Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Madoff Made off and made out?

2007 Madoff bragged of being very close with the world's regulators

Madoff gets 150 years

At the trial yesterday Madoff should have saved his breath shut up and just took his medicine. Madoff said his wife cried herself to sleep every night. Yeah all the way to the bank! Madoff apologized in court while seeking leniency. I agree with the Judge that Madoff was not as helpful as he could have been. I am sure absolutely no where near it instead protecting family and friends from suffering the same fate as him.

Leniency my rear! He dug a deep hole for himself big deal it isn't deep enough. His wife still has 2.5 million dollars and should be Bankrupt. She takes the subway now. Oh poor woman. I am sure she is all set and should not be. Get the millions from his family and friends. Madoff gout the maximum 150 years. The people wanted 150 years Federal prosecutors wanted 50 years and Madoff's defendants asked for 12.

I am glad he got the max but according to the average age of death he only has 12 more years to live. Dead is dead and 12 years or 150 years it is not enough pain. I really wish torture was legal now. No maybe not knowing me and most we would feel sorry for him and relent.
Madoff Fraud could be as high as 78.5 Billion

* Tim Rigas chief of Adelphia communications got 20 years.

* Bernie Ebers World comm Chief got 25 years.

* Jeff Skilling Enron Chief got 25 years.

The depths of hell sounds good for payback but dead is dead what the hell does he care? This was the biggest white collar crime in the History of the US very likely the entire world. There was 30 law firms in 25 countries that was after Madoff for defrauding multiple Billions. The countries include Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Mexico, Israel, I am sure there are more than 25 countries affected.

When all was said and done Bernie Madoff swindled more than thirteen thousand investors and I understand it may be as high as 3 million people all over the world directly or indirectly that were swindled. There was an atmosphere of mob vengeance in the court house and a feeling of relief when Madoff got 150 years but he is 71 years old and those people will never be vindicated. Justice will never be served.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, June 29, 2009

In Iran we are watching The evolution of a Civil war!

Iran continues to race towards civil war, This affects the entire world.
Iran is now hunting down protesters using the very tools they relied on to get the word out to the world as to the brutality that they were enduring under Khamenei Ahmadinejad the Basij and ultimately Iran's Revolutionary Guard. When this first started I warned those using their cell phones to transmit pictures and text depicting the atrocities that were being rained down on them. Only because it became known that in March Iran purchased the software from a Finnish German concern the software allowing them the wherewithal to track who was sending the information.

It is the same technology used by all American police departments. I know there are some who say enough of covering Iran already but I can not because this is just developing and will effect the entire world. I first saw the end of the current Theocracy brought to power after the 1979 revolution. Then I thought we were watching the birth of a Revolution, then a military coup with the IRG and the Basiji. Now I am convinced we are watching a civil war and it will affect all of us.

The Basiji are in the hospitals arresting people they injured right in the emergency room before they have the opportunity to tell the medical staff the awful truth as to what happened to them. You have to wonder what is next. Iran has done everything possible to shut down opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi.

Ahmadinejad shut down his newspaper closed down his website supposedly have him under house arrest and have arrested some 25 of his employees for supposed actions against the State. Anyone caught or even suspected of communicating with Moussavi is subject to arrest and they are being arrested along with everyone else they can round up. Including IRG suspected of not being totally loyal. Often their houses are raided in the middle of the night and they're taken away screaming into the night never to be heard from again.

Despite all this and much more there is an intense power struggle going on behind the scenes. Rafsanjani is still fighting to wrest control from Khamenei. Her is said to be the second richest man in Iran. He has dominated Iranian Politics for thirty years. Up to now he was said to be one of the most powerful Political leaders in Iran. I remember when Khamenei spoke at the university saying he would crush any opposition he chided Ahmadinejad for saying Rafsanjani was corrupt. He was forced to defend him as a fellow member of the 1979 Revolution and a man who loves Iran that he has known fore 50 years.

On another related note 8 British Embassy workers were arrested as they headed to work. They were arrested for inciting and aiding and abetting the election dispute protesters. Amidst all this Khamenei coming right out saying Ahmadinejad was the winner meaning they had counted 40 million hand ballots in 2 hours hurt his credibility. Every move he has made since has only served to further erode his credibility. He just came out and called for peace and calm. He will have it but not because of people listening to Khamenei but because everyone that would speak up has been killed, arrested, or otherwise frightened into submission at lest for now.

While hard line cleric Khatami calls for the heads of all those continuing to contest the election Moussavi continues his defiance despite mounting opposition. Despite the veiled threat towards him Moussavi continues to call for the election to be annulled though there is no way it will be. The movement will go underground but it will eventually erupt into a civil war.

In closing Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, the IRG, and the Basiji have to be pushing towards this while blaming it on our intervention. They believe it will be in their favor as they have all the weapons power and money or so they think. They know that always trumps the will of the people but I don't know this time. With Rafsanjani the 2nd most powerful and richest man in Iran seeking to unseat Khamenei and Moussavi continuing to insist on a revote I still do not see the will of the people being adhered to. I only see civil war and it will in one way or the other affect the entire world.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mourn Michael Jackson if you want but get back to reality!

I am sorry Michael Jackson Died but let's get on with dealing with the world today!
Fans moonwalk, hold worldwide vigils for Jackson

Remember the Climate Bill? It barely passed the house but I don't know about the Senate. House Passes Climate Bill

I have always enjoyed his music and his moves. The guy was quite good but lets face it the guy was a screw ball. Since he died everything is Michael Jackson 24 hours a day. The real issues are starting to get a little time on the air again but Jackson mania has pushed out everything important to our future. He had so many nose jobs he had a prosthesis. Okay he was beat as a kid I don't know anyone that wasn't.

Let's get on with the crises we are dealing with. All of a sudden all that matters is Michael Jackson's autopsy, his $400 million debt, who is going to get his kids, his assets? I was so hard up for real news I was willing to turn to Fox but hell I have never been on it and couldn't find it. Okay a found Fox but all I hear is the mess Obama is making of everything. He can't create jobs and alternate energy won't work. Drill baby drill, I can't stand it.

What happened to the developing crisis with North Korea? China 'deeply committed' to North Korea sanctions: US official Russia Open to Further Nuclear Talks Without North Korea

What about Israel and Palestine? Hamas rejects Israel peace overtures

Iraq turning on each other as we knew they would and they are as we prepare to leave the cities. Baghdad Market Blast Increases Tensions Before June 30 US Pullout

Remember Iran? The Basij is still carrying out night raids and beating people in their homes while Ahmadinejad threatens to crush us. Meanwhile Iran bans Mousavi ally from leaving the country

While continuing to threaten us and criticize Obama to take the focus off the Coup in Iran. Ahmadinejad Again Criticizes Obama Over Election Remarks

* In closing: The entire world wants to know what was wrong, what happened to Michael Jackson. What the hell is wrong with us that's what I want to know? Mourn Michael Jackson if you want but get back to reality! We have numerous real concerns real issues not just in America, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, the entire middle east and beyond. I am disturbed that even our standard Political resources are still caught up in this three ring circus. Lets get on with life!

James Joiner

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Audacity of hope crashes head on into the Audacity of Reality!

Many of us have been following a catastrophe of humanity which ensued the stolen elections in Iran! I firmly believe because of the brutality of the Basiji with reportedly many Hamas and Hezbollah beating people with axes and clubs throwing them off foot bridges and protesters being protected by clerics marching with them not only did this have to come with the blessing of the IRG but I believe we are seeing a military coup against the clerics! Against the old Theocracy!

To take the focus off the slaughter that was happening in Iran Ahmadinejad turned the horrific crimes against humanity in Iran into a tit for tat with President Obama. He has taken the focus off of the brutality stolen elections and Moussavi and put the focus back on him. I now see that another hard line cleric Ahmid Khatami wants a ruthless crack down and no mercy on protesters in order to teach everyone a lesson. My first thought was who? Then I thought what kind of a Religious leader is that? Then I figured okay so called clerics like him will give cover to this military coup!

Watching Iran devolve into a violent dictatorship seemingly by the military it made me think about event since Obama first came on the scene. I like many others around the world had the Audacity for hope he inspired! I saw great opportunities in America and around the world to recover from the immense mess Bush made out of everything. Obama has inspired us and given us all hope as he travelled around the world announcing that we will not tell you what to do but if you unclench your fist we will extend our hand.

I had great hope that the entire world would extend their hand and move peacefully into a successful future as one! I now see that the entire world seems to take Obama's overtures of peace and cooperation as a opportunity to take what they wanted. This roller coaster ride of emotions going from hope to fear I have to believe is because of our mess of a Republican party who has done their damnedest from day one to make Obama fail and to herald to the world that he was weak and they could take advantage of. Obama Failing? More Like Republicans Flailing

In 2002 Bush declared North Korea Iran and Iraq as the Axis of evil! Many of us thought this was so he could eventually create an excuse to further is wars. Look at Iran Iraq and North Korea today! Because of Bush and his "success" They have all taken control and are now doing that themselves. We are in trouble here. Not just us here in America but the entire world! You have all been watching events with North Korea over the years. North Korea is now threatening to annihilate us in a firestorm of nuclear war

We have also said since Bush found an excuse to attack Iraq to get into the middle east to attack Iran and help Israel form a new middle east order that "God told him to do" that the Sunni and Shiite would appear to cooperate and declaring they want Democracy just until they get rid of us then they would turn on each other and finish this middle east eruption Bush started and guaranteed when he upset middle east order. They have already started!
Baghdad Market Blast Increases Tensions Before June 30 US Pullout ...

Hamas rejects Israel peace vision

US Rejects Hamas Criticism Middle East Peace Process Too Slow

I had great hope when President Obama was elected! Hope for America hope for the middle east hope for the world but because from the Republican party to the rest of the world a desire to see one's selfish agenda succeed my Audacity of Hope has hit the wall of the Audacity of Reality!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, June 26, 2009

Former Prince Reza Pahlavi is being contacted by IRG sick of killing and looking for a way out!

Did you see what happened yesterday? As would be Protesters were approaching Parliament 500 Government thugs armed with axes, guns, and clubs attacked them.. Hacking them up shooting them clubbing them and throwing them off a foot bridge! Old men women whoever! I just saw a report on Iranian TV that the Government forces kept things peaceful. I refuse to believe the truth can not get to the rest of the people. This is sick!

Mir Hossein Moussavi has been put under house arrest! I was listening to Prince Reza Pahlavi saying he is being increasingly contacted by Basij and Iranian Revolutionary Guard who just cannot harm and kill their fellow citizens any more. Some are seeking a way out of the country. Some of them have been taking off their uniforms and joining the people in protests. The other day I mentioned citizens know where they live and have started marking and targeting them. They have had enough! lPhoto from Reuters Pictures - News, photos, topics, and quotes of Former Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi is seen before he speaks at the National Press Club in Washington June 22, 2009.

I said yesterday I was going to give the Iranian people a break as I thought they had been beaten into submission and now indiscriminately killed. The force being used on them I thought was overwhelming but I am so proud of them. They want their freedom period! They refuse to give up! Police have now taken to confiscating cell phones to keep people from communicating with each other.

Something has changed in Iran! This Brutality performed in the name of the brutal killer the so called Supreme Leader is way beyond police stat brutality. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has been beating old men and women to a pulp. Breaking arms and legs, maiming and killing their brothers and sisters, fellow Iranian's. Can they possibly live amongst the very people who they have been trying to destroy? Can the people live with them more importantly? Women are on the front line and being beat to a pulp. I just heard from an Iranian Woman that the beatings are being done by foreigner, Hamas and Hezbollah because Iranian men will not beat a woman. I don't know about that!

I understand the organization Reporters without Borders has just listed Iran as the country hands down with the most reporter in prison. 40 reporters have been rounded up and arrested under the auspices of pursuing illegal activities. This has not been declared but this is martial law! Protesters are fewer but they are fearful not dissuaded. I just saw pictures of armed uniformed police with their civilian clothes showing under their uniforms. The ranks seem to be cracking but not not the protesters but of the Gestapo who have had enough and are joining the people.

I just saw the official Iranian TV station is airing so called confessions this one was a Woman saying she and her son carried grenades to protests. That peeves me because even though they are being slaughtered I have not seen one lift a finger yet. That woman also said she was influenced by western sources. Gee she isn't being coerced is she? People are being taken out of their homes and told if you do not say what we want we will take your family away. Gee!

You know, It just dawned on me! These phony confessions are going to be used on the thousands of people they have captured many of them erroneously to punish them later as they have promised. Their fascist crap is only going to make this unrest fester and resurface later. These people are brave and I truly admire and respect them. They want their freedom and their tenacity humbles me. I personally believe that with all that has happened the last few days that this False Fascist Theocracy is crumbling!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Part 2 The Brutal Reality of Iran! Iran long a police state has become a State off Terror!

Did you see what happened yesterday? As would be Protesters were approaching Parliament 500 Gov't thugs armed with axes, guns, and clubs attacked them.. Hacking them up shooting them clubbing them and throwing them off a foot bridge! Old men women whoever! I just saw a report on Iranian TV that the Gov't forces kept things peaceful. I refuse to believe the truth can not get to the rest of the people. This is sick!

The crackdown on those poor freedom loving Iranian's has become overwhelming as they are terrorizing and killing indiscriminately. Those poor people are scared to hell and afraid to breathe. This has changed in an instant. The Government is now charging a bullet fee! Families have been made to pay a fee of $3000 for the bullet that killed their relative if they want to get the body back. One man's son was caught up in this and shot dead but when authorities found out he was a veteran of the Iran Iraq war they relented and gave them his sons body.

* It now gets worse by the second! They are doing everything to intimidate their own people! They now say they will be trying anyone that is in jail or whose names they have gathered in or out of the Hospital. * Khamenei has extended the deadline for another 5 days for anyone with complaints against the election fraud.What the hell good is that? Ahmadinejad is going to be inaugurated between July and August 19th. Registering a complaint will only give the enforcers one more way of tracking you down and taking retribution.

* One of those running for President even withdrew his complaint because of the violent crackdown and fears. Hamid Dabashi Professor of Iranian studies at Columbia University called Obama's speech on what is happening in Iran spot on and Congresses Resolution as a kiss of death. He said Obama is very wise as he may have to deal with Ahmadinejad yet he may have to deal with Musavi.

* I hate to tell him, those people are in hell. Everything I am afraid is the kiss of death and the Government of Iran is making sure of it. Iranian Officials will not back down! They are rounding up anyone even suspected of protesting or being against them. Iranian's throughout the country are living in sheer terror. They call that a great country? A stable Democracy?

* Iranian's were also warned by an unnamed former President not to wear green as it would make them a target of the Police State. * Some not all stores were closed to honor a call for a national strike. I would not have closed my doors at this point as that too would make you a target. * At this point those poor terrorized people must feel as the German's did in the 1930s when the brown shirts (Nazi's) were running the streets doing their terrorizing.

* also heard 6 members of the national soccer team have been kicked off the team for wearing green arm bans in sympathy of the protests. &* There is a large force of armed Basij and IRG on street corners and swarming the streets. This is more than a crack down! Why would they need so much repression if the elections were fair? Things have quieted down for now but it is only out of fear gut wrenching fear to even be in Iran right now.
* This is not good! I found out Iranian Authorities can monitor all cell phone calls and images because of software purchased March 19th from a German Finnish venture. I understand they can not monitor in real time but lord help those who have been using them during the protests when authorities do have time to dig through them.

** You can not say Iran has become a police state it has long been a police state. This is now a terror state! Two women just arriving State side from Tehran one in a wheel chair from injuries sustained when they were trampled by fleeing protesters said it is now sheer terror. Horrifying! Old, Young, children, they are being beaten to death. Iran has become a state of terror!

** Those poor people need help. People are crying every night in Iran. At this point it seems all we can do is cry with them! Those two women would not use their name or show their face for fear of retribution on them or their family. They are terrified! People are now largely hiding in their houses hoping they are not pulled out and going to bed crying every night. The police state of Iran is going to crush this revolt if they have to kill everyone in the process. This is getting too oppressive for those poor people. For now I am going to wait watch listen and pray for Iranians.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today part 1 of 2! The hope and Brutal Reality of Iran Part 1. Wishful thinking!

The Basij, the Young women, the Geeks the Mullah's are shaping the new face of Iran! Iran will never be the same!

For the last two days I have been working on a story for this morning about the Basij and the rapidly changing Dynamics on what is some kind of a Revolution happening in Iraq. I just heard something that has to start this off. I am listening to CNN and I just saw a video of a very provocatively dressed woman in High heels and a tight slit on the side dress walking down a street in Tehran. A man driving by rolled down his window and said Lady has the Revolution already begun?

What is happening in Iran is the first Revolution in the world not coming from leaders but happening from the ground up. Many young Iranian's are computer Geeks. It is they that are hacking into Government computers. Iran's Ayatollah's are clueless. They are accusing CNN of teaching students how to do it. I would laugh if I didn't know Iran was using this false information to blame everyone else for what they themselves have created. CNN does not have a clue how to do that but anyway.

Since the Revolution in 1979 the regime has been effective at controlling the people. This whole just developing rebellion has caught them off guard. They are losing control! It is happening from the bottom up and at the same time from within. The Ayatollah's just do not get it. They did this! They are reaping what they sowed! After the 1979 Revolution they were right to encourage education. They also encouraged procreation.

They never utilized the educated youth many of them women all looking for work, equality, and a sense of being. They are now seeing the fruit of their labor. The well educated youth long sick of being totally controlled by this supposed Religious theocracy were pushed over the edge by the stolen election to keep the hierarchies agenda going. They started rebelling and have taken control of the situation from the bottom up. from the bottom up.

Women are on the front lines and the geeks are getting the truth out to the world through the Governments attempts to shut down all electronic communications. Senior clerics and ex Presidents, very high public figures, ex Revolutionaries not softies, are now questioning the so called Supreme leader and joining the opposition. They have realized they can not work with this all controlling hard line Fascist system.

Musavi is one of the 1979 Revolutionaries and an insider. He did not plan this and had no idea this was going to happen. I believe he has become the accidental leader of this movement. He has been thrust to the forefront of what is called " the lipstick" Rebellion because of the many young women taking an active front line role in this. They look at Musavi as their Savior! The women are looking for equality and they and the brainiacs are looking for work. They are all looking to get out from underneath the stifling suppression.

They have gotten behind Musavi and Rafsanjani! I now understand Ahmadinejad is going to be sworn in some time between July and August 19. This most definitely will set much protesting and resulting violence in motion. It remains to be seen how this is going to turn out. Iranian ruling elite is already calling for investigation into the killing of protesters and I am afraid there will be more.

The Ayatollah's brutal oppressive all controlling regime has in the past closed down this wonderful society. Now the people have had enough and they are demanding it be opened back up. They want Iran back! If this has a chance to succeed and it does it will come from the ground up and it is. They also need establishment figures as leaders and they have them in Musavi and Rafsanjani at the least. They also need clerical leaders and they have them too. I was very pleased to see a video of some of them marching with the protesters to protect them from the IRG and the Basij.
The Guardian council has admitted that there was inequities in the vote said it does not matter. They said this is over and refused to nullify the vote. They are wrong this is not over it is just starting. Iran will never be the same! Iran's youth born of the 1979 Revolution will succeed in forming an Iran that has a place for them when all is said and done. They will have a place and not as the downtrodden beat up cog.

* In closing, The Basij are killing people and I understand citizens are starting to turn the tables on them. They know where they live and have started to act against them. They know where they live and for now are setting traps for them and marking their houses. I heard some students took pictures and I saw them on CNN of Basiji jumping on cars and smashing windows. The Government has been televising that it is the protesters causing all the damage. The students, the Geeks, the women shaped by the Basij are showing the world defiance and Iran's Government feasting on itself! Iran will never be the same!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clerics are now marching side by side protecting them form the Revolutionary Guard and the Basij, I'm psyched!

* The dynamics are changing! Protesters are now turning on law enforcement. Riot police are running from crowds who are now chasing them down. As violence continues to get much worse the dynamics of this movement are changing constantly. * While we only report the truth and their pictures coming from the front lines we are accused of exaggerating and instigating this. Meanwhile they tell their people everything is fine.

* A large quantity of paramilitary thugs were beating people and chasing them away as they attempted to attend Neda's funeral and hold a vigil at her burial site. Iran has warned Britain of interference and instigating violence. As a result Britain has pulled its authorities from Iran for their safety. * I am happy to hear that the Guardian council now admits the people protesting are right. They admit that Ballots were stuffed in 50 states!

* The Revolutionary Guard publicly warned protesters they will use severe force to crush any and all resistance. As I alluded to Iran's senior clerics are now divided and this along with everything else will further complicate things for the so called Old Guard and the Supreme Leader. * Clerics are now marching side by side with the protesters to protect them from the Revolutionary Guard, the Basij, and other Government thugs.

* This in itself is Revolutionary! The old Guard as Iran and the world new it is now ineffectual and unraveling. The new Guard is still taking shape and I do not believe they will be denied this time around.

* I absolutely love it! The Republicans constantly mouth off accusing Obama of not standing up for Democracy and being more forceful with Iran which would be absolutely stupid. In response Obama says Republican cam make their ineffectual unuseful noise but he is not listening to them. He is the President and is in direct contact with the reformers in Iran. They are telling him he is doing exactly the right thing for Them!

* There were more helicopters flying over Iran yesterday than any other day since this crisis for the people started as the Government tried to stop people from attending services for Neda. That really is cold and sick! They are trying to disperse the still forming protesters. People better carry something to cover their heads and bare skin. Remember helicopters were flying over head dropping acid on the people the other day.

* Now that the Guardian Council has come out and admitted that there was 50 States with stuffed Ballots one State showing 140% of the residents cast votes, calls for a revote now have credence. Ahmadinejad will be gone but Khamenei will have a chance to save his position that is now in jeopardy as he no longer has any authority with the people. He has as out if he wants it!

* People though are starting to question that made the old Guard work. the regime better go out of their way to not kill any more people. You know, having said that I believe they realize it as I was watching the Basij beating a man with clubs and hearing reports that they were firing over head to disperse the crowds and not into them. At this point events are turning against the current regime and the shoe is now on the other foot. They not the people better do what they can to keep this from ratcheting up. It is getting beyond them. Good!

* This is no longer a unified Government and they did it themselves. This is not a normal protest. This is now one faction against the other. Iranian Women are on the front line in this. Iranian's have a name for it but in English they are known as line women and do they ever stand their ground. I listened to one woman saying go ahead beat me while they were clubbing her as she took their pictures and turned them into CNN. She is now in bed recovering!

* One woman was screaming as her 5 year old son was being beaten. If you watched Iran TV you would think everything is fine as that is what they are saying along with saying all the shops are open. * They are calling the protesters terrorist while in fact they are the terrorists. The protesters are in turn telling the world to get it out that they are not terrorists. They just want freedom and the truth to be known about the lie they are living. They want Iran Right! This is not a political issue but is a human rights issue!

* Musavi is urging supporters to carry black candle with green ribbons around them to mourn those killed. He wants them to drive with their lights on in a show of unity. Musavi supporters protest are fighting for equal rights and the presidency. At the same time Rafsanjani is running a campaign to unseat the Supreme Leader "Khamenei" * Iran's assembly of Experts are split as to what to do now and this is critical! Some are in favor of Khamenei and some are against him. They have the final say as to who is the Supreme Leader from what I understand.

* In closing, You can see the dynamics are increasingly against the current Theocracy. This division at the very top has not been seen in 30 years. The protesters in order to succeed must have help from the top and they are beginning to get it. Iran will not be the same country when this ends! Having said that one protester said we are getting rid of this regime that failed us. We will do it right this time. We will not fail Iran!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, June 22, 2009

Kill a demonstrator and you create a Martyr Kill a hundred and you create a Revolution! It is up to the Establishment what happens next!

Ahmadinejad and Khamenei are terrorists! The final Authority the so called Supreme Leader has cracked the people are proving the final Authority! Not just Iran but The entire middle east appears to be Obama's Berlin Wall!

Yesterday Ahmadinejad told the US and Britain to stop instigating Iranian's and interfering. He and Khamenei have instigated enough for everyone. That is why this is happening in the first place. Something is stirring in Iran and she will never be the same. I am writing this while watching the tape of the young Woman's murder by a Basij sniper and I an getting chills.

We, America, the west, we must keep our fingerprints out of this. I just heard one protester say I am not here to take back my vote I am here to take back my country. We must keep our two cents to ourselves. This is an internal conflict and it must have the stamp of the Iranian people. They are now protesting the theft of their country, the theft of their values, the theft of their Religion. True Religion does not shoot innocent young Women in the heart.

Not just the streets but anywhere in Tehran at night is sheer terror even in your own house and your own bed. You hear screams of women "they're on the roof their coming in the Balcony. The Basij the paramilitary arm of Iran that is above the law and can terrorize whoever they think is a threat to their fascist Regime are taking them away in the middle of the night. This is all so hard to watch!

Despite all this and much more people continue to return to their roof tops Allahu Akbar! God is Great! Death to the Dictator! Neda!!! Neda!!! Neda!!! They are continuing their defiance communicating in the dark from house to house. I just heard Mousavi sent a message that they have the right to protest, that they have been frauded. I don't know where he is but he better keep his head down. I know he is ready for martyrdom but I dot want it to happen,

The final Authority the so called supreme leader has cracked. I hear Government agents are on twitter encouraging people to violent protest. The SOB's are instigating for a reason to kill more people. I have not seen violence from the people yet. They are getting killed but now the people have proven to be the final authority.The ruling theocracy has tried to undermine Rafsanjani and Khatamei and I believe you are witnessing their failure. I would like to hear from these men but they must be on Iran's most wanted list too and better stay out of sight period.

Whether or not Iran returns to the world of Nations depends on the level of senseless brutality leveled at the people! Per the Chief terrorist Khamenei who [promised this to be bloody they are going to be as brutal as possible and blame it on Musavi and the others that oppose their fascist lies. They could care less what we think. They could care less about the world community. They just want to get back on track and they will always have Russia and China who I have heard absolutely nothing from.

Obama has handled this right thing putting his moral authority behind the people while refusing to get involved until recently when the violence started getting worse. Obama has weakened the Authority of the Ayatollah who is not. Republicans want a confrontation with Iran. Obama is right though in what he is doing. It would be much better to deal with a Musavi regime. Wanting real Democracy and equality with Women he would be much less threatening and confrontational and be much more accommodating. That is one more reason while the election was stolen from him and the people.

Rafsanjani and many other Politically prominent past Government leaders have joined Musavi. There is no stopping this now. This movement will not provoke any change whatsoever though unless the people follow through with this. If not they will change they will not like as the fascist regime will clamp down on them further. They must follow through with this now. Religious leaders following Musavi is both telling and compelling. It all tells me we are right Khamenei and Ahmadinejad are Fascist liars.

Watching Khamenei speaking the other day it was obvious he was no leader but a ruthless leader. It has always been obvious Ahmadinejad was spineless and a puppet. Just look at his face! I see reports that the still non violent citizens when they see regular police are asking them to join them. They can do this but it will be tough because the ruling thugs have all the guns!

This is no longer about the election this is about the obvious supreme liar. It is about being lied to and living a lie, taking back the true Iran and getting it back on track. The people want integration not isolation. Anyway you look at it the reign of the liar Ahmadinejad is over as he knew it, Khamenei is no longer the final authority. This is the era of the people!

* In closing, 30 Years ago Iran Fundamentalism was born. You see what it has wrought! Iran is still a very Religious society. People are not fed up with Iran but with the lying controlling fundamentalist Government. They have not delivered the goods. People want change! The entire middle east is seeing the power of youth. I just had a thought!

* Do you realize that after the 1979 Revolution people were encourage to procreate. The average age of Iranian's are 30 and out in the streets protesting. They are killing the children of the Revolution ! Doesn't that tell an idiot that their Revolution has failed? Anyway, is Egypt next? I reiterate that Obama set this in motion with his Cairo speech. Now it is in the hands of the Iranian's. It is up to them to take care of the situation and rejoin the world of Nation's as they want. They want to remove the chains.I said it before but the wall Bush built in the middle east appears to be coming down one Nation at a time. Not just Iran but The entire middle east appears to be Obama's Berlin Wall!

* This morning I heard the Professor of Iranian studies at Columbia University say this is not quite a Revolution yet. He rightly said it is not the people but the Iranian Council that is in violation of their legal Rights. You know Ballot fraud is what started the people on this quest. Well finally the Guardian Council has admitted to voting inequities. This will only embolden the Tweeter Revolution and further the Lipstick Revolution in Iran.

** As you know, Neda a voice of one has become the voice of millions and is the rallying cry heard around the world. As I watch Iranian's around the world crying for their family and friends, people in Iran getting Brutalized defending their Rights, they are remembering the vision of Neda shot down by a Basij and Yes I will continue I will never stop! Yes, the establishment is creating their own worse nightmare a second Revolution to replace their failure. The youth will do it right this time!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, June 21, 2009

4th of July celebration North Korea style with numerous short, medium and long range missile firings planned!

US Ready if NKorea Test Fires Another Missile

North Korea Ratchets up the threat while shadowed on the high seas and threatening multiple missile launches toward Hawaii!

You know another American Holiday is coming up now because North Korea is planning new missile tests to cause problems at a time they perceive as a moment of weakness. American North Korean relations at this point are increasingly ratcheting up largely because of North Korea's increasing agitation. North Korea is planning a 4th of July fireworks for us by firing multiple short, medium, and long range missiles in the direction of Hawaii. US fears North Korea missile launch

At the same time we are shadowing one of North Korea's ships, the Kang Nan. There is no knowledge but the ship is being shadowed because you just can not trust North Korea. At this point the ship is being watched as it "may" be carrying nuclear assets or other illicit military weapons. The plan is to follow it and when it docks for refueling pressure the host Nation to deny refueling.

I think that is the right and the only thing to do without ratcheting this up. However my first thought was, then you have North Korea's ship floundering in the high seas and what would happen if there was a catastrophe? Now I know the US plan is to then tow them to port and check the cargo but In the long run I still see that being denied or a direct confrontation ensuing. This is North Korea!

That ship has a past history of carrying and delivering illegal weapons. The Battle ship the USS John McCain has been shadowing the Kang Nam. The John McCain is in turn shadowing the John McCain. They are supposed to be on board with the sanctions so it seems to me that if they were on our side they would be shadowing North Korea not us. Anyway there was an accident as the sub got tangled in the Sonar equipment the McCain was towing behind her. On purpose?

Right now the Kang Nam is moored off the coast of China and thought to be headed to Singapore. I hope you checked out the link because it does appear that we can not board these ships nor do we have to do be successful. These new sanctions seem to have teeth after all. These ships do not have to be boarded we can simply "poson the hosts" Interesting! US Military Set to Intercept North Korean Ship Suspected of ...

As for the missiles, just in case one of them goes awry missile defense assets have been moved into the are and their are more than sufficient assets on hand to protect allies and Hawaii if need be. Knowing the mad man Kim and the fact that all these missiles are subject to one type of failure or another you always have to be concerned with these firings but it is the long range missiles that concern me. We are relatively sure they can not make land fall in Hawaii but the fact that they can go awry concerns me.

China I do not trust and I do not believe they are doing enough so again I reiterate! As we discussed in the past, being North Korea's next door neighbor China has more at stake than anyone except North Korea. They must do more! China does not seem to have the leverage they use to or I thought they had. They do have an abstract leverage! They should want to be key players here. They are our banker and we owe them trillions. Being North Korea's immediate neighbor they would be the recipient of hundreds of thousands of refugees if not more. Regardless of the past that is gone. We have to be concerned with the future now.

I do have to wonder what his 26 year old son would do if he was the leader right now. I have yet to learn anything about him. I have to believe that his stance will be the same or a unproven youngster would not have been chosen as successor. One way or the other boarding North Korea's ships will get this going. It is not North Korea's navy I would be worried about. It is the 7 million man army heading south that should be the big concern. That and our definite involvement should be China's big concern and her motivation to stop playing games and make sure that this is put to an end! What say you!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

US Ready if NKorea Test Fires Another Missile

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Critics Attack ABC News for Refusing to Air Opposing Ads During! Bravo to ABC, start a trend. Ignore them!

Critics Attack ABC News for Refusing to Air Opposing Ads to Obama's Health care Plan

Excellent! I am so sick of their crying and crap. It has peeved me from day one! No matter what he says or does the Republicans are right there to refute it. Every Saturday Obama gives his weekly radio address and the Republicans rebuttal immediately follows. No matter what Obama is trying to repair they instantly come on to say how lame his plan is and then they proceed to put forth their brain dead proposal.

I am so sick of this equal time crap! Where the hell did that come from anyway? I do not recall third from the past. The President is the President! He is the one trying to run the country. What happened to respecting that and just shutting up? Bush who created this entire mess has now come out and joined the din and expressing the dangers of Obama's policies.

How the hell is the President supposed to get people on board of the ship called America when Republicans think it is their right to throw them back over. That whole concept that the other side deserves fair time to put their plan forth to confuse you once again must end. We have got to stop playing the childish Politician's games. We have got to move forward. We have got to focus on cleaning up the mess they and Bush made.

Bush and the Republicans had their chance and you are living what they did with it, Recession, destruction of the middle class, destruction of our societal order, two wars. What else? They destroyed our version of America and replaced it with their version. They want their version back. Seeing what I hope is Obama destroying their version and rebuilding ours is killing them. No more party of No, go away. Let Obama do his job.

Wait until 2012! You will have another chance. You lost, shut up give the man his due. Give us all a chance. My hat is off to ABC, I am psyched. It just dawned on me, those idiots have their mouth piece. They have Fox in their pocket. Whenever those extremists like Rove and Cheney want to spew their swill they have the Sanity's more than willing to give them their forum.

Knowing we just continue to hear the same lies coming out of their mouths that created this mess in every respect I refuse to believe they are even allowed to speak publicly. They do not deserve air time. They do not deserve the right to rebut Obama and express their dissenting opinion. We know what they think and Obama's election proved we do not want to hear it any more.

If they want their opinions out there and everyone has an opinion and on that level deserves to have it heard but not by all of us to just keep screwing up the country, put it on Fox. If you care what they think you can turn on Fox and hear it. The rest of us can have our sanity and Obama can move forward with repairing this mess.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, June 19, 2009

Iran's Supreme Leader threw down the Gauntlet, elections were fair, stop the protests or else!

I watched his speech for 2 hours this morning, the sides are now set. I do not care what he says, there is no way in hell you can count 40 million hand votes in 2 hours. He was right about our interference and attempt to influence the turnout. He was right who the hell are we to talk about human rights when we burned to death David Koresh and his 80 followers? Him speaking about human rights at this time now makes me question the timing of the Senates apology yesterday for slavery. That said, please look at the link and look at the events leading up to this. Khatemei also took exception of Ahmadinejad saying Rafsanjani was corrupt as he has known him for 50 years and he is a devoted Revolutionary. Knowing there are protests planned for today and tomorrow what is next? Iran's supreme leader rules out election fraud
We are witnessing maybe a counter Revolution to 1979's Revolution. Just as important if not more for the future of world unity and peace we are witness a technical revolution in communication. The Revolutionary Guard threatens pay back for Anyone caught getting the truth out to the US and the world. I have been watching twitter reports on what is happening in Iran. The Revolutionary Guard has been trying to block all communication by so fare have only succeeded in sporadic interference and being a nuisance.

I remember when Bush's clandestine program with the CIA in Iran was first made public in 2007. I would assume even before but since, the CIA has been in Iran covertly encouraging Democracy and the fact that the USA was their friend not their enemy. That is no secret. So in essence we are behind this but we are not egging anything on. I recommend watching the nine minute video on the CIA's involvement. It is something!

This is up to the people. The seeds have been planted and it is up to then to plant, cultivate, and harvest them. The issue today is that the people were betrayed by the Religious Mullah's who are supposed to be their moral guide and leaders and by the Revolutionary Guard I always thought was to protect Iran and its' people not to control them. I really do not like what we are all watching happen over there.

The people want peace and unity in the middle east and peace with the US. There in lies the problem. Mousavi has long been a part of the system and does not want to change it. He wants nuclear power too. That said, that tells me that nuclear weapons and Israel and US destruction is indeed the ultimate goal, at the very least of Ahmadinejad and the Revolutionary Guard.

For now Khatemei and many but not all of the Religious Mullah's have sided with Ahmadinejad and the Revolutionary Guard and betray the people to keep their Theocracy in power. The system is now eating its own people. Like you, I knew how technically advanced the people are but I am pleasantly surprised to find how well connected with technology and communication the average Iranian is.

The Revolutionary Guard is trying their damnedest but to date they have not succeeded in stifling the public from getting out to the US and the world that their votes were stolen and their action to impress their will and how it is being suppressed. If they want peace and are so connected to us, we can do this! We can come together and that is scaring the hell out of those who do not want it to come to be.

We can put an end to the decades of division and conflict! Bush and Ahmadinejad wanted both our countries to believe the other was evil and the enemy. They kept us in the dark and divided so they could instigate and conquer each other. Obama started to heal the wounds but now the Iranian people are taking it in their hands and can put an end to all that. My thoughts are with them and I wish them safety and luck.

A funny twist of Fate! Bush kept changing his excuse for why he had to attack Iraq until he found one people fell for. That said, he attacked Iraq to get our military back into the middle east with the ultimate goal of attacking Iran. He did everything possible to achieve that end while on their end the Revolutionary Guard did everything they could to get a direct military conflict going.

" I find this hard to say" but we can thank Bush for the covert CIA operation in Iran he set in motion expressing the value to the people of Democracy, peace with the US, and unity in the middle east. The people have been turned away from the theocracy. The people were betrayed by the Religious Mullah's. They will now Hopefully peacefully succeed in having a revote and getting Mousavi elected.

Yesterday's protest was billed as a day of mourning for the stolen election and the people killed in the prior protests. These "peaceful" days of mourning have a habit of getting out of control. More people end up getting killed then there is another day of mourning.

I understand Rafsanjani has even joined the protests. These will eventually swell to more than a million people until?
For the last couple of days Iran has been accusing at least the US of interfering with their internal affairs. As you know, we were behind the scenes but now this is in the Iranian citizen's hands. They merely want their votes counted and their voices heard. That is all this is about to them. Congress can and should write a resolution announcing their support for the people of Iran. President Obama however must remain silent or really do harm to those people and throw more fuel onto this stolen power. I see there protests are not just in Tehran. They were in Shiraz, Tabriz, and Esfehan. This will keep growing until?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pakistani Army surrounds Mehsud tribal area, sets up checkpoints and prepares for attack! This will end a lot of problems!

Who is Mehsud harboring? Mullah Omar? Zawahiri? Bin Laden? Who?
Pakistan army readies for attack

Pakistan seeks word on wounded Central Asian jihadi

I am impressed! Mehsud is Pakistan's biggest problem as they continue to clamp down on the Taliban Al Qaeda violence increasing in Pakistan. I wish the military all the luck in the world. This is Mehsud's home turf and some of the toughest terrain in the world to fight in. This is a long time in coming and very deserved. We shall know soon but I happen to believe Mehsud knows where they are or is protecting Bin Laden and Mullah Omar at the very least.

I understand that Baitullah Mehsud has built a powerful army in South Waziristan in his local Mehsud tribe by offering guns and employment to young members. He now has a dedicated armed militia of thousands ready to do his bidding. I understand he is threatening Washington and the White House saying we will be surprised by an attack that will amaze the world.

That does not really concern me but I was wondering why Pakistan has not directly gone after the Mehsud tribe? He supposedly had Bhutto killed and is responsibly for hundreds of martyrs with suicide belts and much of the death and destruction in the cities of Pakistan. Then reading the story at the link I hear their is a secret deal between Mehsud and the Pakistani Government. I also heard Pakistan is not strong enough to take his army on and I find that hard to believe.

My thought is that they can't afford not to. I do not understand with the damage Mehsud is doing in Islamabad, Lahore, and other cities, Pakistan does not go after Mehsud. I know they are hoping the US drones kill him but he appears to be Pakistan's biggest threat today.Mehsud wants power and he is not going to lay down arms even if the US did leave Afghanistan. Pakistani warlord threatens to launch attack on Washington

He is not going to lay down arms and before this is to be controlled he will have to be dealt with. Because of Pakistan's offensive in the Swat valley and Waziristan I understand Bin Laden and Mullah Omar are being closed in on and I have to wonder if they are protected by Mehsud.

My thoughts and prayers are with all Pakistani's particularly the active civilian militia in the area and the military. A victory over Mehsud will be tough but the Pakistani army is up to the task. It will take a lot of anxiety and heat off average Pakistani citizens and the Government as well as in the long run prevent damage and save lives. A permanent military presence in the area will take a big part of the threat of civil and Government threats of instability off the table . It will serve notice to any who want to replace him.

Above all you know it will be super good for America since we seem to insist on staying in Afghanistan until there is stability in a supposed Democratic Afghanistan. It will shut down the largest avenue for incoming Martyr's Taliban, Al Qaeda, or otherwise., to fight and die in Afghanistan. It would isolate the Taliban that are there. The best part! It will put the focus on Karzai. I want to see proof that he really does want a Democracy. I want to see if he really does want the Taliban stopped and not part of his Government.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iran is looking more and more like a Revolution only a new vote will prevent!

This is the most serious crisis in the last 30 years for the Religious Mullah's. They have joined Ahmadinejad and the Revolutionary Guard. So far they have abandoned the people and betrayed them and Mousavi. The people and Mousavi are demanding a new vote not a worthless recount of a few votes. This is no good. No Government can rule by coercion and force alone and that is all we have been seeing for the last few days.

As far as I know this is the first time protesters have been allowed to take to the streets of Tehran. Of course only if the protests were kept peaceful. Because of the farce of an election as you know it is not peaceful and it will get worse I am afraid. Conservative Groups and clerical leaders have joined the protesters against the fraud Ahmadinejad, the Revolutionary Guard, and the complicit Religious leader in this shamelessly in your face betrayal of the people and their Democracy.

Every day this is looking more and more like a counter Revolution to the Revolution in 1979. We are seeing a fundamental shift. There is a changed position from the fundamental Leader and he is supposedly investigating this mis-election. Several of the top Ayatollah's are backing this new Revolution. Before the election I thought that because of Obama's well timed speech in Cairo this was going to be a runaway election but for Mousavi. At the very least a run off not a run away theft of the election to keep Ahmadinejad's instigation in power.

I was listening to a debate as to whether or not the middle east would accept Israel. I believe after Obama's speech in Cairo they were on track to if there was a President Mousavi. Definitely not now that Ahmadinejad is still in power. I have to believe this is a big reason this election was stolen. However I do not believe the people are going to stand for it being so close to unity in the middle east, Change is in the air and Iranian citizens are on the front.

Obama met with Berlusconi and said it would be wrong to remain silent to what the whole world is watching unfold in Iran. Gibbs simply said we are heartened by the response of the young people of Iran. I first had to wonder, was that in reference to en masse voting for Mousavi or for taking to the streets in defense of their stolen votes? Anyway these people are on the front lines of an" Obama" Revolution in Iran that his speech in Cairo gave birth to.

Obama is handling this right! The elections have to be handled by the Iranian's and as you see, the citizen's are handling their end. Obama like all the rest of us finds the violence disturbing but I am afraid it will get much worse unless Khatemei reverses the turnout somehow. This is a real crisis and for the entire world. Obama is right,the citizens put too much hope and energy into that election to have it turn out like that.

He is right, they should be heard and respected and it would be wrong for him and the world to remain silent. That speech too will ricochet around the world including in Iran. I believe whether this was the intention or not but this will embolden the citizens to continue while Obama promises to continue to be willing to direct talks with Iran.

Rising violence in the streets is a measure of the peoples feelings of betrayal and frustration.All media has been banned from covering but the people are taking care of that too with their cell phone camera's. I do not think Khatemei's so called investigation is going to find anything as he was behind this too. If that is the case it will only serve to inflame the people. What will the people do next?

They know now that Obama can not and will not interfere but the world is watching and he is behind them. I am sure they are encouraged that he believes they should be heard and their feelings respected.I do not think the people will relent and this is just beginning. I do not think this respite of a so called investigation will do anything to quell their feelings of a betrayal. They will only get much worse when the election is found to have been fair as many of us suspect it will.

As you know, this is by no means good for America. Ahmadinejad remaining in power is bad for Iranians, Israel, the middle east, the US, and whether they realize it or not the entire world. This must be played carefully by Obama lest he be accused of of fostering this or encouraging it in any way. All we can do is watch right now. Iran's main problem is that most Americans are young and pro American. Two very opposite sides are clashing. Be very concerned!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ahmadinejad warns anyone who raises a hand against Iran will get it cut off! Obama orders military to stand down!

Events in Iran are developing too rapidly! Like it or not Ahmadinejad stole the election and Iran is a dictatorship. Ahmadinejad announced he will go to the UN and announce Iran is a world leader and has become one because of force. He will say if any of you defy Iran raise your hand now. Anyone who raises a hand against Iran will have it cut off. Anyway you look at is these developments in Iran are not good for Israel, the middle east, the US, and indeed the entire world.

Is this 1979 all over again? So far there are 7 killed and 7 wounded. There are competing rallies getting ready to start and there are large amounts of under cover Government forces shadowing and mingling with Mousavi supporters.This is not going to be good. Pray for those people! Remember when Ahmadinejad said Iran belongs to the core of the people? From what I have seen the Revolutionary Guard are considered the "core of the people" to Ahmadinejad. The Revolutionary Guard accused Mousavi of trying to hold a velvet Revolution and vowed Ahmadinejad would win the election. It was a selection not an election and all bets are now off. Iran whether we or the good citizens of Iran like it or not, will now be more belligerent than ever.

At first with all the enthusiasm of the people Obama was right to come out and said he was pleased with the robust turnout and display of Democracy. That was before the election was stolen. The White House is quiet now and rightly so. It was wrong to come out and decry Obama for saying that! I was also dismayed when Khamanei came out and gave the turnout his blessing. I am now happy to hear that because of all the dissent over the obvious fraud that he has ordered the election investigated. Whether or not that means anything remains to be seen. I doubt if there will be independent overseers!

People came out in the millions to vote for Mousavi not Ahmadinejad! They wanted change, jobs, sexual equality, peace with America, and no more Holocaust denial. Obviously whoever is really pressing the buttons in Iran does not want that but want a continuation of hostility. Our elections were stolen by Bush so he could continue his Fascist agenda. Iran just got theirs and hopefully they and we along with the middle east and the world will survive this too.

Ahmadinejad said the large turnout proved proved their Democracy works. What the large turnout and Ahmadinejad's so called reelection proved was Iran was not a Democracy and like it or not it was now a Dictatorship! People are rightly incensed. They came out in droves to get rid of Ahmadinejad. People are saying they have never been so angry. Because of the growing anger there has been a clampdown but watch, the real clampdown is yet to come.

In the heart of Iran there were angry Mousavi supporters roaming the streets getting beat up by police or someone. However right now after hearing from Mousavi that they should protest peacefully they are en masse just roaming the streets. There are protests so far peaceful around the world for what it is worth.

Mousavi rightly wants the election nullified by the Guardian Council but I really do not see that happening though a do over would be nice. High turnouts in the past have always favored moderates, reformers, in the same numbers that were "supposedly" given to Ahmadinejad. There is no way this election would have gone in their direction it did. Ahmadinejad in essence has set a bomb in the middle east.

Ex Revolutionary Guard Ahmadinejad has too much power as President. I am hearing that there is fear that Iran has become another Egypt in that in that the military has real control. I fear they are right and that is very troubling because they appear to be looking for a fight. Ahmadinejad is going to ignore Obama's open hand and continue his clenched fist policies. I do not like what I see for the future here and thus the entire world.

The Battle lines have been drawn. This so called war on terror is actually a war between Iran and the west and Ahmadinejad wants it to continue not end. We will all pay! The world has been put on alert! Ahmadinejad said Iran shows force but we will talk peace. Yeah! We are in for major turmoil with Iran and Ahmadinejad is ready and willing.

It was disturbing and telling to me to see that Ahmadinejad would not guarantee Mousavi's safety. At the very least he should be guarded by the Revolutionary Guard but in actuality they are who he has to fear. Khatemei has ordered the charges of election fraud investigated but what is that worth? Is that just to quell the dissent to this Dictatorship?

Average Iranian's now realize President Obama is not their enemy the Mullah's are. The Mullah's are scared to death of Mousavi and his message. You are seeing the consequences of that, a stolen election and the clamping down of all opposition to the dictatorship. It is disturbing and troubling that those that perpetrated this injustice are going to get away with supposedly investigating it. To me that will only guarantee further anger and unrest.

In closing I want to ask a question! I mean really, how on earth did the Iranian Government manage to count 40 million votes so quickly and announce victory for Ahmadinejad? Israel, the middle east, the US, and indeed the entire world is in trouble now unless the Iranian people can do something about this. President Obama has warned America's military in the middle east to stand down and avoid any confrontation with the Revolutionary Guard. We remember the past confrontations or should I say instigation's. This is a real crisis! What's next?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, June 15, 2009

Because of our success in Afghanistan and Pakistan Al Qaeda leaving for Somalia for another cause!

Gains in Pakistan Fuel Pentagon Optimism for Pursuing Al-Qaeda

Al Qaeda leaders under significant pressure: Pentagon official

I just heard this morning that Americans have killed more suspected militants with drones and Pakistan is closing in on remaining strongholds but that leads me to a question. I have long been curious why Baitullah Mehsud has not been targeted more aggressively since the Pakistani military has been in Waziristan where as we assumed, they now say they will have a permanent presence as they must. 31 militants killed in NW Pakistan operation

I understand that Baitullah Mehsud has built a powerful army in South Waziristan in his local Mehsud tribe by offering guns and employment to young members. He now has a dedicated armed militia of thousands ready to do his bidding. I understand he is threatening Washington and the White House saying we will be surprised by an attack that will amaze the world.

That does not really concern me but I was wondering why Pakistan has not directly gone after the Mehsud tribe? He supposedly had Bhutto killed and is responsibly for hundreds of martyrs with suicide belts and much of the death and destruction in the cities of Pakistan. Then reading the story at the link I hear their is a secret deal between Mehsud and the Pakistani Government. I also heard Pakistan is not strong enough to take his army on and I find that hard to believe.

My thought is that they can't afford not to. I do not understand with the damage Mehsud is doing in Islamabad, Lahore, and other cities, Pakistan does not go after Mehsud. I know they are hoping the US drones kill him but he appears to be Pakistan's biggest threat today.Mehsud wants power and he is not going to lay down arms even if the US did leave Afghanistan. Pakistani warlord threatens to launch attack on Washington

He is not going to lay down arms and before this is to be controlled he will have to be dealt with. Because of Pakistan's offensive in the Swat valley and Waziristan I understand Bin Laden and Mullah Omar are being closed in on and I have to wonder if they are protected by Mehsud. However that is not my focus right now.

Because of our success in Afghanistan and Pakistan's success many Al Qaeda are packing up and leaving the border war for greener pasture in Somalia and a new Jihad! I think that is great but we will then have to deal with them there. We have to and will follow them around the world until they cease and desist! Al Qaeda fighters move into Horn of Africa, officials say

Residents of Mogadishu, Somalia's capital city, have reported seeing foreign fighters among Al-Shabaab, the radical Islamic militia that is battling to overthrow the weak transitional government. Increasing amounts of foreign fighters are being reported. Al Qaeda there is not now. They were training there in the early 90s and I am sure everyone remembers Black Hawk down

The western backed Government of former rebel President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed is under increasing attack. This is one more failed case of AlQaeda appeasement. Sheik tried to appease the militants by promising to install Sharia law. Sound familiar? With increasing western support Al Shabaab and his growing force of militants are becoming a bigger threat and creating a growing concern.
Somali violence explodes as stabilization fails - Yahoo! News

In closing! Of course we do not want to get involved in Somalia! Pakistan learned first hand the folly of trying the course of appeasement as has Afghanistan and all the rest of the world. With our success in squeezing them in Pakistan and Afghanistan they are moving to Somalia to a new Jihad. Destruction of the western installed Government and the installation of strict Sharia law. We know what that means! Somalia hopefully not in addition to current fronts but it will be the next front in the so called war on terror.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Video: Beating Video May Turn Tide Against Taliban

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tough sanctions may provoke N Korea says US envoy Of course they will! and they are, that is the idea at this point!

New sanctions against N. Korea approved

In response to the new sanctions Of course once again North Korea has threatened war. They finally admitted that they are enriching Uranium and will weaponize all plutonium. The new sanctions are already working, Yeah! Having my coffee this morning I just heard North Korea threaten a nuclear war on the peninsula and the US is turning more nukes their way. This is not good and comes in advance of a meeting with the US and South Korea. More threats I hope!

UN Security Council imposes new sanctions on North Korea

Tough sanctions may provoke NKorea: US envoy Of course they will and more so if boarding of ships takes place! These sanctions are worthless because no one will forcefully board the ships and food and medicine shipment will continue. We have 2 sanctions already. This is worthless!

North Korea declares all-out push for nuclear weapons

The UN struck back at North Korea with what they call tough new sanctions approved unanimously! The sanctions include UN and other Nations that signed on to these new sanctions, the ability to stop any ships coming or going to North Korea searching for WMD and missile technology. Any ship refusing to be boarded will be reported.

Just what we need, more worthless sanctions without teeth! I find it humorous that Obama says he is pleased with the new so called "tough" sanctions. Tough? Yeah! No one can forcefully board the ships, it is still unsure if China and Russia will help check ships, and food and medical supplies will continue to be sent for the citizens. Yeah that is tough all right! Because of Kim's willingness to make his people suffer these sanctions too are worthless!

At the very least I see more missile tests coming and soon! Threats yeah that is all they are, of more worthless sanctions against the most heavily sanctioned Nation in the world this is worthless. They will do what the other sanctions have done, nothing! I hope they don't think these sanctions are going to matter! They will serve only one purpose.

As everyone must know by now, it sickens me but Il is willing to sacrifice his people, for what? Militarizing while starving their people? To instigate the world to get the fuel and food they should be earning? militarizing while secretly selling WMD to whoever? Who in their right mind would buy anything weapon wise that North Korea made anyway? It would probably go around and hit you in the ass!

In response to the new sanctions Of course once again North Korea has threatened war. They finally admitted that they are enriching Uranium and will weaponize all plutonium. Rumor has it that North Korea is preparing for another nuclear test. When remains to be seen but those sanctions were a success huh?

China and Russia are on board this time but you can see what that is worth with more worthless sanctions. As we discussed in the past, being North Korea's next door neighbor China has more at stake than anyone except North Korea. They must do more! China does not seem to have the leverage they use to or I thought they had. They do have an abstract leverage! They should want to be key players here. They are our banker and we owe them trillions. Being North Korea's immediate neighbor they would be the recipient of hundreds of thousands of refugees if not more. Regardless of the past that is gone. We have to be concerned with the future now.

I do have to wonder what his 26 year old son would do if he was the leader right now. I have yet to learn anything about him. I have to believe that his stance will be the same or a unproven youngster would not have been chosen as successor. One way or the other boarding North Korea's ships will get this going. It is not North Korea's navy I would be worried about. It is the 7 million man army heading south that should be the big concern. That and our definite involvement should be China's big concern and her motivation to stop playing games and make sure that this is put to an end! What say you!
James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Amid cries of Fraud Ahmadinejad declaring Landslide victory, I still see the middle east coming back together!

Iranian Presidential Election - Bloomberg

I am inclined to want the links tell the story. This is all good and it gets better at the end. I will add my two cents at the end! First, under Bush in the middle east there were two voices! General Powell was the voice of moderation that truly wanted equality and peace. When he went to the middle east and tried to repair damage in the middle east particularly between Palestine and Israel Powell knew he was out on a limb. Cheney would then go to work and cut the roots to that limb out from underneath him. No one at all knew where they stood or where we stood.

Ahmadinejad now 34% ahead and declaring a landslide victory. This is getting confusing I just heard that both sides are claiming victory so hold on. Iran election rivals both declare victory. Riot police are dispersing crowds of Mousavi supporters wjo said Mousavi should have won hands down and I agree! Cheating and fraud is the accusation says this will be to the detriment of Iran. Mousavi is also saying he should have had a landslide victory and this election will be contested!

Anyway you look at it I believe Obama has made the difference as Ahmadinejad had his platform cut from underneath him and his people have spoken. His hard line will have to change but once again the citizens are going to have to get involved and speak out as they have during this election. With no one watching the election I am very suspicious that something underhanded was done by Ahmadinejad, Mousavi to me had overwhelming support!

President Obama's speech in Cairo we hoped changed the course of Bush's mess and I for one am extremely pleased to see that it has. The middle east appears to be coming back together one country at a time. I am excited for Iran's election. I have been watching it closely. After the Hamas win in Lebanon a loss for Ahmadinejad definitely means running as the enemy of America is no longer a winning message. I now believe the middle east will heal itself of Bush's damage and have hopes the world will follow. Check this out!
Lebanon Election Could Boost Middle East Peace Efforts

Saudi Arabia Finds New Political Muscle in Region

Netanyahu may yield to two-state solution

I hope you checked out those links! I believe the middle east is coming back together one country at a time as a result of hearing in Cairo the we have a unifying leader not a divide and conquer Decider. Millions of Iranian's went to the polls yesterday. Like us they too had an obvious choice of which path to follow into the future.

There were others running but in the front they could either vote for the anti American policies of the past represented by Ahmadinejad or they could vote for peace unity and the understanding that all all countries are equal espoused by Mousavi. Women also deserve equality and there is room for all countries, also espoused by Mousavi. The abrasive politics of hate and division are over. Citizens of the middle east and the US want to give peace a chance! The US has chosen Obama, Lebanon has Chosen Hamas, and now Iran "I hope" has chosen Mousavi and a better relationship with the US!

The enthusiasm in Iran was palpable you could have cut it with a knife. This election is significant. The turnout was phenomenal with a large turnout of Women and young voters. This is significant as half of Iran's population is under 25. Iran wants something different too. They want a successful peaceful future.

They too are not frozen in time. They want to move forward in a new direction with the world. I love it! Mousavi wants to end Iranian isolation and I see that happening. Khamenei being the Religious leader is ultimately the final word in Iran. However I believe Mousavi and Khamenei are on the same page. Together they can bring Iran back into the fold. In Iran, candidates cap a bitter campaign

*In closing, I am excited and I just heard Obama say the same thing at the White House. Poll times were extended twice, That in itself is extraordinary. Iranian's are demanding change. They want a better relationship with America. Here too hope and a vision for the future is the driving force behind the election. This can not be ignored. I am excited for the entire world as I too see hope for the future. Oh yeah! One last important thing. Rumor has it that Pakistan is closing in on Bin Laden in Waziristan. I understand the CIA while not officially there are also helping. What if Obama captures Bin Laden? Wow what a coupe de grace!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma