Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bush has succeeded-He has done a great job for Mexico!

Bush's required border insecurity and required illegal immigration comes with all the expected problems, and one unspoken accomplishment on the Presidents hidden agenda. His great achievment for Mexico was hidden under a growing list of Republican corruption and public ineptitude. Besides the one liner we have seen on this I myself have not heard any of the outrage we all should have heard and should be expressing. Aside from the traditional Boorder States with their overwhelming illegal immigration problems with Arizona and New Mexico finding it necessary to declare states of emergency. We have Virginia, Idaho, New Hampshire, Utah, and many more States speaking up as to the problems ensuing illegal immigration and the Governments ignorance of it. Common complaints being the ignorance of our laws, refusing to learn our language, the overwhelming of police forces, illegal business transactions, overburdeoning of schools, hospitals, and overuse of local public systems designed to help our needy that very often can not afford to because of the illegal immigration burden. We have not as of yet given the Presidents corrupt accomplishment any attention primarily since it is lost amid all the continuing Republican ineptitude and corruption. As of late we have had the John Roberts hearings followed by the Harriet Miers hearings, with a lot of Karl Rove's, Bill Frist, Tom Delay, and countless others thrown in for good measure. All thrown in only to push aside one to me mind blowing little fact. Mexico has President Bush to thank for their number one export and financial source being illegal immigration. Bush's illegal immigration has surpassed oil as Mexico's number one export replacing oil, that is unbelievable and unconscionable. President Bush needs the illegal immigrants for his version of a new society. However, he has through our back door accomplished what he declared as a goal some time ago and that was the raising of the Mexican economy and Mexico's lower class. Viva Bush must ring loud in Mexican ears. with NAFTA, CAFTA, and proposed plans for legalizing Illegal immigrants, Proposed visas, passports, licences and quotas etc. Bush appears to work for them not the U.S.

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llih said...

Seen your post at KOS and thought it was valid and to the point. Kos is a perfect example of how many of the young in our society have bought into the open borders/ unlimited immigration line of thought. It doesn't seem to matter how much illegal immigration hurts others, depletes our resources, or decreases our security, many still subscribe to the "we are all immigrants bs". You can not even mention immigration control without being called a racist.