falsehood. He accused the Democrats of opposing the Patriot Act.
   It isn’t the Patriot Act they oppose it is the president and the way he insists on misusing the responsibilities that come with it. President Bush’s teacher is dirty, underhanded, and deceitful. A little truth would be nice but will not be heard. Mr. Rove’s accuses the Democrats of being demeaning and small minded, he better look in the mirror. People have begun to see the truth.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, January 20, 2006

todays Observation: I Thought Bush said Bin Laden didn't matter!

I tried to find what I had written the last time the Bush Administration said thet Bin Laden didn't matter any more. I failed to find it but we all know that in order to downplay our inability to find Bin laden or any of the other leaders scott McClellan, Bush,Cheney, Rumsfeld, they all say bin Ladeen no longer matters because he is not in charge and has to stay under ground. Hearing from Bin Laden and seeing our reaction clearly shows that just by his very being, he does matter. McClellan said Bin Laden is clearly on the run, okay so what?
Cheney's input to the tape from Bin Laden and his threat to attack the U.S. when they are ready was just that the tape should serve as a good reminder that a serious threat to the U.S. does remain. I thought Bin Laden's influence had wained and he dodn't matter? all along Bush and Cheney have been bragging that they and the Patriot Act were the reason we have not experienced another attack since 9/11. While all along we have been saying it was because al quaeda or whatever you want to call these Islamists, are not yet ready.
Right or wrong Bin Laden took the wind out of Bush's sails by announcing this is the reason and nothing else and when they are ready it will happen. Bin Laden's communication at this time is for two reasons. It serves to counter bush's false bravedo. It also proves that the so called terrorists were hurt during the recent airstrike in Pakistan. The attack is purported to have killed at least 4 leading Al Quaeda figures including their master bomb maker. they have been hurt but are not out. Bin Laden's suggestion of a possible cease fire is proof of that. As we all know, that is impossible and McClellan's statement that we do not negotiate with terrorists we take them out, could have been said by either party. A cease fire I think we could all agree, would benefit the so called terrorists and their refitting and would only be to our detriment. It doesn't take a Republican to realize that.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, January 19, 2006

How can Rumsfeld be so Stupid?

Yesterday we were wondering what could Ahmadinejad be thinking? Today we have to wonder just how could Rummy be so stupid? It makes sense I guess that he would take exception to Iran's rhetoric against Israel, and much of their incessant nonsensical diatribe. However, to suggest that the U.S. military has the resources to do something about Iran if it becomes necessary? Is this guy brain dead? He compared ignoring Ahmadinejad to ignoring the threats of Lenin and Hitler. Okay, he might have a point there. However doesn't he understand what he and Bush has done to America and our future military ability in responding to anything at all let alone deal with the results of attacking Iran? We could expect less help than we got in Iraq and he should at least think about that. The question was asked , while we are fighting a war in Iraq and Afghanistan could we handle a war in Iran if it came to that? He replied Yes we could.
He is known for his incessant speech but what the hell is a force sizing construct that we feel good about? Does he forget too that we are still in the Balkans, the Phillipines, and God knows where else? doesn't he remember that it was the military that pulled out Bush's chestnuts after Katrina, Rita, and probably dozens of other natural disasters this last year alone? Does he forget that besides Bush's ineptitude troops that could have responded instantly were in Iraq and Afghanistan? He was asked whether the world could afford to let Iran have a nuclear bomb? His asanine answer, time will tell. Time will tell, first I thought the question was overstepping the issue. I know we don't trust their real nuclear ampitions but I though we wanted to keep nuclear capabilities out of their hands at all. Also isn't trusting Iran with a nuclear bomb a bit like trusting Jack the Ripper with a knife? Time will tell what is that?
Many of us have known from the beginning of the Bush escapades, the spending of his nonexistant Political capital, and his outsourcing of his political divisivness and Christian fundamentalism around the world, that their would be a definite return of the draft if he continued with his ineptitude. Bush, Rummy, and the likes, are still insisting this will not be necessary. Just where do they think the necessary troops and hardware are going to come from? Can someone, anyone tell me? Short of dropping a nuclear bomb on Iran and starting if it isn't already WW3, which should be out of the question, how can Rummy be so stupid?
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Iran holding a Holocaust Conference, what are they up to with this?

