Monday, April 13, 2009

Gay Marriage Another Gathering Storm! Another Republican war!

National Organization for Marriage, A gathering storm!

Lies from the National Organization Of Marriage

Since Obama has been elected the Repugs have declared war on everything Obama including him! A couple days ago I did a story on The culture wars

First I reiterate I am heterosexual but I am ecstatic States are starting to allow gay marriage. We are all the same like it or not. We all deserve the same rights. We are crossing an important line though and we should. In this instance at least we are outlawing bigotry! I get sick if Republicans saying we must protect the sanctity of marriage. Your marriage is still sanctified. The meaning of marriage will not change for anyone, only those that want the meaning changed for them.
As you know by now, gay marriage is now just a ride away for most New Englander's. Iowa, Vermont and Connecticut have joined Massachusetts in legalizing gay marriage. As the joke goes, hell everyone should be equally miserable. Those in upper New York can go to Cana and those near New York City can go to Connecticut or Massachusetts. DC has announced they will recognize these marriages and Governor Corzine of New Jersey will sign a bill legalizing gay marriage While Governor Paterson of New York vowed to introduce a bill.

Time is not on the side of those against gay marriage. The majority of those under 35 are pro gay marriage. People just want to be left alone. We have seen some unpalatable changes in this country since Bush. There will now be big favorable changes in this country. Geesh thinking of the calls coming from Chuck Norris, Michele Bachmann, Bush Limbaugh calling for armed Revolution, big changes in our future could mean many things. Advocates on Both Sides Seek Momentum on Same-Sex Marriage.

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Recent legalizations have sped up the fear campaign coming from Repugs! There is a gathering storm in the Battle over same sex marriage. NOM is saying is mounting a Campaign of lies to convince people that allowing Gays and Lesbians to marry is a danger and a threat to them. Supposedly there is an army of Gay marriage coming to a State near you.

* In closing I do not understand Republicans! Are they so shallow weak and insecure that they are threatened by everything that is counter to what they believe? I do not get it! I am a to each his or her own kind of guy. I could care less what someone else does. I have enough to worry about. I do not believe in forcing others to think and believe what I do. If you like it follow it if not have a nice day. I do not understand Republicans declaring war over everything they disagree with.

I can almost understand being against abortion as Republicans say it is about killing a life. Gay marriage has nothing to do with death so I do not get it. 55% want gay and lesbian marriage legalized and it should be. This is not the most important issue we are facing as Repugs say. It is the economy stupid! We are not redefining marriage. We are being all inclusive. Let Gays and Lesbians get married and use a justice of the peace not a church. That should satisfy everyone. I am sick of the lame argument that your marriage is under attack. Anyone who feels their marriage will change because of someone else's marriage needs help and should go see a marriage counselor!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Isn't that just the nature of the Reich Wingers? They want to control everybody's personal lives through "small government" and eliminate all regulatory control of the corporatist agenda.

They NEVER look out for the little guy, only the big shots get their "conservative compassion".

jmsjoin said...

Hi Dave
It kills me how ignorant and militant they are getting as they increasingly get desperate to have things there way. The more progress is made at making this a country where everyone is equal and getting rid of their version the worse they get.

I have to laugh! I was listening to events at the White House with their egg roll. The Obama's sent tickets to the gay community specifically so they felt included. I was thinking, can't wait to see how that goes over.

Larry said...

The Repugs are really the party of Abortions and gay relationships.

After all a wide majority of them have had their adultery cause abortions with their various flings, and so many are closet gays.

jmsjoin said...

Larry the hypocrisy kills us all and the scum don't blink an eye and could care less!

Unknown said...

My problem with gay marriage is redefining the word 'marriage'. I don't feel threatened by it. I have no problem with civil rights for gays, or for legal protections.

Since the beginning of recorded history, marriage has been defined as a 'union of one man, and one woman'. Why the need to change the definition?

Where and when do you draw the line? Polygomy? Beastiality? Necrophilia? Having a 12 year old wife? (it's legal in some cultures and countries)

I am a 'live and let live' guy like you; but just as you can't legislate morality, neither should you legislate immorality.

jmsjoin said...

Draw the line right there. To me it is not changing the rules of my marriage but including all couples!