As you know, Iran has now announced they will be holding a conference on the Jewish Holocaust. In light of the fact that their President has openly advocated that Israel be erased from the planet. In light of the fact that they have openly declared the attempted extermination of Jews by the Nazi's in WW2 to be a myth. In light of the fact that Ahmadinejad has advocated the movement of Israel to someplace in Europe if the Europeans really believed they should have a country. Ahmadinejad has declared the myth of jewish genocide was the pretext of forming israel and has been placed above God, religion, and prophets. With the EU3 (Britain, Germany, and France) along with at the least the U.S. trying to prevent their nuclear ambitions from proceeding to what appears to be a destructive end. you have to wonder just exactly are they trying to do now?
Iran is attempting to rewrite the history of the holocaust. can this be for real? can anyone really believed none of that really happened? what is their ulterior motive? the timing of this conference is perfect but for what? Iran is saying they are of the opinion that it is useful and necessary to hold a conference on the attempted Jewish genocide during WW2 where revisionists(those that believe the holocaust to be a myth) can freely express their opinions. just why eludes me?
This conference has to be only to give the EU3 a who just happened to be involved on one side or the other of the attempted genocide, the formation of Israel, and now the attempt to keep nuclear capabilities out of the hands of Iran? Maybe it is simply to build anti E.U. and U.S. sentiment to gain Muslim and Iranian public support for their nuclear efforts? What else can this conference possibly be about or achieve? Can someone please tell me? Having mulled this over for 4 days now I still can't figure this one out. I am curious and I'm sure you all have your own constructive thoughts.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma.

Monday, January 16, 2006

The Bush Doctrine: A Doctrine O fact/President Bush Uncovered

Due to an interest on the subject yesterdayin light of Gore's speech here is a reprint of an article formulated aftes 9/11,written 2 years ago, and still can't get circulated. You will be scared. Please feel free to open your dictionaries. What strikes us as the Presidents ignorance of society, its classes and the world is not that at all. All the realities of what he is doing to us and the world are going to hit you right in the face. It will all make absolute and total sense. One word damn it right under our noses the whole time too. What is worse is that it is described all too starkly right in our dictionaries. Hold on here it is. NIHILISM. *2 Ethics-rejection of all distinctions in moral value, constituting a willingness to refute all previous moral theories. *3-The belief that destruction of existing Political or social institutions is necessary to ensure future improvement. this Doctrine was first used by the Russians in the mid 19th century. Damn right under our noses. If that doesn’t shake you nothing will? The other four versions of this word especially the two action versions which you all know will scare the hell out of you when you realize what they are. This is fact and it is doctrine, it is dictionaried, and it is indeed fact. We as the lower classes better move fast. This doctrine is followed only in order to replace existing societies and Governments and President Bush as we can all attest to is well on his way.
First he has to finish breaking down existing societies and Government rule. As you all are experiencing his new policies every day you know that in fact he is well under way. He is almost complete in his bringing down of the lower classes and the Democratic Party. Hopefully this will wake up the country quick enough to prevent the Republicans from invoking the nuclear option in every aspect of our ggovernment which so far has been prevented. There has got a be an awakening as to what the ruling Republican Party is up to and we are hearing it now but it is merely brushed off as coming from disgruntled Democrats. They have good reason to be suspect, if further erosion is allowed we are in trouble. If this is allowed it will complete the Republican choke hold on the country. Regardless of your Political persuasion this is our country. For our own good as Americans we can not allow this to happen if we can help it. We cannot allow him to emplace his idea of a society and a Government. In case any one has been sleeping we are all aware how good his plan is for the illegal immigrant. He needs them to work and feed his idea for society. He needs them in order to fully implement his plan for our country. He continues the illusion of concern. He is giving the illusion that he is concerned about illegal aliens obtaining American drivers licenses. He says he is in favor of and is passing the National I.D. Act. Do not be fooled once again. He plans on giving millions of them legal status anyway remember? All this too is obvious now that he has been uncovered. Now we have to act accordingly.
His plan for society is horrible for the lower classes as you are all experiencing first hand. You see fist hand how every single day he continues to tighten the noose around the lower classes and furthers the cause of the elite. He only needs the lower classes for their taxes. They are needed to fund his illegal immigrants in order to complete his plan. The illegal immigrants are necessary in order for him to fully implement his plan his Governmental system and have it work according to his plan. It all makes sense now that you hear the unbiased truth doesn’t it?
He needs the taxes of the lower classes in order to fund his social security program for the elite. He needs the lower classes in order to fund all the negative results of taking care of the rich and you are just seeing the beginning of it. He is letting the elite corporations and companies off the hook. Once again you the lower classes are going to be left footing the bill with your taxes. The tax funded Federal systems can not take much more before they are overburdened to the point of failure. This too is necessary for his planned society to be implemented. Planned obsolescence, you have to wonder what if anything he plans on replacing it with.
The wealthy and the Christian Right Republicans as you are seeing will be the only benefactors of his entire plan for society. Of course when this is mentioned to him he will deny everything, laugh it off, say it is merely speculation, and continue with his plan. It is indeed sadly enough for us in the trenches of society, undeniable fact. He falsely again makes you think the rich are going to be paying their share of his proposals. It is again an illusion. You are in fact being hood winked and BUSHWACKED. He is in fact giving the wealthy back hundreds of billions of their so called contribution, back to them. He very wisely chooses to let you forget about this little fact. His sliding benefits proposal for his elitist social security program is going to slide all the way through the middle classes. All the while he is touting the wealthy’s contribution to his plans he is giving them back much of their so called contribution.
This is all fact. It is in fact doctrine. It is in fact in the dictionary. He is in fact saying one thing and doing another as he likes to accuse everyone else of doing. He is in fact doing this right under our very noses. As you all know, he is now outsourcing his idea of Political divisiveness. This is in fact being done to spread his idea of society and Government around the world wherever he can get a foot hold. The negative repercussions of this are just beginning to rear their ugly head. It will in fact end as world wide pandemonium. It is a fact that this too as part of his plan for the world. Watch Iraq and the Middle East closely. This too in fact is just the beginning of their breakdown.
*Unbelievably what the President is doing to our country and what is happening in every situation around the world today can be summed up in one word. This is unbelievable. 40 years of thought and theory and it can all be summed up in just one word? You have to look this up in my life long Bible, the dictionary. Personally I have never heard this word in the first three forms of it. However the fourth is scarily familiar to the whole world. It is exactly where we are headed if we do not smarten up real quick.







*nihil-nothing, a thing of no value

Annihilate-to destroy completely, wipe out, render void, abolish wipe out completely, render helpless, and overwhelm completely, Bush’s middle class policy.

*Nihilism 1. A Doctrine that nothing exists is knowable. Or can be communicated. 2. Ethics-rejection of all distinctions in moral value, constituting a willingness to refute all previous moral theories. 3. The belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary to insure future improvement.

*Annihilation-Total nothingness, utter destruction, Planned or not this is well underway as far as the Middle Class is concerned.

*Nihility-Non existence, nothingness, this is the final step in the process and if we are going to turn this ship around we better do it before it is too late.


***There are then two schools of thought, if he is not purposely trying to bring about the Christian idea of the end of the world, he better turn the ship around because it will happen, planned or not under this program. This is fact not theory
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Consequences of Alito's confirmation will be serious business!

With Mr. Alito being called even by the Republican Majority for choice as being out of step with mainstream Americans you know that is why the President wants him. This final day of hearings was a waste of breath time and money. His confirmation is a foregone conclusion and average americans should be worried.
Let’s just take a minute to discuss the consequences of the political circus we called Alito’s confirmation hearings. As we witnessed, these hearings appeared to be a foregone conclusion and a political forum and sideshow. With the importance of the task at hand I think the PR should have been done away with. At least the issues could have been debated seriously even if his confirmation is a foregone conclusion. The expected confirmation of judge Alito to the Supreme Court will make him the decisive vote in several upcoming cases that are very important to averages Americans.
He will have an immediate impact in the areas of abortion, religion, and the death penalty, issues important to most of us. With election campaigns, executive power, and the environment being big issues at the moment, his confirmation will set the stage for big changes in these areas too. President Bush’s nominee of like mind could tip the balance to the Right and hopefully not the extreme right on maybe a dozen important issues on which the Justices have been traditionally closely split. With that said I don’t think Mr. Alito will be voting in the same direction as Sandra Day O’Connor would have. Average Americans do indeed have a lot to be concerned about with Mr. Alito’s confirmation.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

We're overreacting? can that be possible with Iran?

President Bush has recently declared Iran to be a grave threat to world security. With 90 fighter bombers now within striking distance of Iran the President better be prepared to use them because we will be taken to task. We know Iran is a threat to the world but what happened to us not being the world’s policemen? We will do this if need be. And ground troops will be necessary in the end. Iran will also have the unity of its youth and the majority of its citizens against the west that has heretofore eluded them.
After 3 years and with tensions continuing to ratchet up between much of the so called civilized world and Iran we now have Iran trying to buy more time for their nuclear research , fuel enrichment program, and their various known and unknown nuclear activities. The other day Iran accused us of being back in the medieval period. Yester day that was changed to being accused of being in the Dark Ages. Today the U.S. and its supposed allies against a nuclear Iran are being accused of scientific apartheid and overreacting.
Iran is getting desperate in their refusal to cooperate and their desire to finish their nuclear capabilities before action is taken against them. Okay so it is scientific apartheid. Iran has shown for the safety of the world that it is necessary. With Iran’s professed desire to see the west destroyed, Israel wiped off the planet, and their insistence on nuclear testing, uranium enrichment, their refusal to cooperate, and their expressed desire to spread nuclear knowledge throughout very volatile Islam, just how can you over react to Iran’s actions as Iran claims?
James Joiner
gardner, Ma

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Todays fact: The Iran situation is coming to a head!

It seems that we are discussing Iran routinely with their incessant verbal ignorance, their insistence on proliferating nuclear knowledge throughout Islam, and their insistence on continuing their own nuclear programs. I once thought it was up to Israel to deal with Iran. Now I’m not to sure. I once thought it looked like a setup with Iran, china, and Russia, against the U.S. and its interest. That’s something else I don’t know about ant more. I also did a blog asserting that Iran was attempting to start WW 3 believing that with the superpowers occupied they would steal power in the Middle East. That too is in question in my mind.
We know Ahmadinejad has many detractors in Iran as President Bush does in the U.S. however once Iran is attacked the citizens will unite as we did after 9/11, not for the man but the cause. 2006 is only bringing a ratcheting up of Iran’s official rhetoric against Israel and also with its insistence on enriching nuclear fuel and possessing so called peaceful nuclear technology. They continue to ignore protests against their nuclear programs. They claim our concerns are medieval. Knowing the way Islam was at that time maybe they should be. Their ignorance of the E.U.’s threat to refer them to the Security Council is nothing new.
What is new is the U.S. has at least the ear of Russia and China. Personally when push comes to shove you have to wonder who they will side with in the end. With the threatened referral of Iran to the Security Council they have merely threatened to block U.N. inspections of their nuclear facilities which is not a good thing. All countries should have the right to use nuclear power as it might benefit the world if handled responsibly. However not with Iran who wants Israel and the west destroyed. I feel that the recent proclamation by an Israeli general that that Iran’s nuclear program can be destroyed is in many respects counter productive.
As we have learned in the past it doesn’t take much to give President Bush an artificial sense of optimism. In the end it seems the job of neutralizing Iran’s nuclear programs seems largely to be left to the U.S. president bush has recently declared Iran to be a grave threat to world security. With 90 fighter bombers now within striking distance of Iran the President better be prepared to use them because we will be taken to task. We know Iran is a threat to the world but what happened to us not being the world’s policemen? We will do this if need be. And ground troops will be necessary in the end. Iran will also have the unity of its youth and the majority of its citizens against the west that has heretofore eluded them.
James Joiner
gardner, Ma

Friday, January 13, 2006

Fact:Bush turns up the ignorance to get his way in Iraq!

As the president continues to speak up his Iraq ineptitude he is only increasing his incessant tirade against those that voice dissent to his ineptitude calling everyone that disagrees with his demonstrated lack of sense defeatist. He ridiculously equates questioning his lack of thought process with giving incentive and comfort to insurgents.
What does he think his insistence on staying the course is doing? He is trying to use this as a wedge issue to hopefully get people to vote for the corrupt Republicans this fall. He’s saying that if the Democrats don’t stop questioning his motives then they may suffer at the ballot box in November. His ineptitude is in reality giving more incentive and comfort to insurgents than any dissention voiced by those that rightly question the Presidents lack of direction in the war in Iraq. Democrats say the President should heed his own advice and well he should.
Both parties should smarten up, drop the political games at least until we take care if the situation in Iraq, and play their games later. President Bush urges campaigning Politicians (code for democrats), to conduct the Iraq debate responsibly while at the same time he refuses to and steps up the ignorance and arrogance instead. He said he welcomes honest criticism while nothing could be further from the truth and he just ignores it anyway.
He did go into Iraq under false pretenses and that is from an average citizen and not a Democrat. There is now way he will win in Iraq as he thinks of a win and that too is from an average American and not Howard Dean. We know he did not attack Iraq because of Israel or oil. However we do know he misled us and that is an inescapable fact. Just think about all the facts that have leaked out in the Downing Street Memo, Operation Able Danger, and a multitude of other obvious cover up’s and half truths that have come to light so far.
I have to agree with the Democrats here that President Bush has no right trying to say what can be discussed and what can’t. Patriotic Americans will continue to ask the tough questions as they should for the soldiers, regular citizens, and America as a whole. That makes those that question the Presidents misdirection realists not defeatist as the president wants them to appear as in order to serve his own purposes. The Presidents latest in a series of speeches designed to rally support around his lack of direction in Iraq is more of the same stay the course poor me speech only he is purposely more adamant and arrogant attempting to turn the people on the Democrats. Once again he is guilty of playing the games he is telling everyone else they can’t. What say you?
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Todays Fact:Alito will be nominated and we are in Trouble!

Let us take a few minutes and discuss the nomination of Sam Alito to replace Sandrah Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court. In October of last year I did a diary in which I suggested that the nomination of Miers for this position was a setup from the get go. He gets his way no matter how underhanded he has to be to get it as we all witness. He knew that both conservatives and Liberals would be against her. Poor President Bush he’s forced to go with Mr. Alito who he wanted in the first place. He’s forced to go with a true Conservative in his own frame of mind.
I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but the Republicans have without saying it shown that Miers was a ruse and a farce. With Alito and John Roberts the President will have his team in place to interpret the Constitution as he thinks it should be. With Miers defeat via withdrawal the President was pretty much guaranteed Mr. Alito’s nomination. Threat of a filibuster is of course being heard but it will not happen. Conservative republicans will have their way. Senator Graham announced President Bush’s intention from the start by saying he promised well seasoned well experienced nominees both of which we know Miers was not.
Like John Roberts Alito is what the president said he wanted in the first place. In addition he has a long troubling history if decisions detrimental to average Americans. He is both commended and criticized for answering all questions while saying nothing. He will continue to answer nothing honestly and he knows how to get his way. He is of the same frame of mind as the president. He is his man, he will get in, and we are in trouble.
Yesterdays hearings were very contentious. With Senator Specter’s arrogant ignorant tirade against Senator Kennedy’s remarks if there was any question before it became obvious that Mr. Alito is and will continue to be railroaded through. Today is the 4th and final day of questioning. With Mr. Alito being called even by the Republican Majority for choice as being out of step with mainstream Americans you know that is why the President wants him. This final day is a waste of breath time and money. His nomination is a foregone conclusion.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who does better know America?Belafonte, John Gibson or?

I'm sure most of us agree that it is terrible to turn on the TV and hear obviously biased incorrect political diatribe being expressed. As we have said in the past, it plays good to your audience but serves no public service. It does however do a disservice to themselves and the society they supposedly know and care about. In this case I noticed on biased fox news that john Gibson's show last night was titled who knows America Better Belafonte or me? The answer is obviously neither.
First off that isn't the question. The question is who speaks the truth Belafonte or Gibson and the answer is again neither. Gibson pleasured himself in doing nothing but stupidly demeaning Belafonte just making fun of him. Let's hear some truth here. Belafonte called President Bush the greatest terrorist in the world and Gibson suggested that statement might be treasonous. Voicing the truth is not treasonous and many of us think the President is our biggest problem not the terrorist. I do agree with Gibson that it was wrong for Belafonte to say millions of Americans agree with Chavez's revolution. I can't say I care one way or the other but some of you but not millions do agree with Belafonte.
My fault is with the fact that neither side voices the truth, knows, or represents what we the people feel and believe. Gibson goes on to show his chasm of reality as to average Americans. He said we are too busy stuffing our 401(k) accounts. He said we are too busy financing our new cars, houses, and going on vacation to care about Chavez. I think most of the lower classes are too busy reeling from what the president continues to do to them and keeping themselves afloat period. Gibson was wrong again in stating that many of us benefit from corporations so we like them. Get real John! He finished off his proof that he knows nothing about America by stating that Chavez and Belafonte should sell their revolution somewhere else. I say that Gibson should be the one to take his revolution elsewhere. What do you think?
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Todays Fact: Bush's unity in Iraq will happen against us!

Bush continues to insist our economy is going great guns. as we all know, average Americans do not benefit in this. However with that said it has to be because of the materials required for bush's created Iraq war. with the costs reaching as high as 2 trillion dollars according to Nobel award winning economist Joseph stillgitz we need all the money we can get. That monstrous expense in itself is a victory for the insurgents in Iraq. He keeps urging Iraqi unity. He unwittingly has given them the motivation for them to unify and against us. Bush says the Iraqi's have shown a willingness to come together for the sake of national unity.
It looks like they will be able to temporarily set aside their differencesin order to concentrate on us andouur removal from their soil. With Bush insisting on staying the course and refusing to exercise any sense at all he still refuses to learn anything at all from Vietnam. He still insists on overstaying our mispercieved welcome. He is purposefully making us the targets. A sunni politician has recently declared the U.S. as the enemy. With murders increasing of both Sunni's and shiite's now at more than 500 since Bush's so called succesful electionthey are killing each other as we knew they would. After a U.S attack on a crowded Shiite Mosque killing 60 we gave the sunni's the perfect opportunity to declare unity with the Shiite in declaring that we must get out of Iraq.
With Iraq continuing to degrade it is fundamentally in worse shape despite all our money, effort, and american lives, than during the Saddam days. Bush continues to insist on doing the wrong thing and strengthen their unity. He is succeeding and it will be turned against us. With Iran's meddling in the election and their insistance on enrich uranium and having nuclear capabilities things are about to open up in the Middle East as we knew they would. a great success for Bush and his straightening out of the Middle East. Just what were his real intentions anyway?
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Todays Feeling:No Delay be unique admit your guilt!

I refuse to believe that once again a Republican has had to step down only after things became too hot and he is being commended. This time as you know it was Delay. There have been so many dirty Republicans that it would be easier to name the honest ones. In this case Delay is being commended by Republicans for putting party and country first. Let’s get real doing the right thing for the country was not even a thought. You can be sure he was thinking about the party only because they wanted him to step down before they were affected. You can bet he stepped down also for himself of course.
His stepping down of course had nothing to do with Abramoff preparing his list of corrupt lawmakers. Without a doubt he was in bed with Abramoff. However of course he did nothing wrong and again true to form has already professed his innocence and being railroaded having been wrongfully accused. He has gone so far as to threaten us the lower classes. He say’s he is going to continue running for congress, He continues to say he has done a good and honest job, and the republican work is not done. That is a threat if we’ve ever heard one. This has become absolutely sickening
I am an independent but I have to agree with the Democratic assertion that the culture of corruption in the Republican Party is so pervasive that Delay stepping down is window dressing and will do nothing at all to clean up the Republican Congress. As we all know, the Nation has been up for sale to the highest bidder people be damned. With few exceptions we must clean house
ourselves next election and start if we must with a clean slate and new Republican mindset. Please feel free to make a list of the corrupt and leave you comments.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Robertsons ignorance increased with percieved dominance of the Republican Party

As we have said many times in the past, regardless of what the Religion extreme Religiosity is the most dangerous force in the world. It has been the force behind many of society’s problems and reasons for wars since the beginning of time. Right here in the U.S. We have developed great problems in the daily fabric of society by the purposeful infusion of hard line religious beliefs into our Political system. Fundamentalist Christianity is playing a very boisterous and unhealthy role in our Government. It is felt by many who are capable of unbiased thought. It is beginning to cause much animosity amongst many some of which as myself, are even Christian.
However we all feel Religion does not have a roll in our Political system beyond driving you to do the right thing for the country and its people. There is no role for any one Religion to feel they can force there beliefs on the rest of America and its citizens. Isn’t that what we are accusing the Islamists of doing? President Bush has done this at each and every opportunity he gets. We could be talking about any number of Republican leaders in this administration right now but we are instead talking about Pat Robertson (AKA televangelist).
As the republican Party is doing increasingly well as far as the fundamentalists are concerned, many of them are increasingly emboldened to acts of immorality as you witness by the politicians. As religious leaders their role is not to advocate dominance but tolerance so with this in mind Pat Robertson has stepped over the line many times over the years. He advocated the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Right or wrong that isn’t the point. This guy has been over the top for years. He must learn to control his mouth and like Bush he never will.
Many Fundamentalist Christians, not all, have been too forward and loud in their pushing of Christianity on the country and the rest of the world. It is counter productive to the good of the country, the world, and Christianity. What Mr. Robertson thinks does not matter. Pat Robertson continues proving himself to be a major quack. Thankfully as far as I’m concerned he has proven once again the dangers of Christian fundamentalism in our society. I mentioned earlier I felt the president had no right to inject his feelings and beliefs into the debate between intelligent design and evolution and neither did Robertson.
Pat Robertson a proven crackpot has also announced that God won’t help the town of Dover because they don’t want divine intervention taught in their schools. What happened to the God that loves everyone? What happened to the god that loves all? It’s there way or the highway. I don't think the likes of Pat robertson realize the corruption and depravity of these so called fundamentalists has finally come to the fore front. I refuse to believe someone that professes a love for Christ and God can make such a stupid statement as God gave Sharon the stroke because of his stance in Gaza. Come on, these fundamentalists in and out of government must be brought under control before they sink us. Their corrupt negative influence has come to light in the publics eyes at last. Hopefully Robertson and the likes will go south as the republican party does. With that said Bush shows no let up himself only a willingness to continue his corruptive fundamentalist unbridled religiosity.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, January 06, 2006

Lawmakers call for Lobbyist reform, are we impressed?

Today is 1/6 and what a surprise. With the revelation that Abramoff is dirty and has admitted to corruption and bribery and knowing he has bilked millions out of clients illegally. With the revelation that many in the public think our law makers are dirty. We know there are many especially republicans who are quaking in their boots knowing they too are guilty but will falsely admit to innocence which is the norm in Congress. Amazing, all of a sudden Lawmakers from both parties are calling for reform of the lobbyist system. The very system they know was dirty and anti average American. Yet the very system they relied on financially in order to get reelected. Again I will say, are we supposed to commend someone for doing the right thing after they are caught being less than moral?
What a surprise the very Bill calling for reform that has already gained a majority of support has always been controversial and could never gain support. As we have said that President Bush will not do the right thing for the people and will not adhere to the law unless forced to do so. He has set the example for the rest of government and sadly enough for the public to act in kind and they do. We know ½ a million dollars have been returned so far by Lawmakers. The big concern to me is yes the determined direction of the government bought by lobbyist monies. But more importantly is the countless millions they have defrauded innocent (maybe not) people out of.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Todays reality-at the very least Iraqi civil war is imminent?

We closed our conversations about Iraq in 2005 with the declaration the President Bush was wrongly and prematurely calling the parliamentary elections a success when it we nothing more than an election under gunpoint and total lockdown. We knew the real success or failure of the election would be after security was back down to the normal high. We closed out 2005 with increasing violence bringing to light the true results of the election.
With all of the President’s recently announced so called successes in Iraq you have to continue to think about this. With our hopefully improved defenses against IED’s. With our increased standing up of capable Iraqi defense units. With our continuing joint U.S. Iraqi operations designed to disrupt and hopefully quell various terrorist capabilities. Now we have the recent announcement that Iraq’s largest oil refinery is slated to close because of security concerns. This will only serve to further cripple Iraq and seal their fate of total anarchy set into motion by President Bush.
With these supposed successes and supposed successful steps towards democracy and in the face of decreasing allied troop support in Iraq we have announced a troop draw down of our own. Our troops have fought valiantly and have earned this. We all want that but the facts continue to point towards the failure of President Bush’s ill advised plans and insistence on staying the wrong course. We have opened 2006 with still increasing violence, murders, car bombings, and the explosions getting increasingly horrific and deadly. We have had more than 130 murdered Iraqi’s today and 11 U.S. soldiers from multitudes of bombings and murders of every sort imaginable throughout Iraq.
Since the beginning of President Bush’s created Iraq war and necessary war on terrorism we have been calling for a civil war. President Bush knew that at the least that was one of the consequences of attacking Iraq before ha ignored all good advice against attacking and did so anyway. With the results as we called them, coming to fruition it looks like we were right. Quite a good election huh? With more than 240 dead and 280 wounded in just 5 days and the definite knowledge that Iran at the least stuffed ballots and intimidated voters. The Sunni’s have a reason to be concerned. Civil war looks imminent to me. What do you think?
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, January 05, 2006

2006 should witness the downfall of Republican dominance?

With the promise of President Bush to stay the course in all respects and continue 2005 through 2006 you have to be very concerned. Being an average American that from the get go sounds ominous and like a threat. In light of the demise of the lower classes under this President you have to be very apprehensive. While he continues to daily worsen the plight of the lower classes and call the country as experiencing prosperity you have to worry about his concerns and the future. Likewise, with the almost daily examples of corruption coming out of this Administration and the President promising more of the same in 2006 we are witnessing as we speak some of the worse corruption this Administration has spewed forth.
Of course no one has ever done anything wrong they are all innocent. At least that is the line of denial until they are backed into a corner. True to form there was nothing but denials until the evidence was undeniable with Abramoff. You have to wonder how deep the denials and corruption will go now? Who will get caught in the trap this time? 2006 is shaping up to look like it is developing into a major rupture of the Republican Party we hope. So let us just take a minute and give the subject of Jack Abramoff and corruption some time and what recent developments might mean for the Republican Party from the eyes of the unbiased.
We are hearing that there may be a couple dozen from both parties brought down by Abramoff when he is through disclosing who he has been bribing. There seems to be politicians on both sides of the aisle as well as their aides. I hope this spells the end of innocent Delay and his hopeful comeback. As we said in our last book, our politicians do not work for us they work for lobbyists and special interests. Now we are going to get the proof. The hopeful result will be the demise of the republican big government, financially irresponsible, so called compassionate conservative party and the average American getting the government back. With 435 House seats and 33 Senate seats up for grabs in November we can hope for the best.
There was a recent Gallop poll done in which almost half of those polled believes Congress to be corrupt. Personally I believe it to be closer to 90% for the Republicans and 75% for Democrats. With the recent Abramoff admission Senators are running scared and rushing to donate his contributions to charity like they are just finding out about his corruption or something and want to appear clean, yeah right no one did nothing or knew nothing. With all the corruption we have all been witnessing almost daily from the Republicans and public opinion being against them at last. You have to believe that the reason Carol Keeton Strayhorn turned her back on the Republican party was not out of fear of the competition in running for governor of Texas but instead out of the realization that the Republican Party at the point is a weight around your neck. It should have happened long ago but this should spell curtains for republican domination.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, January 01, 2006

We start the year with just one more double standard!

Doug Flutie's drop kick yeserday wasn't that amazing? On the other end of the spectrum but mind bogglingly stupifying is this. Yesterday was also New Years Day and 2006 appears to be starting ominously for average Americans. President Bush has promised to stay the course of corruptive ineptitude at home in Iraq and around the world. Knowing what he showed us last year alone you have to be very concerned. Somebody will straighten me out if I am wrong and please do. Right off the bat he has shown that he is going to continue business as unusual. This is today’s hot button issue that raises questions of double standards to many of us. Sadly enough double standards are situation normal with the President and his administration.
His justice Department is investigating the leaking of the fact that the President Okayed the NSA and others to spy on Americans. I know there is or was a mock investigation but I do not remember him willingly having the Justice Department investigating the leaking of Valerie Plame as a spy or Bush being adament about knowing the truth as to the leak even remotely, or announcing how damaging these asctions are to the country? I know Plame was a Democrat and Scooter and Rove’s are his Republican cronies but still. Do not try to tell the truth and get in this presidents way. Dan rather can tell you that first hand.
There too the truth was told but it put the President in a true disreputable light so Mr. Rather was made to take the fall in order to protect the Presidents false image. I have been listening to the Sunday talk shows today and the Republicans believe this must be investigated because during times of war our ability to spy must not be compromised. This double standard crap has got to stop. It was no big deal when it was a democrat that was ratted on. With this Administration the childish political games will not stop but must. Both parties are so busy attacking each other that once again the facts and what should be important is not even mentioned. Sadly enough we start 2006 as we ended 2005 and this is not good for America.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma